Show Your Mom What She Means to You, with These 10  Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas That are Sure to Bring a Smile to Her Face! (2020)

Show Your Mom What She Means to You, with These 10 Awesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas That are Sure to Bring a Smile to Her Face! (2020)

When it comes to gifting your mother, you simply can't go with something ordinary. Your mother deserves to get all that queenly treatment and happiness in the world! If you were looking for some fantastic ideas for you to make your mom the happiest this mother's day, you've found the right place. We're here with ten unique gifts for all the beautiful moms out there. Read on to find out more.

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Your Home Is Not a Home without Your Mom!

Have you ever felt your heart overwhelm with love when you look at your mom? This magical bond is one of the most precious bonds you may ever have in your life. Mom is magic, mom is your first love, mom is your first doctor, teacher, friend, and also your first guide. A home isn't a home anymore if it doesn’t have your mom. No one can ever replace your mom!

10 Gifts Your Mom Will Remember Forever


You may argue about celebrating Mother’s Day on a particular day when every day should be celebrated as a mother’s day. Quite right, but as we get busy with our lives and routines, we often tend to take her presence for granted in our lives. A mother’s day may even mean more to your mom than her birthday as on this day you tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life and how lucky you are to have her as your mom, and there's nothing else that means more to her.

This mother’s day, why not do something special with your mom along with giving her a sweet little gift. Time spent with your mom would be more precious to her than some materialistic gift.

Your mom is ageing and has spent a lot many years grooming you to be the fine young man or woman you are today. Hold on to these moments as you never know how long you have your mom by your side. Celebrate this mother’s day as if it were the most special day of your life. Here are a few fun things you can do with your mom to create everlasting memories. We have listed down 10 wonderful things you can gift your mother on mother’s day to make her feel special.

1. Handy Chopper for the Mom who Loves Her Kitchen


A handy chopper for the mom who loves to cook. Most Indians have fondest memories of their moms cooking their favourite delicacies in the kitchen. So why not gift her this useful kitchen tool, which will make her daily chores easier? Many Indian dishes require onions and tomatoes finely chopped, and it gets really annoying sometimes, chopping these on a regular basis. This fantastic onion chopper from Pigeon can be your mom’s best friend in the kitchen.

Made of 3 sturdy blades of stainless steel, this mini chopper, finely chops onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and many other vegetables in a jiffy. It is made from ABS graded plastic. It can be opened and detached easily. You can clean it easily too using a mild detergent. It requires no electricity and works on a unique string function to chop vegetables and fruits with ease. It can be bought for Rs. 295 from Amazon.

2. Yoga Mat for the Mom Who Has No Time to Exercise


Moms hardly complain of the never-ending household chores they do. But that does not mean that they don't get tired. As your mom is ageing, you need to ensure that she gets her time to exercise every day. Fitness after 30 is crucial if you want good health and well-being for your mom.

Gift her this yoga mat so that she can engage in some fitness every day. The benefits of yoga are endless. Many times, moms need a push to get out of their comfort zone and do something for their good. This yoga mat available on is priced at Rs. 1,299. It's slip resistant and comes with a unique folding strap that you can pack it away when not in use. The mat is 8 mm thick and is made of good quality material that offers you the optimum grip and support you need while performing various yoga postures.

3. Designer Jewellery for the Fashion Savvy Mom


Does your mom love to dress up? Do you love your mom wearing the best of clothes and jewellery and does that make you feel proud? Why not gift her these alluring set of earrings which she can add to her collection? These pretty designer earrings from are priced at Rs. 1,600. These gorgeous yellow stud earrings have Topaz as the main centre stone. It is engineered from 925 sterling silver. The pretty studs can be worn with elegant kurtas and sarees. These make a wonderful gift, which your mom can always treasure.

4. Flowers for the ever fragrant mom


It is said that infants recognize their moms by their smell. Every one of us has a unique sense of bonding with our mom and a clear memory of our mom’s fragrance. This mother’s day gift these lovely fragrant roses to your mom so that she can remain sweet-smelling forever. The pleasant aroma of these roses also indicates the sweetness and fragrance your mom has brought in your life and priced at Rs. 449, these endearing pink roses come packed in a lovely bouquet from Ferns and Petals. This pack of 8 roses is beautifully wrapped in a pink packing paper with pink ribbons. Pink roses also denote gentleness, which we feel are apt for mothers!

5. Chocolates for the Sweetest Mom


Give some delicious chocolates to the sweetest person in your life. All your life, your mom has sneaked in coins and notes in your piggy bank so that you can spend them on chocolates. Return the favour this mother’s day by gifting your mom this wonderful chocolate hamper. Priced at Rs. 1,099 on, this chocolate hamper contains a 6 inches teddy bear, 10 pcs dairy milk chocolate and some artificial roses. A perfect gift hampers for your mom, as you can all sit and share the sweet goodies and celebrate mother’s day with your family.

6. Anti-Ageing Lotions Hamper for the Ever Young Mom

Want your mom to look young and pretty forever? Get her this amazing anti-ageing hamper! As 30 hits, every woman starts to lose her skin collagen and elasticity, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines on the face. This anti-ageing hamper has a face wash, a serum, and a cream that can prevent early ageing. Available at, this anti-ageing hamper from Olay will postpone the process of ageing by a good ten years. The pack contains Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser 100 gm, Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Serum 50 ml and Olay Total Effects Anti Ageing Cream 20 gm. The hamper is priced at Rs. 2,475 and will be deeply appreciated by your mom.

7. Cosmetics for Your Beautiful Mom

Your beautiful mom would love a thoughtful gift of some branded cosmetics. Let her get all dolled up and look as pretty as ever with this lovely makeup hamper available at Clinique. Priced at Rs. 4,500, this hamper contains a full set of all essentials from this popular brand including a lipstick, an eyeliner, concentrate serum and more. These branded cosmetics will definitely upgrade your mom’s makeup vanity. Too expensive? There are several simpler sets availble on Nykaa

8. Healthy Organic Hamper for Your Health-Conscious Mom


Does your mom always watch what she eats? Gift this health food hamper to your health-conscious mom and encourage her to stay fit and healthy always. A very thoughtful gift, this organic hamper comes beautifully packed in a jute tray. It contains Wild Forest organic honey in a 250 gm bottle, a packet of organic Quinoa – 500 gm and Apple Cider Vinegar – 500 gm. The hamper is priced at Rs. 1,795 and is available at You will be quite bowled over with the pretty packaging in an appealing jute tray with a bow, which makes it gift-ready!

9. Family Portrait for the Mom who Loves Making Memories

Do you feel your mom has always been the soul of the family? The only thread that has bound everyone together? If yes, then now is the time to give her a lovely family portrait encompassing all her beloved memories captured beautifully. You need to plan this one as you will have to find loads of old photographs down the memory lane, perhaps stuffed in your attic or old folders on your phone. Select your favourite ones and send them to to make a grid style family portrait of 30 photographs. It costs you Rs. 1,825 and you can additionally opt for lamination for an extra cost. The site beautifully arranges all your pictures and sends them to you at your doorstep. You just need to upload the pics on their website.

10. Indoor Plants for the Mom who Loves Gardening

If your mom has always made your house look more beautiful with her décor skills, then gift her some cute little indoor plans which are believed to bring good luck as well. Shop online from and get them delivered at your doorstep. We have picked this pretty marble money plant for your balcony, available in a hanging basket. This money plant is priced at Rs. 649. It is believed that money plants bring peace, prosperity, money, and happiness, and this would definitely be a cherished gift.

This Mother's Day, Celebrate Your Mom & Her Presence in Your Life

The best gift that you can present to your mom this mother's day is spending some quality time with her! In today's busy world, we often forget the values of these little gestures and spending some time with her to celebrate her is going to make her happy like no other thing! Here are some ways you can spend time with your mother.

Book a Spa Session with Your Mom

If your mom often looks tired and over-worked, now is the time to give her some relaxing moments. Book a spa session with your mom and go mother-daughter twinning on mother’s day as you both relax, rejuvenate and pamper yourselves. You could book a spa session just for your mom, but she would be happier if you take out some time from your busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing couple spa only with your mom.

Dine Out with Her

You must have done this several times on her birthday or your birthday, but as you both age and get busy with your lives, spending some quality time with each other is all that matters. A movie date always sounds like fun. Book a comedy film so that you both can laugh your guts out and then eat to your heart’s content at your mom’s favourite restaurant. Do not forget to take a lot of selfies to capture these moments forever in your lives.

Take Her Out on a Shopping Spree

If your mom has been choosing and paying for your wardrobe all these years, now is the time to return the favour. Don't only spend on her but also help her choose some trendy outfits. If your mom has been watching her budget all her life trying to provide the best for her children, let her shop to her heart’s content this day. Make her feel special and pamper her as much as you can.

Cook Her Favourite Dishes

Either you can cook for her and surprise her with your cooking skills or do some cookery class with her learning her favourite cuisine. It is all about spending time with her and doing things she enjoys. You also surprise her by laying a lavish feast with all her favourite items!

Holiday with Mom

How about stealing your mom from her daily chores and taking her to some exotic place she always wanted to visit. Doing these favours for your mom and seeing her happy will definitely fill your heart with a unique sense of satisfaction.

Plan the Perfect Surprise for You Mom

There is no limit to what you can gift your mom, and whatever you give her will always be insufficient when compared to the sacrifices she has made for you. Mother’s day is all about making your mom feel that she is cared and loved just the same way she cares and loves you. Ensure you pick up a gift that will bring a smile on your mother’s face. There must be something she has wanted since long or something that she is fond of! Plan your gift ahead so that you can give her an amazing surprise on her day.

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