One Should Never Underestimate the Sole-Saving Power of a Good Hiking Shoe(2020): The Best Hiking Shoes for Women for Year-Round Adventuring.

One Should Never Underestimate the Sole-Saving Power of a Good Hiking Shoe(2020): The Best Hiking Shoes for Women for Year-Round Adventuring.

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a wall of hiking shoes and boots and felt unsure of where to begin? We know the feeling and are here to help! This article is intended to clear up some of the confusion and give you tips for selecting your next pair of hiking shoes.

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Types of Trekking Shoes You Should Know About

Hiking Shoes

Before you get to know about the best trekking shoes for women available in the market, you should know that there are different types of trekking shoes too. The first one of them is hiking shoes. These types of shoes are quite lightweight and have flexible soles.

They come quite handy when you want to run and trek at the same time. You can prefer hiking shoes for short treks but you can’t carry heavy loads while wearing them. You can choose hiking shoes for dry terrain because of non-water resistance.

Expedition Boots

Expedition boots are the next type of trekking shoes which are designed for challenging and tricky treks. They are designed for different types of terrains like pass crossings, glaciers etc. Unlike hiking shoes, these ones are suitable for long and difficult treks.

They have thick out-soles but they aren’t that flexible enough. However, these expedition boots are quite comfortable but they come at an expensive price. Buy this kind if you trek regularly or are heading to a trek on rough terrain.

Trek Boots


And the final type of trekking shoes for both men and women is trek boots. You can call them a better version of hiking shoes. Of course, they come with added support to your ankles but they are a bit stiff from the outside owing to their stiff frame.

Trek boots are ideal for longer treks but not so tricky ones. If you are someone who is prone to slipping and twisting their ankles then you can rely on trek boots for complete support to the more delicate muscles in your ankles.

Trekking Shoes for Women

Quechua Trekking Shoes

If you are looking for trekking shoes for women waterproof featured then you should go for these Quechua trekking 100 shoes. They are available in grey colour with some red shades and to be true, it is just perfect for women.

These trekking shoes are lightweight and super comfortable and designed in such a way that they support your feet completely for comfortable and swift movement. You can prefer these shoes for long treks but difficult roads can affect the condition of these shoes. Thankfully these shoes are waterproof as well as breathable too so that you can have a nice trek. The shoes have cross-connect sole which provides optimal grip and hence great traction on hard and wet treks. High-quality material provides them durability and you can buy these shoes on Decathlon for Rs. 1,999.

Dunlop Mid-Top Trekking Shoes

If the combination of style and comfort matters the most for you then you should opt for these Dunlop black and pink mid-top trekking shoes. Unlike other shoes, these have a round toe and not pointed one which is great and provide enough space for finger movement.

You can find front lace-up detailing and mid-top styling in these shoes. They are made up of synthetic upper lining and cushioned footbed which provides great comfort when you are wearing them for a long time.

Apart from all, the shoes have textured and patterned outsole which makes them look quite stylish and trendy. You even get 6 months of warranty on these babies as well. The best part about them is that you can wear them casually too. So, buy these Dunlop shoes now on Myntra for Rs. 6,602.

Action Esl-602 Trekking Shoes


We understand that you do not want the fuss of front lace-up design in your trekking shoes for women. This is why we gave it a thought and found these Action trekking shoes for you. These ESL-602 are available in navy blue and sky blue colour combination and looks quite classy.

They come with slip on closure along with two stripes for tightening your shoes as per your comfort. You rarely get heels in these shoes and these shoes also have round toe from the front.

These shoes do not even look that sporty too and they are quite casual and suitable even if you want to wear them on an everyday basis. They come with great design and fit and also ensure that you have a comfortable trekking experience. However, we will not recommend these shoes for long treks. You can grab them now on Amazon for Rs. 599 only.

Wildcraft Hypagrip Trekking Shoes


The next ones in this list are such kind of shoes which can be partly called boots too. These are Wildcraft Hypagrip TRKNiQ X W trekking shoes which are great when you want to look fashionable in your trekking journey.

Not only that your feet will be protected and will have quick movement but you will also be able to look stylish and actually quite like a diva. Their rubber outsole provides slip-resistance and it makes the shoes perfect for uneven surfaces.

These shoes are anti-microbial and have a waterproof feature. They come with added toe protection so that you can walk on rough terrain with utmost protection as well as comfort. You also get multidirectional lugs and ankle protection too. You can get maximum stability and flexibility with these shoes for sure. You can buy these shoes now on Wild Craft for Rs. 5,995.

361 Degree Trekking Shoes

We got just the perfect mountain trekking shoes for you women out there who are crazy hikers and trekkers. These are 361 Degree hiking and trekking shoes available in grey and sky blue colour combination.

They are made out of synthetic material and gives a sporty vibe for sure. The front lace-up the pattern and mid-top styling make them look perfect for an athletic person.

Here you get cushioned footbed, textured and patterned outsole and very comfortable over-all frame. Whether it is about trekking or fitness club or gym, you can definitely wear these shoes to wherever you want. Interestingly, these shoes are quite breathable too. However, we will not recommend these shoes for someone who does not like fluorescent things. Otherwise, you can buy these shoes on Flipkart for Rs. 1,439.

Columbia Wayfinder Mid Ankle Outdry Shoes

There are women who just want those perfect trekking shoes irrespective of their cost. For such women, we picked these Columbia Wayfinder Mid Ankle Outdry Shoes. If you could find something which is a good mix of sporty, stylish and comfortable then these shoes would surely top the chart.

Whether it is for hiking or trail running or anything else, you can always rely on these shoes for such activities. You can wear these shoes on long treks irrespective of its surface and kind of terrain.

These multipurpose shoes have mesh upper lining for making them breathable. They also feature protective toes and heel caps for extra support and comfort. Interestingly, their outdry technology also makes them waterproof too. You are literally ready for all terrain wet or dry with these shoes. They are available for purchase on Columbia Sports Wear for Rs. 10,999.

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Tracerocker Shoes

Adidas has always been a great brand for finding just the right trekking shoes for women and men out there. We found these Adidas Outdoor Terrex Tracerocker Shoes for your trekking needs and they are not going to disappoint you at all.

These shoes are available in three different colours of blue, sky blue and black but we will recommend you to pick a black colour as they go well with literally anything.

These shoes here aren’t that great in terms of style and fashion but they surely serve their purpose well. These babies here are quite lightweight and durable and perfect for trail running experience. However, you can rely on them just for light trails and short treks and not for the longer ones. You can buy these Adidas shoes on for Rs. 2,999.

Coasters Unisex Synthetic Trekking Shoes


If you and your partner share the same shoe size then we have a piece of good news for you. We found these Coasters unisex synthetic trekking and hiking shoes which are apparently just the perfect shoes you want to share with your man.

Their design is just great and very gender-neutral. You get the outer material of synthetic fabric here and the inner material used in these shoes is just the same.

These shoes here are available in olive green colour and have crepe as sole material which is actually quite a unique thing to find. You get closed toe and front lace up design here along with the mid top pattern. A bit of mesh detailing on top allows your feet to breathe a bit and hence avoids them being sweaty on long trails. Grab these amazing and super comfortable shoes now on Amazon for Rs. 1,200.

Wildcraft Pink Terrafin Gait Trekking Shoes

We just couldn’t stop ourselves from mentioning a predictable but definitely desirable pair of pink trekking shoes here. These Wildcraft pink terrain gait trekking shoes are the best of their kind and here you get a great mix of colour, style and undoubtedly comfort too.

These pink shoes are super lightweight and come with a front-top pattern. These round toe shoes have regular styling and front lace up details.

Their entire upper lining is made out of mesh and hence you will find them super breathable. You get cushioned footbed in them and patterned outsole for that fashionable touch. You just need to simply use a wet cloth to wipe them clean enough. We will not recommend these shoes for difficult hikes as they can’t withstand rough terrains. You can buy them now on Myntra for Rs. 2,495.

Quechua Trek 100 Trekking Shoes

And the final pick for this list of trekking shoes for women is these Quechua Trek 100 Trekking shoes for women. These shoes are available in two colours of olive green and grey and we really think that both are quite sporty and rugged.

Interestingly, these shoes were co-designed by a group of female trekking lovers and hence you can find a perfect balance of all factors in these shoes.

These shoes are perfect for walking on drivable routes and come with great comfort and hold. Moreover, you can rely on these boots for great foot motion without feeling suffocated in them. You can use them for longer treks too and their water-resistant technology does come handy a lot. These Quechua shoes can be bought on Decathlon for Rs. 5,499.

Other Trekking Gear to Buy

Apparently just know about the best trekking shoes for women isn’t enough when you are going for a trek especially for the first time ever. You need a lot of different gear to make your trek comfortable, success and even safe. We have shortlisted a few trek gears which are must to have for your blissful trekking experience and you can check them out right below here.


Sunglasses are quite like the inseparable part of trekking and hiking and you need to be really specific about them too. You can go for these Quechua women’s hiking sunglasses which are available in black coloured polarized lenses. They provide excellent visibility with complete protection from harmful UV rays. You can buy these sunglasses on Decathlon for Rs. 1,499.

Back Pack


When you are going for a long trek, you definitely need a rucksack to keep all your belongings safe in it. For this, we picked this Fastrack rucksack for you which has a capacity of 45 litres and it comes in a green and grey colour combination. Made out of polyester, this rucksack has various compartments and it comes with 1 year of warranty too. You can buy this rucksack on Amazon for Rs. 1,566.

Water Bottle

You just can’t survive a long trek with just trekking shoes for women. Water is something that must be consumed timely so that you do not go all dehydrated. This aluminum bottle here is great for you and you can even attach it with your rucksack too. It has .75liter of capacity and this traditional aluminum flask is quite durable too. You can buy this one on Decathlon for Rs. 399.

Sleeping Bag

You need not carry all the things for a tent when you can simply carry the sleeping bag with you. This is essential for you to carry the sleeping bag to protect yourself from all the insects and cold. You can buy this portable and lightweight sleeping bag which is made out of polyester fabric. It has an inner cotton lining and it comes in a blue colour. You can buy this portable sleeping bag on Amazon for Rs. 999.

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