Surprise Your Mother on Her Birthday with One of These 13 Birthday Gifts for Mom That Will Show How Much You Adore Her (2019)

Surprise Your Mother on Her Birthday with One of These 13 Birthday Gifts for Mom That Will Show How Much You Adore Her (2019)

Is your Mother's birthday just around the corner? Confused about what to buy for her? You are tired from browsing through the internet for variety of gifts but couldn't find anything? Worry not! We are here with a list of 13 amazing gifts that would affordably suit your budget and would also bring a big smile on your mother's face. Browse through the list below we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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Buying Your Mom a Gift as Special as She is

No one will disagree when you say that your mom is the best mom in the world, this saying is true for all of us. We love our moms, and when it’s her birthday we want to give our best to the one we love. Giving a thoughtful gift would show her that you love her and cherish her. It can go from personalised gifts you made yourself to buying the gifts online, whichever is more convenient. From many cultures and religions, the holy writings and scriptures often tell us to respect our mothers as they are sent to us by our creator in his image and that she will love us as the creator loves us.

This is still relevant to this day and will not change for the years to come. When we cry we go to our Mothers, not our Fathers; when we need money we go to our Mothers; when we fall and need motivation, she is there to encourage and help us fight our battles. She is our guardian angel and the sole reason that we have come into this world and breathe its air.

Without the love and support of great mothers, there would be no great leaders in this world. From the words of legendary rapper Tupac ‘‘If all moms in the world are like my mother then there would be no need for jails’’. He put her mother in such high regard and respected her fully, and we ought to do the same. So well thought out birthday gifts are a must for our beloved mothers for all the things she had done, sacrificed, and struggled for.

Top 13 Birthday Gifts for Mom You Cannot Go Wrong With

Personalized gifts and hand-made gifts are the best ones you can come up with but if you are running out of time and don’t want to make the work there are some alternatives. There are some gift items on the web which are proven to be quite successful as gifts for mothers around the ages of 30-60. These items are easily available and can be delivered to your doorstep in a day or two.

Coffee Maker

This Prestige Coffee Maker comes with 650W motor and an advanced brewing technology so that you can enjoy top-notch coffee at home. A perfect gift for your mom and the family this coffee maker will help ease your mom in the kitchen works. At a fair price range of Rs 1499, this is certainly the best coffee maker you can get at the price. The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty so do not hesitate to buy it. It can be the next best thing your family or your mom needs.

Buy this from Flipkart.

Foot Massager


The Lifelong foot massager is said to be the best one in the market at the price of Rs 11890 where the original price is Rs 38000. With old age comes muscle strains and fatigue sets in easily, this foot massager will help ease muscle cramps and help relieve stress. Not only your mother will appreciate it your father will be very pleased too. The massager has heat and vibration sensors to choose from. With personalized programs and self programs which makes it easy to use even for elders.

Buy it on Amazon at an affordable price!

Essential Oil Diffuser

The Kawachi Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Changed Color and Auto Shut-off Function is the perfect gift for housewives. This diffuser will change the smell of your room to the best aroma ever found. The diffuser has an auto shut off function so you need not worry about it even when you fall asleep. The diffuser is priced Rs. 1490, the thing people worry about aroma diffusers is that they use up much electricity however this one has low energy consumption.

Available on

Lighted Vanity Mirror


The Baiwka Hollywood Mirror Lights are a perfect gift to your beautiful mother. This makes up the mirror and dressing table is priced at Rs.1128 which makes it a steal. The set includes 10 LED light bulbs which can be arranged around a vanity. The brightness of the mirror is adjustable with a touch dimmer and the lights are safe to touch as they emit only low voltage. Installation is easy and moving it comes with ease. Buy it on

Vegetable Steamer Basket


The Premium Veggie Steamer Basket by Kitchen Deluxe is a must buy for moms who love cooking and one who makes the best meals. The Basket is 100% stainless steel with a bonus product of Julienne Vegetables Peeler, Safety Tool & Cooking eBook. These bonus products especially the cooking eBook is a must-have for recipes and learning cooking. Priced starts from Rs. 5270 on Amazon, it comes with 10 days return period. So if your mom does not like it you can return it free of hassle.

Knife Block Set


Same as the above product this knife block set is the perfect gift for mothers who know their way in the kitchen and loves to cook. By gifting this knife set you will be making sure that you will be getting even better-cooked meals. The set comes with 8 knives and one wooden block and is priced at Rs 2299. You can expect it to be delivered to your doorstep in two to three business days. You can also choose the 18 piece option at a slightly higher price. Buy it on

Fashion Forward Cross Body Bag in Leather


Ideal for office goers and for the housewife too, this sling and cross body bag is one of the best leather make you can get. Easy and light to carry for women that comes with Sandstone and Milk color in proportions. Priced at Rs. 12913, this professionally looking bag is priced at the right price range. It may seem expensive but the price is worth it with all the reviews and customers that have bought it have given 4+ stars on their purchase. It is available on Amazon.

All Day Necklace


For just Rs.249 this necklace is a steal. Let not the prices deceive you, this necklace is made of alloy material of supreme quality and with a gold finish touch which makes it gorgeous. A perfect gift for Moms as the necklace copes well with all the western clothes that your Mom may wear, be it a light dress, gowns, types of denim and more. Usually delivered in 3-5 working days this necklace is a grab for the price and a perfect gift for Moms.

Buy it here on Paytm Mall.

Silicone 5-Piece Utensil Set


If your Mom likes her kitchen and makes some of the most delicious meals you have ever tasted, you may want to help her upgrade her kitchen tools with this Silicone Piece Utensil Set priced at just Rs.699 on Amazon. These utensils are easy to use, they are durable, they have high heat resistance and moreover friendly to use and dishwasher safe. The set contains a spatula, whisk, brush, spoon, a scraper and comes with two colors which you can choose before checkout. It is indeed a perfect gift for a perfect chef.

Cozy Sandals

Summer is just around the corner and what else is better than comfortable sandals to help on the way. These cozy sandals are a perfect match for mothers and the brand is of Lee Cooper. The brand is known for its comfortable fittings and warm customer care. These sandals are priced at 1599 INR on which is a good price for a reputed brand. Depending on the location you can try and buy these pair in case it might not fit or get the wrong shoe size. Use these sandals as a gift and you can be sure they will be worn for the rest of her days.

Pure Silk Pillowcase

This Marble Queen Silk Pillowcase is fitting for a queen like your mother. Why just a silk pillow case you may ask. While the satin smoothness of silk is also great as a bedspread, not everyone is used to it and may take a few days to adjust sleeping on it. Pillowcases on the other hand, can be adapted to immediately. There will be no sleep lines or sleep crease on the pillow after waking up. The pure silk sees to that comfortable sleep comes with the highest quality of deep sleep. Priced at only 3499 INR this pure silk pillowcase on Beausilk will make sleep easier and much more comfortable.

If your mom also uses a sleep mask, or is a light sleeper who prefers to sleep in complete darkness, pair the pillowcase with a silk eyemask, priced at Rs.1299. Both are available on

Trendy Planters

These planters come with a low price of Rs.260 and are basically one of the best decors for a plant-loving Mother. If your Mom loves nature and is into planting and gardening, then this planter from Decardo is the best one for your mom. This home décor brand offers a 7-Day return window, so go ahead and try it out. If the receiver does not like it then you can return it before 7 days. Available on Pepperfry.

A Pearl Necklace

This exotic pearl necklace is originally priced at 9999 INR but with the generous discount of 80% it has come down to 1999 INR. Much more luxurious than the necklace we mentioned above this necklace has a traditional look with gold plating, multicolor look, and copper-based with a glossy finish. The necklace will be delivered in 3-4 working days and is likely the best present to shower your wonderful mom upon. Buy it from Mirraw.

Things to Keep into Consideration

Always know that your mom will be happy no matter what gifts that you give her, just the thought of you taking the time to give her something will give her tremendous happiness. Giving shows that we have thought of the person that we are going to give the gift and it is one of the noblest acts of humankind. Even the smallest of gifts if given with great love will be received in the most humble ways. Always know that your mother is going to love you no matter what, she is the one who sacrificed the most for you and will probably do so to her last breath.

Giving presents on her birthday seem like such a small thing compared to her years of sacrifice into nurturing and caring for you. Give your best and know that your mom is the best. If you have talents that you can use to make personalized gifts go for it, or if you do not have time for the upcoming birthday, do not hesitate to browse the online stores.

Her Hobbies and Likes

Before picking out the gift to take the time to do your homework that is finding out what your mom likes and her hobbies. If she likes gardening opt for pots, cooking will be utensils decoration will be antiques and so on. Do ask your relatives or family members about what gift would be best and make sure that your gifts are unique from the ones they are giving because your mom deserves the best.

If you have been with your mother since childhood, then you will have known what kind of gifts she likes, but when women become mothers, there is some change that goes within them that she is so focused on her duties as a mother that she had forgotten what her favorite thing to do and hobbies are changed into some other habits.

The role of a mother is heavy and is a great burden on the human soul and body. She might change, but she will surely remember the good old days and if giving a gift will take her back to happy days, then go for it.

Your Budget

See the money that you have with you and decide accordingly. Gifts come with different prices as you may already know. You may be a student and have no funds other than the pocket money you saved up, one thing you could do is ask help from your dad.

If you are sincere and focused on your idea, then Dads are more than happy to help and do something for their beloved. The gifts you want may be more expensive than you thought you can save up your money or ask for extra funds from your dad or you can work part-time jobs to save up easily.

Do not borrow money or go into debt, your mother will not be pleased if she finds out, do it with integrity and honesty. If it is too expensive, do not go for it instead search for an alternative which she may love as well. No one likes only one thing, and that is a fact.

Something Useful

Mothers at the age of 40-60 are not materialistic due to their wisdom and they would appreciate useful gifts rather than just one year or one time dress or jewelry. Make sure that your gift is something useful that she can use, wear or have fun with.

Studies have shown that mothers love to receive gifts which can be useful in the kitchen such as utensils, knife sets, and attractive plate sets, of course. A useful gift will be more appreciated than gifts which are for decoration and just stays there doing nothing useful. With old age comes wisdom, and with wisdom comes the ability to appreciate everything so she will appreciate it for sure.

She'll Love Anything You Give, but Put Some Effort!

Remember that a mother is still a mother and will happily accept all gifts given to her by her children, but choosing the best gift depending on what she likes and what she doesn't will multiply her happiness three times. Gifts should be chosen with love and received with love.

Nobody likes half-heartedness, so go for the gift with full effort. If you have to work for it then work for it, do something about it, and your mother will be more than proud of you. Nowadays with all the technological advancements, it is not hard anymore to choose the gifts for a loved one and the internet has all the answers to your questions.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we hope these 13 gift ideas help you to make your mom happy to the fullest.

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It has always been said that God couldn't be everywhere and hence he created Mothers. Mothers are always special for everyone and their birthdays are extra special because that is your chance to do something extraordinary for them and show them how much you love them! Indulge in DIY Gifts because making a gift has much more emotional value attached to it than buying a gift!