Leave the Coy Bride at the Mandap. Heat Things Up with These 11 Gifts for Your Husband on Your First Night (2020)

Leave the Coy Bride at the Mandap. Heat Things Up with These 11 Gifts for Your Husband on Your First Night (2020)

On the first night of your marriage, you are likely to feel a multitude of emotions. Exchanging gifts is something that a couple does on their wedding night, as a way to connect with each other better. Find the perfect wedding night gift to break the ice and get the right start to this milestone in your life.

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Start Your New Life on a Romantic Note...Build a Deep Connection on Your First Night Together

The first night after the wedding is much anticipated by both the bride and the groom. But what goes into making it a success?

On the first night you spend together as husband and wife, put the focus on bonding as a couple. Yes making love may well be the primary thought occupying both your minds, but hold on. You have your whole life for that!

To begin with, get comfortable with each other. Particularly important in the case of arranged marriages, use the first night to truly connect with your partner

Play games, talk about your dreams and future life plans, exchange stories about your life – the aim is to build a deep connection by opening up to your spouse. Affection, patience and understanding are the key factors in building a strong and long-lasting bond. Everything else will fall into place automatically.

An intense emotional connection will help strengthen your marital bonds and generate a lifetime of happiness. It will help you grow together amid the changes that inevitably come with marriage and withstand the challenges that life will throw at you.

Tips to Give a Cherishable Gift for Your Husband on 1st Night

  • A gift that is special and personalised:
    A treasured gift is one that is personalised for your husband. Aim for a gift that recognizes his unique personality, likes and dislikes. Take the effort to customise the gift with his name or initials. These will show your husband the thought you have put into something just for him. You are just starting to familiarise yourself with his ways, therefore don't hesitate to ask people who know him better like his family members or friends for suggestions. If that's not an option, then don’t worry, there are lots of classic gifts like perfume or wallets that your husband will surely love.

  • A gift that reaffirms your love for each other:
    Giving a gift on the first night of your wedding is your personal way of re-affirming the commitment made earlier in the day. Look for gifts that express your joy and excitement at starting a life together. Use the gift to commemorate the day in some way, so you can look back years later and relive the special event.

  • A gift that shows you get him:
    Getting married is exciting but it is also natural to have apprehensions. By giving a gift that speaks to him as a person, you can show that you understand your husband and his unique quirks. Such thoughtful gifts tell him that you are supportive of his unique personality and interests, and he will be thrilled that his wife is truly his better half. To hit upon a great gift, pay attention to his favourite interests and his nature. Depending on that you can choose from a practical gift, a sentimental gift or a luxurious indulgence.

11 Gifts that Will Bring a Smile on Your New Husband's Face

Band of Love Fingerprint Ring

A classy gold band featuring your fingerprint is a one-of-a-kind romantic gift. An eternal reminder of the love you share, wearing the fingerprint ring means he is carrying a part of you on him at all times.

Available at augrav.com these rings are a gorgeous work of art. The rings can be further customised with the wedding date, name etc. Prices start at Rs.16,730 and vary depending on ring size, customizations and gold purity. An option you can consider is buying the rings as a set – your ring has his prints while he has yours.

Mi Fitness Band - HRX Edition

For the husband who puts fitness on a priority, the Mi Band 3 is a fantastic gift. Stylish and convenient, the fitness band can count steps, track sleep and calculate calories spent. The waterproof tracker works with Android phones and can display alerts from select apps like Uber, displays notifications, as well as SMS and Whatsapp messages.

The feature-heavy band also has the capability to set reminders, view weather updates and so much more(30 different features!). Its 0.78 inch OLED touch screen makes doing all this a breeze! The Mi Band comes in a variety of versions with differing levels of sophistication, so pick out the one that fits your husband's needs best.

You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.1,999.

Oye Happy Naughty Dares Gift

The first night can be an awkward experience. Perhaps a funny icebreaker game will help you relax and relieve the tension?

The Oye Happy Adult Board Game with a Booklet of Naughty Dares is a light-hearted gift that makes it easier to get closer and increase your level of comfort. This gift is not for the faint hearted though. But a fun-loving guy who enjoys a good laugh will surely enjoy it.

Priced Rs.699 the gift contains a snakes-and-ladders type board game and a set of 10 cards, each featuring a naughty dare. A truly interesting idea that is sure to perk you up! Even if you don’t feel like playing the game on your first night, the gift is likely to bring on a few laughs as you read the cards together.

Buy it on amazon.in.

Shunga Erotic Massage Gel Set

This sensuous gift is a great way to make your first night fun! The non toxic gel when poured onto you can bring a new level of pleasure and enjoyment. Foreplay becomes all the more exciting with these bottles of sumptuous oil

This imported product costs Rs 2,469 and can be ordered on thatspersonal.com.

Hershey's Kisses Chocolate Deluxe Gift Pack

Chocolates may seem like a clichéd gift but you can make it special by bundling it with a love letter. The Hershey's kisses gift pack comes in an adorable heart shape box that is sure to delight your husband, especially if he is the sentimental type.

Priced at Rs.750, these chocolates are available on amazon.in. Gift wrap the chocolate box in a beautiful wrapping paper and add a romantic note along with a decorative ribbon for a classic and charming gift.

Want to make an extravagant statement of love on this night to remember? Then order some delicious international chocolate gift boxes that'll knock his socks for. The Romantic zBox 27 features an amazing collection of French couverture chocolates - 11 of them are heart-shaped choclates with a delectable mix of classical flavours and intriguing exteriors and 15 of them are an assortment of of ever-popular flavours.

These come packed in a colourful quirky wooden box that screams Love! To make it extra special, cosider adding his name as an engraving on the box, but this will cost extra.

Order it on zchocolat.com for around Rs.6,200 (shippng extra).

Yet another option is mixed chocolate hearts from planetechocolat.com for Rs.4,305.

Bentley for Men Intense Perfume

Perfumes are an ever-popular gift for men. You can’t go wrong with a premium perfume as a gift for your first night even if you are still just getting to know your new husband.

Perfume can be an intimate gift. Instead of picking a random perfume, try figuring out fragrances that are special and will make him feel good. This may be a challenge as there is a surprising variety in men’s perfume. With some research, you can pick out a perfume that fits your husband’s personality, whether sporty, sophisticated or offbeat.

The Bentley For Men for Rs.2,750 is an intense perfume with an oriental spicy fragrance. Buy it from myntra.com.

Monogrammed LeCalla Men's Cufflink In Brass

Monogrammed cufflinks are an elegant addition to any man’s wardrobe. Get your husband the LeCalla Men's Cufflinks which are customised with his monograms. Made of brass featuring micron gold or rose gold plating, these cufflinks are an excellent choice for chic professionals.

To personalise provide 2-3 initials of your husband’s name. The initials are cast into a sleek monogram font to make the cufflinks. These exclusive cufflinks can be ordered at velvetcase.com for Rs.3,036.

'My Husband is Hotter Than Coffee' Mug

A coffee mug with a funny message is just the thing to get a laugh. Although a very simple gift, the My Husband Is Hotter Than Coffee ceramic mug will bring a smile to your husband's face. Simple gifts like these are great for guys who are low-key by nature and don’t like showy o extravagant stuff. What matters to them most is the gesture and the thought behind it.

You can get mugs like this one at kraftly.in for a price starting at Rs.299. Add a personal touch to the gift by filling the mug with your husband’s favourite candies or snacks – and you have a cute gift that won’t disappoint.

Simply the Best- Personalised Wine with Photo Upload

After all the stress of the wedding, all you probably want to do is to kick back and relax. Gift your husband a wine bottle with a personalised label. You can both enjoy the evening by unwinding with the wine – a perfect setting for deep conversations.

This customisable wine can be ordered from idottedi.com for Rs.1,950. You can pick either red or white wine, and personalize it by providing a photo, your special date and a message.

This gift is currently offered only at Bangalore but no worries. You can indulge in a little DIY and make a custom label. Just write down your message and paste it into a bottle of your favourite wine or any other liqueur that you want.

Personalised Executive Diary

This is the perfect gift for the husband who is a busy professional. This elegant leather executive diary personalised with his initials is a classy gift that your husband will be pleased to get. A highly practical gift, it will remind him of you every time he uses it during his work day.

The diary contains 80 pages of fine quality ivory paper stitched together and can be customised with his name and/or initials, a motif design or 3D stickers. It's available at kraftly.in for Rs.999.

Handmade Greetings Card

A handmade greeting card may seem like a humble gift, too ordinary for your special day, but when you write down your heartfelt emotions onto it, it becomes a cherished keepsake. The gift is particularly perfect for your hubby if he is not too fond of gifts.

You can find a range of gorgeous handcrafted cards online and in craft stores near you. Pick one that is romantically themed and pour your heart out...pen down your feelings of happiness, of joyous anticipation of your life together and your appreciation for having him in your life.

The gift is guaranteed to melt his heart. Kraftly.in has a large collection of handmade greeting cards like this hearts-themed one for Rs.299.

Heart Engraved Chipped Crystal

Commemorate your special day with the stunning custom Heart Engraved Chipped Crystal. The beautifully engraved memento marks the occasion of the start of your journey as a couple. The laser engraved plaque mentions your names, your wedding date along with an artwork.

The Heart Engraved Chipped Crystal available at dezains.com and can be purchased for Rs.1,399. The site offers a wide range of designs in these delicate glass keepsakes, so pick one as per your style.

The Importance of Giving a Gift to Your Husband on Your First Night

No doubt, gifts are welcome at any time, but a gift on your first night together is something personal and private, something that's just between the two of you. A thoughtfully chosen gift does a lot more than just make your beloved happy! Here are a few reasons why exchanging gifts is a great idea:

Makes the Occasion a Tad More Memorable

The wedding with all its excitement, stress and action is at last over. Now it’s time to savour the moment and focus on each other. You are finally truly alone together as man and wife for the first time – shouldn't you be making it unforgettable?

Even though you might have given and received gifts galore, a special gift for your new husband on your first night together is a gesture that will surprise him and warm his heart. As you start your new life together, a thoughtful gift marks the momentous occasion and makes for a treasured memory.

Acknowledges the Significance of the Day

Your wedding day is a milestone in your life. Although you have had a grand celebration with your family and friends, you should celebrate it privately as well. When you make the gesture of giving your husband gift for your first night together, you get an opportunity to take a step back and recognize the importance of the day. Choose a gift that celebrates your relationship and your husband. He will cherish the gift and it will remind him for years to come of the first night you spent as husband and wife.

Brings You Closer

Gifts are a symbol of your love for your husband. The first night together after the hectic wedding activities may leave you and your husband nervous and stressed. Use the gift as a way to break the ice. It acts as a conversation starter and helps initiate a bond. Most importantly the gift reminds both of you of how much you care for each other. As you open up and relax, it becomes easier to make a connection and leads the way to a memorable night.

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Gifts on the wedding night help break the ice

Picking a wedding night gift for your husband though not necessary is always a welcome gesture. Don't stress too much over it though. Gift him something that you both can enjoy. There are plenty of low priced gift options that you could go for, like a bottle of massage oil or something kinky like a pair of furry handcuffs. If you are not that adventurous, give him a box of gourmet chocolates or a handmade card. Sharing food is the perfect way to start bonding. So just share a box of dark chocolates, it will definitely lead to sweet endings.