When You've Got It, Flaunt It! Store Your Money in Style, with the Top 10 Luxury Brand Wallets for Men in 2020

When You've Got It, Flaunt It! Store Your Money in Style, with the Top 10 Luxury Brand Wallets for Men in 2020

Men do not have many accessories to help them stand out in a crowd, like women. There are only a limited number of things they carry. Wallets are one of them. Who says that you can use wallets to store money only, when you can use it to make a fashion statement? Invest wisely, and use our guide to make your next purchase.

Top Types of Wallets For Men

Be it, men or women, we all need wallets. After all, you don’t want to be fumbling with cash or loose change while paying for your orders. Women have a lot of options when it comes to bags and wallets. And if you thought men don’t, let’s help you clear your misconception. Mens' wallets come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. It is important to know the types, so that you can make an informed choice while buying a wallet and not end up with something that you don’t need in the long run.

Trifold Wallet

The trifold is a classic wallet design that most men love. What sets the trifold apart from the rest is that their compartments are typically contained. So, if you tend to carry a lot of cards with you, a trifold is the perfect choice for you.

Classic Bifold Wallet

This is perhaps the most common type of wallet and the most popular too. It has a simple design where you can access your cash and cards by lifting the flap. It is the slimmest design and very comfortable to use too.

Check book Wallet

A check book wallet, also known as a breast pocket wallet is named so as it fits in your breast pocket. It is slightly bigger than the other types of wallets but is quite in fashion. It is big enough to accommodate everything from cash, check book, passport, and many other things.

Cardholder Wallet

A cardholder wallet is the slimmest wallet available in the market. Primarily designed to hold business cards, a cardholder wallet is for men who don’t like to stuff their wallets with a lot of cards and cash. So, they carry it separately in a special holder. It is most suitable for men who carry credit/debit cards instead of cash.

Money Clip Wallet

Also known as the Front Pocket Wallet, the Money Clip Wallet is a thin wallet that follows the money clip design. The Money clip Wallet has a few compartments to hold both cards and cash. It is perfect for daily use. You can store small change and loose cash so that you do not have to take out your wallet for small payments.

Types Of Wallet Based On Materials

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Wallets are made from various materials. While leather is the most famous and most-loved material, there are many other durable and good materials that are used to make wallets for men. Materials like polyester, aluminium, canvas, vinyl, etc. are used to design wallets. Select the one that you think works the best for you.


Leather is the most common type of material that is used to make wallets. Different types of leather like horse leather, cow hide, etc. are used to make wallets for various purposes. While some types are smooth and supple, some are rigid and tough. Leather wallets are popular because leather is one of the smoothest materials, it is durable, and can last for a really long time.


Polyester is a material that is processed from artificial fibres. It is also the most commonly found material in wallets, after leather. Many wallets today are made with polyester because it makes for a great alternative to leather. Polyester is durable and scratch-resistant. Polyester wallets have a lot of colour options and are not as expensive as leather either. Polyester wallets are easy to clean too.


Metal wallets are usually made of aluminium or titanium. These are new to the market, but pretty much now a trend. Men prefer metal wallets these days because they are tough and durable and can resist shocks, bumps, and drops. Metal wallets are also slim and designed in a way to easily slip in and out of your pockets. A metal wallet has slots that can be easily organized so it is perfect for men who prefer neat and tidy wallets.


Wallets made of elastic are new entrants in the market but have already taken it by storm. The reason behind that is elastic wallets are compact and slim too. Elastic wallets are thin and slim and can be easily slid in and out of the back or front pocket. Elastic wallets can accommodate a lot of things because it is flexible. These wallets are also not very expensive and hence, very affordable.

Top 10 Luxury Brands For Wallets

They say that: "clothes maketh a man". While we all agree on that, let us not forget that accessories also matter a lot. You can be the best-dressed man in the room but if you don’t have the perfect accessories to go with your dress, your entire look might fall flat. A wallet is one such item that needs attention. It is an accessory that is most neglected but shouldn’t be at all, because it says a lot about the man you are! So, it is time to throw away your old wallet and get a brand new one that is both comfortable and complements your style.


Hentley is a premium luxury brand for wallets with its origin in Australia. Hentley wallets are loved because they are handmade from the best Italian leather. Hentley claims that wallets from this brand are meant to stay with the user for years and only keep getting better with time and use. Hentley wallets are modern, slim, and offer a lot of storage to accommodate cards and cash.
Our favourite Hentley wallet is the Manhattan wallet in whisky color. It is simple, yet classy. It features a minimalist design and can be used by men of all ages. Made from 100 percent Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather, this wallet, even though slim, has a lot of space and can accommodate a lot of cards and cash. Buy it here from amazon.in for just $107.

Louis Vuitton

With its origin in France, Louis Vuitton is now perhaps the most successful designer brand globally. It has a very high rank when it comes to brands selling leather goods, be it wallets, luggage, or bags. Louis Vuitton is primarily known for its signature style and quality as it never compromises on quality and is loved for it!
Our favourite Louis Vuitton wallet for men is the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Canvas Blue Slender Wallet. This cool wallet has a Blue cowhide-leather lining and a Damier Graphite coated canvas. This is a combination that goes perfectly with its black and grey exterior. Just like all LV wallets, this one too is true to its name and fits in all pockets perfectly, no matter how small. Buy it for $785 (INR 56211.65) on amazon.

Dior Homme

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Do you prefer wallets that are both cool and sophisticated? If yes, then Dior Homme is the brand that you must turn to. Dior products are well-loved by customers because they can smartly combine cool with sophistication. With more than 70 years in the luxury industry, this French brand has created a market for itself where people love their goods – be it leather products or sunglasses – for its fine quality, detailing, and excellent craftsmanship.
Our favourite Dior Homme wallet is the Dior Homme Bifold Wallet. This wallet has a smooth leather on the top with leather and fabric lining on the inside. With a lot of space, this is just perfect for men who like to carry a lot of cards with them. Buy it for just $260 ( INR 18617.87) on Stylicy.


This is a brand that is known to be a connoisseur of writing instruments since 1906. But it has also been working on manufacturing some amazing leather goods since 1926. Special designer leather wallets are another speciality of this German brand that derived its name from the highest peak in the Alps. Its wallets have a traditional touch to it and are still sophisticated.
Our favourite pick is the Montblanc Urban Spirit wallet for men. Made from fine Italian leather, this wallet has six card slots with two large note slots. It also has two front pockets. This slim wallet also has a special gold lining solely for increased protection against unauthorised use of personal data available in the wallet. Buy it at a discounted rate of $189 ( INR 13533.76) on amazon.


Givenchy is a French brand whose designs are popular around the world because they are a perfect blend of bold and understated. With excellent aesthetic designs, the wallets manufactured by Givenchy perfectly mix traditional charm with modernisation and are pretty much functional too. Givenchy’s wallets are cool and edgy, and at the same time feature a classic design so that you can use it every day.
Our favourite Givenchy wallet is the GIVENCHY Paris bifold wallet in Black. After all, black wallets never go out style! Featuring Givenchy’s traditional style, the wallet is made from 100 percent calf-skin leather. It is perfect for men of all ages. Made in Italy, this wallet is quite a thing! Buy it on amazon.


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1921 was the year when Gucci was launched as a small Italian leather goods store. Gucci was established as a manufacturer of leather goods available in all sizes. It evolved slowly and steadily and today, it is one of the largest and most well known fashion houses. A brand known for its excellent craftsmanship in manufacturing various leather goods, no man can ignore its excellence in exquisite wallets.
Our favourite wallet from this exceptional brand is the Gucci Men's Canvas GG Guccissima Bifold Passcase Wallet in Beige and Brown. This bifold wallet is made from canvas and has leather trims and a leather interior. It has many credit card slots and two Long Bill Slots. Buy it on amazon.


Armani is an Italian luxury fashion house that was founded by Giorgio Armani. Armani is popular globally for manufacturing, retailing, and distributing ready-to-wear, haute couture, leather goods, shoes, watches, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, eyewear, and home interiors. The best thing about this brand is that you get what is promised to you. Armani products are a class apart and will stay that way for years to come.
Our favourite pick from Armani wallets is Armani Exchange Men's Safiano Embossed Pu Bifold Wallet. Made from 100 percent polyester, this wallet has a bifold closure. You can get it dry cleaned should you need to clean it sometime. It can hold up to 8 cards and can be easily carried in any of the pockets. Buy it for just $71.81 (INR 5142.11) on amazon.


Burberry is a British brand with its headquarters in London. The brand is popular for its ready-to-wear outerwear, fashion accessories, sunglasses, fragrances, and cosmetics. It is a great brand to shop for wallets because the designs are classic. From the brand’s signature check design to embossed designs, there is a wallet for every man.
Our favourite Burberry wallet for men is the Burberry Leather Multi-Color Men's Bifold Wallet. Made from 100 percent leather, this bright orange wallet is perfect for youngsters. With a bifold closure, this wallet has two Cash Slots, 2 Document Slots, and 8 Credit Card Slots. Buy it for $349.99 (INR 25061.80) on amazon.

Dolce & Gabbana

An Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Italy, Dolce & Gabbana is the brainchild of two amazing Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Known for manufacturing classic eye wear, accessories, clothes, bags, makeup and more, Dolce & Gabbana is a lively and vibrant brand, that knows when to go all out and when to draw a line but still stand out.
Our favourite wallet from Dolce & Gabbana is the Dolce & Gabbana Brown Pebbled Leather Logo Bi Fold Wallet. This lovely brown wallet is perfect for men of all ages. Made in Italy, this wallet has a bifold closure. Buy it for $268 (INR 19190.73) on amazon.

Tom Ford

Thomas Carlyle Ford is an American filmmaker and fashion designer. With prior experience in working with luxury fashion houses like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, he launched his luxury brand in 2006. Loved for products like fragrance, eye wear, clothing, and accessories, Tom Ford wallets are stylish, masculine, and functional.
Our favourite Tom Ford wallet is the Tom Ford Men's Grained Leather Wallet, that is made from 100 percent grained matte leather. This Tom Ford Bifold wallet has been specially made in Italy and is of exceptional quality. Buy it for $445 (INR 31865.20) on amazon.