Your Mother Deserves Only the Best: BP-Guide`s Complete Guide to Buy Gold Gifts for Mother + 10 Elegant Gold Jewellery Items for Your Mom (2019)

Your Mother Deserves Only the Best: BP-Guide`s Complete Guide to Buy Gold Gifts for Mother + 10 Elegant Gold Jewellery Items for Your Mom (2019)

There's no better gift if you're entirely out of options and are waiting for someone to come up with a magical idea for gifts! Gifting your mother in the form of Gold Jewellery comes with a lot of benefits which we'll be seeing in this article along with the most elegant and daily/party wear gold jewellery for your beautiful mother. Surprise your mother on mother's day or her birthday or even on a random day as your mother deserves only the best!

Why Gold is So Loved by Indian Women?

Indian Women Love Flaunting Gold Jewellery

You do not need a particular reason when it comes to buying a gold gift for mother or any other special woman in your life. Indian women are obsessed with gold jewellery, and getting one more is always welcome.

This love for gold is not something new but something that has stayed for years. Even in small households, women prefer to invest in gold jewellery than any other form. This is why you cannot find a better and solid reason for giving a gold gift to your mother.

Perfect for All Sorts of Occasions & Functions


Whether it is festivities like Diwali or celebrations such as weddings, gold is unmissable. Indian women surely need an excuse to showcase their exquisite gold jewellery out there. Wearing gold is seen as being not only auspicious but also a sign of prestige. Most women wear something simple if it is a small get together, but take out their more significant pieces when its a wedding or a grand occasion. Thus there is always a need for all types of gold jewellery piece available in Indian society. This is why you can never go wrong with this auspicious jewellery for your mom.

Worthwhile Option for Investment & Future Use

More than just another gold gift for mother, this precious metal is seen as the most secure form of investment in Indian households. Gold always see an increase in its value over a period. So, even if you are investing in today, you know that you will still incur profit in its reselling, even when it is five years from now. This is a big reason for buying gold gifts for your mom.

10 Amazing and Thoughtful Gold Gifts for Mother

1. Gold & Diamond Earrings by Mine

You might think the gift of gold earrings for mother as something clichéd and too much Bollywood inspired. However, when you take a look at the design that we chose, you will surely change your opinion about this gift.

We have chosen this stud like design where the earrings are available in square shape. These earrings are crafted in 18kt gold along with the beautiful diamond work on it.

The combination of diamond and gold makes the earrings look even more stunning. The design is quite contemporary, and your mother can wear them even daily. We would recommend it for an extraordinary occasion like Mother’s Day. Make sure the nut is screwed correctly so that the earrings do not fall off. You can buy these stunning earrings on for Rs. 19,186.

2. Triple Circle Gold Pendant


While choosing the gold gift for mother, you might want to consider something unique in its design and looks. That is why we picked this unique gold pendant for your mom. Triple Circle Gold Pendant has a design with three types of gold coming together in a circle.

You can consider giving this pendant to your mom along with your sibling to symbolise the bond of you two with her.

The Pendant uses 18kt yellow gold along with rose gold and white gold to form the unique circle in the pendant. You should also know that the chain is not included with the pendant here. The loop on the pendant is good enough to pass any string through it. You can order this triple circle gold pendant online from for Rs. 12,960.

3. Gold & Pearl Bracelet


If you are tired of taking a look at the boring traditional designs of gold bracelets, then have a look through some of the modern collections out there. And from the contemporary collections, we have the perfect suggestion for you.

We found this gorgeous, minimal, and contemporary design of a gold bracelet for your mom. The bracelet comes with the pearls in it and is called Station Pearl Bracelet. Although the design is super minimal, it looks elegant and is perfect for daily use as well.

Caratlane brings you this 18kt yellow gold bracelet having pearls embellishments in it. They have used the modern locking clasp in it to ensure complete security. The fitting of the bracelet can be adjusted through the locking mechanism. Buy this beautiful pearl and gold bracelet from for Rs. 10,394.

4. The Aqura Ring


If you think that rings are just for your love then why not get something for the prime love for your life? Buying a gold ring for mom can be the perfect gift for her birthday as well as mother’s day. If you are trying to find something unique for the latter occasion then we're here to help you out.

This gorgeous gold ring for your mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day is going to be one thoughtful gesture. Aqura Ring is crafted in 18kt gold and is studded with stunning diamonds on it.

The ring portrays a mother embracing her child while the child is represented with white gold which further enhances the beauty of this ring. You can order this ring online from for Rs. 12,182.

5. Gold Nose Pin


Unique gifts are always cherished the most, especially when they fit your budget perfectly. Keeping budget in mind, this gold nose ring by Kuberbox may be the right gift for you to gift your mom.

It's a combination of thin gold wire and diamond on the end of it. They have used 18kt purity for gold while the diamond is 0.05 carats in quality.

It has prong type design, so basically, the wire will go inside the nose while only the diamond will be visible from outside. Nose rings have always been an integral part of Indian jewellery culture, and if your mom loves them too, it is the right time to get her one. You can buy this nose pin from for Rs. 3,243.

6. Ganesha Gold Coin


Sometimes even after so many options, it may get confusing to choose the right gift for moms, but if you are sure with the gold theme, then we have something in our bucket for you. For religious occasions or special festivals, you can choose to gift a gold coin to your mother.

Ganesha is seen as the lord of new beginnings and auspiciousness. So, you can get this coin for your mom if she is starting something new in her life.

This is a 4-gram coin which is crafted in 22kt gold. It has Ganapathy imprint on one side while another side possesses the company’s logo. They have used yellow gold for this coin, which is the most popular and common out of all, and you can also get a nice border on the coin. Buy this gold coin from for Rs. 12,796.

7. The Alyne Gold Jhumkas


We have already recommended a pair of earrings for your mom, but these here are quite different. These are called jhumkas, which are one of the most loved gold ornaments by Indian women. So, if you are planning a special gold gift for your mother, then this can be the one.

The Alyne Jhumka manufactured in 18kt yellow gold have some detailed diamond work on them which look absolutely breathtaking.

Size of these elegant pair of jhumkas is also not very huge, and hence they are perfect for everyday wear. The gorgeous chandelier type of design with intricate detailing makes them look even more stunning. You can also customise this design with the quality of gold and the number of diamonds. You can buy this pair of beautiful jhumkas on for Rs. 32,985.

8. Simple Gold Necklace


Do you want a necklace for your mom which should be minimal yet elegant? This one here is an excellent choice! The necklace recommended by us here is a 22kt neckwear which has contemporary and minimal designing and stylish looks.

It is made purely out of yellow gold and does not have any other combination not even that of the diamonds. Despite that, it looks very stylish.

It has a regular clasp which can be used to adjust the fitting on the neck. The designing is a combination of hearts and with some hangings in the middle of the necklace to give it a nice finish. It's perfect to wear in small gathering and parties. You can get this necklace from for Rs. 58,989.

9. Laxmi Ji Gold Foil Frame


Want to make an impression in front of your mother-in-law? You should better take a look at this gold gift for your mother-in-law that we have handpicked for you. Laxmi ji is the goddess of money and worshipped on the occasion of Diwali, and hence this gift would be perfect to give on the festival of lights. Having the purity of 24K, this gold foil which comes with some intricate detailing around them.

This gold foil is then carefully packed in a medium sized frame which further ensures its safety and makes it look beautiful. The site also offers similar frames with other gods and goddesses which you can choose as per your interest. This elegant and very formal Laxmi ji gold frame is available for purchase on for Rs. 7,950.

10. Gold Fusion Jewellery Set


If your mom is a big fan of contemporary art and fusion, then she is going to love the next gift recommend by us. This Gold Fusion Jewellery Set is one of the unique types of gifts included in this list here.

Senco brings you this Coconut Shell Gold Fusion Jewellery set which includes a pendant and two matching earrings with it. If you do not have a higher budget but still want something in gold, then this is the kind of set you should go for.

Here they have used 22kt gold and done intricate gold detailing on blackish metal. It further accentuates the looks of the set too, as the combination of black and gold looks elegant and eye-catching. All items come in shell shapes, and the coconut is referred to the blackish-brownish metal used with the gold. This set is sold on for Rs. 7,851.

Tips While Buying Gold Gifts

When you are buying gold gifts for your mom online (or offline), you need specific tips and creative ideas to buy the best gift for her. These tips are sure to come in very handy while making a gold purchase to be gifted to your mom or even someone else.

Gold Gifts can be Personalised

Just like any other form of jewellery these days, you can customise the gold gifts as well. Gone are the days when it used to take a very skilled artisan to make intricate gold jewellery. You can contact your trusted gold store and ask the owner to create a design for your mom.

Some of the most exciting ideas are to get a pendant of her name’s initials or design a unique ring for her. You can also grab some ideas from various available online platforms.

Buy Jewellery That can be Worn Daily

Rather than buying something substantial and antique, we recommend you to consider something simpler which can be worn daily. In this way, the gift given by you will always remain close to your mom. Every time she looks at the gift, she would think about you, and what more could you ask for?

Always Keep the Budget in Mind

Buying gold gifts is quite different and expensive than getting other types of gifts. This is why you need to think it through before purchasing anything. Budget is one of the main concerns when buying gold gifts for your mom or other family members. Make sure to purchase something which your budget allows and, remember that the quality of gold shouldn't impact your budget either.

Combine Gold Gifts with Other Precious Metals

If you think that buying a pure gold gift for mother would be too traditional or outdated, then we recommend you to buy something in the mix. The combination of yellow gold and white gold looks absolutely beautiful, or you can also opt for rose gold jewellery too. The inclusion fr stunning stonework will further accentuate the look of the gold and will make it look way better than that of the pure gold.

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Make it a Habit of Checking BIS Hallmark Before Buying Gold from Anywhere

BIS Hallmark is a system for authenticating the purity of metals such as gold and silver by the Bureau of Indian Standards. Make sure to check for this certification all times whether you're buying a thousand rupees worth gold or lakhs of rupees of gold and ensure that you get the purest quality for what you pay!