Wondering What Birthday Gift for Your Mom In India Would Be Best? 10 Charming Ideas To Celebrate Her

Wondering What Birthday Gift for Your Mom In India Would Be Best? 10 Charming Ideas To Celebrate Her

Mothers are blessings of our lives that we often take her for granted. On her birthday, a thoughtful gift can tell her just how much she means to you. BP Guide India has looked for the most unique birthday gifts you can give your mother and created a list of fantastic ideas. Not only that we also give you ideas on how make her day even more special.

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Appreciating Her On Her Most Special Day: A Guide to a Perfect Gift for an Indian Mom

Our first love is no doubt our mother but often our academic or professional obligations take up all our time. But, there are multiple ways to appreciate her. Birthdays are one of the best occasions to express our love and gratitude towards her. Birthday celebrations are incomplete without a gift and the superwoman of our lives doesn't deserve a common gift. In fact, she deserves something that is extremely unique yet elegant and heartwarming. We have here a complete guide to present the best gift to the superwoman of your life so dig in and show your love and gratitude to her in the best possible way.

Ideas to Add Spark to Her Day Prior to Gift Presentation

Simply a gift won't do the trick on the biggest day of the greatest woman in our lives. In fact, it needs to be accompanied with special celebrations and below we present to you three wonderful ideas that will make her birthday, a day worth never forgetting.

A Surprise Get Together Featuring Her Oldest and Best Friends

It has often been noticed that when a woman gets busy with her family life, her get-togethers with her friends are reduced. Birthdays are a great occasion to rekindle these friendships and we assure you that your mom will absolutely love a birthday party featuring her oldest and best friends. We know it is very difficult to get hold of all the friends but, a little effort will definitely pay off when your mom's lips will light up with a million dollar smile or may be happy tears might roll down her cheeks on this sweet surprise.

Spend the Whole Day With Her

Are you a working person who seldom gets time for mom and spends most of it busy in the office? If yes, then her birthday is an occasion that needs you. Take a day off from your office and spend it doing her favourite things with her, we assure you she will love it. Take her out for lunch, go shopping or simply hang out with her at the house, you will treasure every single second spent and every single smile that she sports.

Another amazing idea is to plan the whole day from dusk till dawn. Start off with a breakfast at her favourite picnic spot followed by a walk. Don't let her do the daily chores in fact, take her place and do it for her. Take her out for lunch to her favourite restaurant or cook it for her. Lunch can be followed by shopping or a movie. Turn dinner into a party and surprise her with a birthday bash featuring both her closest friends and your whole family. Best of luck with your planning ladies and gentlemen! It is going to be a bang!

Bring the Whole Family Together to Celebrate Her Special Day

Is your family spread all around the world and it has been a while since you got together? Then, the superwoman of the family's birthday is the perfect occasion to get together and surprise her. All you need to do is arrange a birthday bash and knock at her door at 12 midnight. We know getting together from different parts of the country or world is an immense task but, it is your MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY, the least you can do is take some time out of your busy schedules and pay her a visit in-person. It will prove to be a great birthday gift for her so hurry up and start planning!

Top 10 Gifts to Surprise the Superwoman of Your Life

The most difficult part in the arrangement of mom's birthday celebration is her gift selection. There are a lot of common gift ideas spread on the internet but, today we will give you some insight into the most amazing gifts that are not just unique but, they have a personalized touch of elegance to them.

Custom Handwriting Bracelet

Source www.etsy.com

Jewellery is a gift commonly given to women but do you want to turn this common gift to an extraordinary one? You are at the right spot to find how! The Custom Handwriting Bracelet is an amazing choice for a gift and we assure you that your mom will instantly fall in love with this delicate, personalized and sophisticated piece of jewellery. This beauty is created by IMEJEWELLRY, a Texas, United States based brand that specialises in handmade personalized jewellery and has been serving its customers since 2015 and is available on etsy.com.

The Custom Handwriting Bracelet is handmade from your choice of material i.e. gold, rose gold or silver. It can be easily personalized by entering the text in the box provided on the website. Size selection is quite easy as a complete guide is to size selection is present on the website. The bracelet has a lobster claw closure and it is adjustable. The product and brand both are rated 5/5 which indicates its superb quality. Currently, the website is providing a 30% discount due to which the price has reduced from Rs. 3,173 to Rs. 2,221 and an added Rs. 1,128 will be charged for shipping. Make sure to order in advance because 7-10 days are required for its preparation and you don't want to be late with your gift.

Personalized Map Pillow

Source www.etsy.com

Is your family scattered around the world? If yes, then we are sure that your mom misses them a lot. But, this birthday you can gift her a personalized pillow which will make her feel as if you are all together in the same room. Now you all must be confused that how exactly is this possible? A Personalized "All Roads Lead To Mom's" Pillow is the answer to your confusion. This amazing pillow is the creation of DoveAndDavid, a California, United States based online store owned by the pretty Steph and is available on etsy.com.

This lovely pillow is available in three different sizes, these are 12x18 inches, 16x20 inches and 20x24 inches. You can choose from 4 different types of fabrics which are available at different prices. These fabrics are natural canvas, bright white canvas, oat rustic linen and white rustic linen. You can personalize the pillow in 4 different these include by addition of your required cities, home locations, map and accent colour and change of phrase if required. This pillow is environmentally friendly as the ink used in its creation is water based eco-friendly. The cushion is completely handmade which makes it even more special. This item has been highly successful because of its uniqueness and good quality which is evident from its rating of 5.0/5.0. The price of this amazing piece starts from Rs. 2,680 and will cost you an added Rs. 2,116 for shipping. Although slightly pricey, we bet your mom will be completely mesmerized by this special pillow!

Mama Bear Necklace

Moms are adorable and so are bears! Do you want to gift your mom something extremely adorable yet precious and elegant? then we have the perfect gift idea for you. A Mama Bear Necklace! These cute necklaces are created by Britta Ambauen, a Washington based artist. This adorable necklace is present on uncommongoods.com. The design of this necklace is inspired by the protective nature of bear towards her cubs.

These cute necklaces are available in 4 different styles and the only difference between these necklaces is the number of cubs. You can decide the design based on the number of siblings. The chain is 18 inches long made of sterling silver and bronze. The mama bear is 1" long and 1.25" wide whereas the cubs are 0.5" long and 0.75" wide. The cost of the chain varies between Rs. 8,465 and Rs. 11,286. The rating of 4.5/5.0 indicates its amazing quality. We are confident that this idea will surely make your mom extremely happy!

Monogram Trinket Dish

Does your mom love art or is she an artist? If yes, then an art-inspired gift will definitely mesmerize her. The Emily Jeffords Monogram Trinket Dish is an amazing piece of art created by Emily Jeffords, a Greenville based artist who paints abstract-impressionist art. This beauty is available on antropologie.com. The trinket dish has your mom name's first alphabet painted in its centre and can be used to display jewellery pieces. It has a diameter of 4.75". This beautiful trinket dish will cost you a total of Rs. 2,398 including the shipping price.

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Letters have always been an amazing way to communicate our love and feelings. Unfortunately, in recent times they have been replaced by technology but you can still use this elegant method to exchange love with your mom through Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set available on uncommongoods.com.

This beautiful creation has been made by Whitney Biggs, a Tennesse based artist. This book contains 40 cards that mothers and daughters can exchange with each other and display their love in a unique manner. This book is extremely environmentally friendly as it has been created by recyclable materials. It has a height of 9.25", a width of 12.25" and a thickness of 2.13". It comprises of 20 pages and 40 cards. This beauty will cost you Rs. 2,822 and the shipping cost can be deduced after adding it into the cart. Customers are highly satisfied with it and it has an overall rating of 4.6/5.0. We assure you this is the best old-school gift for your mom that you will ever come across!

Best Ever Mom Desk Sign

Is your mom a working woman or owns a business? Then, all she needs is a "Best Ever Mom Desk" sign that displays your immense love for her. A USA based brand Head of the House creates these amazing signs available on uncommongoods.com. These signs are made from a combination of plastic and aluminium. If you want to get a little bit more mercy then you can gift her "Best Mom in the History of the World" sign. The sign has a length of 8", a width of 2" and a height of 2.25". The quality is evident from a rating of 4.8/5.0. The website is sporting a sale so you can get your hands on this amazing sign for just Rs. 1,409 rather than Rs. 1,974 so, hurry up before the sale ends!

Leo Envelope Clutch

Is your mom's birthday drawing closer and you are yet confused as what should you gift her? Trust us and go for a Leo Envelope Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff because you can never go wrong with an elegant clutch. This simplistic clutch has an open zip teeth trace all around its edges to add a unique touch and its material is a scratch-resistant Saffiano leather which further adds to its classiness. It is available in black and doe colours. the clutch has a width of 10.5 inches, a height of 7.5 inches and a depth of 0.25 inches. The flap closure is magnetic and contains 12 interior card pockets. This beauty has been highly successful and the customers have rated it 4.8/5.0. The Leo Envelope Clutch will cost you Rs. 7,203 on nordstrom.comand the shipping is FREE ! So hurry up and get this classy piece for your mom this birthday!

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa

Source www.amazon.in

Is your mom a huge gadget fan? If yes then all she needs this birthday is an Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa. Echo dot easily connects with Alexa and will fulfil her multiple tasks from playing music to controlling smartphone devices. It has 4 far-field microphones which will make it easier for your mom to communicate with Alexa even while playing loud music. Fancy, right?

It is compatible with multiple appliances which makes it easier to control them including plugs points and smart lights, . Your mom will be able to call her friends and family who have either an echo device or the Alexa app.She will be also be able to stream music from online sites with just a voice command.

It has more than 15000 skills and it is continuously being updated. The site is providing a discount so you can get on hands on this amazing tech at a reduced price of Rs. 4,499. Another amazing thing is that the delivery is free within India! So order it on Amazon

Brass Watering Can

Source www.cb2.com

Is gardening your mom's hobby? If yes, then it is time that she moves from old-fashioned cans to a golden beauty. A Brass Watering Can by cb2.com! cb2.com is a home decor store that has branches at 18 different locations in various parts of the world. The Brass Watering Can is an eye-catching perfection that is handmade from stainless steel with a shiny brass finish. It is made in India and can be used for indoor or outdoor uses. It has a width of 9.5 inches, a depth of 5.5 inches and a height of 12.25 inches. The most amazing thing about it is that it is so pretty that you can even place it next to the pots as an interior design element. This amazing piece will cost you Rs. 3,408 and has a rating of 4.1/5.0. Time to go birthday shopping for mom!

DVD Set of Amitabh Bachan in Action

Source www.amazon.in

Bollywood is no doubt incomplete without Amitabh Bachpan especially his action movies are a treat to watch. Is your mom among those women who absolutely love his movie? If yes, then you don't need to search further.

Amitabh in Action (Set of 4 DVDs- Deewar/Trishul/Hum/Geraftaar) is a perfect gift for her. This DVD set is available on Amazon and is sold by a brand named Circlemode. As the product name indicates, it is a compilation of Deewar, Trishul, Hum and Geraftar. This DVD set will cost you a total of Rs. 449 as the seller is providing a discount of 10% so hurry up and stock up on Amitabh Bachan's movies before the sale ends.

Mum not a fan of Amitabh or Hindi movies? Then look for a similar collection for her favourite stars or directors. The idea is to allow her to enjoy the pleasure of viewing her favourite cinematic artists.

Bonus Tip: A Gorgeous Silk Saree!

A silk saree occupies the pride of an Indian woman's wardrobe. Every Indian woman adores an elegant saree, and your mom will love it especially so if it is her favourite dressing style as well. Why not indulge her love for sarees by gifting one on her birthday? We assure you she will be absolutely mesmerized. If you know your mother's preferences well, then you can pick one your self else you can take her out shopping to her favourite saree shops in your city and ask her pick one.After all it is your MOM's BIG DAY!

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An Experience Gift Is A Great Idea

Moms are always busy managing a dozen things at the same time. Giving her a gift that allows her to kick back and relax would be a thoughtful gesture. This will give her an opportunity to spend some time relaxing which she often neglects. You can gift her vouchers for a spa day at a premium spa, book her a holiday to a place she wants to go or a stay at a wellness resort, or even just tickets to her favourite event. If she is the adventurous kind, you can gift her an experience she has always wanted, whether it is a hot balloon ride or an amusement park visit.