Stumped on Coming up with the Best Gift Ideas for the Women You Love(2022)? Take a Look at This Amazing List of Gift Ideas for Women's Birthday.

Stumped on Coming up with the Best Gift Ideas for the Women You Love(2022)? Take a Look at This Amazing List of Gift Ideas for Women's Birthday.

What on earth can you give her on her birthdat that she doesn't already have?. Enter our list of the most unique birthday gifts for her—no matter who "she" is. Whatever you choose, you really can't go wrong if you stick to our list. Here's to finding a present she won't want to return!

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How to Buy the Most Suitable Gift for a Woman?

Gifts are supposed to mark special occasions in all kinds of relationships. Gifting is also a way of showing how much you care about someone. Hence, you should never go wrong with it as the type of item you gift to someone not only shows how much you know the receiver but also, tells a lot about yourself.

Birthdays, are usually the time for you to show someone how much you care for them with your gifts. Presents are supposed to feel personal and recent research and surveys show that, women like to receive presents that show how well you know them. All this time, research was centered around the benefits to the giver, but benefits to the receiver are also coming into the light now. So, you have a lot of sources to help you pick out the best gift for your friend, mother, lover, colleague, or sister and we help you do just that.

Your gifts should always be personal to the woman you’re giving them to. What we mean here is that you would have to look deeper into what kind of a person you’re gifting and what is something that the receiver might want at the moment. Your gift should make them feel appreciated and seeing which can happen when you show them that you know what they want. So, we share with you some gift ideas for women’s birthdays that will help you express your love.

Do's While Purchasing a Gift

  • Give them something that they can use regularly and that eases their problems. For example, if you know that the receiver has been having backaches lately, you can book an appointment with a good therapist for them so they can relax and thoroughly enjoy the gift. Let them reschedule if they need, but at least they’ll accept your gift. Your gift would also not become a burden on them and be a problem-solver.
  • Give them something they want. If you can’t think of something good that might fit the occasion, instead of trying to over smart then, you can ask someone who knows the recipient better than you. And that person is the recipient! Don’t shy away from asking them what they want and pick something out from their wishlist as a present. They will definitely appreciate the gesture and gift.
  • Deal with the “I have everything I need” situation. Mothers are famous for using the statement. This just means that you gift them not something with money, but with time. You can gift them your time. Be there with them for the occasion and make them feel important and cared for, because where money can’t step in, you can always add value to something with time. If you want to include the money factor, plan a holiday or a small gathering for dinner to be with them.
  • Presentation is important. If you believe that your gift isn’t thoughtful or personal, you can add some items or activities that make the moment special. For instance, a sentimental letter or prank gifting with your present will surely make the experience more interesting and memorable.

Dont's While Purchasing a Gift

  • Gift cards are a clear no. Gift cards look like a random present and just create a burden on the receiver. Yes, it might seem nice at first and a personalized card would look good at the moment but, as time passes by, the recipient will only have a problem in keeping the card safe. They will also have no use for it. Hence, it gives off the idea that you didn’t know what to gift, so you went with the bare minimum.
  • Common and general gifts will surely be re-gifted to them. So, avoid something with the potential of being re-gifted. These re-gifted items will just remain with them as a burden and the recipient will get to the decision-making stage. This is the point where you don’t want to see the recipient as they can only think about whether to keep the gift or not, or just think about where to keep it.
  • Do not buy a poor-quality gift. A gift that doesn’t last or that doesn’t match their expectations will also disappoint them. A present of good quality will also show how much consideration you put into purchasing a gift. Do not worry about the expenses, if you’re sure that the receiver would like what you’re gifting them as the gift would only keep giving and be good for long-term use.

10 Gifting Ideas for Women with Different Tastes

1. Minimalistic Gold Jewellery

A woman who likes dressing up and is careful while choosing what accessories she should pair her outfit with is someone who will immediately fall in love with her present if it's a simple, light, and Minimalistic Gold Jewelry item. The gift will be likable and will not make the recipient worry about the price too.

So, go for the best and make your special woman happy. We recommend jewelry from Miscaro’s beautiful collection that would include items ranging from Rs.6k-50k. Buy the birthday girl something she can’t resist as you gift her the best quality jewelry from a brand you trust or from our verified recommendation.

2. Book: Becoming by Michelle Obama


If the woman you’re gifting to is constantly looking for inspiration to be powerful and to accept the hardships of females and overcome them, The book 'Becoming' really is the right choice, Written by Michelle Obama, the book has sold over 15 million copies worldwide and is a best-seller. The book holds so much power and is inspiring to almost every woman out there and this is just what your birthday girl might be looking for.

It's also an affordable gift to go with, sold for a price of Rs.1,195 on Amazon. So buy Becoming on Amazon for the strong woman you’re with and inspire her to feel powerful. Make sure that the recipient has not read the book already. If they have, go with something else from our list.

3. Royal land - Rare Grafted Dragon Rose Plant


Another budget-friendly yet nice gift, a rose plant or customized bouquet is also a good gifting option. For the people who want to feel closer to nature, this is the best you can go with. Flowers might seem like a general gift but if you know the receiver’s preferences, ensure that you add something for a personal touch.

If you want our recommendation on this, we’d go with Royal Land’s Rare Grafted Dragon Rose Plant. This item stays well within your budget with a price of Rs.340 on Amazon and also stays there with the recipient as another beautiful friend. A piece of advice from us would be to gift plants and flowers in a pot or vase so the receiver can avoid working on where to keep the gift.

4. Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing Set

Want the birthday girl to relax on her birthday because she overworks herself? A skin-care set or massage machines would be a great idea then! These devices are also portable and easy to use. They totally fit the category of “useful and keeps on giving” and become a meaningful gift that shows your concern and love towards them.

This won’t change their habit of doing too much, but will surely keep them relaxed and help them recover well from all the work so they keep going. Check out Vanity Planet’s Ultimate Skin Spa Facial Cleansing Set for a fair deal of Rs.5,350, including all import and shipping fees, that offers immense value.

5. Shany Revival Remix Palette

Are you buying a gift for a woman who pays a lot of attention to their make-up? Don’t let them use an average brand or something that frustrates them while it's on or something that irritates the skin. Go for a good quality gift and present it nicely. Presenting make-up gifts nicely is crucial so the gift doesn’t backfire. So, make sure that you tell them that you pay attention to even their favorite eye shadow colors and have picked out the best for them.

Just go with a renowned brand that is pocket-friendly and would suit the receiver’s preferences too. If you can’t find one, go with Shany Revival Remix Palette which would cost you Rs.4,300 including all import duties and taxes.

6. Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera (9035)

It feels nice to look back on moments and reminisce how you used to be. A polaroid camera is an awesome choice for almost any kind of girl. It can be a great gift to enhance friendship or even looks like a romantic one. It would be good if the first polaroid image is with you or the birthday girl’s loved ones with a note on the polaroid. That’s how polaroids make any moment more special.

Our verified choice for a polaroid camera would be Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera (9035) that you can buy on Amazon for Rs.10,350 including the import duties and shipping charges. Capture the special moments with a mini camera with cute polaroids now.

7. Puma Flex XT Actv Knit Women's Training Shoes


Looking for a sporty gift to suit the preferences of your athletic woman? Running shoes and sports shoes never go out of style for gifting. You can gift the recipient a comfortable, lightweight, and stylish pair of footwear which is an amazing and useful present and is affordable too.

We recommend the Puma Flex XT Actv Knit Women's Training Shoes which can be bought from the official site of Puma for Rs.2,999, or from your nearest Puma outlets. If you don’t have any other shoe in mind, you can trust our recommendation to give you good results and make the recipient happy.

8. Custom Pet Portrait Necklace Gift


You can’t become as important or adorable as somebody’s pet. But you can strengthen your bonds with both, the pet and their mother (the recipient) with a gift personalized for their pet-parent relation. A girl who loves animals and has a pet would definitely be in awe of the thoughtful gift that will always remind them of their pet.

This gift is also pocket-friendly with immense value. We’d suggest Mignon and Mignon’s Custom Pet Portrait Necklace Gift with no over-the-top designs and perfect execution of the personalization for just Rs.2,000 rupees. You can find similar products on the site linked above with accessories ranging from Rs.500-5,000 and go with anything that fits your preferences and budget.

9. Prestige Waffle Maker PWM 01


Gifting sweets is a thing of the past now. They are also perishable and the gift will be consumed and forgotten about in less than a month. Go for something that makes their job easy and helps them enjoy these sweets at home anytime. A waffle maker makes for a satisfactory gift too! Now whenever the recipient eats waffles, they will remember you. You could also choose to spend more time with them by making waffles for them every now and then with their gift.

Prestige’s Waffle Maker PWM 01 would be our go-to choice for the special gift that would only cost you Rs.1,480. You can add on some waffles and other eatables to prepare the first waffle from their gift together.

10. Colour Talk DIY Oil Painting Paint By Numbers Kit


If the birthday girl has a hobby of painting and arts, a DIY canvas set could never disappoint as a gift! Let the inner artist of the recipient out as you gift them an item supporting their hobbies. This will make them smile every time they open the set to paint and recall your sweet gesture. Again, go for something with excellent quality as paint sets with poor equipment are liked by none, not even amateurs.

We have a durable and complete painting set in mind for you so you can stop going into a domain you’re not sure of. Colour Talk DIY Oil Painting Paint by Numbers Kit for Rs.2,052 is our recommendation for you if you’re having trouble finding a good set. If you’ve found a good item already, go with that to encourage the painting hobby of your loved one.

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