Give Your Little Princess a Ravishing Look with Kids Lehenga Choli(2019): Check Out Top Lehenga Choli Designs Plus the Add-Ons for Your Little Girl!

Give Your Little Princess a Ravishing Look with Kids Lehenga Choli(2019): Check Out Top Lehenga Choli Designs Plus the Add-Ons for Your Little Girl!

A lehenga choli is one of the best options that you have when you’re wondering what to dress your little girl in for a wedding or festive occasion. With their long skirts and beautifully embellished tops, lehenga cholis are comfortable and your child can walk and run freely in them. With dupattas and stylish designs in kids wear, they are also fun for your little girl to wear. So, just spend an hour on your laptop, read this article and choose a lehenga choli that you think your little girl is going to look lovely in.

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Buying a Lehenga for Your Girl!

Buying a lehenga for your baby girl might seem really tough at first. The main reason behind this can be her tiny size. Lehengas can be gaudy and can be pretty heavy to carry. Thus, whatever you choose for your daughter, it should be comfortable for her to wear. One thing that must be kept in mind is the material of the lehenga that you are getting for your sweetheart. It must not be irritable against her skin. Thus, be careful while buying one of these for her.

Styling Your Baby Girl? Experiment with 3 Trendy Styles!

Now styling your little princess can be cumbersome and interesting, too. You are most likely to go overboard with this fun exercise with her. You might as well be tempted to style her your way. That is quite cute and adorable. However, it is easier said than done. Thus, it might so happen that you wish to experiment but do not know how. Those are the situations we are here to cover. Given below is a list that will help you experiment with her look!

#1 Flared Lehenga

Flared lehengas are great for kids. It gives them a princess look that makes them look even more adorable. It looks more like an ethnic ball gown and baby girls look lovely in these. Flared lehengas are unlikely to go out of trend any time soon, so you can be assured that your daughter will look like a diva anyway! Flared lehengas will quench your thirst for styling your girl, too! You will thoroughly enjoy putting on a flared lehenga on her.

#2 Kurta-Style Choli

Kurta style cholis are very much in trend right now. They look great on everyone, especially kids. They are quite simple and yet, look amazing. It is great to see your Beauty all dressed up! These kurta style cholis have kurtas instead of blouses with a flaring skirt below it. These come in all the bright colours that you can think of and look bright and happy on your child. This is definitely a look you can try on her.

#3 Cold Shoulder Or One Shoulder Sleeves

Cold shoulder tops are great, too. These are really stylish and will look smart on your little girl. She will love this design if she is a little fashionista. However, if she is a little picky about what she wears, then check with her if she is comfortable with it before buying.

Top 10 Lehengas for Your Daughter to Rock!

With all this choice, we are thinking you must be confused as to which lehengas should be an option for you. Well, we have good news! We have done some research and dug up some really cool options for you to choose from. Your daughter is sure to rock these looks and be the diva that she is meant to be! The following ten lehengas will make her look like a princess and we can guarantee that to you!

#1 Babyhug Cold Shoulder Choli & Lehenga with Dupatta Set

Cold shoulder tops are in trend these days and not without a reason! They are fresh and innovative and look great especially on children. This piece is gorgeous with all its happy colours shining brightly. The top has flared sleeves that look pretty. It is yellow and golden sequins. The skirt is a bright blue with sequins. It is not flared but almost straight. The dupatta matches the colour of the skirt. It truly is an adorable piece that only makes it a must buy. You can get this from First Cry at Rs. 1,799 only!

#2 Babyhug Short Sleeves Lehenga Choli Set with Dupatta

This lehenga is beautiful. It is a pink and white one that is sophisticated and gorgeous. The top is bright pink in colour with golden designs all over it. The skirt is mostly white with a band of pink towards the hem. The choli is beautiful, too, matching the colour of the top. This attire is perfect for pujas and ethnic gatherings. The best part about this attire is that you will not have to deck your girl otherwise. The dress is enough to make her look pretty. Just clip her hair nicely and she will be good to go. This is available on First Cry at Rs. 799 only.

#3 Pikaboo One Shoulder Printed Choli & Lehenga Set

This piece is truly stunning. Unlike the other pieces we have seen until here, this piece is composed of two separate pieces: a blouse and a lehenga. The entire set is a dark green in colour with golden designs adorning it. The blouse is a one-shoulder top with an overflowing flare at the hem of the neck. This is the part that gives it a pleasant appearance. The set in itself is ethnic and specially crafted for tiny tots. This will definitely be a stunner at parties and at traditional gatherings. You can buy this from First Cry at 1,320. Grab it before it is gone.

#4 White Button Baby Girl's Mustard N Blue Mirror Embroidery Cotton Silk


This lehenga is adorable. It is crafted especially for kids and ensures that your little girl looks her age in it. This is another piece with which you will not have to deck her up to make her look nice. She will look great just be simply wearing it. The top is a mustard yellow one with mirrors embroidered on it. The skirt is blue in colour with the same embroidery work done here too. This one is perfect for the really small ones and serves well as a wedding outfit. This set is available on Amazon at a price of Rs. 1,099 only.

#5 Meroon Golden Combo Silk Lehenga Choli


This is yet another pretty piece that you will most definitely love. This lehenga, too, can be worn without any makeup or without decking your kid up. That will make her look her own age. The top is maroon in colour with a pretty floral design adorning it. The bottom is mostly white in colour with a band of golden and maroon. This set is a traditional one from Kerala and is a really nice option to choose for Poojas, small ceremonies and other casual occasions. You can buy this from Amazon at Rs. 990 only. This is available for kids of ages starting from six months to seven years.

#6 Foil Printed Art Silk Lehenga in Fuchsia

This set is for girls who are a little older. The colour it is available in is fushsia. The top is pinkish with golden designs at the neck. The top is long and has slits at both the sides and in the middle. The skirt is a little flared and is golden in colour with prints adorning it. You will also get a pair of attachable sleeves with this which makes it useful for both winter and summer time. You can get this set from Utsav Fashion at Rs. 3,249 only.

#7 Sky Blue Cotton Flared Lehenga Set


This set of blue flared lehenga is shade of pastel that your little one will love. The top is a little flared towards the bottom. The skirt is the same shade of blue as the top. The best thing about the skirt is it prints. The dupatta is also blue. The colour of the set is not too bright but it is soothing to the eyes. The material is cotton so it is undoubtedly a great option for the occasions falling in the hot summer months. You can get this from Biba at Rs. 1,679 only. This can also be paired with small, stud earrings and a pair of mojris.

#9 Brocade Lehenga in Navy Blue

This brocade lehenga in navy blue and golden is for girls who are a little older. The top is long and extends well below the knee. Towards the end, it has multiple slits that give it a fresh look. The skirt is golden and it is flared, making the top look even nicer. The top has brocade designs over the navy blue hue that makes it look royal. This is perfect for wedding ceremonies. You can help your daughter pair with golden jootis or ballerinas. You can buy this from Utsav Fashion at Rs. 4,110 only.

#9 Twisha Sleeveless Brocade Front Slit Long Top with Net Lehenga

The bright colours of this set are perfect for the little girls. The pink top is designed with colourful sequins. The skirt is blue in colour. It has a royal blue lining and blue skirt made of the net over it. This upper skirt has bands of pink and golden at the hem. This lehenga choli is perfect for weddings and traditional gatherings. It will make your little girl look like a diva! If you are enthusiastic to see how she looks when you deck her up, then this is a great thing to buy for her. You can get this from First Cry at Rs. 1,747 only.

#10 Aarika Self Design Lehenga Kurta with Dupatta Set

This is a gorgeous set of three pieces consisting of a top, a skirt and a dupatta. The top is golden in colour with a tinge of green that has been used to adorn the top. It also has designs made in golden that looks wonderful. The skirt is glossy green in colour with black leaf prints all over it. The choli is golden in colour and goes very well with the top. You can buy this from First Cry at Rs. 1,349 only.

Bonus Tip - Helping Your Girl Rock the Lehenga Look!

Sometimes, just the lehenga choli is not enough. There are other things besides this that can contribute to making your daughter look like a diva! We have listed three innovative ideas that you can apply to make her look perfect!

#1 Add a Cape

Adding a cape to the attire will make her look prettier, believe it or not. Capes come in various colours and styles. You will have a wide range of these to choose from. There is a lot of variety in styles as well. Most capes will come in a velvety cloth material and can be paired with most lehengas. For summer months you can also choose light and flowing cotton capes. This can also prove to be a great experimentation exercise for both of you!

#2 Add a Belt

Adding a belt to the attire will make your little girl look smarter. This will make her look prettier than she would have looked with just the lehenga and the choli. Adding a belt is always a good option especially if the top is longish. When choosing a belt, keep the colour in mind. Try to pick a belt that will not completely stand out but will complement the whole look. A golden belt almost always works.

#3 Use Tassels

Tassels are in trend these days! They are colourful and look great. You can try getting her some tassel jewellery to wear with her lehenga. If you don't want her to sport jewellery then you can also add a few tassels to her dupatta or to the borders of her choli. Various colours will only make her look bright and happy. Depending on the colour and material of the lehenga, you can also use colour coordinated tassels on the choli and dupatta, for example, with a black colour lehenga, you can use golden and black tassels to beautify it.

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Take Care That Your Little Princess Is Not Frustrated with the Attire!

Make sure that the lehenga choli you select for your girl blends with the event. It is best not to go overboard when it comes to dressing up traditionally. If you feel the lehenga choli is looking too heavy as per the event you can tone down the outfit with the help of colours and patterns. Sometimes, the use of a specific material can also define the overall look. Dupatta plays a very crucial role when it comes to wearing a lehenga choli. However, managing the dupatta is also a cumbersome task. Styling a dupatta rightly can make the attire look more perfect and flawless. There are many ways to drape the dupatta but for little girls, complicated draping is not recommended. Likewise, make sure that the embellishments on the outfit are not itchy and prickly.

Fitting is another aspect which requires a bit of focus. Though most people prefer tight fitting for ethnic wear, for young girls the fitting has to be comfortable.