10 Stunning Birthday Cakes for Girls in 2020: Must Have Cake Designs She'll Fall in Love with and Where to Buy Them Online

10 Stunning Birthday Cakes for Girls in 2020: Must Have Cake Designs She'll Fall in Love with and Where to Buy Them Online

Inspirations for cake designs for girls, recipes, where to buy the best princess cake online, and just a whole lot of fabulous birthday cakes for young girls, Best Present Guide has it all. We have handpicked the most popular and the must have cake ideas of 2020 and found where you can order them online, or even try making yourself at home. Read on to find cake designs you won't be able to take your eyes off.

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When Each Year Makes a Difference

As children grow up, so do their tastes. Not only for flavours, but personality wise too. Your seven year old daughter no longer thinks a cake with animal toppers is good enough. However, a three tier high princess castle cake would be the envy of all her friends. Themes are important things to think about too!

If you little girl wants a themed birthday party then a themed cake has to be made or ordered. This is no easy task. You can’t have a fairy tale birthday without the appropriate cake to round it all off. And the pressure is on, as this year has to be better than last year! But you have to consider things like size and budget, as well as their ever changing pallet! So getting it right is no easy task. The perfect cake will show her how much you love her.

Perfect Planning for the Perfect Cake

The cake is the centre piece, the element that completes a successful birthday party, so getting it right will of course take time. Deciding who is going to make the cake is the first step you have to take, home baked or ordered. Remember that ordering it in will take more time. If you are baking the cake yourself, give yourself time to wash up! If you are having the party at home also, you don’t want the guests to see a messy kitchen. You have to choose the flavours and then theme too. You can’t have a cake that doesn’t match the theme! Once you have decided that, you need to begin thinking about the cake itself.

Write a guest list and work out how many people are likely to attend, from there you can work out the size of the cake you will need to bake or order. A small cake for a big number will just ruin the excitement of a cake if a child gets left out. All the proper planning will make your little girl feel special. It will take her birthday to new levels of cool and her friends will talk about it for weeks to come. So create your success story by planning ahead and giving yourself plenty of time for everything.

Ready, Steady, Bake!

Baking your own cake is a great idea. It may take more time, give you more washing up to do, and sometimes, put your patience to the test. But, and this is a big but, it does save you money. And that is not the biggest or best part of it. You can personalise your little girl’s birthday cake to your heart’s content by home baking it. This way you can make the cake she really wants, with all the bells and whistles. Make it her favourite flavour, favourite theme or design with her favourite colours. She could even help with the baking and impress her friends! So it is easy to see why baking it yourself is a great idea.

10 Themes for Birthday Cake for Girls Worth Falling in Love With

On the other hand, that is not to dismiss the craft of a great bakery. Some professional bakers can do things us common people could never even imagine of doing, so hat’s off to them and credit where it’s due. So there is nothing wrong with having someone do the hard work for you. Nowadays a lot of local bakers take requests and make the cakes to your exact specifications. So don’t be ashamed to buy a cake, just make sure you go to your bakery with plenty of time for them to do it!

Mermaid Cake

If your daughter is one with the sea, then a Mermaid Cake is a beautiful cake to bake for her on her special day. You can be as creative or as simple as you want, with shades of blue and greens to give it an ocean effect, the rest is up to you if you are baking it yourself. And here is a beautifully simple recipe to follow too. If you are looking to buy one online, then try justbake.in for help, they have three on offer and you can select the weight and flavour of each. So pick your favourite and that is all there is too it. Here at BP Guides, our favourite is the Mermaid In Ocean Cream Fondant Cake, because it looks delicious and made from premium black forest. Priced at Rs.5,500 for the lightest cake, it is worth the extra money.

Unicorn Cake

If your daughter loves a world of magical creatures and fantastic tales, then a Unicorn Cake is a great idea. There is so much room for experimenting if you are baking it yourself. Different flavours under a coat of sparkles and magic. You can follow the simple recipe for a magical unicorn cake found for you here.

However, if you are not the baking type, then maybe finding it online is a little easier. Thankfully you can buy a Rainbow Unicorn Cake for Rs.4,999 for a 3 kg cake (there is also a 4kg option). You can choose from a variety of flavours, including black forest, butterscotch, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry and vanilla. A perfect and beautiful display of colours and craftsmanship to impress everyone at your princess’ party. Order it from floweraura.com.

Her Favourite Cartoon Cake

If you can design and bake a cake, or even buy one online of her favourite cartoon character, then you know you are in for the win! There are hundreds of recipes online from you to choose from, and being a popular style of cake, your local supermarket may have something similar too. As always, a home baked can be made to be extra special on her birthday, but not everyone has the time or skills to bake a cake, so having a look online or in a supermarket is not a bad idea. Just be sure you get her favourite character, and not her second favourite!

Princess Castle Cake

Making your little girl feel even more like a princess on her special day is a great idea. And with a princess castle themed cake you can do just that. Be creative to make her castle as big as you want, with a mix of flavours for each section! Follow this simple recipe on bbcgoodfood.com to make a princess cake at home.

But, if you are not the wizard in the kitchen, then here is a great online buy! You can buy a Princess Castle Cake online for Rs.7,650. What makes this cake even more special, besides being available in chocolate, vanilla and pineapple, is that is comes with figures of all her favourite Disney princesses. It is the perfect princess castle for your perfect princess’s amazing day! Order it from sofiaraj.com.

Butterfly Cake

Source halfcute.com

A butterfly is an image of beauty and elegance to any little girl. The way the colours of the wings dance in the sun of a summer’s day. Pure bliss. It would bring a smile to any girl’s face. So why not immortalise that moment in a cake for her special day? There is no need for toppers for this one, just fondant and/or pipping skills over a well cut cake! That is if you want to keep it simple of course. Remember, be as adventurous as you want to be. If you need smart ideas to make a simple but pretty butterfly cake, try the recipe here.

However, for those not so adventurous, you can have it delivered already made to your door. Buy the Butterfly Cake off halfcute.com , and you can choose from a selection of flavours including, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and others. For Rs.4,000 it looks so real you may believe it will fly away! A great cake.

Rainbow Hearts Cake

Hearts, a symbol of love. The only way hearts can be any better is if they are all the colours of the rainbow. Oh wait! That would make for a perfect cake! You can bake a simple sponge, cover in white fondant and then use multi-coloured fondant for the hearts. Simple, and requires minimal tools, just a heart shaped cutter would do it. You’ll have to shop around to buy this one, but with such a simple design, we am sure your local bakery will be able to help. But be brave and have a go yourself, that shows more love than any amount of hearts put on a cake.

Zoo Animals Cake

Get all her favourite animals on one cake! Build up a few tiers with different flavours and be creative! You can try to make the animals yourself with fondant if you have a creative flair, or you can buy cake toppers to place around the cake and then be kept as a souvenir!

But if you rather have it delivered to your door, then you are in luck! Because for Rs.4,400 you can get a 4 kg Starry Jungle Cream Fondant Cake delivered to you by justbake.in! You can choose from dozens of flavours to make sure your little girl loves not only how it looks, but the taste too! So if your daughter is a lover of animals and wants to show off her animal knowledge, then this type of cake is just perfect for her!

Mushroom House Cake

Imagine a world full of fairies and elves, pixies and gnomes. Where would they all live, these mystical creatures? Well, they would of course live in a toadstool or mushroom house on the forest floor. You can see it, and that is the first step to be able to baking it. The beauty of baking it yourself are those personal touches and experiments you can do to impress her and her friends on her birthday. That would be the biggest win of them all, wouldn’t it? So try it out with a little guidance from the recipe and tips here.

As always though, you can purchase a 5 kg cake for Rs.5,500 online and have it delivered to your door! Add a personalised message and chose her favourite flavour. Smiles all round. Order it from justbake.in.

Rainbow Layered Cake

A Rainbow Layer Cake can look as simple as a cake wrapped in white fondant. The magic of this cake comes when you cut a piece from it. You can see all the layers of the cake as if it were a rainbow. This one may take some time to bake, as seven layers of cake can be a difficult task. All you need for this simple cake is food colouring and a basic sponge recipe. So don’t be afraid to tackle this one yourself, and maybe even make each layer a different flavour too. Try this recipe.

You can of course, have it delivered to your door. A 1.5 kg cake will cost you Rs.1,500 and can have a personalised message, be a range of flavours and saves you washing up. Whichever way you decide, home baked or delivered, the wow factor is there with this cake! Order it from ordermycake.in.

Giant Cupcake Cake

The only thing better than a cupcake is … A giant cupcake! Making a giant cupcake is an easy enough task for you to bake yourself, but why not try making a giant cake made from cupcakes? Set yourself a challenge and express your own creativity. By making it with loads of cupcakes you can use different flavours or colours. But you can also make the giant cupcake using layers of different flavours too! Here are some tips on how to go about it.

How you make it is completely up to you. The personal touches really make a cake special. You can even buy a Wilton Large Cupcake Pan from Amazon to help you along the way for Rs.5,397, and make the job of baking it even easier, with just the mixture to do to your own taste and delights.

The Cake is Always the Important Part

What people remember from every great birthday party is the cake. That is human nature. A big cake can be a show piece, the centre of attention, and more attention is brought to it when it is time to blow out the candles. Those reasons are why the cake is so important, and it really shouldn’t be overlooked. The cake is the piece that rounds off a complete birthday. It makes kids go crazy and brings memories to adults. So never underestimate how essential it is, for it is, and you’ll excuse the pun, the icing on the cake of a successful birthday party.

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Start with the cake

There are lots of ways to go about planning a birthday party. There's always a theme and a cake is ordered to fit that theme. But if you really want the cake to be the showstopper, start there. Find a bakery or cake decorator whose work you can fall in love with, select the design and then build the party around it. That way you won't have to run around later trying to find a cake that fits, or someone who can make the cake of your little girl (or your) dreams.