10 Best Gift Bags to Complement Your Gifts: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift Bag for Every Occasion (Updated 2019)

10 Best Gift Bags to Complement Your Gifts: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Gift Bag for Every Occasion (Updated 2019)

Gift bags are an easy and attractive alternative to traditional gift wrapping methods. It takes away the tedium of wrapping up gifts, something which becomes a necessity every time the festive season comes around or there's a wedding in the family. Read on to find out the different kinds of gift bags available and few handpicked ones to consider.

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What's the Fuss About Gift Bags Anyway?

Even though both bags and wrapping paper come in a large variety of colours, patterns & designs and can also be customized, the usual gift wrapping is now passé, as the scales tip more toward gift bag. Given the tedious and chaotic process of wrapping gifts and then the end result being the wrapper finding its way in the trash can after being shredded to pieces, gift bags are certainly more preferable.

No Fuss:
Simple and reusable in comparison to their competitors the style quotient of a gift is maintained for long with gift bags. Gift bags require just tissue paper which is priced low and comes with its own identity and colour that adds to a gift. The bags come in very handy, especially for irregularly shaped gift items.

Kind to Environment:
Gift bags are also more environment-friendly if they are saved and recycled in order. Wrapping paper in that respect isn’t recyclable on account of it being dyed, accented or laminated with plastic, glitter or foil which cannot be recycled.

Get Your Gift Bags Right!

  • What Does Your Gift Wrapping Say About You?
    Just like the selection of a gift requires certain skills like observation, instinct and interest, similarly, the way a gift is wrapped brings in the sense of an Individual’s personality into it. Whether the person is a cautious spender, a spendthrift, is finicky or an experimental, gift wrapping is no less a talent one needs to be conscious of. Gift bags are an efficient way to present gifts. There are all kinds of people with all kinds of preferences. But there is a gift bag for everybody. All you need is some time with craft supplies to come up with cookie tins filled with baked goodies or small bags of homemade potpourri or even a succulent planted in a decoupage container. Then there are those who really regard wrapping gifts with the same respect if not more, that they attach to getting a gift, and in that respect, you’d find their artistic skills with creative twines, hand-stencilled papers to monogrammed gift tags.

  • Choose From A Variety of Gift Bags:
    With changing times and technology, fashion changes too. And with it, the whole market of a product witnesses a transformation as well. A lot of companies have now accepted the need of replacing the usually economical yet toxic plastic bags with premium quality gift bags to not only contribute towards the environmental cause but also extend a luxury experience to their styled products. The world at large is very accommodating to the need and use of elegance and variety in the realm of presentation and gifting. With a variety of colors, prints, patterns and/or messages, almost everyone is now on the lookout for a made-to-order and bespoke gift bag. From Kraft paper to natural fiber, handmade paper to recycled cotton, plastic, jute, organza, raw silk fabrics, there’s a lot of variation in the realm of gift bags.

10 Great Gift Bags in Small Size That You Can Buy Online

Organza Gift Bags

Organza is an elegant and multi-purpose fabric that can be used in different ways. Its transparent texture can be used to layer over other materials and makes way for an excellent option in the category of fabric bags that allow the contents to be displayed without them looking shoddy in any way. From tiny ruffled favour bags that are ideal for trinkets, some munchies or small items to heart-shaped bags that come with drawstring ties in a double satin ribbon, the organza bags come in an assortment of colours and sizes. Gift bags are best bought in bulk to get cost-effective deals on a large number of bags. These could range from a minimum of 50 to any number of bags you’d require.

These beautiful organza pouches come in different colours of gold, black, white, pink, silver, yellow, blue, green, pink, red, orange, coffee, purple and wine in 40 pieces, ideal for gifting wedding candies, chocolates, spices, ornaments, etc. The bags measure approx. 7 x 9 cm/ 2.75 x 3.54 inches and are priced at Rs.475. Buy the on Amazon.

Natural Linen Burlap Pouches

Strong and durable with a long shelf life, earthy and natural jute bags come in different sizes ranging between gift bags, wine bags to beach totes and shopping bags. These gift bags come in plain, printed and textured forms in different sizes. This set of 30 natural linen pouches measuring approx. 8x10cms from Banggood.com comes naturally shaded with jute cord drawstrings and gives a lovely vintage feel. They are priced at Rs. 517.

Kraft Paper Bags

Measuring 23cm x 12cm x 7.5cm and made of 80gm Kraft paper, this set of Christmas Gift Bags from Aliexpress.com comes in a minimum quantity of 30 pieces in a lot in different prints and patterns pertaining to the Christmas theme in vibrant designs and colours. Choose from prints of your choice, with each lot priced at Rs. 718.

You can also find similar bags in Amazon - this set of 10 pcs in bright red features Santa Claus. Order it for Rs. 300 on the site

Velvet Drawstring Bags

Source i.ebayimg.com

When plain packaging doesn’t work, then fabric gift bags with their vibrant colours, textures and patterns are an elegant and stylish need of the hour. They would no less be a gift in themselves providing that extra zing to your gift. Ideal for jewellery, gift cards and/or small gift items, these velvet drawstring bags from Amazon India come in dark blue, but you have a range of choices on the site. Get this set of 10pcs for Rs. 396 on the site.

Raw Silk String Bags

Measuring 5”x7” and weighing 10gms, these raw silk string bags are resplendent with gold polka dots and available in some gorgeous and rich colours that will add a royal and sophisticated touch to your gifts. These raw silk bags are priced at Rs. 22 each and can be perfect for a baby shower, budgeted return gifts, favour bags, housewarming, wedding/engagement favours and/or ladies’ return gift items. Buy them on wedtree.in for Rs. 50 per pc.

Paper Gift Bags

Source www.amazon.in

Paper bags are highly preferred over plastic bags on account of their non-toxic and eco-friendly characteristics. Made from renewable materials that are biodegradable and can be recycled, paper bags can be used repeatedly and can be easily maintained. You can customize and personalize paper bags, colour coordinates them for a specific occasion, design them thematically and use materials that are specific or significant to your gift purposes like a wedding, a corporate occasion, a holiday or any other special event. This ethnic paper bag set featuring a gorgeously colourful mural of Lord Ganesha is perfect for weddings and pujas. The set contains 5 paper bags measuring 8in X 4in X 8in with ribbon handles and are ideal for giving even large sized gifts given its strength. They are priced at Rs. 223 from Amazon.

Lace Favor Bags

These handmade lace bags from Etsy are perfect for favour gifts, and measure 4" x 6". They are a perfect keepsake that would be appreciated for long by your guests. The bags come tied with a narrow satin ribbon in colours of your choice, packaged flat to be filled and assembled according to your requirements. The set of 12 costs USD 9.99 or around Rs. 700.

Cotton Gift Bags

Made of 100% cotton, this drawstring batua bag is designed with handcrafted embroidered patch, with a drawstring with wooden beads at two ends knotted, and beads at the base as well. The bag dimensions are 8 " x 6" and come in a combination of red, black and beige colours for a minimum quantity of 500 bags priced at Rs.100 each, packaged in a poly sleeve case. Get them on Exportersindia.

Small Luxury Candy Gift Bags

Source www.amazon.in

This set of 50 stiff paper gift bags each measuring 9.5w X 12h x 3.5d cm is ideal for small trinkets or candy giveaways. It is available in other floral designs, iconic designs or thematic designs as well. The set of 50 gift bags from Amazon is priced at Rs. 999.

Silk Brocade Pouches

Beautifully designed to carry small gift items, this drawstring gift bag is made of Silk Blend in assorted colours with each pouch measuring approx. 4.3 * 4.7 inches and priced at Rs. 40 per pc. The drawstrings are simple yet colourful, and each pouch comes lined to give them a sturdy feel and dimension. Get it on wedtree.in.

Create Your Own DIY Gift Bag!

Gift Bags, though handy and very useful, and also available in different sizes, may still fall short of your expectations at times, because of how expensive they are or because they may not be available in a particular way you’d like. In that case, designing one yourself would beat other bags hands-down! For this gift bag would not only carry your unique talent but your love and thoughtfulness in addition to the gift you’ve brought. There are different ways of making a bag, depending upon how simple or how elaborate you’d want it. Here are a few steps from a simple perspective that can help you make your very own gift bag easily and quickly.


Making a paper gift bag is quite easy and you can use any kind of paper at that, from a plain Kraft paper to patterned scrapbook paper to a wrapping paper. To get the right size for your bag, cut your paper into a rectangle and should you wish to make it stylish, you can use a patterned wrapper with a clustered or glitter texture.


If your bag is going to be made of a plain paper of a solid colour, it would be good to decorate it, to give it some dimension and make it look classy. With the use of some colours, stencils and/or embossing you can add some lovely designs to the packaging. For some extra effects, feel free to sprinkle some glitter.

Layering It Up

With the decorated part of the paper facing outward, fold the top and the longer side of the paper down to about 1 or 2 inches, and sharpen the crease by running your nails along it. For an elegant finish, you can trim the edges with a pair of craft scissors with different cut patterns, before you fold the paper. Flip the paper, with the folded part on the surface and the back of the paper facing you, then fold the narrow edges towards the a, so that it forms a tube, overlapping the edges by ½ inch. Now, secure the edges with glue, bottom to top. Ensure that the glue is applied only at the seams, and not inside the bag.

Closing Time

Now fold the bottom seam up by a few inches, the more you fold, the wider the base of your bag. An appropriate base should be about 3-5 inches. Now with the pocket created by the fold, open it, with the top part down and flatten it, create a crease by running your nails along the angled side. You will be able to see the interior of the bag as a rectangle in the centre. With the diamond formation at the base, you’d see two flaps at the top and bottom, fold them towards the centre, and overlap them a little. Then by unfolding the top flap, apply glue on the bottom one to seal both the edges together gently but firmly.

Finishing Touches

With the basic bag ready, punch two holes on the front and back side of the bag for the handles, about ½ inch from the top part of the bag. If your paper is thin, you can punch the holes through both the layers at the same time. It's best to insert eyelets into the handle holes to make them sturdy now cut two equal lengths of a ribbon, cord, yarn or twine in a colour that blends well with the colour of your bag. Ensure that your choice isn’t too frail or skinny, that won’t hold the bag for long. Thread each end of your handle through each hole at the front end and then tie it into a knot on the inside of the bag, flip it and repeat the step at the back. You can add an extra element of tissue paper in colour matching or contrasting the bag colour and tuck your gift inside it before putting it inside the bag.

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Reuse and recycle old gift bags

Reusing and recycling old stuff is an eco and cost friendly way of living. Therefore it would be a good idea to store and use your old gift bags. When you receive a present in a gift bag, set it aside for later. You can indulge in a little DIY and redecorate the gift bag or just use it later for gifting someone else.