Choosing a Gift for Highly Functional People? Give Them a Coffee Related Gift in 2019

Choosing a Gift for Highly Functional People? Give Them a Coffee Related Gift in 2019


Coffee is an important part of our lives. Besides kick-starting our mornings, it ensures we function efficiently through the daily jargon. If you are planning a gift for your loved ones, and they happen to be coffee lovers, you are in for a treat. In this piece, we discuss some of the best coffee gifts you can give your loved ones, along with different types of coffees available.

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How to Pick the Best Coffee Gift?

Know the Occasion/Purpose

Before buying a coffee-related gift for your loved ones or your boss or even friends, make sure to know the purpose. Of course, you won’t be giving a coffee gift on someone’s wedding. This is more suitable for intimate occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, or festive occasions like Christmas or Diwali.

Prefer Baskets Over Single Gifts


As we always say that whenever you are giving a gift, always make it count. Giving a basket is a better choice than giving a single gift. Also, you can prepare one on your own too as it is no big deal these days.

Choose Exotic and Personalized Items

There are various types of coffees out there. So, if you are giving it to a special person then choose the exotic type of coffees for them like the Death Wish Coffee. You can also personalize the gift.

It Doesn't Always Have to be Something Edible

Some of the best coffee gifts out there aren’t the edible ones. So, rather than just looking at coffee only, you can explore other options which are related to coffee.

10 Awesome Coffee Related Gifts for Your Precious Friends

Unique Coffee and Conversations Gift Hamper

If you are looking for a premium gift basket for coffee lovers then you should consider this one here. This special Coffee and Conversation gift basket comprises of lots of interesting items which any coffee lover would like to try.

This hamper is handcrafted and loaded with finest ingredients and goodies for a coffee lover. The wooden hamper here contains Coffee mug with in-built cookie holder, 4 stencils for coffee art, coffee beans in jute bag, coffee times newspaper which can be personalized with picture and article, two coasters and strong and light coffee powder.

Isn’t it like the ultimate coffee delight dream for someone who just can’t make it through a day without their coffee? You can also buy one for your loved ones from for Rs. 2,220

Travel Friendly Thermos Vaccum Cup


Anyone who loves coffee knows it so well that how the temperature affects its taste. And by giving this creative and travel-friendly thermos cup to them, you will be giving them the best gift ever.

So, the creative design can fool anyone into thinking that it is a regular ordinary cup and this is what makes it so special. This thermos vacuum cup is available in beige colour and can store 300ml of any beverage in it.

It is made out of Environmental Plastic and available in various colours too. The interesting lid type design keeps it leak proof and maintains the temperature of the beverage inside very well. It is lightweight and easy to carry inside a bag. You can buy it online on for Rs. 1,437

Holidays Coffee Collection Gift Pack


The coffee-related gift is the best option you can pick for holidays. If you are being invited to someone’s house for dinner in holidays then you can take this coffee hamper along with you to give as a hospitality gift.

This hamper contains various coffee-related products like Cinnamon roll, French Vanilla Medium Ground Coffee, Spiced Rum, Maple Syrup and Gingerbread.

Well, all of these items are Holiday essentials that anyone would love to receive. Talking about the coffee in particular then it is of the best quality and available in 100gms packaging. All these items are carefully packed in a nice box so you won’t have to make any additional efforts on your own. This wholesome coffee holiday pack is available for purchase on for Rs. 850

The Sweet Tooth Combo with Coffee


Keep the celebrations going on with another interesting gift pack based on the coffee theme. We decided to name it The Sweet Tooth Combo with Coffee and you will get to know why.

This interesting combo comprises of some amazing products like assorted truffles, coffee mug, 2 piece chocolate brownie, bamboo box and Bru Gold Coffee. This box fulfills your dream of enjoying some brownies with freshly brewed coffee in a dark cozy winter night with your family.

You simply can’t hold back when you are getting these many interesting products in a single pack. You will also love the exclusive bamboo box packaging, which looks quite pretty and add aesthetics to the whole hamper. This super delicious combo is available for purchase on for Rs. 1,500

Coffee Maker Machine


What is the point of having the best quality coffee beans if you can’t make a nice cup of coffee out of it. No matter how hard we try, we can’t compete with a coffee machine and this is why we thought of mentioning one for your coffee lover friend.

This is Koryo Coffee Maker with 6L capacity and available in black colour. It comes with swing filter holder which is totally removable and hence easy to clean.

If you want a quick cup of coffee then this coffee maker is here to help. The best thing about this coffee maker is that you can pause the brewing while pouring the coffee in the mug which provides smoother functionality. You also get 1 year of warranty on this product. This coffee maker is available for purchase on for Rs. 1,199

Assorted Flavor Coffee Gift Box

What if you get to drink a new type of coffee every single day? Well, it is no less than a dream for every coffee lover and hence we found the perfect coffee-related gift for them. This is an assorted flavour box which comes with single-serve sachets of different flavours of coffee.

And guess what, you get 50 such sachets in this box. Isn’t it like the best thing ever? Even the packaging of this box is phenomenal and you get all of these sachets without added sugar to keep the true flavours intact.

From Lattes to Macchiato and Frappes, you can make it all with these sachets and you get to enjoy fresh flavours every single time too. You can buy this Country Beans Assorted Flavor Box on for Rs. 595

Self Stirring Coffee Mug


A self-stirring mug is what you need to keep the essence of your coffee intact. So, we have this unique stainless steel coffee mixing cup for you. It is made out of good quality stainless steel material and has the capacity of 390ml.

You would be glad to know that this cup comes with a snap-lock lid too so you spill nothing and it also helps in maintaining the temperature of your drink too.

The self-stirring process ensures that no odd flavours are generated in your cup of coffee and it remains perfect as it was when you made it. You need two AAA size batteries to operate this device and it can be turned on and off through a button given on the base. It is portable and perfect for that great coffee you want every time. You can buy it on for Rs. 349

Manual Coffee Grinder


The people who know all about coffee tend to focus more on technicalities of beans and roasting process rather than packaging. And we managed to find one of the best gifts for coffee snobs like these.
Those who know how to make a perfect cup of coffee say that nothing can beat the freshly ground coffee powder. And this manual coffee grinder is perfect for them. The portable hand grinder comes in stainless steel design which comes with adjustable grind selector.

You get to choose from 18 click settings which provides you total control over the precision of the process. The stainless steel used for crafting this grinder is durable and it is super easy to use too. It can be completely disassembled which provides an efficient and complete cleaning. You can order it online on for Rs. 699

Portable Espresso Mini Coffee Maker

A portable Espresso Maker is like a dream come true for people who crave for that perfect cup of coffee outdoors. It is called Mixpresso and it is a manually operated portable Espresso Maker. The fact that It is quite compact, makes it perfect for making coffee on the go no matter where you are going.

You can call it a mini espresso machine which is compatible with Nespresso Pods too. You can use coffee capsules, pods or any company you like with it.

You do not even need any electricity or batteries as it is manually operated. It is lightweight, small and compact and acquires very less space. It is operated with the help of a pumping system inside which makes a thick layer of cream with a good cup of Espresso for you. You can buy it on for Rs. 1,658

Coffee Skin Care Gift Pack

Last but not least, we have a rather unusual gift to suggest which surely has the essence of coffee but it is way different from any other gift mentioned above. Provided by MCaffein, this is a skincare gift pack where all the products are made out of 100% Arabia Coffee beans for you.

The formula of mixing coffee with other ingredients works amazing for the skin and you can check that in the reviews section on your own.

The Gift Set here contains Coffee face wash, Coffee face scrub, Coffee body scrub, Coffee face mask and a spatula. They all come packed in a nice box which is another bonus thing here. They have used all natural ingredients with coffee like coconut oil to make sure nothing harms your skin at all. You can buy it on for Rs. 1,675

Know How to Choose a Good Quality of Coffee

If you are planning to buy some gifts for coffee drinkers then start by simply making them a perfect cup of coffee. But before that, you need to learn to make one and hence you need the best quality coffee beans for it.

Well, it is not a simple thing to find the best coffee out there. So, we are here to help. There are broadly two types of coffee beans called Arabica and Robusta. While Arabica is more acidic and smooth in taste, Robusta is bitter. It highly depends upon your choice that what kind of taste you want in your coffee.

Roasting also affects the flavour of the coffee beans. You should know that the lightly roasted beans have the highest levels of caffeine in them. So, choose according to your caffeine preference. Always buy roasted coffee beans from respected sellers and also make sure that you buy freshly roasted beans only. The roast date is always mentioned on the package. So, these are the few tips that will help you in finding the best coffee beans out there.

Given below are the different types of Coffee available in the market:


Espresso is by far the most consumed as well as the most popular type of coffee. It originated from Italy and made way into the commercial market in the 1950s. Espresso is made after brewing the beans of coffee for a long time and hence the aroma and taste is quite strong as compared to other types of coffees. What is even more intriguing is that 50 coffee beans are required to make 1 shot of espresso.


Next, we have is Macchiato which is again from Italy which is considered to be healthy too. This coffee maintains your blood pressure. It is primarily made out of Espresso but you need to add the steamed milk on top of Espresso in 4:1 ratio to create this amazingly delicious coffee. We highly recommend you to use a coffeemaker for this.


Thinking about the more coffee-related gift, then you can make a cup of cappuccino for your loved ones this time. Originating from Italy again, this coffee came into existence a bit late. Cappuccino is popular for having the thick velvety foam on top of it, which brings out the best taste.


Americano, as the name says, finds its origin from Latin America in the 1970s. Americano is made out of Espresso by using its single or double shots in the water, according to the taste. It is mostly water but the brewed Espresso brings out great flavour in it. No milk is added to this coffee which serves as the classic way to prepare an Americano.

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Give Your Caffeine Junkie Friends Some of the Best Coffee Related Gifts in 2019

These coffee tips would have brought out the coffee lover inside you. We suggest you take a look at these gifts and make your loved ones smile with these unique coffee-related gifts this year.