Planning to Go out on a Camping Trip? Check out These Top Camping Boots for Both Men and Women That will Keep You Comfortable on Your Trip (2020)

Planning to Go out on a Camping Trip? Check out These Top Camping Boots for Both Men and Women That will Keep You Comfortable on Your Trip (2020)

If you are planning to go out camping with your family and friends you need to be extra careful about the camping boots that you will carry along with you. Camping boots are one of the most important camping gear which you will use a lot when you are outdoors. An inadequate pair of camping boots will cause you a lot of discomfort on your trip. This BP Guide will take you through some of the best camping boots available in the market for both men and women.

How Camping Helps

Solve More Problems

Camping puts you in the middle of nature with scant resources. For example, if there is a shortage of something, you cannot run to the grocer right away. Or, if you need medicines, it may not be handy immediately. Camping teaches you to solve problems by anticipating them beforehand and taking proactive steps to prevent them. You must have packed your necessary medicines and all the items needed for the trip before you set off. At least, your tour leaders would be reminding you to do so before the hike starts.

Sleep Better

Camping is a strenuous activity in itself. Furthermore, the tour leaders usually ensure that there are fun activities too during the free time. Most of these are team activities requiring further exertion. Such events throughout the day will make you tired, and you feel like immediately rolling into the bed at night. That is if you have a sleeping bag with you. Good sleep improves the cardiovascular system and reduces inflammation. You can also bring back good sleeping habits with you when you return from the tour.

Build Better Relations

On a camping trip, you stay together with your friends and other people as well. It is a great place to socialise away from city life. Apart from being a fun affair, you can mingle with your friends more freely and enjoy the experience amidst nature. Research studies have shown that socialisation keeps you happy and this improves your life span.

Connect with Nature

On a camping trip, you connect with nature. Being amidst the trees, you inhale more oxygen which rejuvenates your body, increases your energy and works wonders for your cardiovascular system. Your body functions with lesser stress and the fresh air help you ward off critical illnesses too. You can also improve digestion, and there is a boost to the immune system. The reduced pollution levels work wonders for your heart and reduce blood pressure.

Unplug from Life

Camping allows you to unplug from the fast city life. You slow down, and lesser stress levels lead to higher levels of oxygen and serotonin. Serotonin helps to regulate social behaviour and improves appetite and hence digestion.

Camping also leads to more exercise and keeps your lungs and heart in good shape. You burn more calories on a camping trip than in biking or sitting back in the office. The sunshine also works wonders for your skin. The additional vitamin-D leads to more absorption of phosphorus and calcium.

How to Select Your Camping Boots

When you are out on a camping trip, you need to have the proper gear for the journey. While we take great care with our camping bag and the sleeping bag, we rarely pay heed to the shoes. However, unless we have the best pair of shoes, the entire trip can be uncomfortable, and we may not be in our best spirits.

While selecting camping boots, you may find each of them to be distinctly different from the other. Also, you may not be able to tag your friend along. We have come up with a few important factors to consider when buying camping boots.

The Material Used

The material used in making the boots is of great importance. If it is not the correct material, it could be very uncomfortable for your feet. Some of the materials that are generally used are provided below:

  • Synthetic boots are made from nylon and polyester. These boots dry out faster than the ones made of leather. These boots are also light but are not water-resistant.

  • Then there are camping boots made of leather. There are two types of such boots that are available:

    • Full-grain leather boots can withstand all weather conditions and are made from durable material. They are also very light, and most camping boots are made of this material.

    • Split-grain leather boots are a mix of both leather and some amount of synthetic material. The boots are breathable. However, they do not have excellent waterproofing capabilities.

Do They Fit?

Many of you may be awed by the ads that entice you to buy a pair of boots. However, you must not be gullible enough to buy the boots without checking whether they fit you or not. Unless you check the fitting yourself, you should not confirm the purchase. Also, buying a pair online is not an option; there could be issues with the boots fitting your feet. It is suggested you visit a retail store and try out a few pairs yourself before buying one.

Will They Bear the Wear and Tear?

Before buying a pair of camping boots, enquire about the material and whether it will be able to withstand the wear and tear of your trip. You must also ensure that the boots are made of waterproof material. Now, a pair of waterproof boots could be less breathable. Hence, you will need to have boots that are breathable to some extent. Else, you may feel considerable discomfort during the trip. The boots need to be durable too. In case you plan another trip later, you should not have to buy another pair.

The Budget

The cheapest option is not the best one. You must keep this in mind before buying a pair for yourself. It is also the reason why doing some basic online research is necessary before going to the retail store. Before deciding on the budget, browse through some of the camping boots online and then have an overview of the ones available nearby.

Best Camping Boots for Men

If you are planning to go camping, you need to plan for the trip well in advance. Still, some of us do not find it suitable to make the necessary arrangements well in time. Camping boots are among the most essential accessories you will need for the trip. To save your time, we have come up with a list of the best brands for you.

Unistar PU Hiking Boots

The Unistar Hiking Boots are an ideal when you go out for a jungle camp. They come with a high cut which provide support to your feet but do not hinder your movement. Ideally made for army men, it is made with PU injection technology which makes the boots more durable. The high-ankle shoes provide comfort from fatigue and prevent you from slipping during the journey. There is an extra cushion on the inner side. The boots are made from water, oil, and stain-resistant material and designed to withstand the rough treatment, but are incredibly lightweight at the same time. The trendy fabric provides an elegant look. The soles are stitched after being pasted to the uppers of the boots.

The manufacturer requires you to deodorise the boots regularly. On the flip side, it seems that the quality of the material could be better. It is available on all e-commerce stores, and it costs ₹ 977.00 on Unistar.

FURO by Red Chief

FURO H20001 is from the Red Chief stable which is known for making durable shoes. Made from durable materials, the boots are comfortable to wear too. They have an inner fabric lining and a breathable mesh along with soft density foaming for better cushioning. The boots also have shock-absorbent and anti-skid technology. They offer better support due to the moulded PU at the heels and the hardened heel area for a better grip. They also have tough rubber at the bottom for better traction. These boots are available on all e-commerce sites and cost ₹ 1,721.00 on Furo Sports. The premium price is offset by the elegant looks and the features provided.

Salomon Evasion 2 Aero Men's Hiking Shoes

If you are looking for a premium pair of boots, then this one could be yours. The premium price can be justified by the features provided. These are low-cut boots that are easy to put on and remove. They have protective toe caps made of synthetic material. These also help to provide stability to the feet. There is a breathable mesh that facilitates airflow. The boots also have high traction conta-grip. This is a proprietary technology of the company and provides plenty of traction and prevents any unforeseen injury on the journey. The boots also have excellent heel foam and a mudguard protective substance. They are available on all e-commerce sites and costs ₹ 5,776.00 on Salomon after a substantial discount.

Adidas Men’s AX2 Mid Trekking and Hiking Boots


These boots come from the stable of one of the best brands in footwear – Adidas. The brand is known for the durability of its shoes. These boots are incredibly lightweight. The middle of the sole is made of EVA that provides an additional cushion and also has a high traction rubber out-sole that provides optimal grip on the outside surface. The boots are made of a technology that ensures you will not skid even on wet surfaces. It is available on most e-commerce sites and is priced at ₹ 5,679.00 on Amazon.

Best Camping Boots for Women

More and more women are preferring adventure trips and going out on camping expeditions. Women need specialised footwear and manufacturers have indeed provided customised footwear for women. These boots come with narrow feet, added arch support and attractive colours to woo the womenfolk. Women must ensure they have the best camping shoes to be comfortable throughout the trip.

Salomon Ellipse 2 Aero W Women's Hiking Shoes

These are lace-up boots and come with added comfort and padding. The split suede leather makes them ideal to be worn for a long time. The low-cut profile provides the utmost freedom of movement. The boots are designed in a way such that they fit snugly onto the feet, making it seem as if they are a customised footwear. The proprietary Sensifit technology supports the foot from the lace to the mid-sole providing a stable fit. The boots also have a lining that is resistant to abrasion, which results in better breathability and quick drying. A protective heel cap protects and provides stability to the rear of your feet. The boots are available on all e-commerce sites and cost ₹ 5,102.00 on Salomon.

Wildcraft Hypagrip TRKNiQ X W Trekking Shoes


If you are looking for a premium but durable pair of boots for your camping trip, then you have come to the right place. The Wildcraft brand is renowned for its comfortable fit and exquisite design and these boots are among the best. The boots have a high-quality breathable mesh upper. The y also provide excellent grip and traction. There is a rubber out-sole to prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself even on wet surfaces. Moreover, there are 6 mm lugs to enhance ground friction. A rubberised toe protects you further, and the bellow tongue does not let water enter into the shoe. The boots are made of waterproof material with the uppers made of full-grain leather. The CMEVA mid-sole helps in absorbing shocks and provide cushioning. These are available on all e-commerce sites and cost ₹ 5,995.00 on Wildcraft.

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4W Trail-Runners

The Speedcross Trail-Runners come from the Salomon stable known for its design and durable boots. These boots have a good grip that is required on camping trips. The shoes also have new-age features like quick-lace that makes it easy to put them on and to take them off as well. This technology allows easy adjustment of the laces on the move and ensures that there are no loose ends or the laces do not get untied. These boots are available on all e-commerce sites and cost ₹ 5,306.00 on Salomon.

Columbia Dakota Drifter Mid Ankle Waterproof Women’s Trekking Shoes

Known for manufacturing supportive and durable boots, the Columbia range of shoes are ideal for any trail. The multi-directional traction lugs, along with the waterproof feature, makes these boots suitable for women to wear on the camping trips. A Techlite mid-sole helps to provide lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. The Omni-grip rubber provides traction along with a secure fit on all surfaces. An Omni-tech membrane keeps the boots waterproof and makes for breathable and dry feet. The mid ankle design is there to protect your ankle against abrupt injuries. These boots are available on all e-commerce sites and cost ₹ 3,500.00 on Columbia.

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