Best Gifts for Husband on Xmas and Festive Ideas for a Romantic Christmas Eve (2018)

Best Gifts for Husband on Xmas and Festive Ideas for a Romantic Christmas Eve (2018)

The holiday season is a fantastic time to revive the spark of romance in your marriage and we have a lot of romantic gift ideas that you can use to fill your husband's Christmas stocking. These are the best gifts for men in 2018, right from vintage watches, customised leather jackets to a wistful holiday in Shillong. If our gift ideas don't tickle your fancy, our useful guidelines will, so read on to have a blissful Christmas with your man.

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How to Make His Christmas Festivities Memorable?

As December rolls in, preparations of the coming festivities gains momentum with the specific focus on one certain celebration. Can you guess which celebration we are referring to? Yes! You guessed it correct! Christmas! Be it children, adults or elderly, everyone prepares excitedly for this day.

Kids are found fantasizing about the gifts that Santa will bring for them whereas adults strive to make their houses the prettiest. Amidst all these preparations are you a confused wife who wants to make his husband's Christmas the most romantic and memorable one so far? Congratulations! you have found the perfect place to clear the confusion clouding your brain.

Dig in to find some of the most amazing tips and gift ideas to make your husband the happiest man on the planet.

Secrets to Surprise Him with on Christmas

The perfect Christmas gift is hard to find. But, certain tips can simplify this hardship for you. Now, you must be wondering that what are these tips and where can I find them? Don't worry, we have got it covered for you!

Go for a Personalised or DIY Gift

Do you know what is the best way to make him feel special and loved through a gift? Let us share a secret with you! Create something for him yourself. The smile that will adorn his face will be worth every second of your hard work. It can be something as simple as a Christmas card but create it yourself and, we assure you that he will absolutely love it.

Is it difficult for you to make a DIY gift? Don't panic, you can make him fall in love with your gift by getting the gift personalised. The list of items that can be personalised and fire up your romance are endless. It can be a wallet or a pillow. You can make him smile at his office by gifting him a personalised pen holder. So open the gates of creativity and make this Christmas a memorable occasion for him.

Accompany the Gift with Other Surprises

Imagine, two scenarios. First, you walk in your house, and a path made of rose petals is laid in front of you. As you start to follow the path, soft music starts playing in the background. The path ends in front of a table, beautifully decorated with your favourite flowers and an immaculately packed present is placed on that table, then your husband wishes you Christmas.

Second, your husband just hands you a gift and dryly wishes you Christmas. Which one did you like? Obviously the first one. Everyone wants to feel special and this is the perfect way to do that. Try this little tip and, surely you will thank us later.

Avoid Last Minute Preparations!

It is said "better safe than sorry." You must be wondering that what does it have to do with gift shopping? Well, it has to do everything with gift shopping. Imagine you started deciding for his gift two days before Chrismas, you will be forced to choose a random gift as you won't have time for extended preparations. You will always be on edge while packing the gift as there are chances that he may come home early because of the festivities. This can all be avoided if you start planning a good while before the arrival of Christmas.

If you don't want your husband to find out about his gift before Christmas then, start making preparations early. Hasty preparations at a later stage usually spoil the surprise. So, as we said earlier, it is better to stay safe by preparing early than being sorry at a later stage. Believe us ladies, you will thank us later.

10 Gifts to Make His Christmas the Best One So Far

Dig in to find out the 10 best gifts to make your husband's Christmas a memorable one.

Surprise Trip to Shillong

Everyone loves a surprise trip to somewhere heavenly. Holidays provide us with the best opportunity to rekindle the adventurer in us. Christmas is the best time to explore various lands and create memories. The best gift to an adventure lover is a gift trip. If your husband loves travelling then, Christmas is the best time to surprise him with a trip.

Shillong, a beautiful hill station in northeast India with a majority of Christians is the perfect location to spend Christmas. Its biggest attraction during Christmas is the Cathedral Church which is the most ancient church in northeast India. Not just Indians but, millions of foreigners prefer to spend their Christmas in Shillong and attend the midnight mass.

Christmas celebrations start with the illumination of the century-old fir tree at the All Saints Cathedral. Chiming bells, smiling and singing children and the natural beauty further enhances the celebration. So buckle up its time to go to Shillong and enjoy honeymoon one again. Make bookings on your own or select from one of the tour packages offered by; packages are priced starting at Rs.18,000 per person.

DIY Explosion Box

Oops! Did we scare you by suggesting an explosion box? Well, don't panic, this explosion box is not full of bombs, in fact, it is a box full of memories. It is named as an explosion box because when the opener removes its lid, the sides fall off and gives an illusion of an explosion. It is a masterpiece of creativity in which various memories in the form of pictures and small love letters are placed in various artsy manners.

Now, dear ladies, you all must be wondering as of how to create this beauty. Well, the internet comes to your rescue. Type in "Explosion Box" and you will find multiple simple and easy tutorials to wrap your memories in a small box and present it to your beloved hubby. Try the method given in the video above.

Knit Him a Sweater

We are sure most of you have watched the Harry Potter series. Do you remember the romance between Molly and Arthur Weasley? Yes? Then, we are sure you remember the famous sweater knitting Christmas tradition of Molly Weasley. Well, if you are a knitting fan than a hand knitted beautiful sweater is a perfect gift to surprise your husband with this Christmas. There are multiples different designs and ideas available on the internet. This gift is simple, easy and filled with affection.

Custom Made Leather Jacket

Men love everything leather, especially a leather jacket. Is your man among the leather jacket lovers but, you don't want to gift him a plain leather jacket? Don't search any further, LeatherClue is available to rescue and provide you with the most amazing jackets in your own style.

LeatherClue is a Mumbai based company that specializes in leather items be it wallets, belts or jackets. Their custom jackets which can be bought at a price as low as Rs.7,300 is a perfect gift to make your husband swoon this Christmas.

All you have to do is design a jacket or get a sample picture from the internet and fill a simple form available on their website. The most amazing facility provided by their versatile team is the 10 per cent discount on all prepaid orders. In case of any manufacturing defects, the company will return your payment.

Another bonus is their free shipping service. The highly satisfied customer reviews available on their website are the evidence of their immaculate service. The average rating on their facebook page is 4.5 out of 5. Isn't it amazing? Well, open the browser and order the most amazing custom made jacket for your beloved husband. Place your order on their website

Personalised Cushion

Cushions are no doubt the cutest part of a couple's room and a custom cushion adorning 25 of you and your husband's most memorable photos can prove to be the cutest gift for him. Gift Cart with a tagline of "give, celebrate, surprise and delight" is the best and cheapest source for you to get this amazing beauty. is an online gift shopping platform that was started by two experienced and creative professionals with a dream to storm the world of e-commerce in which they have been quite successful. Their product "Personalised Lovely Days 25 Photo Cushion" is an amazing gift to surprise your husband this Christmas. It has a rating of 5/5 based on 9 reviews.

The procedure of customisation is pretty simple, you just need to upload 25 photos that you require on your cushion. The best thing about this gift is that it is not very heavy on one's pocket and can be acquired for a price of Rs.399. They will even wrap it for you!

The shipping procedure is quite simple, you just need to enter your pin code and, they will show you the shipping cost and availability. Order it now, and you will get it on your doorstep within 6-8 days. This simple, cute and affordable gift will surely make your husband's Christmas memorable. Order the cushion here.

Customised Card Holder

Imagine, your husband is in a business meeting, he takes out a card to hand it to someone and immediately a beautiful smile spreads across his face. Do you want to know the secret to this smile? Well, a personalised card holder can fulfill this responsibility. No matter where he is, a glimpse on his card holder will stir his memory lane and an amazing Christmas video will play in his mind. The video that features him and you in a romantic setting, exchanging gifts and spending time.

There are multiple websites that provide this facility but the most reliable one among them is They have a wide variety for you to choose from. Anil Moolchandani, the owner of Archies started his business from a small sari shop in the 1980s and expended it so far. Archies is an established name in the e-commerce business as a gifting site.

Archies features multiple options of card holders for you to choose from. All of these diverse designs are available at a price as low as Rs.399. You can earlier order a simple card holder or you can personalise it by simply dropping a mail on with your order number, a high-resolution image and any text that you want to be placed on the cardholder. An amazing personalised cardholder from Archies is definitely the gift to make your husband the happiest person on the planet this Christmas.

Vintage Watch

It is said that a man's weakness is his love for watches. Is your husband among those men who love to buy watches? In this case, a vintage branded watch will be an amazing addition to his collection. There are multiple different online stores to get your hands on one such beauty but the best among these is as it has a vast collection of such masterpieces.

Chrono24 is a luxury watch market that started providing its services in 2003. They are associated with over 2,000 dealers. People from all around the world showcase their collection on this website including India. There are multiple options regarding shipping. Most of the watches are shipped free whereas a few of them charge a meagre fee. The prices start from as low as Rs.4,000. The online stores 9.3/10 rating is the evidence of its high quality service.The featured watches belong to the world's most famous brands and have witnessed multiple decades.

One such watch is Omega Seamaster Manual Winding Unisex Steel C. 1956 Vintage Watch which is owned by the Great Swiss Watches in Mumbai. It is available at a price of Rs.40,670 and can be shipped anywhere in India at a cost of Rs.3,704. The order can be received within 2-6 days.

It is a watch that has been restored and serviced and the dial has been repainted white. It is accompanied by a stainless steel case which has been remedied and restored to its original glory. The watch glass is acrylic and the band colour is black. The dial is composed of steel radium dot index and the watch hands are made of steel with radium. This beauty is a treat to watch and will surely add more charm to your husband's personality. Apart from this, there are many other options available to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas is drawing closer.

Metallic Cigarette Case


Smokers love gifts that support their habit of smoking. If your husband is a smoker than a classy metallic cigarette is what you need to make him feel special this Christmas. The Phenovo Silver Metal Cigarette case is an affordable and classy piece available easily on Amazon. The customers are highly satisfied with this silver metallic case which can be deduced from its rating of 5/5. It is available at a price of Rs.435 with an added shipping charge of Rs.40. The case weighs 99.8 grams, can carry 9 cigarettes and has been imported from Hong Kong. It is an amazing gift that will keep his cigarettes safe and dry and will make his Christmas amazing. Order it here.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Is your husbnd a fitness lover and has a personal gym or loves to exercise with dumbbells? In this case, CAP Barbell RSWB-40TP 40 lb. Dumbbell Set is what he needs to be gifted this Christmas. These dumbbells can easily be shipped to your house by placing a simple order on

It is a 40 lb set that comprises of two handles. It is accompanied with four 2.5 pounds plates and four collars. It is provided with a plastic case for storage purposes. Its some other amazing features include rubber trim collars, comfort handles and ergonomic grips. The material is such that they are rust resistant and won't require maintenance. A secure fit to handles has been achieved by trimming the collars. Plates are made of a durable cast iron and have a semi-gloss finish.

They will cost you a total of Rs.45,057 including the cost of the dumbbells and the shipping. Customers are highly satisfied with their performance which can be deduced from their rating of 4.3/5. You will thank us later for this amazing gift suggestion.

Compete Man Grooming Hamper in a Jute Tray


Just as women love makeup, men love grooming kits. This Christmas surprise your beloved husband with a beautifully packaged grooming kit in a jute tray available on India Gifts Portal which was later renamed as is considered to be India's biggest gift-buying portal and offers services in various dimensions including but not limited to personalised

The grooming kit gift package contains 5 diverse products. These include Gillette Shave Brush, Gillette MACH3, Fogg Deodorant for Men, Gillette Regular Shaving Foam and Gillette Series Shave Gel. Fogg Deodorant for Men and Gillette Regular Shaving Foam has a volume of 50 ml whereas Gillette Series Shave Gel has a volume of 80 ml.

All these products are placed in a beautiful jute tray having dimensions of 9.8 x 6 x 2. This whole kit will cost you just Rs.1,210 and guess what? Free shipping! Get your hands on this amazing gift package and surprise your husband this Christmas. Buy it here.

Bonus Tip: Make it a Romantic Scavenger Hunt

They say the couples that play together, stay together. Another way to make your gift even more memorable and romantic is to lead your husband on a romantic scavenger hunt. The first thing to consider while planning is start EARLY! Let the creative ideas flood your mind.

There are multiple ways available online to plan a romantic hunt but don't forget to add a tinge of your own. First, lay down a path for him to follow. Accompany the clues with the most beautiful memories. Think of creative riddles and add small presents along with the riddles. The best way to end a romantic scavenger hunt is by playing a slideshow movie of yours and his most beautiful memories on a projector. We assure you, your husband is going to love this little game.

Try all these tips and ideas and add your own flavour to make them even more romantic and memorable. After all, Christmas is one of the best occasions to rekindle the romantic fire!

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