10 Coffee Gift Sets to Set a Caffeine Lover's Heart Aflutter! Also Read Tips on How to Make the Perfect Brew and the Best Coffee Brands in India (2019)

10 Coffee Gift Sets to Set a Caffeine Lover's Heart Aflutter! Also Read Tips on How to Make the Perfect Brew and the Best Coffee Brands in India (2019)

This article has all kinds of gifts that you can get for your caffeine loving friend. Starting from different kinds of coffee, to different kinds of coffee makers and presses, this list has everything. We also have some great Indian coffee brands you can consider. Read on to find out the perfect gift for your friend.

The Perfect Gift for that Caffeine Lover!

Tea might be the favourite hot beverage, but coffee is an emotion. A coffee lover will always be faithful to the truest of all flavours. Coffee drinkers are a completely different genre of human beings, they run more on caffeine than on food. All of us know someone who is an ardent fan of coffee and these souls deserve the best, as for we all know that coffee is an absolutely mesmerising beverage.

If you ever recognize someone’s love for caffeine, then the perfect gift for them would be something related to this beverage. Caffeine drinkers are proven lovers of anything related to coffee, and appreciation of this fact is the perfect gift for these people. Here at BP Guide, we will guide you to find your perfect gift for your favourite coffee lover.

The Coffee Story

The story of coffee is age old. A goat herder Kaldi, once recognized that his goats refuse to sleep, or rest after consuming certain berries while grazing. The herder shared this discovery with the abbot of the local monastery. He made a drink with these berries and realised that he could focus better and felt less sleepy during the long prayers. The abbot shared this secret with the other monks and the words spread all over about the magical beans. This is how the beans reached the Arabs, and from there to the entire world. Such an intriguing story for just a beverage.

Health Benefits and Risks of Coffee


  • Coffee has been found to help with diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, liver diseases, Parkinson’s Disease, liver cancer and Alzheimer’s.
  • Coffee consuming people are found to have a healthier heart to non-coffee drinkers.
  • Coffee is rich in antioxidants that destroy the free radicals causing damage to our body.
  • Coffee helps fight obesity, improves attentiveness and concentration, and also keeps the drinker active.


  • Too much coffee is bad for health, and using coffee beans of low quality can end up giving you a headache instead of relieving one.
  • Too much coffee is bad during pregnancy, and consumption of lots of coffee may lead to Gastroesophageal reflux disease.
  • Coffee can cause anxiety, affect mental health and also cause sleep deprivation.

Types of Coffee Drinkers

Coffee drinkers come in a huge variety. Some could be espresso lovers, who chug down shots of espresso, where some are just the social drinker, who just drink for company. Some love to experiment with their coffee and some are absolute addicts. Some are lover of coffee beans, where some are fans of fancy Frappuccinos. Some are instant drinkers with lots of texture, while some like it sugary. But whichever type the drinker may be, coffee is always BAE!

How to Find the Perfect Coffee Gift Set

Finding the perfect coffee gift set is not as easy as it seems. Coffee users are bound to have all the necessary accessories they need for their daily dose of caffeine. Our ultimate motive should be to stand out of these regular options. Standing out does not mean buy things they don’t have, but purchasing this that they would adore and cherish; things that are unique and exceptionally triggering. The budget could be a little on the higher side, but we assure you that the investment is totally worth it, as most of these things apart from the coffee beans, are going to last a very long time. Lastly, make sure to buy, branded sought after products, that are approved by other coffee fanatics. This would greatly reduce the margin of error.

Our Pick of the Top Ten Coffee Gift Sets (2019)

BP Guide is here to guide you to get your best coffee themed or coffee gift for loved ones. We have gone through an array of options and shortlisted these ten wonderful options. We are sure that every soul loyal to caffeine would flutter on receiving these.

Porcelain Coffee Mug Set

Exquisite drinks deserve to be enjoyed in their most graceful form, and here by exquisite drink, our clear indication is to coffee. Gifting a coffee mug might seem cliched and pretty boring. But this is not just any coffee cup. This is elegance with the smell of caffeine whiffing off it.

The Merge Coffee Set from the exclusive collection of crateandbarrel.com is nothing short of love at first sight. The set comes with a pure white porcelain mug, a pitcher and a bowl. The creamer is streamlined, the sugar holder lidded and the lid of the coffee cup acts as a makeshift coaster. The creamer and sugar pot are seated in a snug fit wooden tray and the entire set is given a thoughtful and modern minimalistic outlook. The combination of white porcelain and wood strikes at all the right notes and getting their hand on this beautiful set would make any coffee lover sigh in awe. This lovely set is available at Rs.1,896, and this would make the perfect gifting option.

Flavoured Coffee Hamper

Hampers and goodies make everyone jump around with joy, and for a coffee lover no hamper would be more exciting than a proper coffee hamper. These hampers are the perfect gift for any occasion, be it a random party, or a get together, or just a way to show your love appreciation.

The Tariero Artisan Roastery Love for Coffee Gift Box from amazon.in is a great choice. The hamper box has four flavours of freshly-roasted coffee weighing 75 grams each. The coffee beans are medium ground, and is a great choice for fitness freaks, as it is sugar free, kosher free and most importantly gluten free. The flavours include Choco Fudge, French Vanilla, Snickerdoodle and cinnamon, and this coffee is perfect for an aromatic drip, stove top or even a Mocha pot. Priced at just Rs.675, this coffee hamper is a great budget friendly way to show love to your dear ones.

French Press

Every true coffee drinker for sure will be a fan of the French Press, as this is the simplest and the most exceptional brewing technique that preserves all the essential oils and true flavours of the coffee beans. A single serve French Press would prove to be a great gift for any coffee drinker and we have found the perfect French Press for you.

The Hario Cafe Press Slim from indianbean.co is the finest micro French press, that any coffee lover would love to own. The capacity of this French press is just 260ml, thus making it the perfect for anyone who loves just a single mug of French press coffee and not the bitter large brew. Also, the brewing process is incredibly simple in this French press, without compromising on the taste. Coffee made in a French press comes full flavoured, and all you have to do is add in 15 grams of coarsely grained beans with 250 ml boiling water. After one minute, press down crust formed to seep in the flavours from the grounds and after four minutes, pour and enjoy after pushing down the plunger. Made of durable heat resistant BPA-free plastic, silicone and stainless-steel mesh; this French press is sure to last you decades. This French Press is price at Rs.1,990.

Blood Sugar Control - Coffee

We have already told you the health benefits of coffee, but what if we tell you coffee can be medicinal? Interesting right? This coffee is a health supplement beverage that controls blood sugar levels, and how!
The I-coffee Blood Sugar Coffee from Indus viva is a magical product made from highest quality coffee beans brought in from Coorg area of Karnataka. The magic ingredient providing the blood sugar control is Salacia reticulate. SALCITAL is a clinically proven herbal ingredient from the said Salacia reticulata which is added along with other active extracts of various herbs. These ingredients are skillfully added to coffee without compromising on taste and quality. I-coffee maintains healthy blood sugar levels, thereby controlling diabetes and obesity related conditions. It improves metabolic health and is also rich in anti-oxidants. The Indus Viva I-coffee comes in a pack of 50 sachets which is available on goteddy.in for Rs.2,997.50. I-coffee comes in black and creamer varieties.

Coffee Skincare Kit

Time to find the perfect gift for a coffee lover who is also a skin care fanatic. Coffee is not just for consumption, but also skin care; as the healthcare benefits are not just internal, but also external. The Coffee Skincare Kit is a flawless gift that is sure to emphasise the special connection you have with your loved ones.

The MCaffeine Coffee Moment Skin Care Gift Kit from the Naked and Raw Coffee range is a bold and young gifting choice. The Coffee Moment Skin Care Kit is all about the passion of fine coffee that blends with the skin for a whole new experience of exfoliation, cleanliness and revival. It comes with three products. Firstly, a Coffee Body Scrub with coconut to get rid of dead skin and to open up pores to let the skin breathe. The scrub also nourishes the skin with its lovely nutrients. Secondly, a Coffee Face Wash with White Water Lily. It helps get rid of the unwanted oil and dirt to rejuvenate the skin, to bring back the natural lustre of the skin. The face wash is also loaded with antioxidants and water lily extracts that clears dark spots. The Final product is a Coffee Face Scrub with Vitamin E that gently cleanses and revitalises the skin. The scrubs also help get rid of cellulite for a youthful look. Following this skin-care regime will for sure help keep skin youthful and glowing. The gift set suits all skin types and is free from harmful chemicals. The gift kit is priced at Rs.1,295 on Nykaa.

Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

If you wish to go all in with the gifting, then an Espresso and Cappuccino maker would be the perfect gifting option. This is an elegant addition to the Kitchen, and is sure to make every coffee drinker happy as after this gift espressos and cappuccinos need not wait till the next café visit.

Morphy Richards New Europa 800-Watt Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker from amazon.in is an exceptional gifting choice. The Morphy Richards coffee maker makes espresso, cappuccino and latte coffee. On one go 4 cups of coffee can be made. For added personalisation, there is a steam and coffee strength selector on the maker. Operating at 800 watts, this coffee maker has an inbuilt overheat protection for safety that protects it from any kind of malfunction. The removable drip tray makes cleaning an easy process. This coffee maker is priced at Rs.4,224.

Travel Mug

For that workaholic friend, who solely runs on shots of coffee, gift a stylish travel mug. This would ensure that coffee stays with them every hour, and the sips shouldn’t have to wait. Be it hot or cold, coffee remains at an arm's distance.

The MENZY Country Classic Sports and Travel Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Hot and Cold Tea Coffee Mug from amazon.in is a golden yellow, metallic finish holder with a 500ml capacity. The sipper mug is a cool slim tumbler designed to carry your favourite beverage. The double walled vacuum insulated body of the mug is made with sturdy stainless steel, making it extremely durable. The vacuum-seal cap adds to the effective insulation. The mug is indestructible and scratch resistant. The mouth friendly easy sip lid and threaded screw, mouth closure is wide enough for effective cleaning and maintenance of hygiene. The travel mug is priced at Rs.649.

South Indian Filter Coffee Kit

A coffee lover will undoubtedly be a South Indian Filter Coffee Lover. There is absolutely no doubting that. The refreshing aroma, strong taste and brew of the filter coffee is unmatched for, and if served in the tiny steel or brass tumbler, it can give any espresso a run for its money.

So, this gifting season pamper your coffee lover by gifting the South Indian Filter coffee kit from flyingsquirrel.in. The kit comes with the Flying squirrel Parama blend coffee, the authentic South Indian coffee filter and a brass tumbler and saucer set. This kit can instantly bring the flavours of South India to a kitchen. The strength of the South Indian authentic filter kappi is sure to refresh the mind body and soul. Also, the south Indian filter kappi is one taste that fits every palate. The Filter coffee kit is available at the price of Rs.1,600 from the own website of flying Squirrel Coffee.

Chocolate Gift Pack

If you ask us, we would say all good things start with the letter ‘C’, and by good things, we mean Coffee and Chocolate. These two are god sent flavours to grace our taste buds. They are addictive, taste amazing, great for health, make everything better, and the list goes on. But coming to think of it, these flavours together taste heavenly, and what better gift than chocolates.

This time gift your loved ones the Zevic Roasted Almond n Coffee Beans Chocolate Gift Pack. The gift pack contains two Stevia Chocolate with roasted almonds, and two Stevia Chocolate with Roasted Coffee Beans, all four of them weighing around 40 grams each. These chocolate bars contain zero added sugar and have the most captivating blend of roasted coffee beans and almonds made with delicious handpicked Belgian Cocoa. The sweetness is completely natural and from the stevia plant. This is the perfect gift for those who look forward to healthy indulgences. Grab your chocolate gift pack from fnp.com, and it is priced at Rs.670.

Luxury Coffee Gift Box

Coffee, however common, shall always remain an exotic beverage and it goes hand in hand with luxury. If we talk about coffee, we must also talk about the luxury coffee, and if you have a coffee lover around with expensive taste, what better presentation that a Luxury Coffee Gift box.

The TGL Co. Luxury Coffee Imperial Treasure Mint Coffee Gift Box from amazon.in is our favourite choice. It is a hundred percent vegetarian product in which the coffee beans are micro roasted for maximum flavour. The gift pack contains beans that are exclusively selected from Ethiopian, Brazil and India. These beans are carefully chosen and specially ground in-house to provide the freshest and most flavourful coffee experience. The box is priced at Rs.1,399.

Coffee Making Tips

Just finding the perfect coffee gift isn’t enough, one must know and pass on tips to make the yummiest coffee too. The tips are short and sweet, but extremely effective if used.

Firstly, you need to find consistency in your dairy, either use a proper dairy whitener, a thickened crème, or a trusted source of milk to always achieve the perfect taste. Secondly, while making black coffee, pour the boiling water into your coffee powder rather than the other way around being done while making tea, it greatly improves the aroma and locks in the authentic taste. Thirdly, to make the perfect café like coffee, first add a little cold milk to the coffee powder and sugar, and whisk it until you start getting the creamy aroma. Only after this pour in the rest of your milk. Fourthly, investing in a simple froth maker would help you achieve the perfect amount of froth every single time, without the effort. Lastly, choose your coffee beans and powder wisely. This is where the entire secret lies.

Best Coffee Brands in India

Now finally, lets step in an take a look at the best coffees available in India. If you are a true coffee lover, you must give these brands a try. Their variety blends, handpicked beans and unique taste will leave you mind blown.

Blue Tokai Coffee

Blue Tokai houses coffee beans assorted from all over India. The estates are specially maintained and the beans are roasted in-house. Blue Tokai Coffee gives Arabica coffee beans a new definition. The love and care put into each coffee bean is evident in the blend’s flavours. Get Blue Tokai Coffee from their official website bluetokaicoffee.com.

The Flying Squirrel Coffee

Flying squirrel is another state of art coffee brand. Each batch being sent to the customers are freshly roasted, ground and packed on order. Flying Squirrel gets most of its beans from its own estates in Coorg and processed carefully as required for each blend. Apart from leading websites, you can also purchase these from flyingsquirrel.in.

Lavazza Coffee

Last but, in no way the least, Lavazza coffee is a whole different genre of coffee. From capsules, to pods, to grounds to whole bean, Lavazza has you covered. Lavazza gives a more refined and smoother edge to your taste. The coffee has its robustness, interesting flavours and heartening aroma. Lavazza coffees are available on all leading shopping sites.

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Coffee Lover's Ecstasy

Get the perfect gift for your friend who loves coffee. If they have enough time and know how to brew their own coffee, it is best to get them their own coffee maker. If not, then getting them a coffee set or instant coffee would be a better choice. Make sure you know what kind of coffee they like before buying them something. Happy gifting!