Make Friendship Day Special with Some Gifts and Quirky Gestures! Put a Grin On Your Friends' Faces with These 10 Friendship Day Gifts (2019)

Make Friendship Day Special with Some Gifts and Quirky Gestures! Put a Grin On Your Friends' Faces with These 10 Friendship Day Gifts (2019)

Enjoy the friendship day with friends and BP-Guide will walk you through some awesome ways to achieve this. You not only need to give them presents, but also need to give them an experience of a lifetime. You can carry out something simple such as make DIY bracelets for each other or take it a notch higher and go camping. Below are some ways to enjoy the friendship day.

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Celebrate this Friendship Day Differently with Your Friends

Well, if you have a group of cool friends who always stay with you in good and bad situations, then you are a very lucky person because in today’s world having a good caring friend is a blessing. This friendship day, celebrate your friendship in a stylish and unique way so that your friends can know about the depth of your love for them. Try making the day special for you and your friends different ways.

Go Camping

This friendship day pack your bags and get lost amidst nature with your gang. Plan an outdoor camping trip on the friendship day to create incredible memories. Make time for outdoor sports on the camping trip with your friends like trekking, volleyball, basketball, cricket, surfing, etc., Chill with your friends, enjoy a delicious meal cooked on the bonfire, play games - there is so much to do together. Look for refreshing location near a lake or forest for this trip.

Revisit Memory Line

If you want to keep your friendship day celebration close and intimate, then organize a trip into nostalgia . Now, are you wondering how to organise this trip ? Call up your all friends and stock your kitchen with all your favourite junk food and then raid your storeroom for your childhood or college photographs which you have clicked with your friends. Now, while munching on snacks galore, go through the photographs with your friends and take a trip to the memory lane.

Prepare a Friendship Day Video

If you want to make your friendship day celebration special each year, then set up a tradition. All friends can make a pact of recording a monologue for one another on the friendship day. Compile these videos and make something that's visible record of your friendship. You should do this every year on the friendships day so that when as time passes and you grow apart, then you can watch your old friendship day videos and celebrate your bond of friendship whether you are living on two different continents.

Make DIY Greeting Cards for Friendship Day

Let’s be little kids again on friendship day! Create DIY greeting cards for your friends. To make the greeting cards creation more fun, you can call up your friends and then together make greeting cards for each other. You can order all the art supplies to make the greeting cards fun like stickers, glitters, sketch pens, sparkles, in short, raid art and craft section of the stationary store. This might sound childish, but when you ditch the impersonal method of sending WhatsApp message and create DIY greeting cards for your lovely friends, then you and your friend will feel more special.

Exchange Small Gifts

Sharing small inexpensive gifts on friendship day can be a yet another way to make your celebration special. You all friends should buy small but thoughtful gifts for each other on friendship day and share with one another. While buying gift make sure that it has to be low on monetary value but high on emotional value. You can get gifts like a picture of you and your friend in a beautiful handcrafted photo frame which your friend can always keep on his work desk. Just exchange gifts which can bring a big smile on your friend’s face.

Make your Own Friendship Bands

Sharing friendship bands is a traditional way to celebrate this beautiful day. Even among the adults, it’s a great way to mark this day. However, you can add a twist to your friendship band if you want your friend to always wear your bond of friendship on his or her wrist. You can give one of those designer bracelets to your friends as your token of friendship. But, if you are low on budget, then you can make your friendship band even more fun. Yep, you can create your own friendship band with the help of stones and beads which you can easily order online. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are ten years old or forty years old sharing friendship band with your friends is always a sweet way to celebrate the big day.

Donate in Your Friend's Name to Her Favorite Charity

Let’s do something good on this friendship day. You can make a handsome donation on your friend’s name to his favorite cause of charitable organization and gift some good wishes to your friend. This is the best gift for the friend who has everything so for that friend you can get some good blessing. However, if you don't have money to giveaway, then you can volunteer for the charitable work with your friend on this day - you both can spend a day at an old age home or at an orphanage.

10 Sweet and Happy Friendship Day Gifts

Well, if you haven’t yet shopped for friendship day gift for your best friends, then don’t panic as we have already shortlisted some gifts for you. You just have to select one friendship day gift for your friend from the pile of ten amazing gifts. Now, spend quality time with your friend on this friendship day and quickly order any of the following gifts for your friends today.

Festive Gift Table Decor

If your friend is a collector of small home décor items or loves to decorate his or her home with new stuff, then order this beautiful showpiece as your friendship day gift. This décor item is crafted from iron with paper wrapping so it is a perfect piece to brighten up your friend’s home. It's especially a great pick for a creative friend this uniquely crafted gift can be ordered from for ₹495/-.

Special Friend Gift

How about giving the special friendship day gift hamper to your super special friend? Indeed, a good idea, so for your complete friend get this complete friend combo pack. This friendship day combo pack includes Teddy Bear, 2 Cadbury Silk (60 Gms Each), Friendship Day Band & Greeting Car. All articles of this package are able to bring a big smile on your friend’s face. So, on the friendship day send the surprise delivery of this combo to your friend which you can book from the for around ₹1199/-.

Happiness Unisex Baby Pug Dog Soft Toy

Just look at this adorable pug dog soft toy and say it isn’t perfect friendship day gift?! We know that you can’t say this because it is an adorable pug and your friend will definitely love it. It is a unisex gift which means you can gift it to both your guy and girlfriends. With this cute little cuddle buddy, you can give chocolates or greeting cards to your friends as well. But, in a way, cute looks of this light brown and white pug are sufficient to swoon your friend’s heart. You can order this happy pug from for ₹349/-.

Life Is An Adventure Storage Box

To bring vintage magic to your friend’s life, you can get this charming box for your friend. It is a stunning MDF material box with vintage style metal lock and hinges. It is a stylish storage space for your friend where he can store his important secret stuff. Moreover, the pop-up colors and the beautiful engraving on the box makes it a perfect showpiece item which your friend can put on his living rooms mantelpiece. You can order this vintage charm for your friend from the for ₹795/-.

Simulate Hairpin Wedding Bridal Hair Pin

If you are looking for the small friendship day gift for your super fashionable girlfriend, then you can order this gorgeous hairpin for her. It is a perfectly crafted hairpin with the small teardrops of pristine white pearls. Your friend can style her hair in numerous different styles with the help of this versatile simulate hairpin. Especially, if your friend is about to get married, then she is going to love this gift. So, gift something sweet and memorable to your friend on this friendship day in the form of this pearl hairpin from for only ₹102/-.

Friendship Goal


Let’s set new friendship goals this friendship day with your friends. To set your new friendship goals, get this complete friend forever gift pack for your friends today. This sweet friendship day gift includes a large box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, two perfect friendship bands, and one delicious cake to celebrate your bond. This is the sweetest midnight surprise for your friend. You can visit your friend’s home in the middle of the night and usher in friendship day in each other’s company. You can add your own message on the cake after placing an order for this combo from for ₹3149/-.

Gift E-Cards

Okay, so if you are digital era friends, then you can send your friends digital gifts. Yep, you can send e-gift cards to your friends. Well, there are plenty of different sources which offer you an option to send e-gift cards to your loved ones. Such as if your friend is a shopper, then you can send Amazon prime gift card or if your friend love to listen to the music, then Apple Music gift card is perfect for your friend. You can send numerous other gift cards to your friends as well like Netflix, Zee 5,etc.,

4 Air Purifier Plants

If your friend is a nature lover or loves to decorate his or her space with the plants, then gift this refreshing combo to them. This pack contains 4 air purifier plants along with 4 color pots and plates decorated with pebbles. Your friend can surround the home with these pollution control plants and lead a healthy life. You can order this eco-friendly gift for your friend this friendship day from the for ₹850/-.

Photo Calendar

To remark the friendship day on the calendar, you can create the customized photo calendar for your friend. From, you can customize the photo calendar with your and your friend’s photo. You can order different styles of calendars from this website like mini calendar, classic calendar or large calendar. You can select calendar type according to your budget as a mini calendar is available for ₹200/-, classic calendar for ₹250/- and large calendar can be customized for ₹450/-. Just upload your favorite photo and your customized friendship day calendar will be delivered to your home.

Friends Forever Shot Glasses

If you want to celebrate friendship day with your friends evoking a party mood, then the perfect way to say cheers would be with these Archies short glasses. You can order these friends forever shot glasses and cheers with your group of friends on this day. You can get this quirky gift from and team up with the bottle of tequila and get a little drunk with your friends. These quirky shot glasses are available for ₹299/-.

Be Creative this Friendship Day

If you truly want to make your friendship day memorable for your friend, then use your creative chops to do something exceptional for your friends. Make something from scratch as your friendship day gift . Or you can plan a memorable friendship day party for your all friends. You can even reunite with your old college friends or can find a unique way to present a gift to your friends. There are so many different ways to show your creativity on friendship day. However, if you are not a too creative person, then just follow your heart and for some inspiration, you can check out websites like Pinterest. So, make your friend feel special this friendship day with your creative thoughts.

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Entrancing And Gripping Friendship Day Gifts To Keep You Friends Happy

Gifting friends on friendship day is a delight, by and large to the person recieving the gift. This is why one should put an effort to give a very captivating gift to their friends. With friends it isn't about the monetary value, rather the quality of the gift. It should be one that has great friendship value, thus making friends stick together. Additional guidelines on selecting such gift have been given and it is up to you to make it a marvelous friendship day, depending on how you celebrate it.