15 Things to Bring Back from London, Besides All the Instagram Worthy Pictures! Here's a List of What to Buy, See and Eat in London (2019)

15 Things to Bring Back from London, Besides All the Instagram Worthy Pictures! Here's a List of What to Buy, See and Eat in London (2019)

Travelling to London and experiencing all it has to offer is a traveller's dream experience. It is a shopper's paradise and that confuses an amateur or a newbie even a pro traveller at times. That's why we put together a list of goods or gifts that you simply must buy. We have everything from souvenirs to cookies and coffee covered. Look through and take your inspiration.

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London is a Shopper's Paradise, Among Other Things

London, the capital of the United Kingdom is one of the most frequented European destinations in the world. People from various parts of the world throng to this old city, which has all kinds of modern and conventional charms. Needless to say that the experience which people have on visiting London cannot be put in words. You actually have to go to the city and feel it right there! Still, in an attempt to capture the essence of the city, people tend to purchase items which belong to London exclusively. These items can be bought as souvenirs for family and friends and for one’s own self as well. Every time you take a look at the items, you will be reminded of the excellent London trip, refreshing your memories.

Important Tips for Shopping in London

Shopping in London is one of the most favourite activities in which travellers and tourists love to indulge. However, there are chances of getting duped in many areas and hence it is important to be a bit careful. Here are some tips which might be useful:

  • Do some research – Before you head out for shopping in London, make sure that you do some research on the same. There are many tacky souvenir and tourist shops in Oxford Street and in and around Piccadilly Square. Refrain from buying souvenirs from here. At most, you can roam through the areas and have a fair idea of things to buy.

  • Act as a local – This is highly recommended when you go shopping in London. Act like a local person. Because once they understand that you are a traveller, they might increase the prices.

  • Bargain – You must have the skill of bargaining if you are shopping in London. You will be able to save quite a few pounds with your bargaining efforts.

  • Explore and then buy – Since there are abundant options for shopping in London, it is highly recommended to explore the city well and then purchase the items. You might get better products at much lower costs with this experiment.

15 Souvenirs to Buy from London

With globalization, everything is available everywhere now. But still, there is a certain appeal in procuring souvenirs exclusive to the places you visit. It has an appeal and a unique flavour that it lacks otherwise. Travellers and tourists coming to the city should make sure of collecting below-mentioned goods from London along with the excellent experience of exploring the place. These items can be presented as gifts to family and friends and can be kept as a keepsake too. Read on to know more.

Union Jack Souvenir

Take walks along the streets of Central London and you will find souvenir shops selling t-shirts, key chains, hats etc. with Union Jack emblazoned on them. These are probably one of the most commonly purchased gift items particularly if your kid wants to gift his friends in school and neighbourhood while narrating his London trip. You can purchase these items in bulk for reduced prices.

Prices of these souvenirs range from £1 - £8 or even more in some cases.

Umbrella from James Smith & Sons

London is a city with rain and fog. If the British weather did not cause you problems, your London trip would be considered incomplete. And an excellent solution to this problem is buying an umbrella from James Smith & Sons. Buying this umbrella means carrying a part of this city with you. This is a world famous umbrella shop in London and they are into making umbrellas and walking sticks since 1830. The shop has an authentic Victorian design. Along with protection from harsh weather, the umbrella is also a fashion accessory.

Prices of the umbrellas range from £17.46 to £354
Address: 53, New Oxford Street, London WC1A, 1BL, UK

Liberty London Scarf

Liberty is one of the most well-known departmental stores, located off Oxford Circus. The store is known for its iconic prints and fabrics. The beautiful architecture of the store deserves a special mention. Liberty London scarves are a must buy if you visit London. You will be amazed by the varieties in designs and patterns. There are also innumerable other kinds of things which you can purchase with iconic Liberty prints.

Liberty scarves are available from £70.00 to almost £545
Address: Regent Street, Soho, London W1B, 5AH, UK

Commemorative Pillbox

Source www.ebth.com

This pillbox is tastefully decorated and designed. In fact, it is a part of the collection of items from Buckingham Palace on occasion of the wedding of Prince William and Katherine Middleton in 2011. A special collection of this pillbox is available in the Buckingham Palace shops and they make excellent collectables and souvenir gifts. With a height of 1 inch and a diameter of 2.5 inches, the box comes with a removable lid. The initials of the couple are entwined in gold and silver with the royal coronet on the top. With excellent design and embellishment in gold and silver, this is a thoughtful souvenir and usually passes from one generation to the other.

Approximate price of this amazing piece of art ranges in £35.00 to £39
Address: Buckingham Palace

British Tea and Biscuit

Source news.sky.com

One of the best souvenirs to carry from London is tea and biscuits. The best place to get this is from Fortnum & Mason’s. Opened since 1707, this store sells best English biscuits, shortbread, crisp cookies etc. Once you taste the biscuits from the store, you would definitely like to have a collection of the same in your house. These can also act as excellent gifts for family and friends. Finest ingredients are used in the making of the biscuits and they are also shipped worldwide. They also have wide varieties of teas in bags or in loose form.

Prices of tea and biscuits depend on the varieties chosen.
Address: 18 Piccadilly, London, W1A, ER, UK

Harry Potter Merchandise

When you visit London and forget about Harry Potter, your trip remains incomplete. So make sure that you visit the land of Potter and collect some excellent memorabilia from there. You have to reach Kings Cross Station to Platform 9 ¾ and you will be able to move through the barriers to Hogwarts express. For choosing your preferred wand, you can walk through Olivanders or you can walk through the hallways. Harry Potter merchandise is available at reasonable rates at Primark. If you have time in hand, visit the Harry Potter Studio and collect as many merchandises you want at the best prices.

The prices of merchandise depend on items chosen.

House of Commons Notebook

Well, this gift sounds really interesting! How would it be if you can record and keep a track of your London visit in a House of Commons Notebook? That would make the whole thing authentic, right? If you did not know, these are the same notebooks which are used by the members of the Parliament in Britain. Along with the notebooks, there are also stationery items, diaries, pens etc. which you can purchase. In fact, you can purchase sets of the same. This is an excellent souvenir for people who are waiting for you back home.

These notebooks come in the range of £5 - £50.

Cadbury Chocolates

One of the biggest chocolate factories in the world is in London – Cadbury Chocolates. The whole thing started in a grocer’s shop, where chocolate and cocoa drinks were made by John Cadbury. The first plant of the chocolate factory started in 1831. Drinking chocolates and cocoa were initially made and the first bar of chocolate was made in 1875. Today Cadbury Chocolates are found in all parts of the world and loved by all. Thus visiting Cadbury Factory in London and buying delicious treats from the shop there is a must.

Depending on the kind and the weight of the packaging, prices vary.

Big Ben Souvenirs

Big Ben is one of the most prominent symbols which represent London. Originally the name Big Ben was attributed to the bell which sat at the top of Elizabeth Tower, but now Big Ben stands for the whole structure. Located on the north side of House of Parliament, Big Ben is a major tourist attraction in London. Big Ben souvenirs are very common in London and are available in wide varieties of heights, from miniature forms to tall ones. Choose the one that suits your tastes and budget.

Hat from Lock & Co. Hatters


Fashion statements in London are made with hats and umbrellas. If you are thinking of buying a hat, there is no better place than that of Lock & Co. Hatters. They are a London institution even since the 1600s. Initially, the shop only prepared hats for the finest families in England. However, now the store designs and makes hats in varying designs and styles for both men and women. Measurements are taken of the customer with a prior appointment so that the hat fits well. There are hats for regular wear and hats for special occasions in the store. Lock & Co. Hatters make baseball hats to Fedoras, beanies to berets and so on.

Prices of hats vary depending on the gender, occasion, material used, style etc.
Address: 6 St James St. St James’s London SW1A, 1EF, UK

Monmouth Coffee

People who love coffee will find some of the best variety at Monmouth Coffee Company. In 1978, they roasted coffee beans in the basement of their shop. From there, currently, they have three coffee houses in London. People from around the globe have appreciated the flavour and taste of coffee served here. The outlets generally have a long queue, but the wait is worth it. You can enjoy the kind of coffee you want right there and also order bagged beans, that you can carry with you. You can have small pouches of coffee beans made for gifting.

Harrods English Butterscotch Biscuits (Cookies)

These English Butterscotch Cookies are an exclusive gift and needless to say, are superbly yummy. The cookies are packed in a souvenir Harrods tin, which helps in easy transportation to near and far places without incurring any damage to the biscuits. Once the biscuits are finished, the tin can be used to store other things. The tin is a beauty in its own with Harrods name appearing on the body and on the lid. Finest ingredients are used in the making of the cookies including oats, cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, crunchy butterscotch chips etc. If you gift it to someone, they will remember for a lifetime.

Address: 87-135, Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7XL, UK

London Gin

It is a well-known fact that Londoners are extremely fond of their gin. What can be a better gift than micro-distillery gin? There are innumerable distilleries, which you can explore while in London. While some of them are right in the city, some of them are in the outskirts of the main city. Some of the most popular places in London include the likes of Half Hitch Gin, Fifty-Eight, City of London Dry Gin, SW4 London Dry Gin Batch 47 etc. Bring a few bottles of classic gin home and throw a cosy party for enjoying the same. Your friends will surely appreciate it.

Sherlock Holmes Souvenirs

If you are looking for classic London souvenir, you cannot miss Sherlock Holmes in any way. The master detective with his able friend Dr Watson was the creation of none other than the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes had a unique style of investigation and solved some of the toughest cases. The Edwardian gentleman came with his own style and mannerisms, which are inimitable and beyond time. Visit Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B, Baker Street and collect memorabilia of your choice from books to key chains to pipes and so on.

Address: Baker Street, London

Jo Malone Scents and Candles

Jo Malone is a British scented candle and perfumes brand. It also deals with room scents and various bath products. There are innumerable shops of the brand all over London and most departmental stores have collections from this brand. All these items make excellent gifts for family and friends at home. There are also stores of this brand at the airport so you can buy them at the last moment as well.

There's Enough Variety to Satisfy Every Taste

The best thing about shopping in London for souvenirs, gifts or keepsakes is in its variety. You can choose from a wide array of products, which come with a typical and exclusive London flavour. The items are available according to your budget permits as well. If you want to purchase classy and branded items, there are exclusive stores for that. Again if you are a little low on the budget, you can purchase things from general stores where the prices are reasonable. However, while making a plan for a London visit, it is important to keep a budget aside for shopping and souvenir purchasing. Because coming back from London without a souvenir is simply not done!

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Curb Your Shopping Enthusiasm for the Sake of Budget

London is one of the most desired shopping destinations in the world. Luxury or thrifty, whatever it is you can find something to your heart's content. But make sure you know where to purchase. It is easier to fall in love with the brands and spend all your money on them. But you can also get the same in stores like Primark. (Primark is a treasure trove once you start to dig in). While you will definitely have a tendency to keep an eye on the budget, be sure to put aside some for souvenir shopping. It need not be much; Like we said you can purchase souvenirs at all price ranges.