Pay a Visit to Eastern Europe While it's Still Something of a Hidden Gem. Start with the 10 Best Places to Visit in Romania (2019)

Pay a Visit to Eastern Europe While it's Still Something of a Hidden Gem. Start with the 10 Best Places to Visit in Romania (2019)

Romania may not be the longshot European tourism destination everyone keeps talking about, but it sure is one of the most unique and historical countries for all the tourists out there. Popular as the birthplace of the famous mythological character, Dracula, Romania will surprise you in ways you never thought of a travel spot could. We've curated down the top 10 places to be visited in Romania and some bonus for all of you shoppers.

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Why Visit Romania?

Romania is a developing country and takes the 52nd place in the Human Development Index. It has the world's 47th largest economy by nominal GDP and an annual economic growth rate of 7 percent, which is the highest in EU at the time. Situated on the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, Romania is one of the emerging holiday destinations of recent times. Read below to know what makes Romania a popular choice among tourists and suggestions on the best places to visit in this fabulous country.

For its Mythical Stories

Romania is known for the mysterious mythical stories about Dracula and Vampires. It is said that these stories are inspired by their ruler Vlad Tepes, who used to punish its enemies horrifically. The word 'Dracula' got more attention after the novel, Dracula and His Castle in Transylvania by Bram Stoker published in 1897. These mythical stories have always been interesting for travellers visiting Romania.

The Amazing Architecture

The architecture is one of the major attractions in Romania. Everything in the place is aesthetic, neat, and preserved till date. There are many styles of architecture to be found in Romania. The architecture is diverse and is intact from many periods such as medieval, modern era, interwar, communist era, and contemporary 21st-century.

It's the Land of Castles

Romania is the best-suited place for you if you love castles. There are more than 50 castles in Romania, each with its significance in history. Some of their major celebrated castles include Bran, Corvin, Banffy, Miko, and Peles.

10 Best Places to Visit in Romania

1. Sighișoara

Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Sighisoara is a very popular tourist destination. It's quite famous for its preserved wall town. The main displays of the town include towers, churches, and civil architecture. Sighisoara Citadel, Sighisoara Clock Tower, Sighisoara Fortress, Butcher's Tower and Tinsmith's Tower are some major tourist attractions in Sighisoara.

2. Bucharest

Romania's capital, Bucharest, is also known as the cultural, industrial, and financial centers of the country. The city houses many extensive, conventional facilities, educational institutes, cultural venues, traditional shopping arcades, and recreational areas. The major attractions of the city are Palace of Parliament, Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum, Romanian Athenaeum, King Michael I Park, and National Museum of Art.

3. Sulina

The easternmost point of Romania, Sulina is situated at the mouth of the Romanian branch of The Danube, Europe's second-longest river. The water of The Danube flows into the Black Sea, and this famous delta comprises over 300 species of birds and 45 freshwater fish species. The significant attractions of Sulina are Sulina Beach, Sulina Branch, Sulina Lighthouse of the European Commission of Danube, and Bara Sulina.

4. Maramures

The geographical, historical, and cultural region of Romania and part of western Ukraine, Maramures is considered one of the best holiday destinations across Europe. It is a home for many villages where old traditions are still practiced to this date. The most famous tourist destinations of Maramures include Prislop Pass, Merry Cemetery, Barsana Monastery, Pietrosul Rodnei, and Maramures Mountains National Park.

5. Saschiz

Another World Heritage Site in Romania, Saschiz is home to people of many ethnicities such as Romanians, Germans, Hungarians, and Roma. Saschiz is a small town which falls on the road from Brașov to Sighișoara. The monuments in the town are precious as they reflect the military skills to defend the borders of Transylvania during Saxon colonist. Some tourist attraction spots in Saschiz are Saschiz Fortified Church, Dealul Pietriș mountain peak, Vulcanii noroioși de la Filias, and Petofi Museum.

6. Alba Iulia

Located on the Mures river, Alba Iulia holds much historic importance for Romanians, Hungarians and Transylvania Saxons. Some major tourist attractions in Alba Iulia are The Citadel, Princely Palace, Apor Palace, National Unification Museum, Batthyaneum Library, and Roman Catholic Cathedral.

7. Timișoara

The third largest city in Romania, Timisoara is the center of social, economic and culture of western Romania. Timisoara has a historical tradition in manufacturing, commerce, transport, education, communications, and tourism. It is regarded as the European Capital of Culture. Some of the top tourist attractions in the city are Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral, Piața Unirii, Piata Victoriei, Banat Village Museum, Roses Park and Cetate.

8. Brasov

Located in the center of the country, Brasov is a sizeable commercial hub for on the trade roads between east and west. It is the birthplace of the national anthem of Romania. It is one of the largest city in the mountain resort area. The city is completely preserved with no demolishment of any historical significance. The city restaurants serve different types of cuisines, local as well as international. Some popular tourist destinations in Brasov are Black Tower, Schei Gate, Casa Sfatului, Tampa and White Tower.

9. Arad


Known as the multicultural heritage, Arad is situated in the region of Crisana. It's known to house people from many cultures as it has been part of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Ottoman Temeşvar Eyalet, the Habsburg Empire, and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. It is home to Hungarians, Germans, Serbians, and Roma.

Arad has much impressive architecture which includes neoclassical Ioan Slavici Theater, the eclectic Administrative Palace and the neo-gothic Red Church, which was built in the initial years of 20th Century. The city is also rich in the industrial and commercial sectors. The major tourist attractions of the city are architectural monuments, historic buildings, monuments, religion tour, and recreational tourism like National Bank Palace, Cultural Palace, Cenad Palace, Judiciary Palace, The House with the Padlock, Water Tower, The Old Customs House, Holy Trinity, Reconciliation Park, St. Anthony of Padua, The Simon Monastery, and The Ceala Forest.

10. Sibiu

One of the important cultural centers of Romania, Sibiu was the European Centre for Culture in 2007. Sibiu was ranked as Europe's 8th most idyllic place to live by Forbes in 2008. Sibiu also is home to people of many cultures and ethnicities such as Romanians, Hungarians, German, and Roma. Sibiu is one of the most economically advanced centre because of higher foreign investment here. Tourism has contributed a lot to its economy as tourism has been increasing steadily since 2007. Major tourist attractions of the city are Muzeul National Brukenthal, The Bridge of Lies, Franz Binder Museum of Universal Ethnography, Council Tower of Sibiu, and Sibiu Lutheran Cathedral.

5 Not-To-Be Missed Sites in Romania

1. Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

This Village Museum was created by Dimitrie Gusti, Victor Ion Popa, and Henri H. Stahl in 1936. Named after its founder, it's a national monument. The museum covers over 100,000 metres per square land and has 272 authentic peasant farms and houses from all over Romania. This museum is located in King Michael I Park and showcases the traditional and culture of Romanian village life. There are many other village museums in Romania, including ASTRA National Museum Complex in Sibiu.

2. Tunnel of Love

Tunnel of Love is an abandon botanical garden railway section in western Romania. It is believed to be one of the most romantic and magical places. The railway was the non-electric railway which was abandoned, and the trees and shrubs started flourishing in the space creating a tunnel over the section. The site is perfect for wedding photographs for storing beautiful memories for the beginning of a new journey.

3. Merry Cemetery


Merry Cemetery is a cemetery ground in Sapanta Village. What attracts people to see this cemetery is the wooden boards that hold life stories, dark humour details, and the final moments of the demised person. The cemetery has 800 wooden crosses. Stan Ioan Pătraş created the cemetery, and all 800 crosses are painted by him using colour symbolism.

4. Bran Castle

Bran Castle which is also known as the Dracula's Castle is the famous castle of Transylvania. Many mythical stories of Dracula and Bloodsucking creatures like Vampires have inspired from the place. Bram Stoker who never visited Romania released a book Dracula based upon the castles in Romania. Many readers have an illusion that the character Dracula is the ruler of Romania Vlad, who is known to punish his enemies brutally and none of the castles except the Bran Castle matched the castle in the book. Also, in many nearby villages around Bran, villagers believe in the existence of evil spirits who have a dual personality, leading a normal life in the day, but at night their souls leave their body to haunt people in their sleep. A not to be missed placed for all those mythological people out there!

5. Constanta Casino

Designated as a historic monument by Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Patrimony, Constanta Casino is situated along the banks of the Black Sea in the historical Peninsula District of the city. The Casino has been built three times separately to give it the structure it has today. It was first made of wood and was named as Cazin Kursaal. It was known as Cazin which was its second version and later came to be known as Modern Cazinoul Comunal.

Experience Romania for Shopaholics

Is any vacation complete without a shopping spree? If you are in Romania and feel like indulging in some retail therapy, here are a handful of some useful and delightful shopping suggestions.

Romanian Jewellery


Women in Romania love to adorn themselves with statement pieces on special occasions such as weddings and cultural festivities. Traditional Romanian jewellery has its signature charm. The popular beaded neckpieces are called zgardan which are made from inexpensive items and are available in contemporary styles and contrasting colours, a delight for the fashionista in you!

Romanian Wine

Who doesn't love to bring back a bottle of good old wine as a souvenir for family and friends or even something to cherish years later? Romania is among the largest wine producers in the world. As a result, you will find many trails and walks in vineyards on popular tourist schedules. Keep in mind how much wine you are allowed to carry back and shop wisely! Wines such as merlot, sauvignon blanc, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay or pinot noir are popular buys from Romanian wineries.



If you fancy pretty hand-painted ceramics and pottery items, you will be mesmerised while shopping on the streets of Romania. This country is home to some of the most beautiful and internationally acclaimed ceramic and pottery works, a tradition that has been kept alive for centuries. Artisans in Romania are known for their intricate designs and details on ceramic objects, handcrafted with patience, love, and utmost dedication.

Hand-painted Eggs

If you are looking for something offbeat to get for your friends and family back home, handpainted eggs are going to be a winner! A testament to the country's traditions, these eggs are painted by skilled hands and feature a variety of ethnic motifs in a myriad of colours. They are perfect gifts for bulk purchase as they are lightweight and easy on the pocket as well!

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Don't Forget to Bring Some Amazing Souvenirs Back Home

When you're visiting these places, try to explore as much as you can and don't just stay confined to the famous spots. Search and Explore the areas away from the main cities. There only, you'd get to experience what this beautiful nation truly is about. And, while you're visiting these places, don't forget to get something locally which is unique and may only be particular to that region so that you get to keep a part of this European country forever.