Cool, Funky and Stylish T-Shirt Gifts for Husband: 10 Awesome Tees for the Man Who Refuses to Wear Anything Else (2020)

Cool, Funky and Stylish T-Shirt Gifts for Husband: 10 Awesome Tees for the Man Who Refuses to Wear Anything Else (2020)

Tired of your husband wearing the same old boring t-shirts, or repeating the same style for years? Why not buy him something in a style he hasn't tried before. Tees are after all incredibly versatile and comfortable, and he will be glad to wear something his wife picked for him. Find here a fantastic variety of t-shirts, from funny husband t-shirts, cool and classy t-shirts, tees with husband sayings and loads more.

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Know Your T-Shirts: The Different Types To Choose From

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are very versatile as you can wear them for golf, formal events, get-togethers, hanging out with friends or running errands. These t-shirts are best for men with lean body frame as they create an illusion of a fuller upper body. It is best worn in summers as it is very flexible and comfortable.

The best thing about polo shirts is that they come in a wide variety of pattern options ranging from collars and sleeves. They also come in a wide variety of colours. The best part is that a lot of brands have the polo shirt section which will give you a range of option to choose from.

Striped T-Shirts

Striped t-shirt is easily found in every trendsetter’s wardrobe. It’s preppy and classic look fits the personal style of every man. Whether horizontal or vertical stripes t-shirt, you can wear it with jeans or shorts for night out, dinner, shopping, etc. Striped t-shirts are available in various necklines, including crew neck, scoop neck and V-necks.

Striped t-shirts look good for a casual date or for a casual evening with friends. These days brands are coming up with good funky designs in stripes so that they can be worn in parties as well. Also, if you ask your husband to wear a leather jacket with stripes t-shirt, chances are he is going to be the most stylish man in the party.

Graphic T-Shirts

Every man must have at least one pair of graphic t-shirt in his wardrobe. These incredibly versatile t-shirts feature interesting fonts, slogans, bold prints, patterns, images or stylistic representations. Graphic t-shirts are very casual and look best with blue jeans and sneakers.

These kinds of T-shirts are particularly a hit with geeky or nerdy guys. You can easily find merchandise featuring the latest trending superheros, comic book characters or movie characters which will be loved by a fan. Do look for quality of prints while going for graphic tees as poor quality printing can lead to the images being washed away.

Cheesy Quote T-Shirts


There are plenty number of times we know exactly what kind a person standing next to us is like just because of the message he or she gives through their tees!! We find hilarious signs and signals that people keep giving us through their graphic t-shirts.If your husband also loves to speak his mind, then you can opt for these t-shirts.

A lot of brands offer such t-shirts and thus you will have to search for the right slogan that resonates with your husband's personality. get a t-shirt printed with some cheesy slogan that you like. A lot of websites help you do that.

Custom Made T-Shirts

Nothing in the stores fits what you want? Then why not design one yourself! Yes, there are dozens of online sites that offer you the option of creating your own T-shirt for a reasonable cost. You can add your own special message, a favourite photo or even a custom graphic/artwork. A truly one-of-the kind gift that he will love wearing.While checking out the sites, do remember to check if any minimum order quantity requirements apply.
Some sites that don't need any mandatory order sizes:, Other websites to check to personalise t-shirts according to your needs: 99tshirts, ilogo, freshmonk and freecultr

Hooded T-Shirts

Hooded t-shirts are very popular among fashion conscious men. This versatile and stylish t-shirts add just the right amount of edge to their off-duty look. You can wear them when seasons get a little chilly they are perfect against light breeze and drizzle.It pairs well with jeans or cargo pants.

Your husband will definitely love this different take on t-shirts. Hoodie t-shirts normally look good in solid colours So, try and choose from black, navy blue, grey or white.

Scoop Neck T-Shirts

If you think your hubby will like showing a little more skin, then check out U-neck or scoop neck t-shirts. When it comes to U neck t-shirt, plain and stripped are the best pick. This normally look good with men who have a good physique, especially chest.

Men with a chiseled body can carry it really well. It goes best while working out or on casual evening outings. Gift your husband something like this if you think he will able to carry it well. Make sure to check his size properly as a good fit is important for this style.

10 Funky T-Shirts Your Husband Will Love to Wear

A Classic Polo Shirt

The most versatile t-shirt any man can own is the polo shirt. It is not only very flexible and comfortable but can be worn in formal gatherings, casual parties or just a movie date. It was actually introduced for polo matches but men now wear it as a leisure wear too.

Levis Men Blue Striped Polo Collar T-shirt from is a great choice. It can be washed in machine and is made of cotton. It is more of an every day wear t-shirt. It comes with a partial pocket so that it gives a look of a polo shirt. It comes with short sleeves and regular fit. The product is priced at Rs.1,379.


Looking for something more playful? Check out this printed polo tee from Levis. This slim fit T-shirt is made from 100% cotton and will be a perfect choice for office or a casual evening dinner. Available on Amazon for Rs. 1,421

Quirky Quote Tee

Chai Bina Chain Kaha Half Sleeve T-Shirt from is the perfect gift for your husband. The graphic and the quote is very quirky and if your husband's personality resonates with the same, you can definitely buy it. The other thing is that if he is a tea lover, he will definitely love it.

The t-shirt has a regular fit as it is not too tight neither loose. The fabric of the t-shirt is cotton jersey. It can be washed in a machine and it comes in Rs.500 which is very budget friendly.

Here is one for a husband who is a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S! This cute quote tee featuring the Friends character Chandler Bing is a great way to showcase your husband's funny bone. This 100% Cotton loose-fit tee costs Rs. 499 on

Graphic Print Tee

Graphic print t-shirts are really wonderful. They can obviously be worn in casual meets. But, if teamed with a jacket, they could be worn in parties as well. The best part about graphic t-shirts is that it can clearly say a lot about the person who is wearing them.

This cool Caffeine Addict T-Shirt is something any coffee lover will simply love. The t-shirt is bio washed and pre shrunk. The material is cotton but the t-shirt does require some care. It is supposed to be washed in cold water and with mild detergent. Do not bleach or iron directly on the print. That may cause to damage the print. The t-shirt is moderately priced at Rs.500. It can be used to wear in casual outings.

Gift your husband a graphic which he likes. For example, if he loves Star Wars then gift a graphic t-shirt of the same. One such good t-shirt option is from with an intriguing graphic.

Comics Inspired Tee

Not just kids but men too loves comics. Particularly the nerds who geek out on their favourite series. Look for tee that feature your huband's favourite characters.

the Joker: Devil's Advocate (Glow in the Dark) from is a wonderful option. Joker is an iconic character and a edgy choice for featuring on a tee. Apart from casual outings, it can be worn in parties as well as the t-shirt glows in dark, a great conversation-starter, don't you think?

The t-shirt is bio washed and pre-shrunk. It is made of cotton which will provide utmost comfort in summers as well. The t-shirt comes in black colour and is required to be washed in cold water with mild detergent. It is advised not to iron on the print or else the heat would damage it. The product is priced at Rs.599.

Funky T-Shirt


Funky t-shirts are not only fun to wear but it can make some heads turn too. They also resonate the best with someone who has a fun loving personality. Pepe Jeans Men's Printed Slim Fit T-Shirt available on is a great option.

Pepe Jeans is known for its clothes worldwide as it believes in making quality products. It is made up of cotton and can be easily washed in machine with cold water. Buy it for Rs.1,299.


If you husband doesn't mind quirky prints then check out this Tommy Hilfiger Tropical Print T-Shirt. This tee has a cool print that is just perfect for the summer look. Made of 100% cotton and featuring a regular fit, the T-Shirt can be ordered on Amazon for Rs. 1,399.

Couple's Tees


Couple t-shirts are very cute and romantic. You can definitely get co-ordinated t-shirts for you and your husband to show your affection. These Caca ANP Love Quote II Couple Combo Tshirts from are a good option. You could also rekindle some romance between you too by gifting this cute gift. They are graphic printed t-shirts and come in white colour. The fabric of the t-shirt is micro polyester which is very soft and comfortable to wear. The two shirts are priced at Rs.699.

Sporty Tee


A sporty husband? Then you'll want to gift athletic wear him. A good quality sports T-shirt will be of great use to him as it will make feel comfortable while exercising and also provide him with the right kind of support.

Nike Dri-FIT Medalist from is a great option. Nike is known for making good quality athletic wear for both men and women . This particular t-shirt is light weight and dries quickly. It is a running t-shirt and is designed in such a way that it follows the person's shape with added room while moving.

This will make your husband comfortable not only during the run but also after the run. The pattern contains flat seams which feel smooth on the skin. The colour of the t-shirt is vintage wine and is priced at Rs.3,595.

This sporty tee from Puma s perfect for exercising in cold climate. Its high collar design offers protection against the wind. The T-shirt uses high functional material to draw away sweat which will keep you husband dry and comfortable when he is working out. The tee features mesh inserts which helps in air circulation and uses stitching that ensures lesser friction and more durability. Buy it on for Rs. 1,499

Hooded Tee

Hooded tees make a man look really stylish and fashionable. We strongly recommend adding this style in your husband's wardrobe as it is a offbeat design and is great while in the outdoors.The Gritstones Men Grey Melange Hooded T-shirt available on is a great pick. The knitted cotton t-shirt features raglan sleeves and has a short button placket in the front. Made of premium cotton, the tee is priced at Rs.419.

Classic Tee with Pocket

Roadster Men Maroon Solid Round Neck T-shirt available on is a great choice. It is stitched well and is a very smart t-shirt. It comes with a round neck and short sleeves. The t-shirts also contains a pocket. It is made up of cotton fabric and can be easily washed in machine. It is of maroon and navy blue in colour and will look amazing if paired with jeans. The product is priced at Rs.349.

Mandarin Collar T-Shirt

Mandarin collar t-shirts look really good on men, particularly if your husband has a leaner frame. Mandarin collar shirts give a great definition to the upper body while keep an elegant fit. They are perfect for a dinner date or for a party. This Dashing Red Mandarin Supima Polo from is a great option for a fashion-conscious husband. made out of supima cotton this product is priced at Rs.999.


If you are looking for something subtly stylish, take a look at this polka-dotted mandarin collar tee. Trims with polka-dots, welt pocket, and contrast collar - all these elegant touches make this T-shirt a striking fashion statement. The slim fit 100% cotton Celio tee can be ordered on for Rs. 680.

Plain T-Shirts are a Perfectly Good Option


Solid or plain t-shirts are the best option for men those who prefer clean, minimal look. These widely liked t-shirts are timeless and never go out of fashion. They are easy to mix and match and can be worn at almost any occasion.

This Basic Slim Fit T-Shirt from is a great example of this. The colour is very different as the t-shirt comes in dark tan colour. This colour would almost go with any type of bottom. Apart from that Zara is known for it high quality products and thus it is worth investing for a piece there.

The t-shirt is made up of basic stretch cotton which is ecologically grown. The t-shirt has V neck and short sleeves. It can be washed in machine on a gentle cycle but is advised not to bleach or dry clean. The t-shirt is priced at Rs.990.

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T-shirts are very versatile

If you can't get him to wear anything else, why fight it? Get him some fantastic t-shirts in different styles instead. On the other hand, if your husband only wears shirts then it's time to revamp his wardrobe. The round neck tees are the most popular but as demonstrated above, there are a lot of styles to explore, and a tee can be casual or even formal depending on how it's worn. Try a few different options to see which style suits him best.