Throwing a Party for a Girl and Need Gift Ideas for Her Birthday? 10 Cute and Girly Gifts as Well as Tips for a Birthday Party

Throwing a Party for a Girl and Need Gift Ideas for Her Birthday? 10 Cute and Girly Gifts as Well as Tips for a Birthday Party

What do girls like, and what do girls like for their birthday? Two simple questions that can literally make your head spin. If you're looking for fun, sweet and nice gifts any girl in your life, be it sister, friend or girlfriend, you're in luck; because Best Present Guide has made a list of some awesome gifts for girls and gift ideas for girls' birthdays. Also browse through our party themes and other fun ideas for her big day.

5 Birthday Surprises that Every Girl Would Love

It's your besties birthday, the best friend who has always been there for you and helped you in your numerous low moments. That's why you have to get prepared and planned an adventurous birthday for your best girl friend. Well, the best birthday gift ideas for a girl best would be surprising her on the birthday. Yep, because people, everyone wants to feel special and excited about their birthdays. So, the ideal birthday gift for girls would be surprising them with the following treats on their birthdays.

Take Her on a Surprise Shopping Trip

What will be the perfect gifts for girls? One word, shopping, yep, girls love shopping and that's not a mystery. But, in this surprise gift ideas for girl friend birthday, you can plan a surprise shopping spear for your best friend. First of all, pick the shopping mall or the market that your girl friend likes the most to visit. Then, ask every shopkeeper to greet your friend on her birthday and give her greeting cards. Of course, you have to provide the greeting cards, but this surprise will be definitely going to the best birthday gifts for girls.

Tell Her Acquaintances and Colleagues

If your girl friend is a student or working, then surprise birthday gift ideas for a best friend would be surprising her with the work. Like, inform all her colleagues and college mates about her birthday. And, with all her dear ones plan the birthday surprise for your girl friend in her office. Bring a giant birthday cake for her in the office and sing 'happy birthday' for her when she enters the office. If her boss or teachers are accommodating, then you can organise a birthday party in the office canteen.

Get Her Favourite Cake

Without a cake, no birthday celebration is complete. So, for gift ideas for your girlfriend's birthday, we recommend you to buy her favorite cake. Surprise her in the middle of the night with her favorite character cake. If your bestie is a big fan of Bollywood movies, then imprint the characters, poster or famous dialogue of her favorite movie on the cake. You can print anything on the cake which is dear to your friend. If you don't get any idea, the print of your candid friendship image will be a perfect gifts for girls as girls think from their heart.

Tidy Up Her Home or Do Chores She Hates

If your girl friend is a single working woman who lives alone, then this birthday gift ideas for a girl best friend is going to be hit. Your friend may not have the time or she is simply being lazy and not organising her house. Then, be a caring friend and clean, organise and tidy up her house for her. If possible, go the extra mile and take her car for servicing because girls truly hate such kind of work. This birthday gift for girls has two benefits, first, your friend will be happy to walk into a clean home and secondly, apart from your hard work, you haven't to pay a dime for this surprise birthday gift.

Bring Her a Lip Smacking Breakfast at Home

The sweetest birthday gift ideas for a female friend will be surprising her with a delicious breakfast, delivered right to her doorstep. Yep, cook your best friend's favorite breakfast meal and wake her up with the special birthday breakfast. You can either cook her favorite meal or you can order from her favorite restaurant. Just pamper your girl on her birthday and that would be the perfect birthday gifts for girls. As little flattery is always welcomed on the birthdays.

Fun Girly Themes for Birthday Party

So, as your birthday gift for a girl best friend, you are planning to throw a massive birthday party for her. Then, don't forget to include the theme of your birthday party as the themes make the party more happening and exciting. You can pick your friend's favorite movie theme or festival theme for the party. But, if you are looking for some suggestions, then you can use following birthday party themes.

Frozen Birthday Party

In every grown-up girl, a little princess always lives somewhere, buried not very deep below the surface. So, if your bestie is a bit of a princess and adores Disney princess movies, then throw her the Frozen theme birthday party. This birthday gift will take your friend back to her childhood. To organise the Frozen theme birthday party, you have focused on the white and blue colors. Such as use simple vanilla for the icing of birthday cake and other desserts. And, for blue, you can make blue cocktails and for decorations; don't forget to have artificial snow at the party.

Donuts and Daisies Party

Okay, so if your bestie is full of energy and always bring sunshine into your life, then the daisies and donuts will be the most suitable birthday party theme for her. For daisies and donuts birthday party theme, you can use lots of vibrant colors. Design the big birthday cake in the shape of a donut and complement it with all sort of small colorful donuts. For decorations, you can use colorful daisies and balloons to give vibrant look to the birthday party.

Girlies Day Out Party

Sometimes you and your best friend only need a day out. So, call your all girl friends and plan the outdoor birthday party for your bestie. You can organize a high English tea party in the open garden and decorate the surroundings with natural things. Because your friend will need to relax on her birthday and open natural ambiance is the perfect way for your friend to relax a bit.

Girly Theme Party

For a bubbly and full of fun girl friend, you can organise a girly theme party. Well, think as a girl and include all the girly stuff into the party like loads of pink, purple and white, some glitters and sparkles and just like this is the perfect girly theme birthday party is ready to roll. This style of birthday is very extreme, only pick this theme, if your friend believes in girly stuff.

10 Cute and Girly Gift Ideas for Birthday

So, if you are struggling to buy the charming birthday gifts for girls, then we have few gift ideas for girl friend birthday. For the birthday gift ideas for a girl best friend, you can try out following pink and purple gift sections.

Gold Stone Watch


The elegant and classy rose gold watch with the studded rhinestones is a very cute gift for girls. This sophisticated watch is the must having the item in every girl's wardrobe. As this watch can be easily paired with any outfit and goes for both the formal and informal gatherings. For gift ideas for girl friend birthday, this rhinestone rose gold watch is very good. This glamorous watch can be ordered from for Rs.1,199.

Patterned Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket


Add little fun and style to your best friend's birthday gift with the purple stylist scarf. This vibrant purple scarf will enhance the look of your friend's outfit and give a funky edge to your friend's wardrobe. With the worn-out jeans or the with the pencil skirt, your friend can pair this scarf in different ways. The birthday gift ideas for a girl best friend can be nothing better, then this purple scarf. This scarf is selling like hot cakes on Amazon and this birthday gift for girls can be ordered for Rs.1,000.

Gorgeous Pearl Set


Adore your friend with the sophisticated pearl necklace and earrings on her birthday. Women love jewellery and the perfect birthday gifts for girls would be the pearls and diamond studded necklace and earrings set. This set can be worn by your friend on the parties and formal official meetings. This pearls studded necklace and earrings set is very delicate in the appearance and can enhance the inner beauty of the person. You can order this birthday gift for your girl friend from The price of this stylish pearl set is very affordable for mere Rs.645.

Spa Gift Basket


Yet another beautiful and classic gift ideas for girl friend birthday would be gifting her a khadi spa kit. Make your girl friend feel special with the most exclusive gift hamper of spa gift sets with Khadi bath products. Your best friend can enjoy the luxury of a super spa at home with these products. The gift basket includes a peeling scrub and herbal glycerine body wash kept beautifully in a hardboard gift box. There is nothing better than little pampering at home for your best friend on her birthday. This exclusive gift basket can be ordered from for Rs.1,555 only.

Red Denim Bag


If you are searching for birthday gifts for girls, then you can't miss out on buying the trendy bags for them. The fashionable and trendy red leather tote bag is what your girl friend required on her birthday. The bag which is equally stylish and funky as your friend. This red leather bag is very easy to carry with the black handle and it is spacious enough to store all the important stuff about your friend. You can make your friend's birthday happening by ordering the red denim tote bag for her from for Rs.1,450.

Women Essentials Kit

The evergreen classic gift idea for a female friend is a kit of women's essentials. This classy birthday gift indeed for your female loved ones, this combo consists of one Maybelline Collosal Kajal 0.35 gm, one Lakme Colour show nail paint and a Nivea lip balm for those moist cherry lips. A perfect gift for your best girl friend that she can always keep in her essential make up kit. As all these items are highly important for girls. This classic gift pack is available on for Rs.699.

Personalised Teddy Bear

Gift a personalised teddy bear to your friend on her birthday. You can add the personal message on the cute teddy bear that will always remind your best friend of your friendship. You can add any personal message or the quote from her favorite book on the cute little teddy bear. This teddy clock is about 12 cm and available on for Rs.699. You can give your personalised message while placing the order of the teddy bear.

Beautiful Roses in a Vase

You can send an arrangement of fresh pink roses in a vase on your friend's birthday, because girls absolutely love receiving fresh flowers This freshly handpicked arrangement of Fresh Moon Roses has 14 pale pink, freshly cut roses in a vase and can be the best birthday gift for a girl friend. You can order this pretty arrangement for your friend from for Rs.1,045 only. Because roses are always the best gifts for girls.

House Plants

Well, your fresh flowers bouquet might die after a few days, but if you want to give something that lasts much longer to your friend, then order indoor plants for her on her birthday. Indoor plants can be easily kept inside the house and in return, they offer fresh air. So, the eco friendly gift ideas for girl friend birthday would be ordering a few plants for her. You can order different types of floral and vegetable plants for your friend on the The price of the plant varies according to the size and type. We recommend a Top 5 Air Purifier and Oxygen Enriching Plant Pack priced at Rs.1,321. The pack includes a money plant, peace lily, snake plant, areca palm, and a ficus elastica, more commonly known as Indian rubber bush. If you feel 5 is too many, add a few to your own home or give them to other friends, or select a single plant from the website or your local nursery.

Personalised Name Necklace

The next great gift ideas for girl friend birthday would be personalising a chain necklace for her. You can customise the pendant for your best friend for her birthday. Have your friend's name or initials fashioned in a gold or silver plated pendant and chain set for her birthday. A Delhi based website, designs name necklaces for about Rs.1,200 to Rs.1,950.

No Girl's Birthday is Complete without Chocolates and Flowers

If you are looking for the perfect birthday gifts for girls, then you have one great option, and that is chocolate and flowers. You can complement your other birthday gift with the chocolates and flowers or can gift these to her on their own to your bestie. As the best gift ideas for girl friend birthday would definitely be dark chocolate and freshly plucked roses. You can easily order combination packs of chocolates and flowers from websites like or Flower Aura.

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Not the time for funny or quirky gifts

She may or may not celebrate her birthday in a big way or not even make a big deal over it, but the gifts given on this day are important. Skip the quirky gifts or the funny gag gifts poking fun at her or her age. She may laugh it off but she really will not like them. Not one bit. So if you want to continue being a part of her life, give her something nice and sweet, or thoughtful, or even a box of good chocolate. Mark our words.