Instead of Regular Stuffed Bears & Dolls, Go for Toys that Stimulate Progressive Development of Your Toddler: 10 Lamaze Toys for Your Little One (2020)

Instead of Regular Stuffed Bears & Dolls, Go for Toys that Stimulate Progressive Development of Your Toddler: 10 Lamaze Toys for Your Little One (2020)

The variety of Lamaze toys available online can confuse any parent as you want your kid to have only the best. Let's not waste time searching for the right toys and reading countless reviews. This collection of the best Lamaze toys for kids have been carefully compiled to aid your kid's development in each growth stage. Lamaze toys suitable for all three phases of development are included here.

Let Your Kid Grow with Lamaze - Awaken, Explore and Move

When you get a toy for your little one, let it be one that stimulates all-round development and becomes your kid's best friend at each stage of growth. Designed with love and care by some of the experts in child development psychology, these toys will make your baby discover new ways of self-play and promote creativity, imagination, story creation, bonding, and socialisation.

Lamaze toys belong to Takara Tomy and are based on the concept of three stages of infant development - awakening the senses, exploring and experimenting, and moving & doing. The toys are created with the help of child development experts and are perfect for promoting learning through play. It encourages the baby to learn independently and explore a variety of colours, sounds, and patterns around your toddler. The friendly faces welcome the baby warmly and promote emotional development as well. Parents can use these Lamaze toys to play meaningfully with the kids and encourage bonding and affection.

Three Stages with Lamaze

Stage 1: Birth to 6 Months

At this stage, your baby is beginning to develop his vision, touch, and audio senses. Everything will be new to him — Lamaze has a range of scientifically designed toys to assist in this stage of growth. Multi-coloured rattles with black and white patterns and soft textured firefly that squeaks and rattles are crafted to aid infant development until six months.

Stage 2: 6 to 9 Months

Your baby has crossed a few development milestones and is beginning to sit and watch the world. Lamaze grows with the baby and introduces toys that attract him to the objects around him. Multiple patterns, colours, textures, and sounds, along with the discovery mirrors in these toys, are designed to keep your baby engaged and develop focus and attention.

Stage 3: 9 to 12+ Months

The developmental needs of your child are increasing. He/she has already crossed those wrist rattles and cuddly toys to hug and is looking for more to explore. Lamaze ensures that toys at this stage satisfy your kid's curiosity about the surroundings. Lamaze toys are designed to promote object recognition and includes soft cloth books to stimulate early language development and help toddlers learn about themselves and their lives. You can read them these fascinating stories designed to keep them listening and simultaneously develop creativity.

Choosing the Right Lamaze Toys

Easy to Wash or Clean

Lamaze toys are made of child-safe materials and are designed keeping in mind the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Most of the Lamaze toys are washable. However, before you buy a toy, it is always advised to go through the instructions to ensure that the toy is washable.

Choose an Age-Appropriate Toy

Each Lamaze toy is designed to meet the developmental needs of a specific stage. Choose one that meets the needs of your child's age. Understand your kid's stage of growth, for each kid is unique and different. Find what he needs and select the toy that can best help him grow and learn.

Cloth Books to Teach

For older kids, Lamaze brings cloth books that are scientifically designed to promote learning, focus, and attention. The stories in these books are written in a manner to ensure that the kids get familiarized with all aspects of their daily lives. There are soft books to introduce them to shapes and colours. Lamaze also features soft shape sorters that can help your baby improve the gross motor and coordination skills and also learn about objects, space, and dimension. These are also ideal for developing problem-solving skills.

10 Wonderful Lamaze Toys for Your Little One

Pink Olly Oinker Soft Clip-On


This is an adorable musical clip-on soft toy that you can clip on to the baby gear or cradle of your baby. They can spend endless hours watching the cute olly oinker move in front of them. This pink piglet comes with a variety of sounds that can stimulate your baby's auditory development. It holds a teether to soothe the cranky ones. The ears and feet are made of fabric that wrinkles, and your baby will be absolutely delighted with this discovery. Let him squeeze the olly oinker to hear an 'oink'. Clip it on anything and take it wherever you are taking your baby. Watch your little one have fun making friends with oink.

The toy uses high-quality fabric and is entirely safe for kids. It develops tactile stimulation and promotes bonding. It comes in attractive colours and lively look and also encourages the emotional and social development of the kids. It is ideal for 6-24 months and has a height of 37 cm.

You can buy this musical soft toy from for Rs. 779.

Freddie Firefly

A friendly firefly with a soft body, bright colours, a variety of textures and patterns, and a smiling face will invite your baby to shake hands and make friends. The teether it holds will soothe the baby's tears. It has clanging rings and a squeezer for stimulating the baby's auditory development.

The bright coloured tummy and the black and white patterns on the back make the kid get used to the colours around him. The peek a boo mirror is going to be enticing for the kid to know about images, faces and also to learn to focus. Freddie has a knotted antenna that can be chewed safely for hours. Hook this clip on to the pram and let Freddie entertain your kid.

Made of polyester and plastic, Freddie is safe and is recommended for kids from 0-24 months. You can buy this friendly clip-on firefly from for Rs. 1,472.

Musical Inchworm Toy

This inchworm toy is soft and musical and is made of high-quality fabric. It is fun to touch with its exciting and varied texture; crinkles, rattles, squeaks, and jingles. Your kid can touch, explore, and have fun and even chew it for it is absolutely child-safe. If your kid loves the tune "If you are happy and you know it" this inchworm will sing it on squeezing the nose. With attractive colours from head to foot, your kid will have fun time cuddling and bonding with the inchworm.

The large eyes of the inchworm are designed to develop your baby's focus by keeping his attention on the eyes for long. It is ideal for mom and baby to play peek a boo or have tummy time fun. It measures 24 inches and is suitable for infants.

You can buy this amazing musical inchworm from for Rs. 1,178.

Wrist and Foot Rattle


These are exciting and fun-filled rattles with garden characters to stay happily on your baby's wrist and foot. As your little one moves around, it will surprise him and introduce him to sounds connected to movement. Honey bee and garden bug on the hands and feet teach your kid a lot. A sound when he walks, a sound when he moves, and a sound when he shakes. Ideal for keeping your baby engaged. The rattle is made of soft fabric to pamper your baby's skin. It has black and white stripes to help with early vision development. As the crinkles and rattles develop the auditory senses, the sounds on moving will stimulate the hand-eye coordination and improve the fine motor skills.

This set has two colourful foot socks and two wrist rattles. You can machine wash and tumble dry this toy easily. It is ideal for six months old and is completely non-toxic for your kid.

You can purchase this rattle from Flipkart for Rs. 499.

Emily's Day Cloth Book


This soft cloth book will teach your kids daily routines through the narration of Emily's day. What does Emily do? How does she start her day? What are the good practices? All these concepts are beautifully narrated as a story in this cloth book. It features all the familiar things in the baby's surroundings and promotes language development.

The book has a soft texture, and there is yarn hair on the front cover. It is non-toxic and ideal for babies aged six months and above. It has five pages and comes with a fabric fastener strap for closing the book.

This book can be bought from for Rs. 899.

Jacque the Peacock


Stimulate your baby's vision with multiple bright colours, engage them and develop the auditory senses with rattles and squeaks, Jacque has knotty wings that are safe for your kid to chew on. You can clip it on to the activity gym or play mat or almost anything. Made of soft textile and plastic, it is ideal to use from birth and is entirely child safe. It weighs 3.2 ounces. It is available for purchase on for Rs. 1,397.

My Friend Emily


Gift Emily to your kid and watch them become best friends. Emily is a soft, multicoloured toy that entertains the baby with many sounds. As they make friends, Emily helps your baby grow as well. The bright colours stimulate the baby's vision, while the rattles, crinkles, and squeaks capture attention and develop the auditory senses. As the baby grips and touches Emily, the fine motor skills improve too.

This toy teaches your baby to bond and socialize. You can clip it onto the stroller as you take your baby to the park. Let them be together always. It is suited for use from birth and is made of child-safe material. This cute doll can be bought from Amazon for Rs. 2,399.

Red Ladybird Wrist Rattle


These lovely garden bugs are going to play with your baby as he makes every small move. Slip on to those tiny wrists, and watch the surprise in your kid's eyes as he hears a rattle with every step of the hand. The rattles and crinkles develop the auditory senses, and the multi-texture stimulates the touch. The smiling faces will improve the focus and attention of the baby, and the bright colours stimulate vision development.

It is made of soft material that is machine washable and safe for kids to use from birth. It comes as a set of two red ladybugs and can be bought from for Rs. 500.

Rusty the Robot

Rusty, the robot is colourful, multi-textured, and comes with a discovery mirror and clanking rings. It has two interactive sides and is power-packed with development features to stimulate the baby's senses of vision, sound, and touch. It helps in developing gross motor skills, improves the attention span, and stimulates object recognition.

You can attach this clip on to play mats and strollers to carry anywhere. It is non-toxic, child-safe, and is ideal for kids aged 2 years. Here, you can buy Rusty the Robot from for Rs. 574.

Octivity time sensory toy

A soft and cuddly octopus toy with eight sensory legs for tactile stimulation. Each tentacle has a different feature, and that's eight new things for your baby to discover. If there is a mirror in one tentacle, there is a starfish in the next and clacking rings in another. Just squeeze the head to make the octopus squeal. The multitude of textures, patterns, and sounds will stimulate your baby and keep him entertained for long. You can also use the octopus to improve your toddler’s focus and hand-eye coordination.

It is made of plush material, is soft and child-safe, and weighs 200 g. It's ideal for kids from birth onwards. Order this all-in-one octopus from tradeindia.

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