Tips on Choosing the Right Office Wear for Men: The Dos and Don'ts and How to Co-ordinate Casual and Formal Dressing to Create the Right Office Wear for Men. (2022)

Tips on Choosing the Right Office Wear for Men: The Dos and Don'ts and How to Co-ordinate Casual and Formal Dressing to Create the Right Office Wear for Men. (2022)

When it comes to office wear for men, one thing is certain, you have to look good and presentable. Herein, BP Guide will show you ways through which you can dress aptly for the office while still maintaining a standard fit for going out on formal celebrations or parties, meetings or even dates. This article dwells more on office wear for men and some of the ways, from adding accessories or choosing the right fabrics to more when it comes to office wear for men.

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Tips on Choosing the Right Office Wear for Men

Different occasions and places demand different outfits. As the old saying goes, “dress to impress”, fits on every timeline. Whether it’s a celebration, wedding occasion, or a corporate meeting. No one will deny the fact that you need to dress to make an impression. And your outfit simply doesn’t mean apparel but also accessories, skincare, etc. With the right accessories, the look becomes complete.

There are different factors while considering office wear for men. In this article, we will be discussing the tips one should remember while choosing appropriate office wear, different products you can buy, and bits of advice to consider.

Things to be Noted while Considering the Right Outfit

Take notes in your mind as these tips will be very handy for you while choosing what you want to wear during work days.

Fit is What Matters

Let’s be honest, no one likes loose or extremely tight clothes. In the current era, people prefer custom-made outfits over readymade. Appropriate office wear for men needs to be perfectly fit as well. A besuited attire is essential as it articulates professionalism.

Simply find a tailor or ask your colleagues about one. They are going to be very helpful in providing you with a decent look at your workplace.

Combination of Fabric and Colour

The right mix and match of fabric and colour are important. This is where your tailor’s expertise counts. Proper office wear for men has shifted a bit from plain neutral shades to stripes and checks shirts. The same goes with colour, currently, cool shades are preferred over warm shades.

With the advancement in fashion, you can find wrinkle-free shirts that provide you with a sharp look but don’t forget to iron them before use. They won’t be taking much time as previous ones do. When it
comes to fabric, there’s a wide range and with colours, it expands even more. To give an idea, you are looking at at least 12 fabrics and 5 colours. So, according to your budget, plan and choose the right match.

Adding a Little Casual Feel

With time, people’s preferences have changed and so has changed the style in the corporate world. Adding casual touch to tour formal outfit can have positive impacts. There is no debate about the fact that casual outfits are perceived to be more comfortable than formal attire, and comforts coalesce with confidence.

One may observe that allowing casual outfits in the corporate world can enhance the confidence in the employees resulting in efficient accomplishment. So, they are ok with a little adjustment to the office wear. But you should understand the boundaries and know how much casual is considerable at your workplace so as to maintain integrity.


Accessories for men are there to complete them. Without them, you won’t look perfect. Hence, they are here to enhance the outfit. There is a wide variety of accessories like a watch, cufflinks, handkerchief, a leather wallet, belt, perfumes, etc. Accessories have a crucial role when it comes to leaving an impression.

There have been times when people get mixed up as to what to wear on what. If you come at such situations, simply go with plain black, it goes with everything and suits everyone.

The Basics

Jackets or Blazers: a blazer holds great value to your personality. It can elevate your looks by a great margin. This basic office wear for men can be a bit expensive for people, so, they tend to avoid buying it. But remember, adding it to your office wear will make you look more responsible and authoritative. There are over 15 fabrics to choose from and over 6 colours to add. Make sure the match doesn’t make the blazer look fancy or luxurious.

Shirts: Shirts are great with neutral colours and specifically white. A white shirt is a must along with 2-3 shirts of the same shade. You can go semi-formal by getting striped or checked shirts. Again, a piece of good fabric and colour plus, ironing will make it perfect. Mostly, cotton is preferred as it’s a lot comfortable and can be maintained with ease.

Tie: it is considered one of the important accessories for men. A simple tie knot adds a formal look to your outfit. Always go for a solid colour that doesn’t match your shirt or it will be like camouflage. Also, if your
shirt has vertical stripes then, choose a tie with slant stripes to keep it different.

Pants: The pants are somewhat like shirts. If you’re confused about the flexibility part, consult your tailor. Usually, grey, black, brown, navy and khaki are preferred colours. Again, you have a range of fabrics to choose from. If you face the problem of your pants dropping down a bit, get yourself fit slacks and on that, wear your trousers.

Socks and Shoes: According to a study, people are judged first on their dressing sense starting with their shoes. Formal shoes are simply either brown or black. Here’s a tip, your belt and shoes’ colour should match and the same should be with socks and trousers. So, make sure to get matching pairs when buying them.

Outfits and Accessories

Let’s take a look at some Outfits and accessories for men that you must consider.

1. Navy Blue Blazer

Owning a navy blue blazer solves your tricky dressing problem. Furthermore, it maintains the formal look at your workplace. Plus, its versatility is proven as almost any combination of shirt and tie will work on it. Its quick features are regular fit, 6 pockets, four-button cuff, long sleeve, lined, etc. The composition is 35% viscose and 65% polyester, making it comfortable. You can get this navy blue blazer for Rs.4,999 from Marks and Spencer.

2. Black Blazer

Black colour is undoubtedly the best colour that suits everything. With the composition of 11% viscose and 89% polyester, its comfort and reliability are what you would need. So, simply look out for your
measurement and get yourself this branded blazer. Its quick features are slim fit, 2 buttons front side, solid pattern, comfortable, etc. you can get this black blazer for Rs.3,599 from Van Heusen India.

3. Blue Checks Shirt


As mentioned above, a neutral shade works every time. Adding certain patterns like checks give your shirt a casual look. This shirt is made of 100% cotton which provides the best comfort you’ll ask for. Plus, its design makes it usable on almost every occasion. This slim fit, checks patterned shirt works on almost everyone but best on navy blue trousers. This blue checks shirt is available for you at Rs.1,599 from Siyaram's.

4. White Shirt

A blue shirt may have its demerits at times but this case isn’t for a white one as its always a great option for formal wear. The shirt with a printed pattern makes it come under the Business Casual category. It checks everything that should be in a formal shirt, full sleeves, regular collar and cuff, 100% high-quality cotton, slim fit, etc. these many checks makes it perfect office wear for men. You can get this white printed formal shirt for Rs.1,234 from Van Heusen India.

5. Royal Blue Tie


A necktie is considered an important accessory for men. This blue necktie surely fulfils that demand.
They claim the fabric to be finer than silk with immaculate detailing. The fabric may be finer but its durability and reliability are still undoubtedly appreciated. A formal accessory demands a premium feel which it possesses. You get a premium box that contains the tie, a storage box, and an instruction manual. You can get this premium quality tie for Rs.798 from Amazon.

6. Black Tie

When it comes to black, we don't have to think about matching colour, season, or style. Similarly, this black silk woven tie will be there to help you out in certain situations. As mentioned, it’s silk so, the texture and comfort aren’t something to discuss. It’s suggested to wash it in machine and iron on low heat to maintain its quality. This black silk tie is acceptable at corporates. You can get this black silk tie for Rs.1,274 from Myntra.

7. Black Solid Trousers

If you’re starting your office wear collection then, begin with a black solid pants. As it’s solid black pants, it fits for every occasion whether it be a regular office day, party or a corporate meeting. The material used is high-quality polyester viscose which makes your trousers very comfortable. These trousers are perfect if you want to give your personality a sharp look. You can get these slim-fit, full-length black trousers for Rs.1,599 from Pantaloons.

8. Leather Wallet

A wallet comes under another important accessory for men. As navy blue is considered a neutral colour, it fits every outfit. Let’s quickly discuss its features, it has 2 compartments along with a total of 12 cardholders and 1 ID holder. This solid navy blue wallet can be cleaned with a single wipe of dry cloth, that’s it. You also get a warranty of 6 months. This leather wallet is available for you at Rs.2,099 from Myntra.

9. Handkerchief

There’s a saying that a gentleman’s outfit is incomplete without a handkerchief. It is an important accessory for men. This handkerchief is made of high-quality cotton and has a solid pattern. Handkerchiefs don’t have to be of any colour but white remains to be the top choice. To maintain its quality, do not bleach or iron on high heat. Just a wash with cold water will do it. Get this pack of 6 white handkerchiefs from Myntra for Rs.669.

10. Black Socks

7 days in a week means 7 pairs of socks. Your outfit will be needing socks preferably black ones. This pair of black socks are made of high-quality material that ensures a long-lasting effect and fit-to-size feature. That extra stretch and comfort will help you focus better. Their composition is 1% polyamide, 2% elastane, 75% cotton, and 22% polyester. This pack of 7 pairs of black socks is available from Marks and Spencer at Rs.999.

Advices Regarding the Right Office Wear

Note these points and prepare a checklist to ensure you follow them every day.

Avoid Loud Patterns

If we look at the logic then, mostly your socks will be covered by shoes and some part by pants. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to get patterns. Another reason would be, it does not give out a formal look. This is where neutrals would be the right choice like white, brown, or black. Furthermore, try matching the colour of your socks with your pants. This is the right way to wear it at the workplace.

Belt and Buckle

Belts are important in your outfits. Forgetting them will make you look incomplete. There aren’t many colours instead of black and brown to wear. The need for a belt is to maintain that fit on your pants or trousers so that they may not drop. Plus, focus on the buckle as well. Keep it small and simple, it’s a workplace, not a party. The belt and the buckle may hide under the shirt or blazer eventually. Also, your belt’s colour should match the colour of your shoe.

Complementing Tie

The restrictions of pattern and colour don’t apply to ties as they did to socks. They are a lot visible and a tie makes your outfit look formal. Hence, you are open to a lot of options like different colours, patterns like stripes, or checks. For corporates, bold styles are preferred over bright styles. Remember to wear a tie of a different shade or contrast with respect to the shirt. In the end, if you have a good taste in colour combination, you don’t have to stress on much.

Mirror Others

It’s a simple trick and can be very effective. Try your best and get the outfit out of your wardrobe. Reach the workplace. If your style seems to be in line with almost everyone, you’re on the right track. Else, see what others have that you don’t. They will help you in knowing the appropriate office wear for men. It doesn’t matter if your outfit matches someone else’s. It’s better to correct yourself at these early stages.

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Dress to Kill, with Formal Office Wear for Men!

Fabrics and colour, matching or the right accessories, fitting outfits, these are some of the things to consider so that your dress code looks good. A good outfit oozes out confidence and helps you stand tall. Some great suggestions on the attire to acquire have been given to help you or your beloved look good. Moreover, remember some of the don'ts, such as avoiding many different patterns or colours or even wearing clumsy and bulky buckles, when putting together your outfit. Some of these tips will help you look good and even stand out.