Heading for an Indian Wedding(2019)? Here are 10 Chic and Unique Designs of Money Envelopes Perfect to Give the Couple with Your Blessings!

Heading for an Indian Wedding(2019)? Here are 10 Chic and Unique Designs of Money Envelopes Perfect to Give the Couple with Your Blessings!

Gifting is an integral part of all cultures. In India, gifting cash kept in a cash envelope (or shagun envelope) is preferred by many instead of giving material gifts. This BP Guide article will show you 10 beautiful shagun envelope designs that make a personal statement on any occasion.

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Where Can You Ideally Gift Money Envelopes or Shagun Envelopes According to Indian Customs and Practices?

Gifting and receiving money during auspicious occasions is an important part of Indian customs and practices. When compared to material gifts, cash is considered to be the most favoured gift during functions. Cash gifts are considered to be the most appreciated gifts as they are useful for monetary expenses.

  • At Weddings and Receptions:
    Weddings and receptions are a grand occasion for celebrations. Choosing a gift for a couple on their wedding or receptions can be a tedious task. Gifting money during weddings and receptions in place of wedding gifts can contribute to a couple’s wedding registry and funds. These cash gifts can also be used for savings as well to start their new lives together.
  • At a Baby Shower:
    Baby showers are a joyous occasion that call for celebrations from friends and family members. Gifting cash gifts during baby showers allow the soon-to-be parents to prepare themselves financially for the arrival of the baby. The cash gifts can be used for pregnancy-related expenses, setting up the baby accessories or even saving for the future needs of their baby.
  • At Birthday Parties:
    Elders in the family tend to gift cash to the little ones during their birthday celebrations. Moreover, due to the hectic lifestyle of people nowadays, guests at a birthday party find it easier to give cash gifts. Giving cash gifts to children, helps their parents to save for their child’s future needs. Furthermore, children can use the money for buying things that may require.
  • At Festivals:
    In many families elders give out gifts in the form of cash to younger members on festive occasions.

You can make the cash gifts attractive by selecting beautiful cash or money envelopes for gifting the cash. Read on to find out more about the list of beautiful and elegant looking designs for your money envelopes.

Take a Pick: 10 Beautiful and Elegant Looking Designs of Money Envelopes for the Next Indian Function that You Attend!

The Vibrant Coloured Brocade Design Envelopes

Vibrant coloured brocade design envelopes are perfect for gifting money during festive occasions such as weddings, receptions, birthday parties, house warming, baby showers and other similar celebrations. The brocade design money envelopes come in a pack of 12 in attractive assorted colours such as red, blue, green, yellow, purple and pink. These money envelopes are designed by BDS Creations and comprise of multi-coloured envelopes. These attractive brocade envelopes are perfect for gifting coins, cash and other small materials. The flap of the coloured brocade envelopes is embellished with multi-coloured stones. These embellished brocade envelopes are perfect for festive events. These attractive brocade envelopes can be purchased for Rs. 699 from PayTM Mall.

The Out-of-the-Box, Graphic Triangular Print Envelopes

Source www.amazon.in

If you are someone who is creative and likes to think out-of-the-box, you can choose graphic envelopes. The graphic designs are comprised of triangular prints and give a unique touch to the cash gift. These envelopes are grey and printed with colourful triangles. The gift envelopes are available in a pack of 10 with self-adhesive flaps. The premium quality envelopes are made of high-quality paper thus adding an elegant touch to your cash gifts. The envelope measures 18 cm x 8 cm and is perfect for gifting. These geometric printed design envelopes are perfect for creative people who want to choose quirky designs rather than frequently opted ones. These graphic triangular printed envelopes can be purchased for Rs. 240 from Amazon.

The Beautiful Fan and Peacock Style Envelopes

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These beautiful peacock style envelopes are perfect for gifting Diwali cash gifts, gift certificates, and for corporate events. The peacock style designer envelopes are made with peacock motifs and pankha (fan) design. The fan-shaped peacock envelope is available in a pack of 10. The designer pankha envelopes are turquoise coloured and measure 11 cm x 14.5 cm. These envelopes are embossed with elegant peacocks on either side. The middle of the envelope is embossed with elegant feathers. The edges of the envelopes are embroidered making it the perfect and elegant envelope for cash gifts. The designer envelope is designed by Kriwin and is available in a pack of 10. The envelope is the perfect gift for weddings, festive occasions, and birthday events and is available for Rs.259 from Amazon.

Gorgeous Multicoloured Velvet Shagun Envelopes

A collection of fancy velvet shagun envelopes are a perfect addition to your gift envelopes. The soft velvet shagun envelopes are available in multiple colours such as yellow, beige, blue, red, maroon and green. They are made of high-quality fibre material. The flap of the cover has a button press that can be used to securely close the envelope and prevent the contents from slipping out of the envelope. The dimensions of these fancy envelopes measure 8 inches x 4 inches and they are perfect for storing coins, gift certificates and cash. The fancy velvet multi-coloured shagun envelopes are available in a pack of 6 envelopes. They are designed by Wedding Pitara and are available at an attractive discount of 38% off. The elegant velvet envelope pack is available at a cost of Rs.370 from Flipkart.

Traditional Bandhani Decorated Envelope

Bandhani is a tie-dye textile art that forms figurative designs by tying the cloth into small bindings. The art of bandhani is native to North-West regions of Gujarat, Rajasthan and Punjab region. Invest in traditional bandhani decorated envelopes in red colour. The red coloured bandhani envelopes are made of fabric and are designed using gotta patti artwork. The ends of the bandhani envelope are designed using golden embroidery and are fastened using golden tassels. The closing flap of the envelope is held together using the button press. The interior of the envelope is lined with a soft satin material making it perfect for weddings, engagements and other festive occasions. The bandhani fabric envelope is available in a pack of two and sold by Loops n Knots. The bandhani printed envelopes are available for Rs.375 from Flipkart.

The Chic Golden Leatherette Snap Button Closure Envelope

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Are you looking for a trending envelope to add an element of bling to parties and functions? You can invest in these exquisite gold leatherette envelopes for gifting cash and gift certificates. The gold leatherette shagun envelopes are available in a pack of 2. The envelopes comprise of square and animal prints. The glittering snap button closure envelope is made of glittering leather and the inside of the envelope is lined with a soft fabric. The metallic golden envelope is fastened using press buttons. The envelopes' dimensions are 18 cm x 11 cm and they are rectangular. People who want to stay ahead of the game can invest in these premium designer envelopes that are both sleek and stylish. The sophisticated shagun envelopes are perfect for festive and auspicious occasions. They are designed by Krisah and are available for Rs.229 on Amazon.

The Classy Golden Work Gift Envelope

Source paytmmall.com

Paper envelopes are always the most preferred choice when it comes to money envelopes. Traditional gold printed envelopes are attractive and elegantly designed. These paper envelopes developed by Rajrang come in an assorted set of ten gifting envelopes. This gold printed envelope consists of a glossy design that comes in vibrant colours with gold artwork. The golden printed envelope comes with an elegant print and a smooth finish. The golden printed glossy finish envelopes measure 7.25 x 3.25 inches. These envelopes come in eye-catching designs and come with a beautiful finish. The set of ten glossy printed colourful envelopes are available for Rs.113 from Paytm Mall.

A Pricey but Unique Quatrefoil Pattern Envelope

Quatrefoil is a decorative element that comprises of symmetrical shapes that form a pattern. The pattern forms an outline that consists of four overlapping circles of the same diameter. It is a prominent symbol in Gothic architecture and is extensively used in tracing designs. Incorporate this classy quatrefoil print into your shagun envelope collection by investing in this envelope. The quatrefoil pattern envelope is available in a set of 50 envelopes and also comprises of 30 stickers. The envelopes are made out of classy metallic paper and are available in plain paper as well. The envelope measures 7 inches x 3.5 inches in dimension with the card size measuring 2.25 inches x 3.5 inches. In addition to storing money, these envelopes can be used for incorporating a personal touch to your cash gift. Moreover, these quatrefoil pattern envelopes can be customised according to your preferences. The personalised and elegant quatrefoil pattern envelopes can be purchased for a price starting from Rs.2,599 from My Cute Stickons.

The New Age Amazon Pay Gift Card Envelope

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Are you tired of traditional cash gifts? Take a step towards contemporary gifting by opting for a new age Amazon Pay Gift Card envelope. The ‘Best Wishes’ Gift Card from Amazon Pay is valid for a year and can be used to purchase any item of your choice. Moreover, the gift card can be redeemed from a large range of shopping brands such as Westside, Lifestyle and many more. People who want to redeem the gift card can unveil the 16 digit code by scratching the silver patch on the card. You can then enter the 16 digit code and add the balance to your Amazon Pay account. Surprise your loved ones by presenting this modern age Amazon Pay Gift Card envelope that allows them to purchase gifts of their choice. The ‘Best Wishes’ Amazon Pay Gift Card can be purchased for Rs.1,000 from Amazon.

The Unique Personalised Envelopes from Paper Design Company

Personalised envelopes always occupy a special place in one’s heart. The unique hand-painted floral envelopes are a must-have in your personalised envelopes collection. The envelope is floral green coloured and consists of hand-painted leaves and flowers all over the face of the envelope. The envelope is made out of high-quality paper with a matte finish. The centre of the label consists of a label that can be customised according to your preference. These unique envelopes are sturdy and come in various designs making them perfect for cash gifts during festive occasions. The floral green paper envelopes are available in a pack of 20. These elegant floral green envelopes can be purchased for Rs.1,800 from Paper Design Co.

Bonus: How to Make a Gift Money Envelope at Home? Try This Quick Origami Method to Have Your Own Envelope in Less Than 3 Minutes!

If you want to explore your creativity you can try to make a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) gift money envelope at home by following some easy steps. Moreover, DIY projects enable you to customise your own envelope by adding a personal touch to it. It is easier to make and you don't have to shell out excess money for making these classic envelopes. A classic envelope never goes out of style and it is very easy to make.

List of Steps to Make a Classic Gift Envelope.

  • Material Required: Paper and glue

  • Steps to Follow:
  • Step 1: Fold both sides of the paper horizontally and make sure that the folded ends don't touch each other.
  • Step 2: Fold the vertical sides of the paper and confirm that one end of the paper lies above the other end of the paper.
  • Step 3: Once step – 2 is completed, unfold the paper to its original position.
  • Step 4: With a scissors cut the corners of the unfolded paper along the traces of the fold.
  • Step 5: Draw a diagonal line on the horizontal folds by reaching the end of the vertical fold. With a scissors cut along the marked line.
  • Step 6: Fold the paper again and draw a 2 cm diagonal line on the vertical folds on both sides.
  • Step 7: Adjust the horizontal folds to an uneven triangle by trimming the edges using a scissors. With the scissors cut along the marked line.
  • Step 8: Mark the centre of the vertical folds and cut the sides to make it a triangle.
  • Step 9: Glue all the sides of the folds while leaving the upper triangle vertical fold untouched.
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Leave a Lasting Impression with these Exquisite Gift Envelopes

Gift envelopes are extremely important when gifting money on festive occasions and celebrations. We hope this BP Guide will give you adequate information about what types of gift envelopes are easily available in the market and which one would you like to use to gift money to your loved ones.