Time to Meet the Other Important Girl in His Life? 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend's Daughter, whether She is 5 or 15! (2019)

Time to Meet the Other Important Girl in His Life? 10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Boyfriend's Daughter, whether She is 5 or 15! (2019)

He has that large special place in his heart reserved exclusively for his baby girl, and no matter how old she gets, that place is always going to be hers. If you truly care for him and want to be a bigger part of his life, build a genuine bond with his daughter. Do you wish to get a gift for your boyfriend's daughter and are at loss of what to go for? This article is for you, as we explore the most thoughtful gift ideas for the little princess.

What to Look for When Buying a Gift for Your Boyfriend's Daughter?

Find Something Related to What She Likes or is Interested In

Meeting your boyfriend’s daughter for the first time can put you into a lot of anxiety. Thoughts like whether or not she will like you and how the meet up would go can haunt you. However, you can make things easier by presenting her with a well-thought-out gift. It is a good idea to opt for gifts that are in alignment with her core interests. You could ask your boyfriend how she likes to spend her time and then choose a gift accordingly. A gift that naturally matches her interest is going to impress her rather than opting for something vague. Moreover, it will also show her that you want to get along with her and is a good icebreaker.

Think of Gifting Universal Gifts to Be on the Safe Side

If you think that giving gifts is getting challenging, then opt for something universal. Gifts that usually girls would like could be a saviour. Go for options such as cosmetics, accessories, handbags and the likes. These gifts are not too specific and the chances of her liking such gifts are higher. Make sure that you check the quality of the products you buy and avoid anything cheap or something that would not last long. When you absolutely have no idea what to gift then universal gifts are your resort. Gifts that are high in utility will be truly appreciated. Gift it in a presentable manner so that she likes it as soon as she sees it.

Check with Your Boyfriend

Since you may not know your boyfriend’s daughter very well, it is a good idea to take cues from him. He can tell you about what she likes and what to avoid. It will give you a fair idea of what you need to buy. If you feel like a certain gift will be perfect for her, then make sure that it is approved by him. Only he can tell you about the particularities of the gift which you have chosen. By all means, make sure that you do not buy something that might end up offending her. To be on the safe side, say no to anything which you feel will be too personal.

Top 10 Gifts for Your Boyfriend's Daughter

Wooden Elly Desktop Organizer

Any new stationery that looks stunning is worth gifting! This adorable piece of stationery is made of wood and is shaped like an Elephant. It can very well hold pens, pencils and even serve as a mobile stand. Moreover, it also adds an ethnic touch to your desk. One can easily keep spectacles and stationery items in this cute little elephant pen stand. It comes with a premium quality wooden finish and adds a completely royal feel to the desk. Gift it your boyfriend’s daughter as a nice gesture of care. She will absolutely love it. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 699.

My Comic Book Kit

This DIY comic book set is an amazing gift which you can gift to your boyfriend’s daughter. The DIY comic book is an action-packed dream come true for those who love illustrations. It has blank pages which are pre-formatted with a booklet of instructions, tips as well as inspiration. The amazing comic book kit enables people to illustrate their stories in the most beautiful manner. Once the illustration is done you will get a professionally bound copy of the same. It can be completed with an “About the Author” page. Give this to her so that she can explore her imagination. You can shop for this from uncommongoods.com for Rs. 2106.

Bedside Eyeglass Buddies

These cute set of crocodile and cat bedside eyeglass buddies is perfect for those who have a hard time finding their glasses. It serves as a holder for spectacles that often have the power of vanishing in a jiffy! If your boyfriend’s daughter wears spectacles, then this could be a great gift for her. Not only are these eyeglasses holder good for utility, but they are also plush and attractive to keep in the bedroom. The soft hues along with beautiful design make it an awesome gift. You can shop for this from uncommongoods.com for Rs. 2106.

Jewellery Storage Box

This sublime jewellery storage box comes in three variants- flamingo, unicorn, and cactus. Each box is very spacious and has 8 compartments of different sizes wherein one can easily keep the jewellery and accessories. The box has a jewellery pillow along with an integrated mirror. The silica gel keeps the moisture from the box away. It is a completely airtight box which keeps jewellery safe and away from any outside stresses. The pouch-like compartment can be used for keeping small ornaments. This easy to use and easy to carry gift is ideal for women. You can shop it from bigsmall.in for Rs. 1499.

Donut Coffee Mug

This gorgeous donut mug is ideal for anyone who has a sweet tooth. Nothing beats the first bite of a delicious donut and this coffee mug is made with the exact same virtue. It is amazing especially for kids as they would love to sip their favourite beverage in this adorable mug. It has a unique shape along with a choco dripping effect. It has got the drool-worthy sprinkles which remind you of any amazing and delicious donut. This glazy gift is made of ceramic and is also very huge. It can be easily carried around. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 899.

Bluetooth Banana Phone

This awesome banana phone is a cool and savvy gift that you can present to your boyfriend’s daughter. It connects to Bluetooth for any wireless conversations. One can simply pair it with smart devices to receive calls and also use any voice assistant such as Siri. You may talk for up to 10 hours with its USB rechargeable battery. Not to mention how eco-friendly the device is. it comes with a 100% recycled plastic cover. The phone has a talk time of 10 hours and all components are conflict-free. You can shop for this from uncommongoods.com for Rs. 2809.

Bedside Essentials Pocket

Don’t all of us wish to have a felt just at a hand’s distance for keeping those remote controls while watching TV or keeping your mobile phone for easy accessibility? This bedside essentials pocket serves just that purpose! One can slide it between the mattress or under the couch cushion. The soft and open pocket conveniently holds remote controls as well as books. The heather grey felt goes well with any home décor. You may choose from a regular to large size. It can be hand washed with a damp cloth and soapy water whenever needed. You may buy it from uncommongoods.com for Rs. 1123.

100 Bucket List Gift Box

Everyone has a list of things that they wish to do. It could be bungee jumping, spending a semester abroad, and even seeing the Northern lights! With this bucket list journal, one can jot down all the wishes and desires in one safe and secure place. It has a lovely creative design along with amazing prompts. This bucket list notebook makes an amazing gift for your boyfriend’s daughter. It is a great way of inspiring her to follow her dreams and make her wishes come true. You can shop for this from bigsmall.in for Rs. 1099.

Fairy Kit

This Fairy Kit brings a DIY dimension to the virtual universe of magical beings. Kids can make anything from fairy beds, fairy door and welcoming garlands to fairies themselves. This cute kit will keep the kid engaged for hours in the magical world of creation. It is a perfect companion for a rainy day or indoor times when going outside and playing is not convenient. If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend’s daughter, then this awesome fairy kit is your go-to gift. Kids love to experiment and always create new things. The fairy kit enables them to create up to 8 different magical things. You can shop for this amazing fairy kit for Rs. 1755 from uncommongoods.com.

Peppa Pig Stationery Kit Set of 7 - Pink Blue

This high-quality stationery kit set by Peppa Pig is indeed a must-have! The set has one pencil, scale, three clips, sharpener, one scale, and pencil box to meet the kid’s daily requirements at school. It can be easily carried in a backpack and school bag as well. The character designs all over the stationery make it look adorable and amazing. if you are trying to find a gift for your boyfriend’s daughter, then this one will surely win her heart. It has everything that she needs to carry to school. This also makes it an amazing gift which you can very well gift on any given day, regardless of the occasion. Its catchy look will certainly appeal to her and she will appreciate this useful gift. You can shop for this from firstcry.com for Rs. 283.

How to Gel with Your Boyfriend's Daughter When Meeting Her for the First Time?

Meet in a Neutral Environment to Make Her Feel at Ease

When meeting for the first time it is important to choose the right place. Meeting at your boyfriend’s home is not a good idea as it will signal that you are trying to be more than a friend. Before you establish a closer relationship it is best to keep things neutral in the beginning. Inviting her over to your place can also be scary for her. It is best not to make her uncomfortable, to begin with. This is why you should select a place that is neutral. Maybe go to the mall, meet up for lunch or hang out somewhere. It is important to make her feel comfortable so that she can open up.

Keep it Short and Simple

While you might be really excited to know your boyfriend’s daughter, it is best to keep the first meeting short. It can get overwhelming for her to meet you for the first time and you might have to give her some time before she gets comfortable around you. Simply limit the meeting to a couple of hours. If you meet each other frequently, then over a period of time, you will get comfortable with each other; moreover, it will also be easier for her to get used to the fact that her father is dating you. Take things slow and give it some time.

Try to Learn a Few Things About Her

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Do your homework before you meet her up. Maybe ask your boyfriend about how she is and what she likes. If you are not sure what conversation to make, then take hints from her hobbies. You can speak about her favourite Disney movie or the games that she likes to play. If she is an adolescent, you can talk about the type of books that she is into. It might sound cliché, but again it is the safest way to start a conversation. Your research will pay off as she will actually feel like talking about things that she likes.

Don't Try to Act Mom-Like

The last thing you want to do is to step in as her new mom! It is absolutely a bad idea and you should refrain from actions that in any way convey this. Always keep it casual and friendly. When meeting for the first time, the only image that you want to project is that of a friend. Your instincts might make you overly protective or make you act hysterically, but try to control yourself and give her the space to process what is happening. Maybe after hanging out several times, you can hint that you are the romantic interest of her father but a premature move will only end up scaring her. Moreover, it can also make her retreat even more.

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Remember to have a clue aforehand

it is a good idea to take cues from your boyfriend before choosing a gift. He's the perfect person to tell you about what she likes and what she doesn't. Asking him would give you a good idea on the way forward. If you feel like a certain gift will be perfect for her, be sure to confirm from him befiore going for it.