No Matter What the Season, Top Off Your Look with Sleek Sunglasses: Here are the Top Luxury Sunglasses Brands to Be Seen In 2019

No Matter What the Season, Top Off Your Look with Sleek Sunglasses: Here are the Top Luxury Sunglasses Brands to Be Seen In 2019

Sunglasses may just be the most important accessory you can own. Not only because they shield some of our most valuable assets from harsh UV rays, but also because they complete almost every outfit. If you’re looking to give your eyes the stylish protection they deserve, here are the best sunglasses brands to know.

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How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Yourself?

The Face Shape Rule

Whether you are thinking about buying luxury brands sunglasses or something simpler and less expensive, you need to remember the face shape rule always. According to this rule, always buy sunglasses which are opposite of your face shape.

If you have a triangular face then go for cat-eye sunglasses. It will compliment your face even more. Similarly, if you have a round face then go for wayfarers as they are rectangular. If you have an oval face then you can go for all sorts of sunglasses but mostly in darker colours.

Invest in Classic Pieces

Just like everything else in the industry, the trend for sunglasses keeps on changing. This is why what is popular might not be in trend tomorrow. Amidst such a dilemma, make sure that you invest in classic pieces of luxury sunglasses. The best thing about them is that they are irrespective of trend and will always look stylish no matter what.

This way your investment won’t go down the drain when the next fashion season hits the market. Moreover, you can always look stylish.

The Right Colour for Lenses

When you are picking the designer sunglasses, pondering over the colour of lenses is important. If you need to see far enough on a sunny day then go for brown or amber coloured lenses. If you live in an area whose weather keeps on switching between sunny and cloudy conditions then go for grey or black lenses.
Moreover, reflective lenses are quite popular these days and you can go for them too. Blue and green coloured lenses would look amazing for reflective sunglasses.

Luxury Brands Sunglasses for Men

Ray-Ban Aviators

There is nothing better than classic Ray-Ban aviators for men. These are hands down the most classic of them all and looks quite amazing no matter what season or trend it is. We picked Large Metal II Aviators here which are the most popular Ray-Ban sunglasses.

These superb sunglasses are available in various frame-lens colour combinations like Brown + Green, Gold + Red, Brown + Grey and Gold + Green.

You can pick these luxury sunglasses to gift to someone special in your life. The frame here is made out of metal and they provide complete UV protection in all sorts of weather conditions. We found them neither too big nor to small and they would look really cool on men with triangular or round face. These sunglasses are available for purchase on for Rs 11,531.

Cutler & Gross Grey Wayfarer

The next one we have amongst the luxury brands sunglasses is Cutler & Gross Sunglasses. These are grey wayfarers style sunglasses which are currently quite popular and always remain a classic for men apart from aviators. These grey wayfarers are perfect when you are out on a sunny or cloudy day. They protect you from harmful UV rays and at the same time accentuate your style too.

We loved the fact that they are quite lightweight and provide proper eye coverage. The broad frame also gives an edgy look to the wearer. The combination of a wide frame with a single bride looks quite mind-blowing and trendy as well. These are worth including in your accessories collection. You can buy them now on for Rs 32,000.

Chopard Sunglasses

We picked these Chopard Sunglasses which are unisex but we believe it would look amazing on men. These are classic aviator shaped sunglasses but it is their rim and frame which makes a difference. The frame of these sunglasses makes them look quite different from others.

The frame is made out of Acetate in brown colour with some shades. Also, the glasses are available in brown colour too. So, they are perfect when you want to see distant things on a bright sunny day.

The glasses are a bit bigger than usual and this is what makes them look unique and catchy. These full-rim sunglasses cover your eyes entirely so no UV rays can enter. You get polarized glasses here with metal temples provided. These stunning sunglasses are available for purchase on for Rs 42,890.

Tom Ford Mack Shield Sunglasses

When you are looking for expensive sunglasses brands, Tom Ford is something you would hardly want to miss. One of the most prestigious brands of sunglasses, Tom Ford offers you these Mack Shield Men’s Sunglasses. These bold sunglasses are only for risk takers and for someone who can pull off anything.

These oversized sunglasses have shiny rose coloured glasses along with sleek metal frames and arms. We loved the amber-coloured glasses as they give a tinted perspective. These shield sunglasses can truly cover half of your face because of their temple length and super-wide glasses. If you are travelling to someplace cold then you should wear these as they give nice coverage and great protection on the eyes too. These amazing and one of a kind shield sunglasses are available for purchase on for Rs 85,290.

Calvin Klein Pilot Sunglasses

We tried our best to bring everything different and unique for our readers. This is why every sunglasses picked here is quite different from one another. Whether it is about the frame, glass colour or brand, we tried to bring unique stuff for you. Look at this Calvin Klein Pilot Sunglasses which are truly one of a kind like the Tom Ford Shield Sunglasses mentioned above.

Available in black wide frame and blue lenses, these are truly a gem. If you want to make a statement then these are the ones for it. We loved how the glasses have shades of blue on it which looks quite remarkable. As the glasses are quite big, you get great coverage but they can be a bit uncomfortable for long-time wearing. You can buy them on for Rs 6,950.

Luxury Brands Sunglasses for Women

Fossil UV Protected Oval Sunglasses

This segment is all about women’s luxury sunglasses and the first one that we chose here is Fossil full-rim oval sunglasses. Now, such kind of sunglasses is perfect for women having triangular face shape as it compliments their face structure.

These UV Protected sunglasses have a black frame and brown glasses made out of a polycarbonate lens. The length of the lens is 4.1cm and width is 5.3cm and it is a little bigger than usual sunglasses.
So, if you want to add a bit of drama in your overall outfit then you should go for such kind of sunglasses. These sunglasses are truly a trendsetter and you are going to love the leopard print on its arms and a few brown shades on the rims. You can buy this one on for Rs. 5015.

John Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye is one of the best sunglasses for women as they never go out of fashion and suits almost all face shapes and structures. These John Jacobs sunglasses are a perfect pick for cat eye preference having a size medium. So, if you are not a fan of oversized sunglasses then this is the perfect choice you can make. They have full rim in brown colour and glasses in brown colour too.

The tortoise golden frame goes well with brown lenses and the lightweight sunglasses are perfect for everyday use. Both the temple and frames are made up of acetate while polycarbonate glass is used in it. They provide 100% UV protection but lacks complete coverage because of the shape. These sunglasses are perfect for girl’s day out and you can buy them on for Rs. 5,500.

Ray-Ban Aviator Flash Lenses

The best thing about aviators is that they are unisex and can be customized into different sizes too. Take a look at these Ray-Ban aviators here which look really regal and classy at the same time. Moreover, these sunglasses are a truly classic piece and you can never go wrong with them. These sunglasses here have a golden frame and blue lens colour and we really loved this combination too. Blue coloured lens has a really soothing effect and a really edgy and cool look too.

So, if you are one of those women who prefer aviators over cat-eye then you cannot find something better than this. These full-rimmed sunglasses have crystal used for lens material and metal for frame material. They first released in 2012 and since then never went out of trend. You can buy them on for Rs. 13,164.

Oakley Black Rectangle Women Sunglasses

If you are a woman with an oval or round shape structure then you can go for these rectangular Oakley sunglasses. These black sunglasses are going to give a really defined look to your face and would provide complete protection from harmful UV rays too. As these sunglasses have a rectangular shape, they provide wonderful coverage on the eyes. Moreover, the black acetate frame looks quite sturdy and long-lasting too.

These sunglasses have grey lens colour which is perfect for a place which is equally sunny and cloudy. These goggles have medium frame size and hence perfect for most women unless you want a bigger size. You are going to love this classic piece from Oakley which is truly timeless and not so feminine too. You can buy this piece on for Rs. 9,190.

Fendi Classic Sunglasses

Fendi is one of the most loved and celebrated luxury brands sunglasses when it comes to finding women’s sunglasses. We picked out a really unique and very elegant pair of sunglasses for you from their collection.
The classic sunglasses are available in 58mm size and grey lens colour. They have a metal frame in lead colour and round glasses.

Moreover, there is no rim which gives a very cool and carefree look to these glasses. We really liked the pearls studded on the edge of the glasses giving it a boss lady vibe to quite some extent. These classic pair of sunglasses have transparent temples which are quite comfortable. This wonderful piece is available for purchase on for Rs. 30,9008.

How to Take Care of Your Sunglasses?

Well, your task is not just about knowing some of the luxury sunglasses India but also about understanding how to keep them safe. When you are investing 10k Rs. into sunglasses then you should know how to last them for your lifetime. You would not want to spend another 10k or 20k just into sunglasses only. So, here is how you can take care of them with little to no efforts at all.

Keep Them Safe in the Case

Make sure to buy a hard case for your sunglasses. Thankfully, most of the time you are provided with a storage case along with the sunglasses only. But in case, if you do not have one then do not waste any more time and buy the sunglasses case right away. Not only a hard case will protect the sunglasses from dirt and dust particles but it will also protect its glasses inside a hardcover.

Clean Timely

Timely cleaning for your sunglasses is quite like the routine process to keep them shining and glossy. If they are cleaned properly then you won’t have to worry about all that dust and dirt solidifying on it. You can use a cleaning liquid and microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe out the sunglasses. But make sure to do so with light hands as you would not want to scratch the delicate glasses.

Avoid Excessive Heat

The thing about luxury brands sunglasses is that they demand proper care and attention from you. Another important tip for taking care of the sunglasses is that you should avoid getting them in contact with excessive heat. You must not leave your sunglasses in the car on a hot sunny day. This is where your sunglasses case comes handy for you.

Don't Wear Them on Your Head

We know that you love your expensive sunglasses very much and want to show off them on every opportunity you get. But please stop wearing them on your head at least. The screw holding the sunglasses together loosen up because of it which can make the sunglasses fall off your head at any time. We are pretty sure that you would not want to do that.

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