Present Your Gifts in the Prettiest Way: A Guide to Buying Gift Wrapping Boxes for All Occasions and 10 Boxes to Buy Online (2018)

Present Your Gifts in the Prettiest Way: A Guide to Buying Gift Wrapping Boxes for All Occasions and 10 Boxes to Buy Online (2018)

Presenting your gifts well is almost as important as the gift presents itself. So we have brought to you a collection of the prettiest gift boxes available on the market. Also find here useful tips and techniques on creating beautifully wrapped gift boxes. Take a look!

Gift Boxes: A New Trend

Earlier gifting didn’t take much thought and effort. You would simply pick anything that you found suitable keeping in mind the occasion and the recipient of the gift. Some people even passed on the gifts they received to others on some different occasion. However, nowadays, gifting has become more personalised and needs more thought, effort and time. Different trends have emerged such as personalising the gift, choosing a gift box and more. If you are also looking for the perfect gift box to pack your gift in then you would surely find this article to be extremely helpful. We have listed out different ways to find the perfect box, great gift box ideas and even ways to make the box special!

What Makes a Perfect Gift Box?

Even though it might sound so super easy to find a gift box, it is surely not the case. There are so many things that you need to consider before packing your gift in a gift box. It is not as easy as blindly picking up any box and packing your gift in it. There are things like design, colours, brands and even budget to consider. The various choices available in the market have also created a lot of confusion and overwhelm people instead of making the task easier. To help you make the correct choice, we have made a list of the top 3 things that make the perfect gift box and it will help you choose effectively.

It Must Be Compact and the Same Size as the Gift

The box needs to be compact enough for the gift to fit without leaving too much empty space because you definitely don't want to mislead the receiver as to the nature of the gift. The box should be perfect for the size of the gift, not bigger and surely not too small. Ideally, the perfect gift box size is when you put the gift in it and there is not too much space for the gift to slide about.

Utilitarian and Recyclable

It is a good thing to look for a box that has some sort of utility later as well. Most people re-use and recycle the box once the occasion has passed by and, hence, it would be nice for you to look for a gift box that the recipient can use later as well. Make sure the material of the box is sustainable enough to be used later. These boxes are most commonly re-used as a box to store random stuff.

Suitable for the Occasion

Ascertaining that the gift box is suitable for the occasion or not is very important to avoid any awkward encounter. The colour, design and, even, the shape of the gift box should be suitable for the occasion, For example, a red heart-shaped box is certainly not suitable for somebody’s retirement party, and however, at the same time a dull, boring box is surely not a good thing for Valentine ’s Day gifts. Hence, make the choice carefully when it comes to choosing a gift box.

Top 10 Gift Wrapping Boxes for All Occasions Available Online

In case you are overwhelmed with all the choices available or you are unable to figure out what kind of a gift box you need, don’t worry, we have your back. We have researched and listed out the top 10 gift boxes for all occasions that you can make use of. You can surely find something that will suit you!

Purple Gift Boxes


For someone looking to buy similarly styled gift boxes in bulk, the purple gift boxes from a seller on IndiaMart are an ideal choice. You can also get them customised to suit your need. Priced at Rs.70 per piece, the boxes are made of sturdy and durable material. They are all purple in colour and rectangular in shape. The design is completed with a small purple bow on one top corner. The material is also eco-friendly in nature which is a great thing.

Printed Customised Gift Boxes


If you are looking for gift boxes in bulk and your most important factor is personalisation then you can consider buying them from the sellers at IndiaMart. You will find stellar gift boxes, all customised to suit your needs at just Rs.18 INR per piece. The box can be customised according to your choice of colours, designs, text and even in size and shape. They have the ability to provide a different quote as well for any kind of variations you want in the traditional gift box.

Hat Boxes

You can also buy a couple of boxes and store them for whenever the need arises, like, for somebody’s birthday or any random party or occasion. This set of 6 beautiful gift boxes in different sizes is the perfect thing to always have in hand. The stunning round hat boxes have a newspaper print which gives them a sophisticated yet trendy look and is amazingly complemented by the bold, black solid lid on top. They are available on Thedottedi for Rs.250 only.

Gift Box Pyramid

Are you bored of a simple square or rectangular shaped gift boxes? Well, you are not alone because they are certainly going out of trend really fast and instead are being replaced with more cool and bold shapes and styles. You can try this pyramid style gift box which is ideal for chocolates or candies (or for small gifts as well) from Print Stop. It is priced at Rs.720 for 10 such pyramid style gift boxes. This could be a fun thing to give at your next party!

Rectangular Box: Yellow and Brown Stripes

Though the collection of gift boxes on The Dottedi is slightly expensive this is also undeniable that the kind of quirky and cool designs they have available are hard to find. For example, this set of 3 rectangular gift boxes priced at Rs.1,000, is a striking collection. The yellow and brown striped boxes give a very modern and cool look. The design is also complemented by a yellow coloured ribbon bow tied in the centre of the box.

Handbag Gift Boxes

If you don’t want to give a regular kind of gift box then you can consider this styled gift box which is shaped in the form of a handbag. It is an ideal option to give small things, especially, eatables like chocolates or candies. It is available at Print Stop for a price of Rs.760 only for 10 such bags. It is in a magenta colour with some designing done on it as well. You can also see customise it with text and dates for an additional amount of money.

Floral Boxes

Schmancy offers several types of gift boxes that you can check out based on the occasion and recipient, however, some of their gift boxes are evergreen considering the design and colour. Like, consider their floral gift boxes priced at just Rs.15 per box. The design and colour are such that you can use it on any occasion. The box is rectangular in shape and has space for 5 chocolates with a small tray and a sleeve as well. This is good to give to guests as giveaways.

Cakesicle Boxes

It is a growing trend nowadays to give everybody a piece of the cake when they leave the party. It seems very thoughtful and is a sweet gesture. If you would also like to indulge in this trend at the next birthday party you host or maybe at your wedding reception then you can consider these beautifully designed cakesicle boxes from Schmancy for just Rs.10 per box. The box is an ideal size to fit a piece of the cake and it styled with floral designs on a white base.

Di Grazia Corrugated Card Jewellery Box with Ribbon Bow Designed

If you are giving away pieces of jewellery like necklines, earrings or small rings then you can consider this set of 8 jewellery boxes in assorted colours. Available on Amazon India for just Rs.599 only, you get a set of 8 boxes in different bright, bold colours with a cushioned inside so that the contents don’t get spoilt. The lid of the box is also styled with a matching colour ribbon bow giving it an elegant look. The box is made of sturdy quality material and will easily last for a long time.

Urban Chakkar Floral Print Small Gift Box - Blue and White

Though this gift box is slightly on the higher end of the price band, priced at Rs.90 per box from Giftease, however, it is completely worth it. It is a small cardboard gift box made in blue and white base colours and styled with bright yellow flower designs. The look is completed with a white ribbon bow tied on top of the lid. This could be ideal for gifting on occasions, like, birthday, anniversaries and more.

Top 3 Things You Can Add to the Box

The box and the gift in itself are attractive, however, you can go a step ahead and make it more special by adding a little something according to the receiver and the occasion. There are some things that you can consider adding for any and every box. We have listed below some of the things that will make the box seem so much more special and attractive. It will also increase the fun of getting the gift box. You can add one or more of the following things.


Chocolates are the universal gift for anybody and for any occasion. You can literally add this in any gift box from a wedding box to a birthday box to even a gift that you give to someone on an anniversary or a congratulatory party. You also have the option to add assorted chocolates these days like a selection of white, dark, milk and other types of chocolates. If assorted chocolates seem to be too expensive then you can even simply add a big bar of Dairy Milk Silk or similar.

Handwritten Notes

This is a sure fire way of making anybody happy. It is also very helpful in making the person feel important and valued; he or she will feel that you actually put in time and effort to select the gift and didn’t just pass it on as a formality. You can write a short note and add it to the box or stick on top of it. A handwritten note is also very useful in establishing a personal connection between the sender and the receiver. You can write a note for almost any occasion; from a birthday to an anniversary to even a retirement party. Check quotes and messages online for help in writing the perfect note.


Flowers are a classic gift that fit any and every occasion. They can make anybody feel special in minutes. You can find different kinds of flowers to suit different occasions or you could go by the person’s taste and preferences. For example, if you are sending the gift box to someone you are in a relationship with the red roses is the perfect way to spell your love, however, if you are sending flowers to someone to congratulate them for that achievement at work then yellow roses are best. You can add a bouquet of flowers to the gift box to make it special.

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DIY boxes are an option (if you have the time that is)

Instead of store-bought gift boxes, you can also indulge in some DIY and make them yourself. Making gift boxes is not difficult if you have time on your hands and a little bit of creativity. There are plenty of techniques that you can use to decorate the boxes. there is decoupage, or you can use paper cutouts.