Classy, Practical, Personalised: 10 Great Gifts Under 500 For You (Updated 2019)

Classy, Practical, Personalised: 10 Great Gifts Under 500 For You (Updated 2019)

Finding a gift is hard when there's a set budget. If you are struggling to find a good gift within INR 500, then our comprehensive gift guide can help. We have 10 cool gift ideas whether it is for a friend, your boyfriend or a family member, all under the Rs. 500 mark.

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Gifting Something Unique But Affordable

'Gift' is one word which brings a quick smile on any face irrespective of age. The moment of receiving a gift becomes memorable in a person's life not only for the one who receives the gift but also for the person who gives it. Gifts are the extension of love, kindness, gratitude and friendship that one individual has for the other.

You cannot measure the value of a gift with money. A tight budget sometimes forces us to be economical. That does not mean you have to compromise on gift quality. When you can spend a limited amount of money, every buck counts.

Gifting someone and that too within a minimum budget is one of the most arduous tasks nowadays. It takes much time to search for a perfect gift after all gifts are valued by emotions and also by the usefulness. Buying gifts under Rs.500 may be difficult but not with the proper approach.

Tips to Choose Budget-friendly Gifts

If you are thinking to spend less, gift buying may seem complicated, but fortunately, your loved ones count on your affection and love not money. The best gift is something that spread happiness on the festive or special occasion days, whether it's a colleague’s housewarming party, a friend’s birthday or parent’s anniversary, you can come up with fantastic gift ideas each time. Gifting below Rs.500 is not as substandard as you think. Instead, they are sometimes better than the expensive choices. Here we have discussed some great tips on how to choose an affordable gift under your financial budget.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Sales

With every new page of the calendar, the sales star. Indeed on every possible occasion, the physical and online stores announce huge sales Sometimes it is on the garments, appliances, and homeware other times its on TVs and electronics. Winter garments and accessories remain on sale around the springtime and the summer season sale starts during early winter. The festive seasons like Christmas, Diwali, Father’s day, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day or Valentine’s Day also bring new sales and not only the themed gift but also general items remain. So check out the items you want and be sure to grab any opportunity to get good deals. You can buy and stock products to be used later for gifts as they'll save you money!

Take Your Time and Browse for the Best Quality Things Which are on Sale

Items on sale are not always beneficial or perfect for your hunt. Use your leisure time to find the item you want for the particular occasion. Suppose you are about to buy a gift for a housewarming party and you are eyeing on a bedding item which is excellent and is on a massive sale at the moment. That’s of course not going to help you, unless the person you are gifting that, loves to buy the bedding item! Sort some things according to the occasion, choose the time when they are given a huge deal, even if it is a little early, and try to buy the gift beforehand during the big sale.

Check Out for Coupon Codes

The online stores often have coupons or discount voucher codes to add while you checkout. There are also many online websites dedicated to coupons, where you can get the coupon or voucher code for your purchase. You can even get some coupons that you can make a print out of, and use it in the physical stores. These coupons help when you buy something over the budget of Rs.500 and get the discount which brings the amount according to your budget again.

Try to Make the Thought Count

Whether you are buying under a tight budget pressure of Rs.500, some simple extra thoughts can result to make the gift more unique and personal. You can spend less if you can find the right gift. Choose something memorable that may take the receipent down to the beautiful memory lane or surprise with something that is unique, or useful.

10 Gifts under Rs.500

Here are 10 fabulous gift ideas under Rs.500 which are both wonderful and affordable. Take a look and select your perfect gift from our suggestions.

Crystal Feng Shui Tortoise Bowl


Whether you believe or not, good luck is always welcome to any home. Tortoise represents maximum age and longevity; it also signifies stability, determination and extreme willpower. The crystal tortoise by New Look, is a gift for long life and happiness, according to the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. This tortoise décor ensures to fulfil wishes and bring joy and prosperity in your life.

The size of the crystal tortoise is 3.5 L x 2 H x 2.5 inches, and it is a quality product, and it is an excellent gift for any occasion especially marriage or housewarming. It is a handcrafted designer showpiece along with a symbol of prosperity, achievement and blessing for long life and happiness. The price for this crystal tortoise is around Rs.225 and you can find this at

Monday Magic Mug

Busy Mondays are always tough to handle after the free weekends. You can quickly get depressed by thinking about the whole week of tiresome workloads that are on the way. The Monday Magic Mug is a great way to turn the frown upside down in the morning. It converts from a sad face to a smiling and bright, happy one when you pour hot tea or coffee in it. It is designed for you to tackle the most difficult day of the week by lifting up your gloomy mood with a big smile.

This is a normal size coffee mug and a cute gift for any age and or occasion too. The price is Rs.499, and it is available at

Moroccan Multicolour Candle Holder

The multi-colour designed candle holder will rejuvenate your home with confidence. The cracked looking-glass holder gives a shimmering effect and makes any corner light up with elegance. This Moroccan light holder is made from high-quality glass material and hand-coated with crackle work to give an extra oomph to the piece.

When you light a wax Diya or tea light candle inside the jar, it will light up beautifully, and the glass pieces will shine to make the room a dreamlike place. The product size is L 12 x H 10 cm, and you will get a replacement for any manufacturing defect or damage to the shipment. The item beautifully decorates the place wherever it is kept. The price for this Moroccan Multi Colour Candle Holder is Rs.399 and you can get this at

Single Duck Bowl

This elegant masterpiece featuring silver plated swan will adorn any home, and it is a must have décor . The detailed design, curved texture by the experts and the unique ethnic look enhances its real beauty. The silver finish adds up a royal look to it. The set comes with six slender spooks as well.

At Homesake the price for this product is Rs.350.

Crackle Flower Pot

A beautiful gift for the decoration of home or office, which can be used to brighten up the room with fresh aromatic flowers. The beautiful flower pot is made of glass with the crackle finish and clear paint with surely catch anyone’s attention. A loosely hanging jewellery on its neck adds an extra charm to the elegant piece of décor.

The material is high-quality glass and the size id L 14cm x W 14 cm x H 20 cm. The price for this item is Rs.499 at Homesake.

Leather Notebook


A unique and beautiful gift item which looks graceful and sophisticated and can be given to anyone. If the person loves journaling or needs to write notes, this is the best gift according to its versatile usefulness and distinguished look. It is a handcrafted product made with the finest leather. It has a floral design in the front and back, comprised of 100 pages, and it has a metal look. It is highly durable and functional.

The leather journal book’s dimension is L 7 inches x W 5 inches, and it can be used for writing, sketching, noting and jotting, doodling or even recording personal as well as professional activities. It comes with various colour shades of red, yellow, and pink, orange, brown and, ocean blue. It is available at, and the price is Rs.469

Premium Gift Set


Have something to buy for your father or gift someone respectful in your life. You can never go wrong with a designer gift set of pen, card holder and table clock. All the three items are important and useful, and they come in a royal looking box. A perfect gift set for any occasion like birthdays, anniversary etc. It is a thoughtful occasion gift for your dear ones as well as professional or corporate people.

The product dimension is L 16.6 x 3.5 x 15.5 cm, and the high and stylish gift set is made out of steel with metallic colour. The pen refill ink is blue, and it writes with smoothness. It adds personality and an excellent way to impress someone. The business card holder is gold plated and closes automatically with a magnetic flap. It can store business cards, credit cards and many more. The watch is apple-shaped and can be used in the table top or the car. The golden colour works as a good luck charm and positivity, and this box comes with the price of Rs.399 at

Beverage Dispenser

Are you looking for something useful and funky for your party freak friend or want to help with the cutest gift to someone who can use it regularly? Always give a warm wish note with your fabulous gift. The fizz of the beverage can be saved for long hours even after opening it. The fizz saver dispenser locks the bottle and dispenses drink with full glass fizz which is fun to see and drink. Flip the container upside down for dispensing the beverage. If a right amount of fizz is needed, then you can shake the bottle before dispensing or pressing it. The price of this unique party gift is Rs.399, and find it at

Tea Bags Gift Box


Who does not like to have a tea break in between a load of work at the office or home? If that break can be with an exotic selection of flavoured tea, then it brings happiness and health both in one cup. This organic and flavoured tea is one of the healthiest beverages for daily routine. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have potent effects on the human body. The tea leaves are handpicked by the experienced tea master for the perfect blend of flavour and taste.

The selection of tea compromises of green, black, and other herbal teas like blueberry, peppermint, apple cinnamon, cranberry, peach and other relaxing teas. Check it out at for the price of Rs.315.

Personalised Cushion


Nothing can be more adorable like gifting something customized to your loved ones. The cushion with valuable and memorable pictures which you can select and print is a unique and beautiful token of love which is priceless. The material is made out of high-quality satin, and the base colour is white. The cushion cover with filler can print nine pictures fully customised from you, in modern prints.

The shape of the cushion is square, and the size is 12-inch x 12 inch. You can get this at the price of Rs.299 plus delivery charges from Amazon.

Gift With Love and Nice Thought

Planning is essential when you have a high choice and low budget. You can buy unique and quality products if you keep tracking the sale and discounts. Think about something the person may not have or will not think to buy. Gifting is an integral part of human interaction, strengthening relationships and bonds among family and friends.

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Sometimes we form opinions without acquiring the correct information. Finding great gifts on a budget is not hard if you just look. Go through online websites, visit supermarkets and always sign up for offers and discounts. Small initiatives sometimes can help us save a lot of money.