Thinking of Gifting a Luxury Perfume? Spread Your Fragrance in Your Loved One's Life with these Top-10 Luxury Perfume Brands (2020)

Thinking of Gifting a Luxury Perfume? Spread Your Fragrance in Your Loved One's Life with these Top-10 Luxury Perfume Brands (2020)

Perfumes are essentially mixtures of fragrant essential oils, aromatic compounds, fixatives and solvents which are used to give an appealing and pleasant scent to the human body. If you are planning to gift a luxury brand of perfume to your loved one then we have you covered with this guide of the Top-10 luxury perfume brands to choose from.

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Here are Some of the Best Luxury Perfume Brands for Men and Women!

Perfumes are the best and probably the safest of options that quickly come to mind when thinking of a gift for your loved ones. After all, who doesn’t like an aromatic fragrance! And, if it’s a luxury branded perfume, then the happiness just doubles, isn’t it? Here are a few of our top choices of luxury brand perfumes for men and women. Check out this guide before you purchase a luxury perfume for him/her or even for yourself!

Top-10 Luxury Brand Perfumes for Men and Women

Different people have different choices when wearing perfumes. In fact, for some people perfumes are by far, a very personal and subjective affair. That is exactly why gifting a perfume requires taking a little more effort from your side.

If you manage to hit the right notes (pun intended!) with pleasing a person with a perfume, then you are definitely a hero! Picking a luxury perfume brand would be a fool-proof way to achieve this, as with this, there is little that could go wrong!

The international luxury brand perfumes mentioned in this guide are famously liked by people all over the world and are more likely to please almost anybody! They have topped the charts in the most select of customer reviews and have already made their mark in the fashion industry for a reason!


The Davidoff group is a Swiss-based family business launched in 1984. They are experts in manufacturing exclusive perfumes, watches and other unique goods. All Davidoff perfumes bear the highest quality ingredients and represent the finest style and sophistication. This globally acclaimed brand offers the best luxury fragrances and are probably the most sought-after fragrances in the world! Here are two of their best luxury perfumes.

  • For Women: Davidoff Cool Water EDT for Women
    The cool water range of Davidoff perfumes is the most famous in the line. This aromatic perfume has a scent that is very calm and has aquatic notes that remind you of the ocean breeze and cool seawater, fruits and woods. The luscious cool top notes and the woody base notes are sure to please any women who crave for a fresh nautical venture. Available on Splash Fragrance for Rs. 3,250.00.

  • For Men: Davidoff Cool Water EDT for Men
    This cool water perfume is very fresh and sharp, yet very masculine. The fragrant top notes are that of mint and green nuances, coriander and rosemary. While the heart and base notes include geranium, sandalwood and tobacco. The premium and everlasting aroma is sure to capture any man’s heart! This perfume is available on Splash Fragrance for Rs. 3,250.00.


This France based company has been in business for more than a hundred years! The exquisite fragrance of a Chanel perfume is sure to keep you apart from the rest!

  • For Women: Chanel Chance Vive Eau De Toilette Spray
    The whimsical nature of the Chanel Chance fragrance has been epitomized by Gabriella Bonheur Chanel, the founder herself. From the dreamy notes to the shape of the perfume bottle itself, everything is unique and different about the Chance line of Chanel perfumes. The wave of extreme freshness combines beautifully with the floral and spicy notes in the perfume. Available on Perfumery for Rs. 10,999.00.

  • For Men: Blue De Chanel
    This epic fragrance is the pinnacle of splendour and redefines the perfume scenario with its distinctive woody smell. The exuding richness and sharpness in the notes are sure to woo all your senses, and good enough to make any man envious! This luxury perfume is available on Perfumery for Rs. 12,690.00.

Calvin Klein


This American luxury fashion house was established in 1968. Calvin Klein or CK perfumes are said to have redefined the fragrance world in the '80s and '90s. The luxury brand is well known for the youthfulness and boldness that is predominantly seen in all its perfumes. The CK fragrance line propels captivating scents that are long lasting as well.

  • For Women: Calvin Klein Eternity Air Eau De Parfum for Women
    The Eternity CK perfume is the perfect pick for a woman who likes fresh, enthralling yet not overpowering scents. This refreshing aroma is a modern interpretation of a traditional floral burst of freshness. The fruity top notes of grapefruit, the mid notes of the sky accord and the base notes of cedar-wood combine amazingly to give way to a sensual fragrance. Available on Nykaa for Rs. 4,505.00.

  • For Men: Calvin Klein Eternity Eau De Toilette for Men
    This perfume is a sophisticated signature in the fougere family of fragrances. The aromatic airy freshness and the captivating woody scent makes Eternity, one of the most popular luxury perfumes among men in India. This perfume harbours the top note of mandarin and sky accord, mid notes of lavender and the base notes of amber. Available on Nykaa for Rs. 3,825.00

Christian Dior


Commonly known as Dior, this luxury French fashion company was founded in 1946 and is the most recognised name in fashion. Christian Dior continues to be a popular choice among luxury brands of perfumes and is synonymous with haute couture fragrances.

  • For Women: Poison Girl Christian Dior Eau De Toilette
    Poison Girl is an intoxicating and sensual floral fragrance that was released in 2016. The sophisticated fragrance is ideal to wear at any time of the day or night. The fruity top notes of lemon and frosted orange combine beautifully with the floral heart notes of damak rose. The spicy base notes of vanilla and tonka beans give for a long-lasting scent. Available on for Rs. 7,999.00.

  • For Men: Christian Dior Sauvage
    Sauvage from Christian Dior has a familiar fragrance from the 1960s, though it was created in 2015. The scent is fresh, strongly rugged and masculine. The composition of this perfume consists of top fruity notes of mandarin, mid notes of sandalwood and spicy base notes of vanilla. Available on for Rs. 8,480.00.



Burberry is a trusted British luxury design house that was founded in 1856. Burberry perfumes speak volumes of the history of elegance and more than 100 years of professional expertise. These luxury brand perfumes make for great gifts and are iconic because of their sophisticated yet intimate nature.

  • For Women: My Burberry EDP
    My Burberry is a rich and captivating blend of intoxicating aroma. The iconic fragrance is carefully crafted to last long throughout the day. It is deceptively simple and unlike other perfumes in the line, My Burberry is a perfect choice for any season of the year. The modern sophisticated notes of rose, candied peach, patchouli and amber flourish profusely in the fragrance. Available on Amazon for Rs. 7,800.00.

  • For Men: Burberry London EDT for Men
    Burberry London for Men is a refined and sophisticated fragrance. The strong and bold notes of spicy black pepper and smoky guaiac beautifully complement the top note of lavender. The sweet and woody notes of opoponax, leather and tobacco leaf add a touch of distinction to the masculinity. Available on Amazon for Rs. 3,200.00.


Gucci is an Italian luxury brand that has been in the business for decades now. The Gucci fragrance line of perfumes and colognes is of exceptional quality and is a popular choice among discerning customers around the world. Though the first Gucci perfume was introduced in 1974, the fragrance line became popular only in the '90s.

  • For Women: Gucci Bamboo EDT for Women
    Gucci Bamboo has an exotic aroma that is floral and woody. The intense notes of amber, sandalwood and sweet Tahitian vanilla blends in perfectly to form a dreamlike a cloud of robust accents. The added vibrancy and energy from the Casablanca lily and orange blossom take the fragrance to another level. Available on Buy Perfumes Online for Rs. 5,300.00.

  • For Men: Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme EDT Spray
    A masculine fragrance that also has elements of floral scents to ideally compliment as daytime wear. This perfume is characterized as a modern flavour, owing to the intense notes of chypre wood, spicy coriander, orange oil and lavender. A great option for a luxury brand perfume gift for a man. Available on Buy Perfumes Online for Rs. 4,850.00.



The Italian fashion luxury brand, Armani entered the fragrance line of perfumes in the early '80s. The company has since introduced more than 100 fragrances for both men and women. The name still lingers to be one of the top names in the luxury brand perfumes in India.

  • For Women: Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani
    The aquatic notes of Acqua Di Gioia leaves behind a distinctively fresh and feminine scent that lasts for long hours of the day. This perfume was introduced in 2010 and since then has been one of the most popular luxury brand perfumes for ladies. The sensuous fragrance consists of top notes of Amalfi lemon, pink pepper and with heart and base notes of jasmine and peony. Available on Nykaa for Rs. 5,750.00.

  • For Men: Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio
    The aromatic fragrance of bergamot and sea notes make the top notes while sage, geranium and rosemary highlight the middle notes. With a pleasing mix of patchouli and amber, the powerful fragrance of Acqua Di Gio Armani live up to the fine standards expected from any luxury brand perfume. Available on for Rs. 6,000.00.

Hugo Boss

Since the '60s, this German fashion powerhouse has set the benchmark for international fashion. The fragrance line was introduced in 1985 and since then has evolved itself into a brand with numerous perfume products that pleases wide demographics.

  • For Women: Hugo Boss Femme Women EDT
    The floral sheer aroma of the Hugo Boss Femme Women presents the ultra-feminine and sophisticated nature of the modern-day woman. The refreshing fragrance is perfectly suited for ease and relaxation. The top notes of peach, middle notes of flowers and the base tone of sandalwood attributes to the fruity floral that is light, yet long-lasting. Available on for Rs. 4,380.00.

  • For Men: Hugo Boss EDT Spray for Men
    The fresh and elegant smell of Hugo Boss is a distinguished fragrance choice for men. The signature masculine scent comes from a perfect blend of clary sage, grapefruit, green apple and lavender. A touch of mint adds to the freshness and spiciness of the perfume. It is perfect to be worn at any time of the day and lingers on for long. Available on for Rs. 4,255.00.


Guess has been a leading American contender in the fashion clothing industry since the early '80s. Since 2003, Guess has also made its mark in the fragrance market with its iconic trend of providing sexy and casual scents.

  • For Women: Guess Dare Eau De Toilette
    This perfume is for the fun, surprising and bold woman who dares to add excitement, even in her fragrances. Introduced in 2014, this perfume draws on fresh and modern notes of kumquat and cactus flower, blended perfectly with lemon and pear blossom. The medium intensity perfume is casual and playful, yet bold at the same time. Available on for Rs. 1,525.00.

  • For Men: Guess Men Seductive Homme Eau De Toilette
    Guess for men is a smoky, woody chypre fragrance for the bold and confident man. This is a relatively new fragrance introduced in 2017 but has made its mark in the fragrance industry. The opening notes of Italian bergamot and violet leaves, combine perfectly with lighter undertones of cedar-wood, ambur and musk. Available on for Rs. 2,394.00.

United Colors of Benetton

The Italian luxury brand introduced their first fragrance in 1987. Since then, several luxury perfumes have been introduced for both men and women.

  • For Women: Colors De Benetton Pink Eau De Toilette
    The perfume delivers a rosy aroma blended with sweet notes of vanilla, woody tones of amber and fruitiness of orange and passion fruit. The perfect marriage of fruit and floral in a scent bottle! Available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,400.00.

  • For Men: United Colors of Benetton Green Eau De Toilette
    This perfume matches the masculinity and power of a bold modern man. The citrus notes of lime, mandarin blends in perfectly with lingering notes of jasmine, pink pepper and incense. The scent is strong and woody, fit for a solid man. Available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,046.00
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Gifting is an integral part of society and culture. Gifting a luxury perfume to your loved one will leave a lasting and fragrant impression on him/her. We hope this BP Guide will help you decide which perfume to gift on the next occasion to your loved one. Stay connected with us for much relevant content.