10 Fabulous Gifts for Husband this Christmas and the Joy of Giving Back (2018)

10 Fabulous Gifts for Husband this Christmas and the Joy of Giving Back (2018)

With so many eye catching Christmas sales all over the place and a plethora of interesting items on offer, how are you to decide what to get your husband for Christmas? BP Guide India does all the hard work for you, sorting the really awesome gifts from the so-so ones, to give you a list of the top 10 products for men you absolutely must buy for him. From the latest sunglasses, RFID wallets, bags and scarves, to cool breakfast makers, Bluetooth earphones and so much more, there's something here for every man.

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5 Special Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Husband

Christmas is one those festivals which have undergone a lot of changes in the recent times. From being a religious event, it has become all commercialized. Christmas is a day of love, fun, giving and worship. While gifts make the day more special and fun, it is also important that the element of giving and worship also needs to be revived. But how do you make Christmas special than being just on the gifts and food? Here are five ways you could make your Christmas day more fun and memorable.

Sing Christmas Carols Together

If there is one thing that has completely gone out of the Christmas celebrations, that is caroling. You can revive this old tradition back in your family and go join Christmas carol groups or gather family at home and sing your favourite carols. Most churches have carol singing in the days leading up to Christmas. You can attend the carol services or participate in them yourselves. You don't have to be much of a singer to go caroling. If you have kids, this would be a great educational experience for them.

Spend Quality Time with Family

If there is one thing that is affected due to commercialization, it is the family time. This Christmas, take time out from social media and spend time with family. Instead of Instagramming your celebrations, take time to be with your family. Take out the board games and the cards and have a quality time together even if it's just the two of you. Only when you are together do you realise how much you enjoy being with each other.

Visit Relatives and Friends

Christmas also included visiting with friends and family and distributing sweets and cakes. This is the time to bury all your issues and give sweets and cakes that you have prepared or bought in lieu of Christmas. Take time out and visit someone who least expects you. It can be your grandparents or the teacher who influenced you so much in childhood. The joy and pleasure of your arrival will be evident on their faces.

Go Check Out Christmas Decorations

Christmas is the time for joy and it is evident everywhere you go. Homes, malls and shops will be decorated with stars and twinkling lights. Town centres and squares if you live in a small town, or malls if you live in the city will be decorated with bright lights and huge Christmas trees will be in place. Let your inner child out and enjoy the lights on Christmas Eve. Take your kids along, and see them jumping in joy pointing out what they love the most.

Comtemplate about Christmas

The biggest disadvantage this generation faces, due to commercialization is the ignorance about Christmas. This Christmas, make it a point to learn what Christmas is about. Learn the story behind Christmas and also about the joy of giving. Teach your kids about Christmas and share how you celebrated Christmas in your childhood, that it is more than just shopping, gifts and delicious food. This can lead to your Christmas being more meaningful and contemplative rather than mindless fun.

10 Unique Gifts for Husband in Christmas 2018

The one thing that everyone anticipates when it comes to Christmas is the tree and the gifts beneath it. You have probably for everything he loves or he has everything he wants or needs. Has the panic set in yet? While its the thought that counts and not the means, we are sure you are looking for unique gifts for husband to blow his mind away. Check out our list of Christmas gifts and see if you can find the one that would bring a smile to his face.

Leather Messenger Bag

Source www.igp.com

Bags aren’t only for women, men can use them too. The difference is in the bag. If your man is looking for a bag that is trendy and perfect for daily life, this leather bag is the one. The leather messenger bag from IGP measures 10 x 7 x 3 inches and features a long, adjustable strap. The sturdy bag is perfect to carry everyday personal items in a neat and organized fashion. The bag is made of high-quality premium leather and will last him for ages. The leather messenger bag is the best accessory to elevate your outfit at any time of the day be it casual or formal. You can buy it for ₹1,995 at igp.com.

Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Source www.amazon.in

Polarized sport sunglasses are the perfect gift for your husband especially if he is an outdoorsy person. It wraps around the head for a snug fit and can be used when riding or for any sport. The sunglasses feature a polycarbonate lens and offer full range UV protection against the UVA and UVB rays. The frame is made of durable plastic and is comfortably lightweight. The sunglasses also have a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. These amazing sunglasses are priced at ₹2,484 at amazon.in.

Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Every man needs a good wallet if he is to portray a well-presented look before his peers and superiors. This Hornbull Leather RFID Blocking Wallet does the job perfectly. The wallet is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with high-quality, durable leather. Though it presents a slim look, it is designed to fit all that you need in your wallet for daily needs including cash and cards. The biggest advantage with this wallet is that it is equipped with RFID secure technology which protects your cards from any unauthorized scans. The Hornbull wallet is comfortably priced at ₹549 at amazon.in.

Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf

Source www.amazon.in

Christmas comes in the dead of winter so you probably would be going to church wrapped snug in your winter wear. This is when this Cashmere Feel Winter Scarf comes to his help, that is if he prefers a scarf for his winter needs. The scarf is lightweight and comfortable just like a cashmere shawl without having to pay a ridiculously high price. Moreover, the shawl has a rich plaid design in classic shades including caramel, black, red and white. Chase away the winter blues with this beautiful winter shawl found on amazon.in for ₹1,229.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker with Timer

Source www.amazon.in

Is your husband the one to make his breakfast a big deal with elaborate accompaniments? Then you ought to get him this breakfast sandwich maker. With 5 minutes to heat up and 5 min to cook, his breakfast would be ready in 10 minutes. He can make a sunny side up egg, cook bacon, cheese and even toast a muffin, American biscuits or bagels all at the same time yet in different layers. The breakfast preparation can be timed and once the time’s up, the timer sounds. This nifty little gadget comes with a Teflon coating which makes the cleaning pretty simple. You can find it on amazon.in for ₹6,135.

The Shave Doctor Products

Source www.nykaa.com

If your man likes a clean and smooth shaved face, this is the gift for him. Shaving is easy but if not done carefully, it can lead to rashes, bumps, ingrown hairs and what not. This Christmas get him The Shave Doctor kit from Nykaa which handles all his shaving issues and gives him a glowing face, free of bumps and cuts. The kit comes with a face scrub, moisturizer, aftershave, cooling gel, shave gel oil and creme. The products leave your skin fresh and nourished with your husband being invigorated the entire day. The Shave Doctor Kit is available on nykaa.com for ₹1,250.

Klider Bluetooth Earphones

Source www.amazon.in

If your husband appreciates a nifty, sleek gadget, then he is sure to go gaga over the Klider Bluetooth Earphones. This tiny little thing fits in your ears very snug without any discomfort. The looks of the earphone can beat some of the top brands in the market. The easy to use and sweat proof features makes it ideal for working out. The noise cancellation doesn’t allow for any leak making it ideal to be used in an office environment. The audio quality is top notch placing it among the top earphones in the market. The Klider Bluetooth Earphones is truly wireless in the sense that it doesn’t have charging cables either. The charging time is pretty quick with it reaching usable charge in 7 minutes. Purchase these awesome wireless earphones from amazon.in for ₹2,799.

Guess Analogue Watch

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking to buy something for your particularly choosy husband, try the Guess Analogue Watch for a change this Christmas. Guess is a well-known brand known for its beauty and aesthetics. This sporty, multi-function watch features a silicone strap with rose-gold accents. The dial also has a date, day and 24-hour international time along with the usual stuff you find in watches. The dial has a durable mineral crystal which repels scratches and keeps it looking quite new. The beautiful Guess Analogue Watch is available at amazon.in for ₹11,298.

The Man Company Beard Care

Source www.nykaa.com

The Man Company Beard Care combo is an ideal gift for your man if he’s on to the latest trend, beards. Beards can get unruly and frizzy very quick. This is where the beard wash and the beard oil combo come into the picture. Both the products include argan oil aka the liquid gold for skin and hair care, and geranium which renders the lovely fragrance. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of argan oil promote healthy hair growth and eliminating split ends. The beard care combo can be purchased via nykaa.com for ₹560.

Hip Flask & Shot Glasses

Source www.igp.com

Is your man someone who always has someone over for a shot or two? Then, get him the hip flask and shot glass combo which is a perfect addition to your mini bar. The flask features a crocodile print which makes it aesthetically appealing. The combo also features a peg measure to measure whiskey and scotch. With this flask, he can sneak his favourite drink to his Christmas party at work. The flask and the accessories are made of high-quality stainless steel and hence it is BPA free. Dazzle your man this Christmas with this awesome set from igp.com for ₹830.

Give Back to Society this Christmas

Christmas is the festival of happiness and is all about the joy of giving. It is the time we come together as a family and celebrate it, sharing what we have with family and friends. However, it is the time we need to consider the less fortunate too. We have listed a few ways you can give back to the community and bring the joy of the birth of Christ to everyone. That’s what this festival is about.


While Christmas brings joy and happiness to everyone, it is not so for the less fortunate. The forlorn poverty they face every day is not a conducive environment for festivals be it Christmas or any other festival. The joy they see everywhere but not in their homes despairs them and brings them further down particularly the children. You can help them by donating your time and money whenever and wherever you can. Find causes which help these children celebrate Christmas by donating them toys, new dresses and food. You can either donate money or your time or both which they will always need.


One other thing that the less fortunate children will be lacking is the education. You can help them by donating your time and effort into teaching them the basics whenever you get time. It may be weekends or nights; Trust us they would be happy for the opportunity to learn, no matter what time. You can also offer your time to children in orphanages where they would be getting an education but not a wide exposure. You can widen their horizons by teaching them English, computers or even a vocational skill or anything you can offer.

Take the Festive Cheer to an Orphanage

If possible you can plan your Christmas celebration with the less fortunate like kids in orphanages or people in an old age home. While money and material donations are always welcome, it can only reach just so. There’s nothing like celebrating Christmas with them giving them a sense of family which they might not have experienced much if at all. There is nothing like being in person and celebrating with them to uplift them and inspire them for the upcoming year.

Sponsor a Child or a Family

There are many NGOs which help you with sponsoring a family. Sponsoring a family means you take care of the families daily needs, education and also health. It also includes helping them celebrate a festival which they have no other way of celebrating or enjoying. There’s no better time than the festival of giving to sponsor a family and help them celebrate Christmas.

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Do something different this Christmas

It's no fun doing the same things year after year is it. Exchanging gifts is one aspect of Christmas, but there is so much more you can do. Don't get hung up on gifts or make them the focal point of the whole festival. Pick a gift, wrap it and get it done with, then move on to what you can do as a family, make things, where you can go for a holiday or anything else for that matter. There's a lot more to life than materialistic things and the sooner you discover that the more meaningful this holiday will be.