Earnestly Searching for Corporate Gifts for Companies? Here Are 10 Mind-Blowing Gifts Best Suited for Corporate Entities or Companies (2019)

Earnestly Searching for Corporate Gifts for Companies? Here Are 10 Mind-Blowing Gifts Best Suited for Corporate Entities or Companies (2019)

Corporate gifts for companies are in a different realm of gift giving. Whilst being a corporate gift, this type of gift is mostly in large scale and many factors come into play. Tips such as checking the track record of the gift company, range of products and pricing as well as branding and delivery options will help in figuring out how to carry out the objective, if you are the gift giver.

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Importance of Corporate Gifting

Gifting is a very important feature of corporate culture as they are used to affirm relationships and for enhancing the relationship between a customer and a client. These corporate gifts are used to increase business activity and are a great way to show your appreciation towards clients. Corporate gifts ensure a good return on investment and establish a legacy. As specified earlier, corporate gifting is an art as it incorporates numerous features such as adding a personal touch, customising it based on a customer’s requirement and incorporate expert advice.

Setting Out to Buy Corporate Gifts? Here's What You Must Pay Attention to

Check the Track Record of the Gift Company

Numerous companies refrain from providing incentives to avoid unnecessary issues such as favouritism and eliminate complex competition. Each corporate company allocates a fixed budget to be spent on corporate gifts. These gifts are a way to recognize employees and a client’s accomplishments. Corporate gifts are ordered in bulk as the sellers provide attractive discounts when acquired in bulk. Before placing an order, the company has to ensure that the seller is reputed and has a good brand value. The seller should boast of an attractive track record and excellent feedback to ensure good service and better return on investment. The seller authenticity ensures your gift possess a personal touch. The seller must provide a customised range of gift items with assured quality at attractive prices.

Check the Range of Products And Pricing

Choosing the best corporate gift to attract potential clients can be a tedious task as there a wide range of products to choose from. For small scale companies, it is a good option to choose gifts from retail catalogs and in-store purchases. These stores provide a personalised booking experience as handling the gifting process can become tedious as date approaches. If you are an established company, the gift can be acquired directly from the manufacturers, initiate talk with incentive representatives or opt for professional gifting services to experience a hassle free gifting experience that is taken care of by experts. Nowadays, many business organization opts to give their clients carefully curated gift boxes and customised gift baskets.

Delivery And Branding Options

Branding is the most important aspect of corporate culture and ensures the survival of the business and is applicable for all categories – large, small, retail or B2B. An effective branding strategy provides the company with a major edge in the competitive market. Branding provides an identity to a company in the marketplace and makes the product standout amidst its competitors. Branding can be carried out by printing logos, design, packaging, special messages, and descriptions. In addition to branding, the delivery mechanism also occupies a place of great importance in corporate gifting. Prompt delivery to the client before a stipulated date ensures commitment towards your client.

Best Corporate Gifts

1. Hot & Cold Flask

Corporate gifts are a perfect way to build a brand image and to reinforce the identity to its employees and clients. Corporate companies can reinforce their brand identity by gifting their clients and associates with a customized hot and cold flask. This versatile flask is capable of holding 400ml of liquid and comes in varying colors such as grey, black and blue. The versatile bottle is the perfect portable gift for carrying hot liquids and cold liquids as well. The sleek body and spill proof cap ensure that there is no leakage while carrying. The bottle is a perfect accessory for sporting activities like gymming, cycling, and running. The bottle can be custom printed with your company’s logo and brand name to ensure you have a wider reach. The customised flask bottle can be purchased for Rs.599 from Xtend Gifting.

2. Credit Card Pendrive

A pen drive is an essential tool for storing data as many of us are on the move constantly. This small storage device ensures that all required presentations, reports and data’s are stored in a safe place and easily accessible when the time arises. This card pen drive resembles a credit card and can be easily carried in an individual’s pocket. This ensures that the pen drive is always available for transferring data and storing from tablets and laptops.

The card pen drive is made of high-quality flexible plastic making it resistant to wear and tear. The pen drive features high functional efficiency, optimal durability, and compact design making it the best corporate gifting choice for your clients and employees. Furthermore, you can promote your brand by printing your brand name and logo on the merchandise. This sleek flash drive can be purchased for Rs.350 per piece from Ether Gifts making it an affordable yet a stunning corporate gift.

3. Desk Stand with Clock

The clock is an essential device for efficient time management and to keep track of all tasks. Gift your clients a desk stand with an inbuilt clock that can be used to store essential stationery such as pens and pencils. The sleek clock keeps track of one’s time and ensures that deadlines are met in a timely manner. The piece of a gift is the best corporate gifting item that can be presented to potential clients and associates.

This versatile desk stands with the clock can be customized with a brand logo or a customized message to ensure that the product provides a personal touch. The customer can opt for various branding techniques such as digital UV printing, silk screen printing, laser engraving, and embossing. This elegant and unique decorative gift desktop article retails for Rs.455 per piece from Branded Corporate Gift.

4. Executive Gift Set

Rather than gifting a single product, a company can opt to gift their clients and associates with an executive gift set. This majestic gift set comprises of a cardholder, a desk clock, a pen, a key holder and a mini photo frame. The cardholder comes in an elegant leather finish with a metal clip and can be used for storing credit and debit cards. The key holder can be used to hold and organise essential keys that can be looped to the belt. The compact desktop clock comes in a sleek elegant black finish.

The turn pen comes with black and smooth metallic finish is sleek and a great addition to one’s shirt pocket. The small photo frame can be used to display pictures of your loved ones. Finally, all these individual gift items are elegantly arranged in a gift box. The company’s brand name and brand logo can be imprinted on the gift to ensure your brand has a wider reach. The Executive gift set can be purchased for Rs.770 from Kesar Gift Mart.

5. Laptop Bag/Backpack

Source www.5by7.in

A laptop is an essential commodity when it comes to a corporate company and every employee working in an organization cannot do without it. A laptop bag is essentially used to store one’s laptop, charger and various tech gadgets in a single place for easy accessibility and portability. The polyester briefcase backpack comes in black colour with a shiny finish. The black backpack is a classic accessory and comprises of a compact design with a clean style. The bag is made of polyester which ensures that it has a durable design and provides protection against wear and tear.

The bag features two large compartments that can be used for storage. The bag boasts of padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel that offers enhanced comfort. The bag is capable of storing a 15-inch laptop and a discreet zip pocket for easier access. The laptop bag can be customized using a single color print or a double color print. The backpack can be purchased for Rs.995 per piece from 5 By 7.

6. Personalised Power Bank

A power bank is considered as a great invention in the electronics industry. It is popular among everyone and is beneficial for charging various electronics gadgets during travel or in the absence of a power source. The portable power bank is a perfect corporate gift for clients who are on the move and can be used to charge their electronic gadgets whenever required. The power bank is a portable device and comprises of sleek design that can be carried along with ease.

The Syska Power Pro 100 power bank is capable of providing a 10,000 mAh capacity. The power bank consists of a dual USB charging port that can be used to charge two electronic gadgets simultaneously. The power bank can be charged via a triple input facility such as micro USB, USB-C or lightning power source. It also comprises of a soft switch power button and is powered by Lithium-Polymer. The portable power bank weighs a mere 215 grams and can be customized with your company’s logo.

The custom power bank is the best corporate promotional gift for your clients and associates. The power bank can be purchased for Rs.1,080 per piece and can be used purchased from Branded Corporate Gift.

7. Personalised Planners

Planners are the best way to stay organized and to keep track of all your appointments. A paper planner is an effective visual tool for jotting down notes, creating to-do lists, and ideas that occur in the fly. Moreover, planners are the most preferred corporate gifts preferred by companies each year. The Hustle II box planner set is the perfect gift for promotional and corporate events. The planner box consists of essential items like gold binder clips for organizing papers and notes, a multi-purpose denim pouch with 5 motivational pencils, a cool dice pen/ pencil holder to organize your workspace, a weekly planner and a sleek ceramic mug to unwind with a refreshing cup of coffee.

The box also comprises of chocolate bar that serves as a perfect sweet treat and also a to-do list. Regardless of whether it is used for personal use or business use, being organized is the way towards a productive day. All essential items are preserved inside a box that is carefully curated and hand-wrapped with a personalized message. The planner box can be purchased for Rs.2,800 from the Style Salad.

8. Customised Mugs

If you are trying to boost your business opportunities gifting personalized coffee mugs can be a safe bet. A personalized coffee mug that is imprinted with a company’s logo and the tagline is an attractive, efficient and a functional way to increase your brand value. The coffee mug comes with a uniquely glazed finish and quirky designs. When a client is gifted with a coffee mug, the business gets an added benefit of getting a long-term exposure for a long time.

Moreover, they also double as a perfectly thoughtful gift to a client to ensure that your partnership is strong. The coffee mugs come in various colours such as red, blue or black with a custom printed design. These quirkily printed coffee mugs are versatile, as they can be used at home or in the office for drinking purposes. It can also further double up as a vase and a penholder. The mug comes with a tailor-made message and can be purchased for Rs.250 from Xtend Gifting.

9. Customised Hoodies

Source www.5by7.in

Branded workwear is increasingly becoming popular each day and makes a very good investment. It stands out from the crowd and is very essential for business growth. The hoodies are custom designed and tailored for business accountability and to provide a sense of accountability. The windcheater jacket is a unisex design that can be worn by both men and women. The windcheater jacket is made of climacool polyester that consists of a dry wicking technology for moisture management.

The black and grey combination comprises of pockets on each side and a front zipper the jacket is designed to offer all-around protection with full sleeves and front zip closure. The jacket is lightweight and used as a corporate outfit for team events and outings. The customized hoodie jacket can be purchased for Rs.2,199 per unit from 5 By 7.

10. Gift Vouchers

Source www.amazon.in

Advertising, promotional emails, coupons are a great way to promote your product and to grab a client’s attention. These gift vouchers are the best way to motivate a client to choose your product. Adding a gift card is a marketing plan and a smart way to engage customers. The unlimited celebrations gift card is valid in Unlimited & Megamart stores of Arvind. The various promotions, events, and special conditions are applicable to be redeemed for this gift card. The unlimited celebrations gift card can be redeemed multiple times till balance gets exhausted. The gift card can be purchased for Rs.3,000 from Amazon.

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