Be Prepared for the Next Celebration with the Right Shagun Envelopes: Check Out These Top 10 Shagun Envelopes Manufacturers in Delhi (2019)

Be Prepared for the Next Celebration with the Right Shagun Envelopes: Check Out These Top 10 Shagun Envelopes Manufacturers in Delhi (2019)

Shagun envelopes have been in the Indian tradition for so long that any Indian celebration is never complete without them! Selecting the right type of envelope for various occasions requires time and a little effort but worry not, we've at least saved you some time by compiling this list of top 10 shagun envelopes manufacturers in Delhi from where you can directly contact and buy shagun envelopes which suit you the best!

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Shagun Envelopes - The Quintessential Part of Indian Customs

Indians have always taken pride in their vivid cultures and traditional customs. Majority of people in India religiously follow all their ancient customs with much pomp and show. The shagun envelope is a quintessential part of the Indian traditions. The style has only evolved over the years but the sentiments remain the same. Shagun envelopes are given as gifts to special relatives, friends, family members and anyone else whom you want to convey your blessings to. Small children are always excited to receive shagun envelopes in such occasions as they get some personal pocket money to spend!

Interesting Tidbits on Shagun Envelopes

Shagun envelopes have evolved over the years with their forms changing from simple coloured envelopes to fabric ones and the latest ones having pretty embellishments with gota, sequins, patchwork and others. The shapes of the envelopes have also evolved from the regular rectangular ones to those in different shapes such as square, triangle and others. People are experimenting with different handcrafted paper and materials. Some manufacturers are coming up with adorable shagun envelopes especially for children designed in vibrant shades and decorations such as buttons, frills, quilling work and others. Shagun envelopes featuring the pictures of Gods and Goddesses are still the most preferred ones because they carry the sentiments of auspiciousness with them. The younger generation might be following this wonderful age-old tradition without giving it much thought, but if you want to the know how this shagun envelope evolved, do read on further.


The exact date of the origin is unknown but as few intellectuals decipher, shagun envelopes were given to families who were organising a wedding of their children. Weddings in India have always been a million dollar business. Any man, whether rich or poor, tries to save and spend decently for his daughter’s wedding. As the head of the family has to incur huge expenses to arrange wedding gifts, jewellery, clothes, décor and food, the relatives and friends try to gift some cash in shagun envelopes to the family so that they can help them with the expenses. This is how the trend initially started but today, it has evolved and taken a different track. The relatives, friends and well-wishers today, gift shagun envelopes to the newly married couple, new parents, children and any special person in their life, as a blessing. Instead of gifting physical gifts, many people prefer gifting cash gifts in shagun envelopes so that the recipients can buy whatever they need. It often happens that your choice of gift is not really appreciated by the recipient and so a cash gift is much better as it makes the recipient happy and it makes things easier for the gifter.


Shagun envelopes have taken the place of physical gifts in many families today. It is often considered rude as just handing cash notes to someone as a good wishes gesture, but packed away in a pretty and decorated shagun envelopes is well accepted in Indian customs. The significance of this shagun envelope can be compared to that of a pretty gift wrapper. As a gift wrapper conceals your gift inside, a shagun envelope conceals and secures your cash gift inside. As we try and make our gifts look beautiful by coming up with different forms of wrapping, like adding a bow tie or adding some glitter, etc, similarly, the shagun envelope manufacturers keep on evolving their designs and patterns.

The Curious Case of the Mighty One Rupee Coin


A shagun envelope always has by default a humble one rupee coin inside. Sometimes, this coin is also stuck on the front of the envelope. Cash gifts are given in numbers of 51, 101, 501, 1001 or higher as per the budget of the gifter. So why is this one rupee coin always tagging along?

There are many theories behind this one rupee coin. While some feel that adding one to any cash amount makes it an odd number and hence indivisible. This signifies that the cash gift is solely for the recipient and he or she need not divide it equally amongst her family members. Another interesting theory states adding a one rupee coin in the envelope denotes continuity of transaction and it signifies the hope of such future transactions. Some also perceive as a debt which has to be returned in the form of shagun envelope to the gifter for any of his upcoming traditional events.

Many people have different perceptions of this custom and some even find it weird. But the one rupee coin continues to be a part of any shagun envelope whether it's carrying Rs. 100 or Rs. 10,000. Without a rupee coin, the envelope is never complete.

Why Is It Better to Deal with Manufacturers Directly?


Although it is not right to disturb the chain of manufacturers – distributors – wholesalers – retailers, sometimes, you want your products to be designed in a particular way. When you deal with shagun envelope manufacturers in Delhi directly, you can discuss with them the exact style and design of envelopes you have in mind. The price benefit definitely makes a huge impact especially when you are buying shagun envelopes in huge quantities. When you get the final product from the retailers, it has an added price margin from the various middlemen in the chain. When you deal with the manufacturers directly, you get the product at its original price. Another benefit is that you can get your items customised and ensure that you are the first ones to receive your product. There is no question of duplicity as you are getting your shagun envelopes bespoke design. The big fat Indian weddings take care of the minutest detail and ensure that each and every item required in the wedding plan is customised or picked up carefully according to a theme or a colour. When you get to deal with the manufacturers directly, you can convey your theme and idea to the manufacturer and have in print exactly what you have visualized in your mind.

Top 10 Shagun Envelopes Manufacturers in Delhi

Here is a list of the top 10 shagun envelope manufacturers in Delhi. All of these mentioned below have their own companies where they manufacture varied types of shagun envelopes in myriad hues, different designs, varied embellishments and prints. You can check their websites and contact them for orders.

1. Bag Craft India Envelopes

One of the leading manufacturers of gaddi envelopes, Bag Craft India is based in Delhi. They specialize in making gaddi envelopes. Gaddi means a bundle. The usual shagun envelopes are made of paper and designed in such a way that they can carry a few currency notes only. But in gaddi envelopes, you can accommodate an entire bundle of notes in denominations of 100, 500, 1000 or 2000. Sometimes, parents of the bride and groom want to gift huge amounts to their sons-in-law or daughters-in-law. These gaddi envelopes are used in traditional functions to giving a bundle of currency notes. These are also used in other functions such as birth ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries and any such special occasions. To order your gaddi envelopes from Bag Craft, you can log on to the website and send your queries. They have three designs listed in different price ranges. These envelopes are made from fabric and a minimum order quantity of 100 is required.

2. Exporters India

Exporters India is an amalgamation of various shagun envelopes manufacturers across the nation. These small companies have listed their products on this website. You can browse and click on the link of each company, which will take you to their handmade envelopes. You can find the contact numbers of each manufacturer on this site and also choose to send an enquiry if you like their products.

3. Parvenu

One of the leading manufacturers of Auspicious Occasion Envelopes, Parvenu in Delhi was established in 2016. They boast of manufacturing 50000 envelopes per month. They have a delightful range of shagun envelopes which are manufactured in a semi-automatic process. The company is inclined towards delivering maximum customer satisfaction. Their shagun, wedding and other occasion envelopes are listed on their site, and one can even call them to get more information.

4. Parth Crafts

Parth Crafts based in Rohini New Delhi is a prominent and leading manufacturer of shagun envelopes. All their envelopes are handmade. Their products are listed on their website and one can click on the ‘Yes, am interested’ option to get the best quote of a particular item. They are also active on social media. You can easily contact them on their number shared on the site. They take customised orders and sell various kinds of shagun items such as decorative nariyals, pooja thalis and others required in our Indian customs.

5. Choco Blast

Apart from selling customized chocolate gifts and hampers, Choco Blast sells some beautiful shagun envelopes. The price range of their envelopes is around Rs. 10 per piece. They not only design but recycle your old envelopes too. They only take bulk orders and can customize your envelopes in varied designs and colours. Their contact details are shared on the website, where you can also browse through their other products.

6. VR Impressions

If you want your bulk quantity cards to be customised, you can order them at VR Impressions. You can browse through their products listed in the website and send an enquiry. You can also contact this company based in Faridabad directly on their phone number shared on their website. The company uses the latest technology computers for their designing and printing. They also have various other machineries used for printing all kinds of stationery items. You can get your shagun envelopes customized here with your preferred designs, texts and prints. Their expert designers can also share their ideas with your and together you can create the best shagun envelopes.

7. Anvi Composers

One of the leading manufacturers of envelopes printing in New Delhi, Anvi Composers charges Rs. 25 per piece of envelope when given bulk orders. They have industry expertise and vast knowledge in this arena and you can get customized shagun envelopes printed from them. They have some beautiful pre-designed envelopes. One can choose from those or get their own designs customised. Their minimum order quantity is 10 pieces. You can either contact the manufacturers directly or choose to send an enquiry on their website.

8. Dil Crafts


Dil Crafts is a premium shagun envelope manufacturing company based in New Delhi. They also manufacture potli bags and clutch bags and one can choose from their delightful range of products listed on their website. They also offer periodic discounted prices. You can order from them on WhatsApp. The envelopes come in sets of varying quantities. You can filter by price and choose products according to your budget.

9. Athulyaa


Athulya is a highly rated shagun envelopes manufacturing company in Delhi. They have a wide range of decorated shagun envelopes in different varieties such as fabric ones, gotta embellished ones and ones with embroidery. These are priced at Rs. 75 or Rs. 85 each. They take bulk orders for shagun envelopes. They also have many other party favour items and pooja gifts. They also ship worldwide.

10. Taj Mahal Envelopes


An envelope manufacturing and printing company in Delhi, Taj Mahal Envelopes was established in 1957. They have a lot of experience in manufacturing shagun envelopes using different printing machines imported from London. You can contact them in person and discuss your shagun envelopes designs.

Choose any company from the ones mentioned above and get your shagun envelopes printed in a bespoke fashion this time. As your wedding event blooms in technicolour, ensure that your shagun envelopes create an impact on the guests. Get everything designed in sync with your wedding theme and ensure that even the tiniest envelope also showcases your effort behind the preparations.

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Be Creative & Choose Different Envelopes for Various Occasions

If you're choosing envelopes for more than one occasion, for instance, for weddings or for kids' birthday parties, try to bring some creativity and choose some animated envelopes which kids would love rather than going for the cliched and old monotonic envelopes and same for the weddings as people would love to savour them and it would remind them of you! Discuss the designs of the envelopes with manufacturers properly and customize your envelopes accordingly.