Looking for Something Thrilling to Do on This Weekend? 10 Camping Sites Near Pune for a Wonderful Getaway.

Looking for Something Thrilling to Do on This Weekend? 10 Camping Sites Near Pune for a Wonderful Getaway.

Camping brings you back to the roots and unwinds you like anything. Be it sea-side camping or nature camping, you can expect to return refreshed. If you are near Pune, then here is the gold mine. 10 stunning camping sites near Pune where you get closer to nature and rediscover yourself. We also added a few tips for the first time camper. Start reading and get ready for camping!

Why Camping is a Must Try Activity?

Great Opportunity to Get Closer to Nature

Whether you are choosing to go camping near Pune or somewhere else, it is a great opportunity to get closer to nature. Camping comes as a perfect excuse to get out of that concrete jungle we are stuck in, and experience the true beauty of nature. If you are someone tired of your work life then you should go for camping to discover how beautiful the world is.

Makes You Learn About Minimalism

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Camping is definitely an exciting experience that you should not miss out on. You would be surprised to know how little you need to make it past a weekend. It gives you a great lesson about minimalism which can be applied to your everyday life too. Camping lets you know that you do not need fancy stuff and unwanted facades to be happy. In reality, it is all about the people you live with not the things.

Affordable and Exciting

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Camping is way different from those luxurious vacations where you have to spend a fortune to have fun. In fact, you can plan your camping adventure in month-end too. All you need is food supply (available at home), comfortable clothing and some camping essentials. If you head to publicly owned forest lands then you can save even more and the biggest cost would be that of the car fuel only.

Gives You Time to Discover Yourself

Solo camping is a great idea and there are various camping sites near Pune which are safe and amazing for the same. If you are feeling stressed and distracted lately then camping allows you to rediscover yourself all over again. You can finally be with yourself under the beautiful stars and amidst the stunning nature. You shouldn’t miss out on opportunities like this ever.

Camping Sites Near Pune

Pawna Lake

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Pawna Lake is located approximately 54kms away from Pune is one of the most serene and beautiful location to spend your weekend at. You can enjoy the best lakeside camping experience out there. As this one is a privately owned camping site, you would have to provide the cost per day for camping here.

The best thing about camping at Pawna Lake is that you can enjoy so many other activities too like fishing, barbeque, bonfire and much more. Pawna Lake is perfect for people looking for a solo getaway from Pune and wants to spend some alone time on their own. Dive in the lake and you will feel rejuvenated like never before. You can get along with other fellow campers and enjoy a music session with them around the bonfire. Pawna Lake is a perfect site to spend your weekend. Book your camping experience at pawnacamp.com starting about Rs.778 per person.


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If you want to enjoy one of the best overnight camping in Pune then Velhe is the spot for you. This is located towards the south-west side of the city and you need to travel 46kms from Pune to reach here.

Velhe is all about natural retreat and located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can say goodbye to the concrete jungle of Pune for the weekend and reach out for this wonderful camping destination.

Apart from camping you can bond with other people and enjoy activities like football, cricket, archery, campfire and much more. This is going to cost you about Rs. 2,000-3,000 per day at sperto.in and is a privately owned camping site, you will be provided all the services like accommodation, meals, common facilities, trekking, rappelling, fishing and much more.


Located 54kms away from Pune, Bhor gives you a break from city’s chaos and pollution for good. In fact, Bhor has been featured in many movies too because of its scenic location and stunning nature’s landscapes. Situated in the Western Ghats, Bhor gives you a picturesque view providing great scope for photography and view gazing. Along with camping, you can also visit Bhatghar Dam Reservoir nearby so you can plan a 2-3 days quick vacation here. Camping here will cost you about Rs. 2,000-5,000 per day depending upon the services you need at unexplora.com.

As the site is privately owned, you will be provided well-equipped tents along with good food and so many outdoor activities. You can take part in team-building activities to get along with other campers and make good use of all your time out there. You can also enjoy other adventurous activities out here like hiking, zip-lining, and a lot more.

River Kundalika

If you are looking for such camping sites near Pune which are not only exciting but adventurous too then you should head towards River Kundalika for it. This is a popular river rafting location located 130kms away from Pune. The clear water and cold breeze near the river provide you with the best experience of camping. This mesmerizing location is every bit of picturesque because of sparkling water on one side and beautiful green valleys on the other.

Apart from camping and river rafting, you can also enjoy other water activities like kayaking and boating out here too. Camping at River Kundalika is going to cost you Rs. 2,000-3,000 per day at thrillophilia.com. This is one offbeat location where you can head with your friends for the weekend and enjoy all sorts of adventurous activities out here.


Kambre is located 74kms away from Pune and it is actually a bit different from the other camping destinations in and around Pune. The camps here are amazing and this is why you can always spot a lot of people heading towards Kambre during the weekend. Kambre brings you the perfect combination of comfort and nature altogether. There are 10 tents here available on double sharing basis. These tents have great facilities with en-suite toilet too. So, if you are looking for something relaxing this weekend, head to Kambre.

You can enjoy a lot of camping activities here like badminton, chess, nature walk and various other indoor and outdoor games. Located in the woods, this campsite is a great break from the urban lifestyle and work stress. This will cost you about Rs. 1,000-2,000 per day here. Book your camping vacation for Kambre at thegreatnext.com.


Panchgani is not only a very popular camping site but also one of the most popular places to visit near Pune too. This place is located 99kms away from Pune in the vast lands where stunning cliffs, hills and valleys are a regular sight. Moreover, the place usually remains lush green but of course, monsoon is the best time to visit it. This is going to cost you about Rs. 4,000 to stay here in camps for a weekend.

Apart from relaxing in the camps, you can enjoy a lot of activities here like zip-lining, rock climbing, trekking, shopping, cycling, photography, waterfall rappelling and a lot more. If you are visiting Panchgani in summers then you have the perfect opportunity to be a part of the popular Strawberry Festival here. Plan a picnic here in Panchgani through adventurenation.com and it won’t disappoint you for sure.


Lonavala is a very popular tourist destination near Pune which surely needs no introduction. This busy location is a popular spot for chilling, mountain gazing, camping and a lot more. Lonavala is everything dreams are made of, beautiful water and dense forest make this place picture perfect. Lonavala is no less than heaven especially when you visit it in monsoon season.

Located 66kms from Pune, Lonavala is a favourite place for adrenaline junkies for enjoying a lot of adventurous sports and activities. Apart from camping near Shirota Lake, you can enjoy trekking, waterfall rappelling, bonfire, Barbeque dinner, flying fox activity and a lot more. The isolation here comes as a great source of chilling amidst nature’s lap which is what most people want these days. Camping in Lonavala will cost you about Rs. 2,000 per day at thrillophilia.


Wai is a small town near Pune and it will take you 2-hour drive to reach there from the city. What makes Wai special and worthy of camping is its picturesque location. You can spot lake on one side and mountains on the other and that is where you camp for the weekend. The lake view is simply stunning here which makes it one of the most perfect camping sites near Pune.

You can also indulge in a lot of interesting activities out here like boating, horse riding, rifle shooting etc. The Sahayadri Range looking over the lake simply looks stunning and you would totally go gaga over this morning view. Other interesting activities you can enjoy in Wai are kayaking, cycling, barring trail etc. This will cost you about Rs. 1,500-2,500 per day depending upon the activities you choose at krishnarivercamp.com.


If you are looking for just the ideal location for camping near Pune in summer then you should pick Murud for it. This small fishing hamlet near Pune provides you with the amazing and perfect view of Arabian Sea. The scenic location and the lush greenery bring you the best of nature here which is just ideal for your camping experience.

Murud is quite a happening place where you can always spot tourists or Pune people coming here for a weekend retreat. Unfortunately, this is going to be one hectic ride of 200kms from Pune to reach here but the activities and view make it totally worth it. Camping in Murud is going to cost you about Rs. 2,500-4,000 per day at Make My Trip.


Khopoli being one of the most popular camping sites near Pune can accommodate up to 80 people at a time. You can find a lot of privately owned camping sites here for the options and almost all of them are located amidst lush greenery and scenic picturesque land. Located 80kms away from Pune, the cost of staying in camps in Khopoli is somewhere between Rs. 2,000 and 3,000 per day.

Apart from an amazing camping experience, you can also enjoy a lot of activities here like barbeque, music, bonfire, nature walk, hiking, photography etc. As Khopoli is also known as the City of Waterfalls, you got a lot to explore here which is going to fill your heart with great fun and satisfaction. Books your experience through adventure365.in.

What to Know Before Going for Camping?

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Now you know it all about the best camping places in Pune but that's not enough. You should know about a few camping hacks and safety guidelines especially if you are going camping for the first time in your life. So, we have tried to bring together some points which are useful for you before heading for the campsite.

Prep Your Backpack

This is so important to plan everything and organize your backpack accordingly a few days in advance. You can choose the size of the backpack as per your trek/camp duration. If you are going out for 2-5 days then you can opt for 60-80 litres backpack. If you are opting for day-to-day treks from base camps then you can carry a small backpack with you for daily supplies. Make sure to pack light for a comfortable experience.

Dress Right

The next important thing for you to ponder upon is to dress rightly for your adventurous outing. It largely depends upon the weather that what kind of clothing you are going to wear. But generally in camping, you should opt for moisture-wicking clothes. Your body should remain sweat-free and don’t forget to carry essentials like a raincoat, hat, sunglasses etc.

Safety Measures

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Whether you are going to safe camping sites near Pune or someplace else, safety is something you cannot compromise with. It can be quite dangerous sometimes in the woods because of animals, insects and other things. You should always carry a proper first-aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent and personal medications if needed. Make sure that you carry all the necessary stuff for your allergies too.

Know How to Set a Camp

If you are going out camping then one thing which is of most importance is to know how to set up a camp. Your surface should be levelled up for the same before you start setting up the tent. You should also find a place which is in proximity to running water as it can be used for showering, filling water bottles and a lot more.

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Leave Your Stress Behind!

In this world of materialistic views and nonstop stress, it is vital to ground ourselves. Be one with nature and let your mind run free. Never done camping! No worries; Everyone has to start somewhere. Instead of hardcore camping in tents and such, go for camping sites where you can find more facilities. Our article has enough information on the best camping sites near Pune. And also on a few tips for beginners looking to wet their hands by camping.

Above all, leave your worries behind. Experience nature! Get adventurous! Enjoy how addictive camping is.