10 Coffee Mug Gift Ideas for Those Who Cannot Start Their Day without a Cup of Joe! Plus Other Creative Uses for These Cups (2019)

10 Coffee Mug Gift Ideas for Those Who Cannot Start Their Day without a Cup of Joe! Plus Other Creative Uses for These Cups (2019)

Now that we’re knee-deep into November, the countdown to Christmas is officially on! You’ve been making your list and checking it twice. Maybe you’re even feeling a little overwhelmed by all the gifts you have to buy. Today we’re sharing several thoughtful and budget-friendly Coffee mugs. Yes, that’s right! You can tackle one mug of cheer at a time–with these simple Mug Gift Ideas.

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Unique Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Inexpensive Gift Options

Allow yourself the joy of buying a lovely coffee gift without it feeling like a burden or exhausting you! If you have a coffee lover in your life, chances are that he or she has all the basic items they’d need to make their all-time favourite brew, so why not get them something that is unique, buzzy & way more exciting. From a quintessential café brooder looking for a pick-me-up to one who prefers a Lil’ chocolate with the drab cup of black coffee to one who’s a workout addict, here are some inexpensive gift options perfect for such coffee lovers. You’d look at a combination set of fresh coffee beans with fresh chocolates, a coffee guide to help them make their coffee better, or perhaps a dipped coffee bean necklace for a girlfriend, made of 24k gold, get them a simple yet stylish sleek looking glass pour-over coffee pot or a coffee themed canvas tote bag. Think of sharing a DIY cold coffee brew kit or twisty alphabet game on faux coffee beans, a snug coffee cardigan or a soft tee with a coffee theme.

Clubs & Subscriptions

Why settle for just a cup of coffee when your loved ones can do with a club membership/subscription or box set! Look for interesting membership/subscriptions over that match the coffee theme and customize it to your liking. For instance, there’s flyingsquirrel.in, which has coffee subscriptions that make for coffee deliveries at regular intervals at the person’s doorstep with the option of changing it anytime they’d like. All you need to do is select their favourite coffee from the available range of exquisite coffees, the grind size and supply option of 3/6/9 or 12 months and opt for a monthly or bi-monthly delivery frequency and avail free shipping! Some other similar services include brands like bluetokaicoffee.com, cauverypeakestate.com, getbojo.com and more.

Classy & Irresistable Gifts

If you’re looking for classy and out of the box gifts for a coffee lover in your life, but still something that’s not too jazzy, you can get them an Atlas Coffee Gift Subscription, which entails a world tour (literally) for coffee subscription. World over, this coffee club is celebrated for delivering the world’s best coffee and popular for their monthly offering. You choose from a 3-6-9 or 12 month subscription and each gift would include 6/12 oz of single origin specialty grade coffee, a postcard & country card for each country, coffee portal access to a coffee journal, a batch of coffee that’s roaster to order with guaranteed freshness and a personalized gift message from you. Some other elegant gift options could be a single serve coffee brew buddy that can filter coffee grounds before pouring water through an attached mesh filter and result in a fresh cup of coffee that can be brewed in seconds; or a Coffee Sampler Gift Box, a French Press Coffee Maker, an Electric Coffee Grinder cum spice grinder, a coffee mug warmer, a beauty coffee facial scrub, a milk frother, a coffee bean treasure chest and more!

Coffee Mug Gift Ideas

Digital Customized Magic Coffee Mug

Gifting a simple coffee mug is so passé! Customized magic mugs are on a trend now. At Canvas Champ you can personalize your Coffee Mug with a single wraparound image for a panoramic view, or print 1-4 pictures according to the portal’s available layout options and mix some clipart and text options as well. These custom magic mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe and can be gifted on any occasion, making for a thoughtful gift. Measuring 325ml, the mug seems black, but when you pour a hot liquid or the mug’s warm, the picture will reveal itself! Priced at Rs. 249 as its starting cost, you can choose a mug to your liking and personalize it for a loved one.

Coffee Mug Planters

We all have coffee or tea mugs that we no longer use so why not use them to make something useful, something unique!

  • You will require: a ceramic coffee mug, some assorted succulent plants, a drill machine, some cactus soil, and a water spray.
  • Method: Make a hole at the base of the mug (only if you’re going to use it for plants other than succulents). Set the mug upside down on a towel and spray the area you’re going to drill with water, then using a glass tip bit, make a little notch at the mug’s center (at the base), spraying some water again till you have the perfect hole. Once the hole is drill, fill the mug ½ with the soil mix and add the succulents gently. You can drain the excess water from the succulents in the mug, by simply tilting them slightly.
  • Set the succulent inside the mug on the top of the soil and fill more soil until all of the plants' roots are fully covered and then spray some water. Succulents are usually sturdy plants, thrive on sunlight and don’t require much watering. This makes them a great gift to share with your loved ones.

Camera Lens Plastic Coffee Mug

The Camera Lens Plastic Coffee Mug is a microwave-safe mug with a capacity to hold about 300ml of liquid. Priced at Rs.199 in FlipKart, this mug is multi-purpose, even if your friend’s not a coffee aficionado, even then he/she can still enjoy the mug with cocktails, cool beverages, ice cream or smoothies! Use it as a pen holder, a vase or something to hold loose change! Ideal as a gift item, and bang on for a photographer friend, the Camera Lens Plastic Coffee Mug is food-grade ABS plastic both on the inside as well as on the outside and comes without a lid.

DIY Coffee Mug Candle

  • You will require :A coffee mug, some candle wax, candlewick, pencil/chopsticks/soap stirrer, a saucepan, a glass bowl, some fragrance oil, scotch tape.
  • Method: Fill the saucepan with water and bring to a boil, then place the glass bowl with wax to the brim and let it melt completely. This may take about ½ hour on medium/medium-high flame. As the wax melts, get your mug ready and place the candle wick in the center of the mug, standing & centred with the help of a pencil/chopstick, taping it together so it all stays in place.
  • Once the wax has melted, remove the bowl from the water and pour a few drops of some fragrant oil into the wax (lavender, rose or orange) and then pour the wax mix immediately into the mug, being mindful of the wick being centred. Allow the mug and the wax to settle down well, which should take roughly 24 hours. Trim the wick, wrap it up with some cellophane and pretty coloured ribbon and gift it ahead!

Hot & Cold Ceramic Beverage Mug

The Hot & Cold Ceramic Beverage Mug is a smart & stylish mug that comes with a protective lid and a stirring spoon, best for gifting to a tea/coffee drinker. Made in ceramic and rusty red in color, the beverage mug measures 12 cm x 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm in length, width and height and can hold about 400ml of liquid in it. There may be some black spots or scratches on the mug when you receive it, this could be because of transportation challenges, it is good to wipe the mug clean with a wet cloth, gift wrap it and then gift ahead. The Hot & Cold Ceramic Beverage Mug is priced at Rs.499 in comparestore.in.

Self Stirring Coffee Mug

Ideal for coffee/hot chocolate/soup or tea, the self-stirring mug is perfect for those who love lounging and enjoy their cuppa’ coffee! With this cup, there’s no need to have a teaspoon at hand and stir, at the press of a button simply, the stirring is taken care of. The ultimate drinks accessory, the self-stirring mug is an insulated container that includes a non-spill lid to keep a beverage warm for long and makes for an ideal vessel to hold the hottest beverages. Priced at Rs.235, the self-stirring coffee mug is available on amazon.in and requires 2 AAA batteries (which are not included in the package). The mug is not safe for dishwasher or microwave use.

Thor Hammer Shaped Coffee Mug

Priced at Rs.999, the 3D Thor Hammer shaped coffee mug has been sculpted in the shape of a Mjolnir, Thor’s iconic hammer from the Marvel movies and comics. Built-in ceramic, the cup serves a dual purpose, of that being a coffee mug and can also be a stationary holder or simply a décor piece for your loved one. A trendy and cool gift item, the Thor 3D Hammer Mug is an official Marvel merchandise apt for holding all kinds of beverages, but isn’t microwave or dishwasher friendly and can hold about 600ml of liquid in it. Measuring 7” x 5.25” x 5.5”, the 3D Thor Hammer Shaped Coffee Mug is available at bigsmall.in.

Glass Coffee Mug with Wooden Lid & Long Stirring Spoon

Made of premium quality glass and stainless steel, the Glass Coffee mug, wooden lid and a long stirring spoon gift set is ideal as a gift for a coffee lover and makes for a unique set, measuring 11 x 8 x 15 cm in length, width and height, with a capacity to hold 480ml of liquid in it. The package containing a glass cup, a wooden cap and a long metal stirring spoon is designed with a tropically themed pink flamingo on the glass, with a pink flamingo lid top as well, is priced at Rs.349 and is available at amazon.in.

Personalized Coffee Mug & Coaster Combo

A personalized ceramic mug and coaster combo from igp.com, this makes for a personalized gift item, shaped in square and styled in a modern pattern in MDF, measuring 3.7” x 3.7” x 0.1” in length, width and height. Priced at Rs.475, you can personalize this coffee mug and coaster combo, by uploading a digital image on the website by clicking the personalize button (the image should have an approx. resolution of 300dpi for good quality printing). The Personalized Coffee Mug and Coaster Combo is a thoughtful and lovely gift item, perfect for any occasion.It is available on igp.com.

Greco Roman Apollo Mug

The Greco Roman Apollo Mug from bigsmall.in brings home the blessings and magic of the handsome Greek God Apollo who’s known for prophecy & oracle, healing, music, poetry & archery. This gorgeous piece of art that’s sculpted with intricate detailing is perfect as a housewarming gift or a gift on a special occasion for those who enjoy Greek Mythology perhaps and love bits of artistic nuances in their life! Made in ceramic, the Greco Roman Apollo Mug is priced at Rs.799 and can hold a liquid capacity of 580ml, measuring 14 x 8 x 12cm. You can purchase in bigsmall.in.

Bonus Tip: Creative Ideas for Coffee Mug-Gifts

There are all sorts of coffee drinkers, some are casual with preference for a light and refreshing breakfast blend to some who are serious cup lingers, particular about every characteristic and note in each sip! Since no coffee drink is the same, how can a gift be the same for them?

  • For instance, for a science geek who’d enjoy some cool looks whilst enjoying an interesting conversation, a caffeine molecule necklace would be perfect.
  • For a writer who enjoys coffee close at hand, a coffee-themed pencil would make for an inspiring and quirky gift!
  • Any true coffee aficionado would love coffee art that borders on obsession, a shadow box with coffee beans inside and text that says, break in case of emergency would be witty and useful.
  • Perfect for a teenager, construction worker or anyone who’d enjoy a quirky-cool side of a hot cup of coffee would love the Lego Coffee Mug that lets them play with their coffee and have it too!
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Size Matters

There is nothing wrong with giving mugs, but if you’re all about making the perfect cup of coffee, you may want to consider the size most in choosing the best coffee mug. Each coffee drinkers have different preferences when it comes to choosing mugs. Some of us preferred large mugs over small coffee mugs. Large mugs are for those people who drink coffee one after the other, some coffee drinkers like the medium size of mugs and others like it small just enough coffee shot to start up their day.