The Best Miniature Perfume Gift Sets in India in 2020 and a Guide to Gifting Fragrance

The Best Miniature Perfume Gift Sets in India in 2020 and a Guide to Gifting Fragrance

What makes a better gift than a big bottle of perfume that may or may not be liked by the recipient? A gift set that includes multiple mini fragrances or scents, so she (or he!) can pick and choose. Check out our list of gorgeous, magical-smelling sets, below, and then go ahead and pick one up for yourself—you're going to want it.

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What to Know Before Buying a Perfume?

Know the Word and Their Lasting Properties

Before getting to know all about buying miniature perfume gift sets in India , you should know about the different types of perfume and their lasting properties.

The five different types are: Parfum, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, Eau De Cologne and Body Mists. These perfumes last for 6-8 hours, 5 hours, 2-3 hours, 2 hours and less than an hour respectively. So, make sure to know their properties before you buy any perfume. The prices also differ acordingly.

Differentiate Between Cheap and Expensive Perfume


Before you spend your hard-earned money on expensive perfumes, make sure that they are worth your money. You must know the difference between cheap and expensive perfume. While cheaper perfumes have a lesser concentration of perfume oils in them, it goes vice versa for expensive ones.

Well, this is another reason that expensive perfumes last longer because of having strong heart and base notes too. So lookout for the percentages given on the bottle before you make a choice.

Know Where to Spray

Did you know there's a proper way to spray the perfume so that you can make most of its fragrance for all day long? Well, the key is to spray the perfume on such body parts which are warmer and moves a lot. Pulse points are definitely the best location for it like behind ear lobes, the base of the throat, inner elbows etc. These are the points where the perfume reacts with your body heat and emits its fragrance.

Check the Three Notes

Before buying fragrances, do not forget to check all the three notes of the perfume. These are the notes that contribute together to make the perfume powerful. We have one top note which is the highlight of the perfume and then middle notes and base notes. The middle note strikes after fading of top note and base note is something which creates the everlasting impression of the top note. So try out perfumes and then buy.

10 Best Miniature Perfume Gift Sets for Men You Can Buy in India

Nautica Deo and Perfume Collection Set

Starting this list of perfume gift sets for him with an amazing option which is a special edition gift box by Nautica. It is The Oceanic Collection of Nautica which provides the collection set of two deodorants and one Eau De Toilette perfume.

While the deo is available in the packaging of 150ml, the perfume is available in the mini 100ml pack. This makes it a perfect blend of casual as well as party wear fragrances.

Talking about the perfume called Nautica Classic EDT then it has a tangy scent with citrusy top notes perfect for fresh vibes. The next is Nautica Blue all over body spray which has more plant and flower based fragrances combined. And finally, Nautica Voyage deo is a cologne with top notes of crisp apple and green leaf. You can buy this set on Myntra for Rs. 1,324.

Marks and Spencers Eau de Toilette Trio Gift Set

The next one that we have to suggest is Eau de Toilette Trio Gift Set from Marks and Spencers. Well, the name The Man Stash says it all that how wonderfully it has been crafted especially for men. Moreover, the pack contains two of these perfumes in bottles green and black containing 30 ml each.

These perfumes are Woodspice Original, Woodspice Amber and Woodspice Burgundy. Talking about the characteristics of the perfumes spicy citrus fresh top notes which is ideal for the tough and sporty men. The set is a combination of citrus and aqua fragrances which is ideal for achieving fresh vibes instantly.

Apart from the perfumes, you are going to love the packaging also which aligns well with the theme of rough man. This wonderful Man Stash Perfume gift set is available for purchase on marksandspencer for Rs. 1999.

Scent Shot Manhattan for Men

This is probably the most unique addition to this list which is called Scent Shot Manhattan for Men. This pack is definitely not some ordinary fragrance collection for men but rather a more interesting experiment with the perfumes.

In this packaging, you receive scent shot carry case with 7 international perfumes in it and apart from all, you also receive some vouchers in it. So, the kit here contains mini samples of perfumes like Baugsons Artist Pour Homme EDP, Lomani Chicissime EDT, Creation Blue Tweed EDP, MPF Daring Pour Homme EDP, Mural De Ruitz Cote Blanche Perfume, Chris Adams CA Classic Man EDP and Louis Cardin Illusion EDP. These mini shots can be transferred into the main casing as you please according to the use. You can buy this exclusive scent shot box on Perfume Booth for Rs. 899.

Fogg Scent Gift Pack

Fogg is undoubtedly one of the most trending fragrance brands in India so we brought you their miniature perfume gift sets which are India made.

This Fogg Scent Gift Pack consists of four fragrances packed in colourful mini bottles. These are Eau De Parfum Prince, Sultan, Tycoon and Czar. All the perfumes are EDP with long-lasting fragrance properties in it.

Each of the bottles contains 60ml of perfume in it. You can even fit these bottles in your pocket too. These fresh fragrances are perfect for special occasions and even their packaging is nicely done in a stunning box. They are easy to use and have anti Perspirant properties too. This pack of mini perfumes is available for purchase on Flipkart for Rs. 339.

Skinn Perfume Gift Set

Skinn is a popular perfume range provided by Titan in India and indeed one of the most long-lasting fragrance options for men. Selected here is a miniature perfume set of Skinn perfumes called Raw and Verge.

They are provided in white and blue bottles respectively containing 25ml each. These travel-friendly bottles also come with a sprayer on top too. Moreover, these perfumes are very unique and inspired by nature itself. While raw is empowered with the lightness of watermelon and top notes of citrus, Verge is more classy in its appeal. Verge is more aromatic and exotic that contains notes of fresh grass which is quite a unique concept. No matter what, both the fragrances are quite manly and very appealing too. You can buy this miniature pack of perfumes on Flipkart for Rs. 1,191.

Best Miniature Perfume Gift Sets for Women You Can Buy in India

Baverly Hills Polo Club Perfume Set for Women

We bring you an exclusive product for women which is the Beverly Hills Polo Club perfume gift set. It is comprised of four amazing fragrances which have 16ml perfume in each of them. All of these are Eau De Parfum French Fragrances which are not only exquisite but long-lasting too.

This set comprises Perfume 1, Perfume 9, Perfume 8 and Perfume 2 from Beverly Hills Polo Club which are more sporty in feel. One thing you should keep in mind is that all of them are quite strong fragrances and this is why you should use only a bit of this perfume. Single splash is good enough to last long for the entire day otherwise you might even suffer from headache because of too much fragrance. Buy this amazing pack for women on Flipkart for Rs. 550.

Giorgio Armani Mini Gift Set for Women


When we are talking about miniature perfume gift sets India, we can’t keep ourselves from including the quite popular Giorgio Armani Mini Set in it. Known as the Variety 5 Piece Mini Gift set, this is one of the best fragrance compilation you can ask for from any brand.

Specially crafted for women, this prestigious pack includes some of the most amazing fragrances by Armani. These are Armani Code EDP Splash, Acqua Di Gioia EDP, Armani Si EDP Splash, Armani Mania EDP Splash and Acqua Di Gio EDP Splash.

They all have a different amount of perfume in them and have different fragrances too. These are sample like bottles and this is why you are not provided sprayer with them which is a mini set back here. This Variety Pack is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 12,525.

Bvlgari Omnia Mini Purse Fragrance Set

You simply can’t find something more suitable and perfect than Bvlgari Omnia Mini Set which is specially crafted to fit inside women’s purse. This mini set is comprised of three perfumes and all of them are Eau De Toilette.

This set is a combination of perfumes like Amethyst Toilette, Paraiba Toilette and Coral Eau De Toilette and all of them are available in packaging of 15ml each.

These are luxury perfumes representing this brand well and just like the name, they are not going to disappoint you at all. All of them are mild scents but they can last long with proper application. You can buy this set of Bvlgari mini perfume set for women on Myntra for Rs. 2,340.

11 Designer Perfume Sample Set

If you are looking for a perfume gift pack for her in your life whether it is your mom/wife/girlfriend then we would highly recommend you to go for this one here. This is a sample pack of 11 designer perfumes for women which are simply amazing.

These are handpicked samples from the prestigious brands like Giorgio Armani, DKNY, Michael Kors and many more. One thing that you should keep in your mind is that these are sample bottles and not miniature packs here.

As all of them belongs to different brands, they are completely different from one another in terms of top notes and base fragrance. The bottles are quite small and can fit in your pocket very easily. You can buy this superb sample pack on Ninth Avenue for Rs. 5,294.

Pure Essential Perfumes Set


If you think Pure Essential has perfume sets for men only then this perfumes set for women is going to change your mind for sure. This is our last addition in our list comprised of four amazing fragrances which are packed beautifully in a nice gift case.

These bottles have 30ml of fragrances in them and these fragrances are Pink Desire, Dream, Green Dew, Blue Soft Touch, and all of them are Eau De Parfum.

Talking about the characteristics then these perfumes have spicy citrus fresh top notes, aqua top notes, strong Jasmine and vanilla notes respectively. All of these fragrances are quite strong and suitable for women of substance. Make sure to apply only a little amount to avoid a headache. You can buy these perfumes on Amazon for Rs. 1299.

How to Make Your Perfume Long Lasting?

So, we have recommended some of the best perfume miniature gift sets available in India for both men and women. However, you need to know about the little tricks which can make your perfume last longer than ever. You would not want to empty out that expensive bottle of perfume in a few days only. So, you can try these tips instead.

Do Not Store the Perfumes in Bathroom

This is one mistake that most people do. They often store their perfumes and other fragrances in their bathroom which is said to be not an ideal location for these delicate formulas. You must not store your fragrances in damp and warm places. Humidity and heat break down the perfume and spoils its quality. Instead, store your perfumes in cool and dry places.

Rub Vaseline before Applying Perfume


This is one perfume trick that everyone swears by and no matter what you must not miss out on it. Rub some Vaseline on your pulse point before applying the perfume on it. Vaseline is thicker in texture and it has the property to hold the perfume longer than ever. So, make sure to spray some perfume on Vaseline rubbed skin rather than dry skin.

Spray the Perfume Right after Shower

No matter what kind of miniature perfume gift sets India market has to offer to you, if you do not apply it properly, none of it would work for you. You must apply the perfume right after the shower and before getting dressed. This is when the skin is moisturized and it will help in locking the scent on the surface and hence it will last longer.

Don't Dab the Fragrance on Wrist

Unlike the popular belief, dabbing the fragrance on your wrist isn’t the best idea to make it last longer. Rubbing the wrists over each other after applying perfume on it will make the top notes disappear and hence it won’t be able to last long. Instead, simply spray it on the desired place and you are good to go without dabbing.

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