10 Oh So Adorable Lehengas for Your Baby Girl and 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect One for Her (2020)

10 Oh So Adorable Lehengas for Your Baby Girl and 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect One for Her (2020)

Are you contemplating a party outfit for your baby girl? Ever thought lehenga choli could be the one? Whatever your answer is, read through this article and let your search be done. 10 lovely and breath-taking lehengas that look stunning on your baby girl. If you are a first-timer better read through the tips we have for you.

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If You Thought Dresses Were Cute, Wait Till You See Your Baby in a Lehenga!

Baby girls are fun to dress up. They are simply adorable in their cute little baby outfits and accessories. In fact, they look even more charming in traditional Indian wear. Lehenga cholis are one of the Indian ethnic wear that suits Indian girls and babies alike. If you are planning to dress up your baby doll in the prettiest lehenga online, then read along as we give you some amazing options to try.

Our Choice of Top 10 Baby Lehengas

With a plethora of options of baby lehengas online, choosing the right one for your little girl is quite a daunting task indeed! So, here we have compiled a list of the top 10 kids lehenga designs that we found on various online websites. These could also turn out to be great gifting ideas for a baby girl.

Flower Printed Lehenga

Here is a lehenga that is as vibrant and dynamic in pattern as any little girl would be! The red, green and yellow combinations are typical of authentic Indian ethnic wear and are a great combination for any Indian occasion including weddings. The flower and leaf patterns on the lehenga are unique and the highlight of the whole attire. The red choli with its minimal golden thread details is simply elegant. Also, the lehenga choli fabric is of cotton blend and hence, will be most comfortable for babies. We think the simple green dupatta teams up well with the lehenga and completes the whole “grown-up” look. The beautiful little tassels on the lehenga add more charm to the cute dress. Check out firstcry.com to get the lehenga choli dress for Rs. 1,199.40. The lehenga fits babies from 0 to 6 months and is also available in other colour combinations as well.

Flared Lehenga with Halter Neck Blouse

So, you think babies can’t dress up all sophisticated and elegant like grownups? Well, you are wrong! Take a look at this classy lehenga and you can’t agree more. The blue-printed lehenga with flared hem looks stunning with the green solid choli. The poly crepe lining under the net lehenga adds volume to the skirt and will look gorgeous on any little girl. The halter necked blouse even has a hook and eye closure with lace-up detail on the back! So, much for looking trendy and class at this age! Moreover, the double-coloured dupatta adds charm to the lehenga and completes the whole look. myntra.com features this lehenga choli set for Rs. 863, which is a pretty reasonable rate for a lehenga choli set.

Cotton Silk Lehenga Choli

Source www.amazon.in

Looking for something grand and traditionally authentic in design? This multicoloured lehenga looks like it is inspired by the famous south Indian silk skirt and blouse. The lehenga is grand enough to be worn on big occasions and religious festivals. The big golden border is the highlight of the lehenga and perfectly goes along with the golden choli. Talking about the choli, have you noticed how trendy the design details are on it? Simply superb and trendy, isn’t it? Pair this lehenga dress with a golden hairband and golden shoes, and see your little girl shine throughout the function! The lehenga dress is available in other colour combinations too, but this seems to be our favourite. The dress from Preethi dresses is available on amazon.in for Rs. 859.

Sanganeri Print Lehenga

Well, we do understand if you aren’t fond of blingy stuff and want to keep things minimal. That’s why we have included this simple lehenga on the list. Sangnaneri is a hand block printing technique that has been in existence since long but has captured a front seat in the fashion industry recently. This printed blue lehenga simply looks adorable with the contrasting red solid choli. The lehenga has elastic around the waist and hence, will be most comfortable for kids. The red tassels perfectly match the choli and is an attractive addition to the lehenga. Be it a grand wedding or a casual family get-together, doll up your baby in this cute outfit and see her stealing the show! Check out this lehenga dress on littlemuffet.com for Rs. 1,200.

Embroidered Lehenga Choli

Flipkart is known for its wide variety of lehenga choli collections for ladies. Well, the case isn’t different for babies too. Find this beautiful lehenga and many others on flipkart.com for reasonable rates. If you are looking for an extremely traditional Indian wear that speaks loud of the ethnic culture of ours, then this lehenga choli will never go wrong! Right from the colour combination to the mirror and thread work, the lehenga looks astonishingly traditional and fit for any grand event. Picture your little one wearing this dance and prancing around on a family event. She is going to capture some hearts we say! This cute lehenga from Aglare is available for Rs. 1,199.

Bandhini Lehenga Choli

Here is a lehenga choli design that is unique and a tad different from the usual Indian ethnic wear. The bandhani print on the lehenga may be authentically traditional so to be said. But the style and overall get up of the lehenga is not so much. Made from a cotton blend, the lehenga is very comfortable and light to wear. Besides, the drawstring closure with the colourful pink tassels on the end adds to the ease and convenience to wear the lehenga. The cold-shouldered frill choli or top is the highlight and the impeccable style element in the whole look. It gives a modern twist to the conventional lehenga dress. hugsntugs.com feature this lehenga choli dupatta set at Rs. 1,260. Also, do check out the many other lehenga options available on this site.

Printed Ethnic Black Lehenga Choli Set

Less is more, they say. Well, this lehenga choli set is a perfect example of that statement. Both the lehenga and choli bears the same simple printed design. The only added element to the whole attire is the orange and gold lace border. Since it's made of rayon, this lehenga is perfect for an event or function in the summer. It is very comfortable to wear and easy to wash and use. The lehenga and choli set is black in shade and hence, look great with gold and orange combination. Well, if you are a person who dislikes kids wearing black (which is a common notion among Indians for long!), then go ahead and choose among the many colours available for this lehenga. Check out this lehenga on snapdeal.com for Rs. 649.

White and Green Lehenga Choli Set

Source anyaonline.in

Here is another option for the minimalist in you. Poles apart from the traditional lehenga that we usually see, this lehenga stands out on its own. The olive green solid lehenga is a soothing treat to the eyes, and when combined with the white floral top creates a trendy outfit fit for parties. The lehenga is made of georgette fabric and hence, is very light and convenient to wear. The white top or choli is made from a cotton blend fabric and is equally comfortable. Come any summer day and this lehenga choli is a perfect idea for an attire. This lehenga outfit can be worn on parties and casual get-togethers. Pair it up with a white pearl chain and white shoes to create a stunning look! Available on anyaonline.in for Rs. 1,400.

Pink Lehenga Choli

Pink looks great on any girl. This pink flower power lehenga dress definitely will! The graceful lehenga choli set has a contemporary touch to the classic lehenga that we are familiar with. The hot pink tafetta lehenga is great for a wedding or any party. It is accompanied with a shimmer choli with puffed sleeves adds to the style quotient of the whole look. The intricate details like the gold tassel on the lehenga are eye catching. This definitely gives the lehenga choli a glamorous twist. You can find this cute and adorable lehenga choli set on foreverkidz.in for Rs. 1,985.

Green Hand Work Lehenga Choli

Yet another baby pink lehenga on the list here. This simple and plain lehenga doesn’t have a fancy element to boast off yet is an eye-catcher at the same time. Made from georgette satin, the lehenga is super comfortable to be worn on any day. The green choli is of a soothing shade and perfectly compliments the pink lehenga. The highlight of the lehenga choli is the exclusive handwork embroidery done on it. This accounts for the attractiveness and obviously the price of the lehenga dress! Priced at Rs. 2,699, this lehenga choli set from threadnbutton.com may be the most expensive of the list here, but we say it is well worth it. Style this super simple lehenga with pink shoes and pink hair accessories to make your little one looking like a princess!

Things You Need to Know Before Selecting a Lehenga for Your Baby

Before diving into selecting the first lehenga you see online, here are some tips that you should keep in mind before the purchase.

Check the Length of the Lehenga

Babies and little girls are active and move around all the time. Lehengas or long skirts are a hindrance to their swift movement in general. So, we urge you to be super careful about the length while selecting a lehenga for your little one. Make sure to get the lehenga altered so that it is convenient for the baby to wear.

Choose a Comfortable Fabric Appropriate for the Weather

Whatever may be the occasion, make sure to keep it minimal when it comes to the fabric. Kids are generally frantic if they are not comfortable. So, try to make things as comfortable for your child as possible. Stick to light fabrics only during the summer, while you can experiment on the material a bit if the weather is favourable.

The common fabrics used in baby lehengas are:

  • Cotton- One of the most sought materials for baby lehengas, cotton is perfect for hot summer functions in India. It is very comfortable to wear and easy to clean and maintain. However, the material may not give a heavy flare to the lehenga and leaves you with a slightly muted lehenga.

  • Silk- Indian ethnic wear is usually made out of silk. Most colours look vibrant and dynamic on this material and give the whole attire a glamorous shine! Silk is great for flared lehengas since it is light in weight yet full in volume.

  • Georgette- Add embellishments on georgette fabric and get a custom-made trendy looking lehenga. Georgette is very much in fashion these days. If you are looking for a flowy patterned lehenga, then this is a good option for the fabric.

Follow Fashion and Style

Lehengas for babies are available in several patterns and styles. Traditional lehengas are usually heavy and carry extensive embroidery work. But, lehengas for babies are customized to be light and simple yet ethnic and traditional. You can select among the thousands of trending lehenga options available online or choose to get a customized one from a favourite tailor.

Choose Lehenga Worthy of Its Price

Lehengas for grown-ups are generally quite pricey, especially for the designer and high-end ones. The same goes mostly for children as well. Always be cautious of the price tag that comes with the dress and check if the product description accounts for this price. Never choose a lehenga just because you think it looks good. Rather, think about all the aspects related to it.

Accessorise with Care

Added elements like dupattas play a crucial role in the whole lehenga choli attire. But complicated draping is not advised for especially baby girls. Also, make sure that the tassels or embellishments on the outfit are not prickly and itchy. Always remember to keep it simple and never to go overboard with accessorizing a baby lehenga!

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Have a Spare or Two!!!

A lehenga choli is not something you'd contemplate when choosing an attire for your baby girl/ toddler. But it is something to look over. Not just is it traditional and it also makes your little one the star of the party. All said you got to be careful when choosing a lehenga. When it comes to babies, the slightest discomfort triggers the ultimate tantrum or she might just refuse to wear it. Check our section "Things you Need to Know Before Selecting a Lehenga for Your Baby", you might have a winner in your hands.

The most important tip of all, have spare dresses. Not just one, make it two. Even if she spills or creates a mess; Or even if she is plain irritated, you have a spare. No need to go into a meltdown.