Celebrate Mother's Day by Giving Dear Mom that Well Deserved Break: 10 Mother's Day Gifts for Her to Relax and Unwind With (2019)

Celebrate Mother's Day by Giving Dear Mom that Well Deserved Break: 10 Mother's Day Gifts for Her to Relax and Unwind With (2019)

Moms never really have a day off do they but they're also the ones who need it most. Your mom is hardly going to allow herself to put her feet up, not when there's a family to look after, so it's time for you to take charge for a day and let her enjoy the pampering she deserves. A beautiful gift is also a must, which goes without saying. Here are lots of ideas to give her a lovely gift and a restful and happy Mother's Day.

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Make Mother's Day Special for Your Mom!

Let Her Sleep In

Making Mother’s Day special for your mom is not as hard as you may think. Your mother is someone who works hard all the year round to keep the family together. She is the one who wakes up first in the morning and is the last one to go bed. So this Mother’s Day give your dear mom a little break and let her sleep in.

It’s not easy to make someone who wakes up early every day, wake up later than usual. But we are sure that once in a while your mom does enjoy staying in bed for a longer time than usual. You can sneakily turn off her alarm and take care of the morning chores that she usually undertakes.

If she refuses to stay in bed till a little later, then make a point to wake up earlier than her and get started with breakfast and everything else that needs to be done in the morning. You could get her breakfast in bed or set the table in a special manner. Cook her favourite food for breakfast and decorate the table with some fresh flowers (her favourite ones).

Take Her Out for the Day

Taking your mother out on Mother’s Day is something that you should do without any complaint. Choose an activity that she enjoys. You could take her out to eat, for a movie or something aligning with her hobbies and interests. If she loves watching plays, take her for one or maybe to a music show. You could take her shopping or for an art show. It all depends on what she enjoys doing because at the end of the day it’s a day to celebrate her. The best way to do that would be to do something that she really enjoys doing. If you are not sure about it just ask her what she wants.

Let Her Have the Day to Herself

Your mom spends most of her time looking after the needs of others. So it’s high time that she got some time to herself. To make sure that she gets her alone time, make sure that you take care of everything else on the home front.

Let your mother take a breather and spend the day anything she pleases. You could send her for a relaxing spa session or a head to toe pampering at a good salon. There are services which you can avail at home too. Apps like Urban Clap will send over trained beauty professionals and masseuses to your home, so that your mother can enjoy some me time without leaving the comfort of home.

If your mom is not very interested in beautifying herself then let her just chill out and do what she pleases. Just make sure that all the work that she usually does is divided among family members so that she can have a truly relaxing day.

10 Mother's Day Gift for the Hardworking Mom

Gourmet Breakfast Hamper

Making your mom breakfast is one of the sweetest gestures that you can make on Mother’s Day. Make that experience special by gifting your mom a gourmet breakfast hamper. The Breakfast in Bed Hamper from thegourmetbox.in will help your mom start the day on a happy note.

It’s full of delicious and nutritious goodies that can help you whip up a hearty breakfast for your mother in no time at all. This hamper contains a number of delicious items that can make breakfast a truly enchanting experience for you dear mom.

This hamper contains flavored green tea, single estate locally grown coffee, all natural granola, pancake mix, flavored creamed honey, flavored nut butter, fruit preserve, dried cranberries along with a wooden honey dipper. All this comes packed into a beautiful gift box tied with a ribbon along with a personalised message.

It’s priced at ₹3200.

Essential Oil Gift Set

Source www.nykaa.com

Being a mom is stressful and with everything on her hands it’s hard for her to find time to relax. Essential oils have properties that can not only help with stress but also a lot of other health issues like migraines, insomnia etc. Gift your mother the Fab India Assorted Essential Oil Gift Box Set. With this handy set your mother can have spa like ambiance at home.

The box has rosemary essential oil which has a distressing and calming effect on the senses with it’s spicy woody fragrance, mandarin essential oil with it’s tangy and fresh aroma that has an uplifting effect and peppermint essential oil with its sharp menthol smell which awakens the mind while stimulating the senses.

The oils come in 10 ml bottles. The oils can be added to bath water or burned in a diffuser. Make sure to just add just a few drops as these are highly concentrated.

The box is priced at ₹990. Buy it from nykaa.com.

Lavender Bath Set

Source www.nykaa.com

Taking long relaxing baths may be one of the few breaks that a mother gets. It can truly be a blessing to the mind and the body after a day of running errands, work and family responsibilities. So gift your mother this lovely Lavender Heart Bath Gift Set from Soulflower.

This purple bath hamper contains lavender bath massage oil, lavender bath salt, potpourri, lavender tea lights, lavender soap bar, rosemary lavender essential oil, wooden roller massager and a loofah. The soothing aroma of lavender can relax the senses and also has sleep inducing properties. The products come in a pretty reusable handmade box and are 100% free of any chemicals, or artificial colours or fragrance. Using these can greatly help uplift the senses and bring a sense of positivity into a person’s life.

Buy the hamper for ₹2000 from nykaa.com.

Shiatsu Neck Massager

Source www.amazon.in

Mothers are always complaining about neck and back pain and not without reason. Being a mom is not an easy task and you have to be on your feet all day. There are multiple responsibilities that she has to undertake throughout the day and she hardly gets the time to go for a long relaxing massage.

A full-fledged body massage is of course wonderful. But to take care of daily pains and aches we have for your dear mom the Dr. Trust Physio Electric Heat Shiatsu Body Massager Machine. This one is built like a snug neck pillow with straps. This massager is super easy to use. The machine utilizes heating sensation to reach hard-to-reach muscle groups and helps provide relaxing massage. It can reduce soreness and improve flexibility. With multiple massage nodes, this device’s kneading cum heating function offers relief to tired muscles thus relieving tension, stress and pain.

You can buy this handy device from Amazon for ₹1,999.

Sleep Sound Machine

Source www.amazon.in

Your mother deserves a good night’s sleep and sometimes that is hard to achieve after a long day. For mother’s suffering from stress and insomnia we recommend the HoMedics Sound Spa White Noise Portable Sound Sleep Machine. This portable machine emits six soothing sounds like white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and bubbling brook. These sounds which mimic the natural environment are few of the most soothing sounds in nature. Listening to them can create positive vibes in the brain and lull it into sleep.

This device is extremely compact, small and portable. It can easily fit into the luggage or a purse. The HoMedics Sound Machine runs on both battery or via an adapter. There’s an auto-off timer which can be used to conserve power. Apart from sleeping this device can be used for relaxation, meditation, work or anytime a person feels like they need to be close to nature.

Buy it from Amazon for ₹2000.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Source www.amazon.in

Your mom is always looking after the family’s health. But you need to look after hers. The Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp is something that can greatly help with that. This natural miracle lamp is obtained from salt mines located in the Himalayan region and has wonderful natural properties that help greatly with a variety of issues.

The salt lamp kit includes an electric cord with a dimmer switch, 5 multi-coloured bulbs of 10 watt each and a cleaning brush. This lamp is a natural air purifier. It can remove allergens like dust, pollen and smoke from the air. What it does is it absorbs water molecules from the surroundings and once the lamp warms up the water evaporates back into the air, leaving the pollutants trapped in the lamp.

According to Feng Shui and Indian Vaastu Shastra, the rock salt lamp has the power to spread positive energy at home. Buy this lamp for ₹1199 from Amazon.

Accupressure Slippers

Source www.amazon.in

Acupressure is a technique used to treat multiple health problems by asserting pressure on multiple points in the body, especially the feet. If your mom suffers from problems like back pain, migraines etc. then get her these Rubber Foot Acupressure Slippers from Wyane Enterprises. These rubber slippers have raised indentations on that are designed to hit your pressure points. These can be worn around the house or even outside. The raised dots provide a massage like sensation to the soles of the feet as one walks around. Make your mother feel super refreshed and recharged with these amazing slippers.

Buy them from Amazon for ₹449.

Herbal Tea Gift Box

If your mom is a tea lover then we have the perfect gift for her. Enough with boring black and green teas. Give your mother the Allure Gift Tea Hamper from teabox.com. This box has multiple flavoured teas to calm the senses and refresh the senses.

The teas included in the hamper are mountain rose tea, Kashmiri kahwa, calming chamomile green tea, and hibiscus lush tea. The first one is a fragrant blend of green tea and rose petals. The Kashmiri kahwa is a zesty mix containing spices and saffron from the valley. As the name suggests the chamomile green tea is a mixture of both ingredients. It is a sleep aid and helps in calming the senses. The hibiscus lush tea contains hibiscus petals and is a flavoured tea which is perfect for brunches and garden parties. The teas come in 25 gm glass vials and are packed into an attractive gift box.

Buy the hamper for ₹1200.

Comfy Robe

You can gift your mom beautiful sarees. But those will remain locked in the cupboard and be worn a handful of times a year. But a comfy robe is something that she can relax in every day. Gift your mom this unisex striped bath robe from Christy.

Made of pure cotton, this bathrobe has shawl collars, an open front, long sleeves, two large patch pockets, and belt loops on either side of the waist. It comes with a fabric belt. This is the perfect piece to wrap oneself in after a bath. It can also be worn over ones nightclothes. Comfortable and soft, this robe can provide the comfort and freedom that your mom needs after a day of staying prim and proper. The perfect thing to lounge in on lazy weekend mornings.

Buy it from Myntra for ₹2997.

Woolen Shawl

If keeping your mom comfortable is your priority, then there is no better gift than a comfy wool shawl. A shawl is a must have essential for a mom. It can provide warmth and is also a stylish piece of clothing. If your mom works in an office then it can provide solid comfort because office air conditioning can often be too cold, especially for older women. But this grey Olive Green & Pink Self-Checked Shawl from Style Quotient for your mom. This wool blend shawl has a fringed border and is perfect for Indian weather.

Buy it for ₹539 from Myntra.

Things You Can Do for Your Mom Throughout the Year

Celebrating mother’s day is of course well and good. But instead of making a single day special for your mom, try to make every day a little bit easier for her. Help out with the household chores. If you live far away from your mom, visit her from time to time. Receive her calls and make sure that you call back. See to her needs and look after her health. Set aside some time for her and make sure to do something that you both enjoy. Try to make your mom your confidant and best friend. Because there is no other who cares for you as much as she does.

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Moms are best friend material

During our childhood and in our younger days she is often forced to be the disciplinarian but if you can stop and think about it, she is everything you want in a best friend. Someone who loves you unconditionally and with whom you can spend time with doing nothing in particular or things you both enjoy. When you need advice or help with a tricky situation, who best than to go to than her with all her years of experience; she does also know you better than just about anybody else, if you let her into your world. She may be a modern working woman, a homemaker, or to you she may seem to be out of tune with a fast changing world, but she within her she contains all the wisdom and knowledge that really matters. As you grow, all she wants is to be a small part of your life, let her.