Planning a Trip to Europe? Choose from the 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2019 - Find A few Hidden Gems Amid the Usual Suspects!

Planning a Trip to Europe? Choose from the 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in 2019 - Find A few Hidden Gems Amid the Usual Suspects!

Scenic views, exotic masterpieces, luxury brands and lip-smacking cuisines are some of the reasons why people choose Europe as their travel destination. And Europe doesn't disappoint! Choose from these amazing European cities and make your trip more exciting!

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Europe On Your Mind?

Travelling to Europe is like a dream come true for thousands of Indians. Many of us have to save for quite some time to be able to afford a trip to this fascinating continent. The perfect amalgamation of scenic destinations, snow-covered mountain peaks, clear blue oceans, mysterious castles, ultra-modern lifestyles, high-end brands and world fashion, Europe can take anyone into a complete frenzy.

There are many Indians who try to cover one country or city at a time, while there are some who prefer getting a glimpse and taste of the entire Europe in just one trip. God knows whether they will get this chance again or not, the first timers to Europe often plan a long trip of around 15 to 20 days covering the best places in Europe. If you too are planning your trip to Europe in 2019 and are wondering how to plan your itinerary, then we have shortlisted the 10 best places to visit in Europe, which will surely make your trip memorable.

A Well Planned Itinerary = A Well Executed Trip

The list of places you must visit in Europe can be endless, depending upon your preferences for scenic landscapes, historic wonders, turquoise beaches, world fashion, shopping on high-end brands or the never-ending night life of London. While planning for itinerary for 10 best places to visit in Europe, it is quite helpful to sit with the map of the huge continent and chalk out all the countries you want to cover.

Each country has more than 2 to 3 cities which are tourist destinations and you will have to decide which one to give preference, over the other. This way, you can plan a list of 10 cities in Europe, which almost cover up everything. While planning your itinerary, you also have to consider the travel time and distances from one city to another. It makes sense to go clockwise or anticlockwise covering and conquering a huge of land bit by bit.

Best European Cities to Visit This Year

While we do call Europe as one continent, it is a huge sea of different cultures, languages, traditions, lifestyles. There are a total of 44 countries in Europe as per the year 2018 and there are some other countries like Turkey, Russia and some others which are transcontinental countries as they share their boundaries with Europe.

Hence, it is not possible to cover all the countries in one go and some of them do not have very significant cities, which you can let go off as a tourist. To help you jot down your travel plan, mentioned below are some of the best and most visited places in Europe, which you cannot afford to miss. These take you around the entire continent, while giving you a taste of the culture, tradition and lifestyle.

Rome, Italy - The Capital of the World

If the Colosseum is all that you can think of when Rome comes to your mind, then you have got to explore this rich city to find that history is just a part of its otherwise hip and happening culture. Rome is a seamless blend of ancient and modern civilization. This iconic city has served as a backdrop for many famous Hollywood movies such as ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘Lizzie McGuire Movie’. Rome is visited by millions of tourists every year for its ruins, ancient Vatican city, church, art and food. So while heading to Roma, do note these important points:

Weather: Rome will greet you with cool and wet winters and hot and humid summers. It has Mediterranean climate.

When to visit: June, July and August are the peak tourist months in Rome when the city sees the highest number of tourists.

What to see: Colosseum – Ancient Roman gladiatorial arena
St. Peter’s Basilica – World’s largest Basilica of Christianity
Trevi Fountain – 18th Century Sculpted Fountain
Roman Forum – Excavated heart of the Roman Empire

What to eat: Pizza, Pasta, Gelato, Maritozzo, Roman Artichokes and Supply.

Dublin, Ireland - Town of the Ford of the Hurdle

Dublin, quite famous for its Irish coffee and the resilient Irish people has lots to offer to a history enthusiast. While in the city, you get to visit the courtyard where Joseph Plunkettt – 1916 Easter uprising leader, was executed. Dublin also has exciting nightclubs which give you a peek into their ‘mighty craic’ way of life, i.e. entertainment. You will be surprised with the currency diversity in the same country as northern Ireland uses the pound while the rest of the country uses the Euro. Also, do not miss the lovely Emerald Island here for its scenic beauty.

Weather: Dublin experiences mild to warm summers from June to September and wet and cold winters from December to February.

When to Visit: The best time to visit Dublin is in summers from June to September.

What to see: The Guinness Factory and Storehouse – Immersive brands and rooftop
Dublin Castle - Museum, state rooms and Gothic
Temple Bar – Live Music and Project Arts Centre
Phoenix Park – Enormous Green Space Housing

What to eat: Soda bread, Irish Stew, Boxty and Shellfish

Paris, France - The City of Light

You will be smitten by the charm of Paris- the city of love, fashion, style and European romance. It not only is the biggest fashion destination of the world but will also impress you with its picturesque landscapes. While here, do take a stroll along the River Seine and also do not forget to taste some delicious wines. If time permits, also visit the endless art galleries here.

Weather: May to July are the warmest summer months here and winter here is cold, damp and snowy.

When to visit: Summer months – May, June and July are the best months to travel.

What to see: The Sun Palace – Palace of Versailles, Royal Residence of king Louis XIV
The Eiffel Tower – 324 m high 19th century tower
The Louvre – Iconic and world’s largest art museum

What to eat: caramels, Bordier Butter, Baguette, Kouglof, chocolates, French cheese, macaroons and much more.

Athens, Greece - The Ancient City

There is quite an interesting story to how the city of Athens in Greece got its name. Visit Athens to delve deeper into its history, culture and traditions. Presently, Athens will greet you with a thriving nightlife, a bustling Flea Market Monastiraki and a lot of happening cafes. While here, do visit the ancient landmark of Acropolis, the 15th century hilltop temple. This city is best traveled as a backpacker. See if you can give Athens two days in your itinerary.

Weather – Mediterranean climate with May to September being peak summer and travel months. November to February is cold and dry.

When to visit: The best time to visit Athens is from May to September.

What to see: Athena’s Temple – Parthenon Temple ruins
Theatre of Dionysos – world’s first theatre
Neighborhoods of Psirri and Exarchia – street art

What to eat: Horiatiki salata – greek salad, fava and Saganaki

Barcelona, Spain - An Architectural City

You cannot afford to miss the lively Catalan culture in Barcelona in Spain. The city promises an experience of mystery and interesting ancient history. While here, you will see near-real statues on the pedestrian street La Rambla. El Raval is the highly infamous neighborhood of this city, known for its cabarets and nightlife. Do not miss out on the Magic Fountain of Montju while here.

Weather: Summer is between July to August which is quite hot and humid.

When to visit: April to October is the peak travel period.

What to see: La Sagrada Família monument – Gaudi designed landmark church
Park Güell – A park with Gaudi’s sculptural buildings
Picasso Museum – Museum containing art works by the famous Picasso

What to eat: Paella, bombas, Esqueixada and Mato

Edinburgh, Scotland - Athens of the North

While in Edinburgh, you will fall in love with the bustling Royal Mile, a stone road full of kilts and street art with an old school vibe about it. Explore the famous Edinburgh Castle and the University of Edinburgh campus. If you are a Harry Potter fan, then do visit the back room of The Elephant House, a small café in the old town from where J.K. Rowling wrote the series ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Weather: Summer is from May to August and is moderately warm. December to February are short, cold and rainy winter days.

When to visit: May to August is the peak travel time

What to see: Arthur’s Seat – peak famous for hiking and sightseeing
Greyfriars Kirkyard- 16th century graveyard
Camera Obscura – watch unrivalled 360 degrees panoramic Edinburgh town’s views and the skyline

What to eat: Dumplings, hot chocolate, hog roast sandwich, battered mars bars

London, United Kingdom - The Square Mile

Reserve at least 2 to 3 days in London as it is impossible to cover this amazing city in a short time. It would not be wrong to call London the New York of Europe. The historical capital of British Empire, London has to be seen in order to comprehend. Go on a city tour in the famous double decker bus and take out some time to stroll along the River Thames.

Weather: June to September is warm and peak travel time. December to February is mild to cold.

When to visit: Mid September through November and March through April

What to see: The British Museum – Ancient museum
Buckingham Palace - home of the British Queen and State
Tower of London – Medieval Castle
Big Ben – Iconic national timepiece

What to eat: Butterscotch French toast, Truffle Ramen, Duck fat fries, Sushi, Fish Tacos and many many more.

Istanbul, Turkey - The Eastern Rome

Formerly known as Constantinople, this popular city is still known as the bridge city between Europe and the Middle East. Istanbul is an astonishing fusion of different cultures and traditions. Tourists can bask in the exciting bars, Turkish bathhouses, galleries and bazaars. This city was the capital of the former Ottoman Empire and is slowly carving a niche in the map for the most hip cities in Europe. Do catch a glimpse of the Golden Horn, which is the world’s natural harbor, visible from the slopes of the Ottoman tombstones.

Weather: May to September is hot and humid. November to February is cold, wet and snowy.

When to visit: May to September is the peak travel time.

What to see: Aya Sofya Monument – Byzantine Basilica museum
Grand Bazaar – heady maze of delightful covered markets
Blue Mosque – iconic blue mosque with 6 minarets

What to eat: Menemen – Turkish omelet, Manti, Kebabs, Kunefe and Baklava

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Venice of The North

You will be surprised as to how the people of Netherlands take marijuana as a part of their life! Yes, smoking weed is legal out there and that is also one of the few reasons why every tourist wants to travel to Amsterdam to visit their infamous coffee shops, where you get all kinds of weed, hash or pre-rolled joints. While here, take a stroll along the gorgeous Amsterdam bridge and at the Canal Belt neighborhoods which are declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Weather: June to August is mild and warm, while December to February is cold, wet and damp.

When to visit: June to August is the peak travel period.

What to see: Red Light District – Window prostitution area
Van Gogh Museum – Largest Van Gogh Collection in the world
Anne Frank's House – WWII teenage diarist’s house
Bloemenmark – daily floating flower market

What to eat: Bitterballen, Stroopwafel, Raw herring, Kibbeling and Oliebollen.

Swiss Alps, Switzerland - For the Adventurous

Located towards the South of Zurich city in Switzerland, the Swiss Alps are a haven for winter sports tourists. You will be astounded by the quaint towns, gorgeous scenaries and serene lakes apart from the adrenaline pumping skiing, hiking and snowboarding activities. There are many luxury mountain resorts available here which make this place a must visit in Europe.

Weather: It is always below 14 degrees here with the winters in December and January going below -7 degrees.

When to Visit: March to June is the peak travel period

What to see: Matterhorn – iconic mountain with a steep ascent
Lyskamm – glacier

What to eat: Cheese Fondue, Swiss Chocolates and Swiss Cheese.

Some Important Travel Tips

Travelling to Europe is not as easy as a backpacking trip to any city in India or Asia, unless you are very adventurous. There are some important tips you can make use of while travelling to Europe as they will make your journey easier and hassle-free.

itranslate App - For those Essential Communications

While most of us in India can speak English or at least know the basics of this language, there are many countries in Europe, where the residents do not speak English. Without knowing the local language, travelling in a foreign land can be very overwhelming. Google has recently launched a wonderful app known as itranslate, which can translate more than 100 languages in the world. If you want to know about an important destination or are lost in a foreign city, this itranslate app can be extremely useful.

Map of the City You are Travelling to

While Google is always there to help you with the map and GPS of a city, having a physical map of the city can also be very helpful. A map of every city in Europe is easily available at the local metro stations, railway stations or airports.

Climate in Europe Changes like a Breeze

Europe is a wonderful fusion of all sorts of climatic conditions. While travelling to the entire continent, you will experience temperatures from cold to pleasant to hot to humid to dry to sultry, all within a surprising short span of time. It is important that you pack well and yet, travel light. Focus on repeating your bottoms and jackets. A cardigan or two can be very useful while travelling to Scotland. Also, a comfortable pair of sneakers is an absolute must.

Punctuality Pays Well in Europe

All Indians are quite accustomed to the Indian Standard (Stretchable!) Time in India. Reaching a destination late by 15 to 20 minutes is quite normal here and our trains are also late many times. But while travelling abroad, you will get a shock of your life on the punctuality front. Europeans work and totally abide by each ticking moment of the clock. Ensure that you stick to time, be on time while travelling to Europe if you want to make the most of it.

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Visit These Places to Experience the Best of Europe

With the most exciting places now noted, you are all set to have an amazing trip. Make sure you get up early to experience all the exciting cities and do take note of that extra baggage (only certain kgs are allowed at the airport). No doubt, keep some room for souvenirs! Wish you a safe and happy journey!