Your Mother is the Most Wonderful Woman You Know and She Deserves a Remarkable Present, Like These 10 Unique Gifts for Mom. Bonus Ideas to Make Her Feel Loved and Cherished (2019)

Your Mother is the Most Wonderful Woman You Know and She Deserves a Remarkable Present, Like These 10 Unique Gifts for Mom. Bonus Ideas to Make Her Feel Loved and Cherished (2019)

Moms are about the most remarkable people in our lives. The impact of our mothers on our lives cannot be overemphasized. So, to appreciate our moms, this article brings to us the best and most unique gift for mom that you can get to celebrate her for all she's done and would still do. Come along!

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Want A Never Seen Before Gift For Your Mother? Start Here

So, you are in search of a gift for your lovely mother, but are tired of the norm set by others? Do you want to find a gift that she has never received before? In other words, if you want to find a really unique but also practical gift for her, then you are on the right track. This article will lead you to select the best gift possible for your mother. So, just keep reading.

Settle On A Budget First


The first step before going out to buy a gift for a loved one is setting up a certain limit on the expenditure, we know that there is no limit for the love you have garnered in your hearts for your mother, but along with this there is also literally no limit for extravagant gifts and they can take a toll on your pocket. So, make sure to plan out a fixed budget and choose accordingly.

Seek Out Her Interests

The next important thing you to keep in mind is her interests and passion when the selection process is going on. Unfortunately, or say, fortunately, gifts do not follow the case of “one size fits all”, every individual got his/her unique tastes and preferences which makes this world even more lovely to live. So, gather as much information about what she likes or needs and, nowadays, and you will be able to land the perfect gift at her doorstep.

Choosing The Gifts

Productive Gifts For Working Mom


If you have an office goer mother who works night and day to make your future even brighter, gift her something that will help her make her hard and demanding day smoother. Look for gifts which help her manage and complete her chores quickly and effectively, one way or another, so she can accomplish her tasks easily.

Helping Gifts for House Managing Mom

If your mom is the someone who isn't credited enough for doing one of the hardest jobs in the world, ie. efficiently managing a household, then look for something that helps to improve her day. She may get exhausted completing all the daunting tasks life throws at her every day, so find a gift that helps her with the household or something that provides her with utmost relaxation and comfort when she takes a break from household chores.

Home-Decorations Work For Every Mom Out There

If you are worried about your mom not liking your gift, then a beautiful gift should relieve you of stress. Decorative items are loved by every mom out there, the fact that their children are gifting them such beautiful things will definitely make her go gaga over your gifts and she will shower you with not only blessings but with your favourite dishes and desserts too!

Nourishing and Health-Care Products Are Great For Everyone Too

Another gift category that's great for moms that will help you win her heart is Nourishing gifts. Although there is nothing more nourishing than a mother's love, gift your mother products which help her take care of herself. We often see that mothers forget to take care of themselves while caring for everyone else, this is your chance to make her realise that she is important too and you care for her with these gifts.

Don't Just Give Her a Gift, Create an Experience

After choosing the right gifts, there are these extra tips which, if executed with caution, will take the gift to the next level. Keep these things in mind to enhance the gifting experience.

Try To Keep It A Surprise

All women just love surprises, and we are sure your mother does too. Instead of making everything obvious and letting her anticipate what gifts you will go for, don't even let her know that you are thinking about something. Although we know it's very hard to hide anything from our mothers because, as that say, mom knows everything, but it doesn't mean you should not try. Keep things hidden till the last moment and then surprise her suddenly with your love and affection, she will definitely cherish the memories for life.

Personalizing is The Key To Her Heart

When you want a gift to pierce right through her heart and win a special place in there, this is a guaranteed way to achieve this feat. Just customize and personalise the gift according to your preference, preferably to her tastes. You can find some old but memorable photographs that have been lying around from a long time, away from her eyes or else you can print a message for your beloved mother that emerged right from your heart. Things, that you are too shy to say in front of her can be said this way and it will definitely have the same impact on her heart.

10 Unique Gifts For Your Equally Unique Mom

Now that you know how can you find and select the perfect gift for your mother, we have even created a list of the best gifts for your mother, just to make things even easier for you so that you can just focus on choosing the right gifts without worrying about any other thing.

A Book On The 'Art of Stress-Free Productivity' by David Allen


When you want to make your Mother’s Day even more productive at work and a little less stressful on her body and mind, you should consider gifting something that guides her through her day with better management of time, resources and energy. Like this great book by David Allen, which is available on Amazon and is named Art of stress-free Productivity, this book teaches a person how to get things done on time and that too without ever letting stress and tension get a bad toll on your body. You will be gifting your mother a whole new and better way to live and manage life with work when you get her this book. You can get this book in paperback for just Rs. 356 while, the kindle edition and audio CD cost Rs. 189 and Rs. 2113 respectively.

Desk Foot Hammock

Our mothers work day and night for us, sometimes without even getting some necessary rest along the way, which is very important for the body to function properly. Even when they do rest, the furniture and resting chairs do not provide the optimum resting position and comfort that the body needs at such moments. Here comes our next gift as a saviour, this unique and practical gift is a desk foot hammock that will ensure your mother gets utmost comfort whenever she wants, this is a resting pad for your mother’s feet and can be fitted easily under her favourite desk using the hook and mount system. The height is easily adjustable using the given rope and attachment rings. The material used is cotton and pine wood so the feet will enjoy a soft touch every time they land on this.

You can buy this for just Rs. 699 from

Personalized Rotating Crystal Cube


Mothers love personalized gifts and when that gift is as unique and beautiful as this one, it is sure to win her heart. This heartthrob is rotating Crystal cube that can be personalized with your memorable photographs with your mother from the good old days, the cube even has LED lights base to make the already beautiful crystal cube even more beautiful. You can add up to 3 pictures of your preference, and this is powered by an adapter. Also, if you do not want this device to be plugged in every time and want to place it away from power sockets, then it also has a slot for AA batteries to power it up. Get it on for Rs.1,350.

Organic Healthcare Products


In this world of artificiality, everything is moving far away from natural simplicity. This trend may be beneficial to the human skin on a temporary basis, but it the long run, the artificial skin care products do more harm than they do good. To overcome this, you have the option of using natural healthcare products. This is a set of all-natural plant-based products which contains a natural soy candle, natural soap, scented bath bomb, natural moisturizing lip balm, organic body butter, organic body spray and also, a cute personalized Gift message card. You can choose from various candle scent option such as the black sea, blood orange, cabin nights, good karma and many more. You can buy this combo on for a great price of $45 that roughly translates to 3100 INR.

Marine French Coffee Espresso and Tea Maker


Everyone loves a great cup of coffee, and why not? It comes with an exhilarating taste and helps us get through our day better. And when that coffee cup comes loaded with a touch of sweet maternal love, it just becomes the best coffee ever, but what if you can make the coffee-making task a bit easier for your mother? Good Idea, right? So here is a Marine French Coffee espresso maker; she can also use it to prepare tea. This works on the principle of a French press and gives the best taste of coffee possible. The coffee maker is built to make it easy to use along with ensuring quality. It has a 4-level filtration system and has a capacity of 600ml. you can buy it for just RS. 1299 from Amazon.

A Combo of Ferns Facial Toners

Another unique gift if you want to save your mother from the harsh artificial products; just gift her this combo of ferns facial toners and let them do their work. These toners will help your mother take care of her skin by removing excess dirt, remains of oil and makeup and also in balancing the pH of her skin. They will also be useful with acne. This combo contains three Ferns Facial toners which are rosebush, Cucumis and laventia. You can get this combo at Rs. 377 from the

Best Mother' Message Box

It is often a common case that we become unable to convey the love and affection we have for our mothers deep in our heart, and it results in communication gap between us which is never a good thing. It is quite difficult to admit the feelings so easily if you are not used to it and this gift exists because of this, to help you express your love to your mother. This ‘best mother message box contains cute and heart touching messages for your mom. The box has 12 different prints and the images and paper are both of high quality. The size of the box itself is 7 * 7 * 2 cm and the quotes printed are “you keep the family together’, ‘you are always there for me’, ‘you make all problems disappear’ and many others like these. This is priced at just Rs. 149 at exciting

Elephant Water Drainer

This is gift that is as cute as it is practical. If your kitchen becomes a wet mess after washing the dishes, then you can help your mother with managing all the wet spoons and other utensils and controlling the excess water that spreads after from them. This cute little elephant water drainer is an elephant shaped cup like structure in which you can keep wet spoons and toothbrushes too, and the trunk goes all the way down the cup and the water gets collected and drains out from the trunk in a controlled manner. The elephant itself is made up of plastic and costs Rs. 399 on

Swan Ring Holder

This gift can be described as a ‘beauty with brains'. The looks of this elegantly designed gifts are enough to make the observer fall for it the first time. But not only it's looks, the practicality of this gift will make this one of the favourite gifts she ever received. Tis swan ring holder, as the name suggests is masterfully designed to store and manage rings. It is a fairly simple structure but is designed in the shape of a white swan that looks cute. You slide the ring down its neck and it's done! Your ring will now be safeguarded by your own private swan. It's easy to use and is a decorative piece too. It is made up of melamine and costs Rs. 650 on

Whimsical Whale Night Light

One more cute and unique gift for your mother, that is very practical too, is this lamp. It looks so pretty that anyone would think that it is just a very beautiful decorative item, but there is more to it than meets the eye. It can work as a soft light in the night, neither too aggressive nor too dim. The whale-shaped night light is white in colour but also comes in 4 other colours which are red, yellow, green and purple. It has a simple tap control to control the lights and has 800mAh battery which can be charged by micro USB charging, the material is BPA free silicone, so you don't have to worry about that too. It is priced at a reasonable Rs. 899 on

She Deserves The Best

Whatever we do, it will always fall short in comparison to what our mothers did for us, but still, we can try to give her the best we can because she really deserves the best. Go an extra mile with these steps to bring a wide smile on her face.

Take Her Out For Shopping

Sometimes we don't realise that simple things like spending time with family actually matters a lot in life. So, this weekend, plan ahead and take your mother out for shopping at her favourite places, she will be happier than your expectations.

Open Up and Speak

No gifts can replace a pure heart filled with love, affection and gratitude for a mother. Let the shyness fade away for a moment for your mother’s happiness and open up in front of her and speak. Tell her how lucky you feel to have her as your mother, the gratitude will just make her the happiest person on earth.

Never Avoid Taking Her Phone Calls

One last thing, it really hurts a lot when a loved one ignores you. You should never cause this pain to anyone, let alone your mother. Some people take it for granted and ignore the phone calls of their mothers over tiny excuses when some other people in the world wish they could just talk to their mother, just one more time!

Cherish her presence and make her feel special.

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Exceptional gifts just for mom

Now those are really awesome and very suitable gifts for your mother. You know what your mother needs and doesn't have yet. You know what she would surely cherish the most, so you should choose wisely. Your mother does deserve the best, so you can even select more than one gift for her, even as all the ideas presented are exceptional. Remember one thing: it is a privilege for you to still have your mom around as some people wish they could talk to their mom just one more time. So, go all out and celebrate your mom as best as you can.