Planning to Shower Love on Your Mom? Here is a List of Some Cool Gifts That You Can Give Your Mom in 2019

Planning to Shower Love on Your Mom? Here is a List of Some Cool Gifts That You Can Give Your Mom in 2019

Mothers are an epitome of love and care. They have seen you grow from an infant, to a teenager, to a grown up. It's with her constant support that you have reached these great heights. So, show some love by choosing an amazing gift for her!

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Mother: The Warrior without a Sword and a Shield

Mothers never really get the credit they actually deserve; we often take the hard work our mothers do for granted and never give her effort a second thought. But, representing mothers as a continuously fighting warrior is by no means, an extravagant statement. She is the uncrowned queen of every household, a firm base upon which, the house of cards is built upon. She works without complaints, just for you, (and others in the family) so that you can be happy. Now this is your turn to acknowledge and appreciate her.

So, Why Should She be Showered with Gifts This Year?

To Show Her That You Care

We all think that our family members know that we love them and we have no need to remind them again and again, right? Well, yes, this is what a family is, the bond is so strong that all members inherently love each other but this doesn’t mean that we should overlook the importance of showing affection and love. The feeling when someone goes an extra mile to show the love for them, can never be replaced by anything in this world, so go ahead and start the preparations.

To Fulfill Her Unspoken Needs

Mothers often live their life just being a giver, sacrificing their own ‘needs’ to complete and satisfy the ‘wants’ of others, this often results in her not having even some basic things that she deserves. It becomes a moral duty to fulfil her needs as she has always fulfilled yours. So think of items she may like but refuses to buy - this could be a gadget, a piece of jewellery or really anything for herself.

Simply Because She Deserves It

What more reasons can someone ask for giving a lovely gift to his/her mother? There isn’t anything more to say other than, that she really deserves all the credit and attention, love and affection, that you can possibly provide. So take this opportunity whether its her birthday or Mother's Day - look for a great gift that will remind her how much you appreciate her.

How to Choose the Best Gift for Your Mother

Choosing a gift for your mother is not that difficult as she will definitely love anything you gift her, but this doesn’t mean that you should become lazy and give her whatever first thing you see in a shop. These are some helpful tips that will guide you in choosing the perfect gift for your mother.

Keeping Her Persona in Mind


Gifts should match a person’s personality. This is one of the most important criteria that should be ticked while searching gifts for someone, imagine gifting a teddy bear to a mountain climbing enthusiast! Absurd, right? Similarly, your mother has some special and unique hobbies, passion, interests. Henceforth, study her, analyse, and then start searching for a gift that matches her persona and compliments the tasks done by her in her day to day life.

Preferring Practicality Over Decorative


Mothers love practical gifts, and you should gift her practical things anyway. Things that help her in some way or another in her day, that reduce the burden of work, help her complete things quick and easy and if possible, entertain and relieve her of stress from time to time. You will be helping her without always being present by her side, by your gifts and that is what you should aim for, at least.

Solving Any Problem She Might Be Facing

Finally, this is one thing that you should really consider, is there any problem she is facing? If yes, then think, think, think and choose a gift accordingly, that somehow solves the problem. Mothers don’t often show their problems to others under fear of disturbing and stressing them, so you will have to dig a bit deeper and find out anything you can help her with. Then choose the gift and she will definitely become the happiest lady on the planet when you show such commitment for her

Some Cool Gifts for Every Mom Out There

Keeping these things in mind, we have prepared this list to make your work a lot easier by choosing 10 such gifts which will definitely be liked by every mother out there.

Healing Stone Mugs

Mothers love beautiful looking groceries or anything that will add a beautiful charm to the household. So, If a beautiful thing which comes with soothing and healing abilities for her family, will surely become one of her most prestigious gifts. These healing stone mugs are prepared with utmost care and love from the maker, these are handmade mugs by artisan potter Donna Rollins.

She infuses certain mineral in the coating of the cup during the firing process, after that the outer side of the mug is given a lustrous and luxurious finish which surely makes for an eye candy. Then, for the final touch, one of four healing stones is added to the mug as a signature. These stones are Clear quartz blue which is known to be a master healer, Amethyst purple which helps with grief, fear and anxiety, Rose quartz raspberry that is beneficial to heart chakra and love, and Tiger’s eye brown which helps in discernment and understanding. All the variants are priced at Rs. 1,812 on

Spa Gloves

Mothers always take good care of the family, specially during changing weather. They keep ensuring that everyone is taking good care of their skin but often forget taking care of herself. These spa gloves are designed to take care of her skin in an easy way.

These gloves have a gel section in them which is made from a mix of lavender essential oil, plant gel, olive oil, grape seed oil and jojoba oil. It also has a vitamin E extract which will take care of your mother’s skin perfectly. She just has to put some moisturizer on and then wear these, easy as that. Her skin will become smoother and softer, the materials used are cotton, bamboo fibre and spandex. It is recommended to wear them 2-3 times per week for about 30-45 minutes. You can buy them at for Rs. 499.

Indibni Wall Hanging


Want your mother to burst out laughing every time she enters the kitchen? Well here is the perfect gift if you want to remind your mother that you love her and appreciate her presence around. This funny wall hanging made by Indibni, is an ideal home decoration item that will definitely make her have some chuckles.

The board says ‘Mummy da dhaba – 24X7 open’, with a cute cartoonish mother above it. Place it in the kitchen and it will accompany your mother in the long hours she works there. The board is made of wood and has dimensions of 8.5 inch X 13.5 inch and the color is brown which is matte finished. It costs Rs. 349 on

Banqlyn Leather Wallet

It a well-known fact that Women love leather wallets and they love Pink color. Not that they can’t like other colors but pink has some special charm to it. But do you know what they like more than pink color and leather wallets? A ‘pink colored leather wallet’, of course!

Banqlyn offers this beautiful looking Women casual pink-white genuine leather wallet with 4 card slots at a price of just Rs. 299 on The dimensions are 10cm X 18cm and is made up of genuine leather. It also comes with a cool and matching strap. Inside the wallet, on one side it has a special strap-pocket for easily tucking in the smartphone, cash and other important cards conveniently.

Shuttle Humidifier

This gift is as cool and unique as it can get. Looking like a normal shuttlecock, this little device is actually a humidifier, diffuser, a night light and another great skin care product. Your mother can use it to humidify her skin any time, anywhere. It will keep dryness away and moisture at a hands distance.

Along with moisturizing, it can also work as a soothing night light. It has a USB interface and comes with multiple power supply mode with 6 hours of automatic power off anti-dry which make it safe and reliable. it can be powered by a USB cable and can also be used for aromatherapy. It works with ultrasonic technology so it is very quiet, which helps you sleep peacefully and also helps in breathing better when the AC is switched on. The water capacity of this shuttle is 240ML. the filling of water is easy, just by unscrewing the top cover, filling and then closing back. You can buy this at a cost of Rs.799 at

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

Want to pour your heart out to tell your mother how much she means to you, but just can’t sum up the courage? Well, we have a perfect gift for you and your mother then. The ‘mother and daughter letter book set’ is one of a kind because of the touching but real story behind it, it was started by Sabra Miller with her friends, after losing her mother to cancer.

When her mother was gone, she wished that she had a piece of her mother’s memory in her hands. And because of that, she wanted her children to get a insight inside her life after she is gone, so, this book was born. This nostalgic book has 40 cards in it which your mother can send, share and collect until the last envelope is sealed. After completion, they are to be stored back into the secret pocket of the book, ready to be passed down to next generations. This will cost you Rs. 2,788 on

Decorative Glass Bulb

A wonderful decorative gift for your mother which will make her feel how proud you are to have her in your life and how she means the whole world to you. This gift is perfect for achieving this feat. This beautiful gift is a Glass Bulb Quotation for mom, it has ‘I feel so proud to have the most wonderful mother in the world’ written on it. The design is pretty unique, of an inverted light bulb. You can buy this at Rs. 200 only on

Personalised Cutting Board


This is quite a lovely one that you can give to your mother, a beautiful cutting board that has her charming name engraved on it. This will make sure your mother has some fun while working in kitchen. This board comes in three different sizes 12X9, 16X10.5 and 18X12.

You can even choose the wood type from maple, walnut and cherry. The board is high in quality and hand sanded. You have to upload the first and last name you want to print on it, along with the date you want to decorate it with. You can also buy some add-ons like display stand, cutting board oil, gift box etc. the starting price is Rs. 2,000 on

Nurturing Love Personalised Frame


A collection of memorable pictures arranged beautifully on a photo tree will definitely touch your mother’s heart. This nurturing love personalized frame is meant to be decorated with snapshots of the special moments you spent with your mother. This tree can accommodate 2 horizontal and 4 vertical high-resolution photographs that you can upload directly on the site, the price is Rs. 2,599 and you can buy it from

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Mothers love nurturing plants and herbs in their own little personal garden, but if you lack the space to host a luxurious garden you can gift your mom this collection of Indoor herb garden. Not only they look beautiful and add a charm to your home but also add a soothing freshness to the environment.

It is also hassle free and easy to plant and to take care of them as they come with a hydroponic system that brings nutrients to plant roots while also regulating moisture. You also don’t have to worry about the level of jar, it is automatically compensated by the hydroponic jar too. This cute gift costs Rs.1,386 on

Going the Extra Mile

After choosing all these gifts, there is still some special things that you can do for your mother and whole family.

A Family Get Together to Re-live Precious Moments


If your family members are away from each other from a long time, then this can be the perfect time to call them all back and have a great family get together. Its very painful to see family members getting apart, so bringing them back again can be a great gift for your mom.

Having a Long and Deep Conversation!


The hectic schedule of modern life never allows one to actually tell his loved ones that he is actually doing all this for them, and the value of having a meaningful conversation gets lost somewhere down the line. This time carve out some time and talk to your mother, about anything. The good old days maybe! She will really appreciate it.

Taking Your Parents Out for Dinner


You can also take out your parents out to dinner, it will refresh and rejuvenate the bond between you all and will help in having some “LOLs” after a long-long-time too.

Pro Tip: Keep the Water Bottles Filled!

Every average Indian household mother has one serious problem from her children, that they never fill the water bottles. So, please shred off just a little bit dirt of laziness from yourself and go fill the water bottles, that is enough to get you a sweet ‘Mera raja beta/beti’ tag from your mother.
All the best!

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Show Your Love for Your Mom in 2019 with These Amazing Gifts

With some of the coolest gift ideas for your mother, what's stopping you now? Remember, a gift may not always be materialistic, small little gestures go a long way in strengthening that bond. So go ahead and take your pick!