Gift Boxes for Sweets: Share the Sweetness of Life with a Box of Sweets and 10 Spectacular Boxes to Buy Online (Updated 2020)

Gift Boxes for Sweets: Share the Sweetness of Life with a Box of Sweets and 10 Spectacular Boxes to Buy Online (Updated 2020)

A box of delicious sweets or chocolate is the ultimate gift. Discover some of the ideas to make or design sweet boxes on your own so you can add more charm to your gift. Looking for bulk? Scroll more to find links to order one from the online at the best suitable price. The range includes stickers, ribbon, and boxes of all different sizes, so you're sure to find what you're looking for!

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Design Your Sweet Boxes Using Following DIY Ideas

Sweets are something which we Indian prefers every time; if we are happy we want sweets, if we are sad we want the comfort of sweets. None of our meal is complete without the sweets, especially our weddings and festivals are big buffets of sweets. So, when these sweets are so special in our life, then the way of presenting and sharing sweets need to be unique as well. That’s why to add the special sweetness to your box of sweets adopt the route of creativity and design the DIY sweet box to make them more special. So, the few creative DIY sweets box ideas are mentioned ahead.

Indian Rangoli Inspired Box

Rangoli is the beautiful calligraphy which people make on the floor on special occasions like Diwali, weddings or welcome of special guests. The patterns of rangoli are very beautiful and unique, so taking inspiration from the colourful rangoli designs, you can make your cool traditional sweets box. For this you can use the rangoli design stencils to draw out the pattern on the plain cardboard box, however, if you can make the rangoli designs free hand, then nothing is better. Use lots of colours to fill out the rangoli designs on the sweets box, this DIY idea will add celebration feel to your sweets box.

Decorative Paper And Bling Box

If you are looking for bit classic and easy DIY sweets box making idea, then this one is perfect for you. For this just get the simple cardboard box and lots of colourful decorative papers, for this you can use the old gift wrapping papers as well. If you want to add little shine, then you can use the bling papers. So, just wrap the whole box with colourful paper and your decorative and bling sweets box will be ready to store delicious sweets.

Origami Sweet Box

So, remember all those cool origami stuff we use to make in the school, if yes, then you can use your that origami talent to make the sweets box. You can make small origami items like flowers, birds, leaves, etc., and paste it on your sweets box. But, first, cover your box with the white sheet and then, decorate it with the unique origami shapes. This will make your sweets box very colourful and will pop out among all the different types of traditional sweets boxes.

You can watch the video to make it on your own.

Twisted Sweet Box

Let’s add some waves and twists to your sweets box in a cool way. You can take the two shades of ribbons and make the twisted braids using the ribbons. Like, use one lighter and darker shades of the ribbons such as dark blue or light blue, then cover the whole box with these ribbons. This will create the whole waves and twisted look at the sweets box. It will create the perfect oceanic look and gives the stylish look to your simple plain sweets boxes. Let’s just twist with the cool twisted patterns this festival season.

Follow the video to make twisted candy box.

Candy Inspired Sweet Box


Okay, so if you are a big fan of candies and have lots of candy wrapper saved up in your home. Then, let’s use them to make the sweets box. You can make the candy shapes using the old candy covers or you can use your favourite candies to decorate the box. Make different patterns on your sweets box using the candies and then, your sweets recipient can get a double blast of the sweetness. One from the sweets stored in the box and one from the sweet candies used to decorate the box.

Bangles and Panels Sweet Box

This one is a recycling idea to make the sweets box. We all have plenty of waste bangles and bracelets present in our home, you can use all these bangles to decorate the sweets box. If you have glass bangles, then you can break them and paste them on the box to give the illusion effect. Moreover, beads from the old broken bracelets can be also used to decorate the sweets box. To complement the bracelets and bangles, you can pluck some flower petals from your home garden and add some freshness in your box. You can dry the petals using the salt so that your box won’t look dull when the natural glow of the flower petals loses.

Cartoon Themed Sweet Box

If you are giving sweets boxes as the return gift on your kids birthday party, then you can use the cartoon theme to decorate your sweets box. This is a very easy idea to design the box, you can either buy the cartoon themed stickers from the market or can cut out the cartoons from the magazines or newspapers. Just paste cartoon stickers on your sweets box with some other colorful embellishments like colorful buttons, stones, etc., and just like that your cartoon themed sweets box is ready to charm your guests.

If you want to make one such on your own watch the video and surprise the recipient.

10 Gift Boxes for Sweets to Order Online

Okay, so if you don’t have time or will to make the sweets boxes at home, then no worries as you can easily place the order of sweets boxes online as well. There are plenty of wholesale manufacturers available online who are selling the unique and stylish sweets box online at very affordable rates. You can search for the sweets box online to put your favourite sweets in it. To order the sweets boxes online, you can check out following boxes styles for the starters;

Plain Golden Box


Let’s just start our list with the simple and evergreen sweets box. The plain golden cardboard is a common but highly versatile sweets box design available online. It is a fancy sweet box covered in the gold lamination to give it a vibrant and stylish look. The box can be easily folded and can pack with any kind of sweets, even the liquidy sweets like rasgullas or gullab jamuns can be stored in it as it has inner side plastic lamination also. The pack of 50 fancy sweet boxes can be ordered online from the for Rs. 400 only with the extra delivery charges.

Square White with Golden Polka Dots Box

To encase your expensive Kaju barfi or the homemade chocolates, you need a stylish box to store them. The stylish square white box with the gold polka dots will add that extra oomph factor to your sweets. The box contains two unit to store the sweets the round shaped sweets like laddoo or chocolates, total 18 compartments and has 9 compartments in each unit are available in this box. The white and gold polka dots with the brown bow tie gives the elegant and classic look to the box. The hard cardboard sweet box in the beautiful shades can be ordered online from the for Rs. 135.

Butterfly Sweet Box


For the weddings and birthday parties of little girls, these butterfly themed sweet boxes are a very good option. This is a totally new style of sweet boxes. The beautiful butterfly is carved on the handle of the box to give it the unique appeal. The butterfly sweet boxes are available in different colors so they are perfect for the occasions like baby showers, bridal parties, birthday parties, etc., These sweet boxes are available on the They are available in bulk order of 50 pieces for Rs. 402.

Personalized Sweet Box

You can add the touch of your own to your sweet box as well. From the website like you can create the customised sweets boxes to keep your yummy sweets. The sweet box can be personalized in plenty of different ways such as pick the rectangular box and highlight with the bold, high-quality, affordable small product labels. The website will provide you with the basic black rectangular box which you can further personalize using your images, texts or logos. This sweet box will cost you Rs. 100 if you buy 10 pieces of it.

Sophisticated Bow Knot Box


If you like to give your sweets in the elegant and the classic manner, then this beautiful light blue sweets box with the cute bow knot is perfect for you. It is a very elegant and simple looking box in which you can give sweets to your clients, boss or elderly family members. It is a highly useful box after eating sweets from the box, it can be used to store other stuff like jewelry, keepsakes, etc. This simply elegant box can be ordered from the in the package of 10 pieces, costing around Rs. 409 without delivery charges.

Golden Window Design Box

The gold box with windows are very popular and look totally stylish as well. Talking about this particular sweet box, we can pinpoint two features of the box mainly. These are traditional yet look classy. It can be ordered from the in bulk. You can take the quotation for the boxes from the website according to your requirement. Minimum order is 100 pieces.

Ladoo Fancy Box

If you have made special laddoos this festival season and want to share your creation with your friends and family, then you can use this golden and silver laddoo box to present your creation. In this box, other round shaped sweets like gullab jamuns, rasgulas, etc., can be easily stored as well. This mithai box can be ordered in the bulk from the You can share the sweetness of laddoos in Rs. 79 for 12 boxes with your loved ones.

Book Shaped Box

This blood red book shaped sweet box can be used for sweets like barfi. As the box has three different long layers in which you can keep the multiple varieties of barfi such as Kaju Barfi, Coconut Barfi, etc. Due to the easy book like shape, it’s easy to carry and lock the box. The physical dimensions of the red book box are 12 x 8.5 x 1.5. This sweets box can be ordered from the in the package of 10 boxes for Rs. 150.

Carving Box

This one is the perfect sweet box for the royal weddings. The top lid of the sweet box is carved with the beautiful golden jali work which is the main highlight of this box. This a pure golden sweets box with the boundary of golden-hued red. The box has multiple compartments which can be used to store multiple varieties of sweets like laddoos, barfi etc. If you want to present sweets to your guests in this carving box, then order from the, you can order 12 boxes for Rs. 63.

Barfi Kundan box

This is a plain Kundan sweets box in which four different compartments are present to put chocolates, dry fruits, sweets, etc. The lid of the box is made up from the transparent fine plastic sheet so that the content of the box can be easily seen. This Kundan box can store one-kilogram sweets in it. From the, you can order the sweets box in a pair of 8 for Rs. 90.

Keep It Simple

Guys, one rule that you have to follow in both ways while making the sweets box at home or while ordering them online, don’t go overboard. Your sweets box must be simple and elegant look. Just highlight one pattern on your box, don’t use lots of embellishments to decorate the box. As to much clutter will make your sweets boxes look really ugly. Similarly, if you are going to order the sweets box online, then don’t spend too much money on it. As after appreciating your box for a few minutes, your receiver will eventually throw them in the garbage. So, there is no use of spending more money on your sweets boxes or over decorating them.

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