Guide to Buying Amazing Yet Affordable Gifts and 14 Gifts for Boyfriend in Low Price

Guide to Buying Amazing Yet Affordable Gifts and 14 Gifts for Boyfriend in Low Price

Low on cash during his birthday month or need a small and inexpensive gift for your boyfriend? With as little as Rs.500 you can get some really great gifts for your man. From Minion earphones to travel journals and cool sunglasses, we have loads of ideas for cute little surprise gifts for boyfriend. Read on to find ideas on how to save money yet get your hands on some cool and inexpensive gifts for boyfriend.

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Guide to Getting Great Affordable Gifts for Boyfriend

If gifting had a set of rules then the #1 rule would be, 'just do what your heart says'; after all your heart knows him better than the best! Believe your gut instinct and choose what he will love. Gifts need to be unique, not expensive, especially when it’s for the special man of your life. He is special to you, so must be your gifts to him; take time and roam through various websites to find out cute little surprise gifts for boyfriend that will make you win his heart. Occasions may vary, such as birthdays, anniversaries or just a casual gift to show him you care for him the most. This post will provide amazing tips for readers who are looking for gift for boyfriend in low price.

Set a Budget and Stick to It

Thrifty gifts ideas can be quite challenging, but certainly not impossible! Little extra planning and extra searching is all that is required to find the right gift to impress his day. When planning for a gift for him, fix up a budget and more importantly stick to the budget.

Keep an Eye on Sales

Most popular gift shops, lifestyle stores and e-commerce websites often come up with discounts and sales, which is a great time to pick your unique gift for him. Never mind his special occasion is quite far away, when you come across a good deal, grab something special and adorable for him. You can always surprise him later with it. Some great sale deals will give you discount offers even up to 60 per cent and more, which are surely not to miss moments.

You Can Always Fall Back on DIY Gifts

Men love your thought of gifting him more than the actual gift, so try making something on your own with your full love and effort for him. Generally, men love DIY gifts, but they don’t do it much themselves. So, women who have already gifted him all his essential items and now running short of ideas can really find DIY gifts for men to be the best choice.

Don’t bother making something really huge and tedious. Create cuter and simpler gift ideas. Make them with minimal designs. It is the right way to bring out the crafty talent in you. Search for origami ideas from the internet and there are ample resources available to help you. Men love simple and cute things. So, stick to the basics and make it tidy. Select romantic ideas. Even a simple chocolate or a cookie of his favorite flavor would be a super good choice. A surprise jar with full of love messages will make his day the best. Romantic, heart melting gifts are generally made than bought. You do it, good or bad, he would love it.

Simple Yet Wonderful Ideas that Will Melt His Heart

Gifting is all about winning his heart and his love, not about showing how expensive you could make it for him. Work on basic things as what he needs and what he would love to receive. Show him your love through every form of gift you choose. As simple as, setting up I LOVE YOU reminder alarms in his mobile for every one hour during his office hours will make him wait for the moment to get back home.

Gift is not just buying and giving. Gifting is sharing of love and love only. Gift him all your love in all possible ways and enjoy him melting down to earth for you. No men is tough when it comes to melting down for heart-touched moments. All that you need to do is to make your gift so pleasing and loving for him. Whatever gift you choose to buy for him, don’t forget to pack your heart full of love along with it. It is your love that would melt him down, not the gift item.

Gift Him a Photo Collage

Good times need to be captured. Captured moments have to be collaged. What else can give you such a pleasant and memorable moment! Photo collages of all your personal moments together. Take patience to gather every single special moment of yours and make it as big as you could. Photo collages is a real good personalised gift that will kindle memories of togetherness.

A picture speaks thousand unspoken words, what if you could make a collage with 100 pictures. Wouldn’t it express all your love to him! Customise the collage into any shape that he would love. You can also make the collage in form of an article that he could use it at his workplace, say for example, a collage on a coffee mug, or a pen stand or whatever he could use at office. Even a simple photo frame in his car to remind him of your love when he drives alone. You can even print photo collages on your blankets, pillow covers and make him love you sleeplessly. Canvas collages look great.

Cook His Favorite Dish

Cooking always involve love and passion for the eater. If you love him more, feel free to add a dash of sweetener extra in your cookie dough or chocolate syrup. Make him indulge in a sweet treat on his special day. Cooking has an element of romance to it, but many don’t discover it. It will be great if you did

! Make a delicious buffet spread meal for him or a simple cookie jar! Never mind, what you cook for him, but how lovingly you do it matters. Plan a menu with all food items that he craves for. Select the ones that you could really excel at. Grab down all the essentials to make it and start your preparation. Making it a surprise candle light dinner with all his favorite menu meticulously cooked by you for him, will make your occasion night endless. Don’t miss out on his favorite drink to complement the menu. Cooking is loving! Cooking is romantic! Do it for him and enjoy the return gift waiting for you from him.

Ultimate List of Inexpensive Gifts for Your Sweetheart

Yes, your man deserves all the best things in the world, but not necessarily every gift has to be expensive. Gifts for boyfriend can also be cheaper, but classy.

LED Cushion

Love is all about being romantic and crazy. This Dazzling Heart LED cushion is super romantic to show your love for him and super crazy too. Gifting him this heart shaped LED cushion would make him feel that you have gifted all your heart full of love for him. Be romantic and naughty when you add a touch of personalizing to it to see all naughty smiles in his face. You can buy this from Archies for Rs.1,000.

Cool Sunglasses


Men and sunglasses are the best pairs in the world. Stylish to look, comfy to wear and shows off a cool attitude, men always love new pairs of sunglasses to their collections, undoubtedly the Silver Kartz Unisex Wayfarer Sunglass in grey will fit right in his collection. Look out for face type recommendations to find out what will best suit him, as this model best suits the oval type faces. You can buy this from Amazon with a great discount, so all you have to pay is just Rs.270. Unique features of this model are its making of the frame with the soft cellulose acetate and beta-titanium material. This covers both UVA and UVB rays. A cool sun glass at a very cool price for the super cool man of your life!

Sleek Wallet Case


Sleek and stylish wallet cases are always his choice of gadget to have around. You can win his heart and all his love by buying him Emartbuy® PU Leather Magnetic Slim Wallet Case Cover Sleeve for Jiake A8 Plus in metallic red. This case is made with beautiful looking genuine leather made magnetic wallet for Rs.599 from Amazon. This is a multipurpose phone cum wallet case, with utmost durability and complete safety for his phone. Being unisex is an added quality of this, so you can gift this for him now and later can you grab it for your own use too. Wouldn’t he fall in love with this versatile choice! This portable and trendy case comes in dazzling colour choices such as cherry red, bright orange and many more.

Designer Phone Case


BuyFeb Stylish Designer Printed Back Case Cover for Vivo V9, an stylish designer printed base phone coverr is a great choice for gift for his special day. Enjoy buying this super cool phone case gift for him from Amazon at an affordable price of Rs.299 and be eligible for a free delivery to wherever you are. This waterproof phone case comes with a unique high definition UV print which enhances the look and feel of it.The fade resistant quality of this eco-friendly printed phone case makes it durable for years.

Vintage Journal


Some men love travel more than anything and some will be very particular to travel all even when going on long trips, simply lost in their own thoughts! If your man is so, next time don’t send him alone. Send the beautiful Purpledip Vintage Travel Journal, which is a handmade paper pocket diary encased in a digital printed leather lined hard cover with string closure. This journal will serve as good company for him and he will surely enjoy his trip like never before, and also be able to look back at it with all the recorded details. Meticulously hand crafted with finest paper quality at an approximate price of about Rs.500. The multicolour look of it is very appealing and the beautiful hand craft quality makes it readable. If you are looking for best gifts for boyfriend in low price, this could be a right choice. Buy it on Amazon.

Beverage Mug


Something that every man is addicted to is a big glass of beverage, hot or cold, before, during or anytime after a meal. Some men treat it as their meal itself. So, if your guy is such a crazy beverage lover, gift him Bje Hot & Cold Ceramic Beverage Mug for coffee, tea or milk. The 400 ml, red mug is a super cool ceramic beverage holder to sip his favourite drink. The mug costs you just Rs.499 on Amazon. It is totally made with ceramic material and is finished with a bright red colour, giving it an appealing look and feel. It comes with a suitable lid that makes it spill-proof. Wouldn’t it be an attractive gift for his special day?

Funky Minion Earphones


Men will seem to be serious and focused, but there is always a funky chill side to them, which they generally express only to the girl of their life. So, if you know his funky side and want to give it a good treat, go in for the Meecase Minions In-Ear Earphone, which includes 3 additional earplug covers.You can buy this stylish and cute headphone from Amazon for just Rs.288. This elegant and innovative product is totally ear-friendly as it comes with pairs of silicone covers to safeguard the earplug. Added features of this product are lovely in-ear style earphones, stereo noise cancelling and soft silicone ear buds that comfortably fits in the ears. The enhanced bass gives a wow feeling to your music hearing experience. Even kids will love this and appeal to the child in him.

Nivea Men Grooming Kit


Grooming and men always go parallel. Some men are even crazy about it, while every single man finds it essential. Nivea Men Grooming Kit is the right grooming brand for men and Amazon is the right place to buy it, as it costs just Rs.495. This grooming kit is an all-inclusive gift package that contains face wash, shaving foam, after-shave lotion, and deodorant. This meticulously packed grooming kit has all essential items that a man would want to carry along to be well groomed. Nivea is skin friendly, so without any hesitation you can just go for this gift. An all-in-one kit, ideal for travel.

Portable Air Cooler


Voltac Mini USB Portable Desktop Dual Bladeless Air Cooler is a super cool gift to keep him chill and cool all day long. This can be used for hot flashes. Wherever he is, you can help him enjoy the cool air with this portable device. This item is suitable for indoors and outdoors, as well. It comes with an easy USB charging cable to recharge it and use it on the go. This package includes 1 hand-held air conditioner, 1 USB cable and a pack of solid perfume. It is super compact with a size of 12.2 x 11.2 x 14.7 cm. If you have Rs 400, you can grab this unique piece of gift for him from Amazon.

Phone Holder Cradle Clamp


Mobile and gadgets always win his heart, no matter how many he may already own. With a small budget of Rs.339, you can get a heart-winning smart phone mount for him from Amazon. AlexVyan Adjustable Black Universal Motorcycle Mount Holder Bracket is a real handy device for those who drive long distances to work every day. This can be used while driving bicycles and also motorbikes, as it comes with a 360 degree rotatable structure for advanced usability. This compact product comes with a handle diameter of 18 mm x 30 mm. It is suitable for phones with a diagonal screen size of about 4-6 inches and thickness of 6 to 12 mm. It also has incredibly easy installation! This gift is a symbolic way of telling him how much you care for his safety.

Quick and Cheap Gifts for the Last Minute

Months before the occasion you will start to break down your mind in search of a good gift for him. Gifting women has plenty of options, but when it comes to finding gifts for him, it is always tough and challenging. Here is a quick list to ease your search of inexpensive gifts for boyfriend.

A Box of Yummy Chocolates

Either you make it for him or buy it from his favorite outlet, chocolates are sure to win his heart. Get him a jar full of chocolates and he will give his heart full of love to you in return. Well, you can’t run away from the fact that almost everyone loves chocolates. So, when your boyfriend receives it as a gift, he will surely get excited to munch on it.

A Flower Bouquet

Sounds simple? These make for a fresh and lovely gift at any time! A cute and an elegant flower bouquet always has its demand when it comes to gifting your loved ones. What else can convey your ever-fresh and ever-increasing love for your man, than a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers? Make it a surprise to his work place and he will feel the pride of having you in his life in front of his colleagues. Hey, don’t forget to add in a personal message to the bouquet. You can also gift him a surprise teaser message bouquet to kindle the element of curiosity as to what he can expect that night at home.

Be naughty, be romantic, be his girl! That’s all he will need from you. Gifting is all about love and love only!

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Make up for price with creativity

Money shouldn't come in the way of giving your boyfriend a super gift. While there may be limitations to what you can buy in a tiny budget, there is no price for what you can accomplish using your mind. Put on your thinking cap, bring out your crafting skills and get to work. Mix and match store bought things with what you may have at home and create a one of a kind gift for your boyfriend; he will be stoked that you went through the effort for his sake.