Your Boyfriend is Unique and so are Hand Crafted Things, This Birthday Give Him a Handmade Gift: Choose from 9 Cool Options

Your Boyfriend is Unique and so are Hand Crafted Things, This Birthday Give Him a Handmade Gift: Choose from 9 Cool Options

He is one in a million so why give him a regular store bought gift when you can buy some amazing gifts for boyfriend's birthday that are handmade? Make him a gift yourself, but don't beat yourself up if you don't have the skills to make a handmade birthday gift with finesse, there are plenty of great things you can buy instead. From beautiful bamboo ashtrays to handcrafted leather wallets and intricate wood carved boxes, we have something that is right for your man.

Gifts for Boyfriend Made Simple

A simple thing to consider before buying a gift for your boyfriend is to weigh the romantic value in comparison to its practicality. This will depend on the occasion, and both will have their own different effect on your boyfriend. A little bit of common sense will help you decide which path to go down. Romantic gifts are forever a symbol of love, but practical gifts have a real use and value to him. So don’t be afraid to make a list of things you know he likes, and things you know he doesn’t like. Or ask questions about things you have doubts with.

It also is important to be realistic. You are not going to buy the same gift for a six month old relationship as you would for six years. You would also think that buying for a six year relationship would be easier, as you know him, but that is not always the case. Because he has had six years of gifts from you! Forcing you to be a bit more special and unique. This is why handmade gives are the best gift for your boyfriend of any time, they are unique, beautiful and can serve both the romantic and practical value. Always bear in mind how much you can afford though! Handmade gifts are great, and don’t have to leave you with an empty pocket.

Handmade Gifts Show You Care

There have been studies that show that a person will value a handmade gift more, because they feel it has “an air of authenticity” and this has a higher value in society. And this beauty will last for eternity. There is no need to upgrade a handmade gift, no need to follow trends, as it will always be handmade, and therefore always unique. That is the thing about handmade, it is impossible for each single product to be exactly the same, and the minute imperfections are what give the handmade gift for your boyfriend character. It can be said that picking a handmade gift is almost like falling in love, you know there are flaws, but you see the beauty and sincerity of the person you are falling in love with.

If you are more of the creative soul, you can create it yourself. When you make it, a part of you is left in the gift. You can put some of your boyfriend’s personality in it, that can be the traits you like the most of him, his favourite colours, or simply something you know will make him happy, like a handcrafted ornament of his favourite animal. This expression of a creative soul is treasured far more, and given more value, than any item produced for the masses.

Be Careful Where You Shop!

Always make sure you double check the reliability of any shop or website you are looking to buy from, as many claim to be handmade objects, but only certain parts are handmade, or the quality is not up to standards, or it just simply isn’t handmade! The important thing to remember is this: Don’t give a gift you wouldn't like to receive yourself to anyone. You need to think how much you would love to receive it. This may not always apply when thinking about certain items or styles to buy your boyfriend, but it also should in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

Some online shops work with charities or National Geographic for example to guarantee the source of the products they sell, so those are good things to look out for when buying handmade goods. Because what better than to help others and gift great unique ideas?

9 Handmade Gift Ideas for Boyfriend's Birthday

Handmade Bottle Opener

Brass makes an ideal material for a bottle opener, because of its sturdiness and durability; the Brass Dog Head Elephant Bottle Opener with Patina is a beautiful example of this. Practical and beautiful, for this bottle opener the artist combined the figurine of a dog with a standing elephant to create this elegant bottle opener carved with mastery. Rs.330 is an excellent price for this work of art that will bring a smile to his face every time he is opening a bottle of his favourite drink. Making him the envy of the party as he passes round a few drinks. Buy it from here.

Handmade Wallet for Men

Naga are the best option in this area, as they are committed to deliver high quality leather items, crafted by experienced leather craftsmen in limited quantities to make sure of the quality. Their Leather Wallet in Tan and Black Brogue is a beautiful example of what can be handcrafted with leather. The stylish black and tan colours radiate coolness, and practicality with eight card slots, two slip pockets and two separate compartments. The price does reflect the craftsmanship put into creating this sleek wallet. At Rs.2,400 it is a show of quality and value for money, and it is free shipping from their website. Click here to buy this or view more designs.

Handmade Carved Wooden Box

The Wooden Secret Box Leaves by Atrangi is the most beautiful example of a carved box we have seen. It is made with walnut wood from Srinagar, Kashmir in India, and completely handcrafted. The slider lock system it uses is ideal for keeping valuables safe, as it is an intricate lock system, allowing your beloved to keep is most valuable treasures under safeguard. The leaves pattern design is also intricately detailed and beautiful to look at, combining the practicality of a decent sized box - 15 cm width x 8 cm height x 11 cm depth - with extreme beauty. But this beauty comes at a cost, Rs.3,136, a high price, however, the handcrafted detail, beauty and usefulness of this box are worth it. Buy it from here.

Handmade Wooden Puzzle

There are so many options available here, but we suggest the Shalinindia 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set - 3D Puzzles which you can buy from Amazon. Containing 3 different puzzles all presented in a beautiful 7 x 2.5 inch wooden tray, making them easy to store and spoil your boyfriend for ways to test his brain. Each game testing different abilities and brainwork. Handmade by woodworkers in North India, the beauty in the details of these 3D puzzles cannot go unappreciated. Made with Indian sheesham wood it is also something to be proud of and display on his desk for others to see. It is a great value for money gift for your boyfriend at Rs.498, a beautiful price for a beautiful handmade gift. Buy it from here.

Handmade Wooden Watch

Tsar are the first and pioneers of bringing wooden handcrafted watches to modern society. They believe “a watch is not just meant to show time but deliver things that can’t be expressed”. And use a wide range of different wood to achieve this, through different styles and looks. Furthermore, this belief is shown in all their watches, but the stand out is the Tri Modern made from Ebony wood sourced from Sri Lanka, one of the densest and smoothest woods in the world. It is believed that it also acts as a medium between the physical and the spiritual world. This beauty and spiritual connection is worth a pretty penny, Rs.6,100. Designed in black and gold is a perfect example of a time keeping piece made with style in mind and a desire to stand out. Buy it here.

Handmade Clothing

Supporting Kilmora, a charitable organisation that support a group of local women whom live off their handmade clothing, the Stripped Green Round Collar Cotton Men Shirt by Women Artisans of Bikaner is a beautiful and stylish cotton shirt crafted by women in Bikaner, specifically in a small village called Bajju. This shirt not only will look great on your boyfriend, combining with shorts, jeans or khakis, it also helps the woman of the local community. Made from high quality cotton it is comfortable and can be worn in both summer and winter. Rs.700 is a great price for a shirt that will make your boyfriend smile and help out a community. Buy this shirt here.

Handmade Ashtray

A Handmade Bamboo Ashtray – Small is a beautiful little addition to any smokers' home. It is eco-friendly and handmade with Bamboo from Mizoram. The artisans slightly blowtorch it to give it a rustic look and feel, and each burn pattern is slightly different. The craftsmen on this ashtray are skilled in turning simple techniques into mesmerising designs, using the traditional art of weaving, transforming raw material into beauty. For Rs.257 plus delivery it is a beautiful and useful addition to a coffee table in the living room, or a small table on the porch. Buy it from Giskaa.

Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery can be a trouble to find, and can no doubt be found at a local crafts market, however there are places online that can be helpful. A great idea to show your love for you boyfriend with a handmade gift is an Eternal Connection Pendant. Handcrafted from pure 92.5 sterling silver in India it will demonstrate your love and commitment to him. While it does not come with a chain, they are easily available online or any jewellery store, with a variety of sizes and materials that fit any budget. However, this pendant is Rs.1,550, but that is the price of handmade quality silver. It is a perfect little detail to give your beloved and show how much he means to you. Buy it from fourseven.

Handmade Pen Holder

Simple and effective, this little addition to his desk will make him the talk of the office, and he will stare at it thinking of you. At 4 inches tall, with a diameter of 2.5 inches, the Wooden Pen Holder with Clock will make a beautiful piece for his desk. Handcrafted from cedar wood by expert craftsmen, the detail on this elegant pen holder will strike up conversation with anyone who lays eyes on it. The well-designed clock on the side, with a white face and brass details, gives him more reasons to look at your gift and always keep him on time. Buy it from Indian Crafts.

Handmade By You, the Best Gift for Your Boyfriend

Making your gift rather than buying it can make a big difference. This way you can handpick all the things your boyfriend likes and combine them into an amazing gift that is truly unique and personal. Here are some ideas to help you get started, or to gift to him so you can create together.

Crafty Gifts Book


This book by Jane Bull will help you or you and your boyfriend create, make, build and colour the most amazing handmade personal gifts. Jane takes you through every step of the way to create that perfect unique gift. Design for kid’s ages 7+ you don’t have to be very creative to make your gift. For Rs.329 for a hardback copy it is a book that is guaranteed hours of fun, glitter and uniqueness, whether by yourself or your special loved one. It is available on

Book: Make It, Gift It: Handmade Gifts for Every Occasion


This book by Mari Bolte cover a more extensive selection of gift ideas than Jane Bull’s one. From the simple to the complex, Bolte covers it all with great step by step explanations that will guide you to make a once in a lifetime masterpiece for the man you love. Or give him the book and be surprised when he makes you something! The gift that keeps on giving. The more extensive range does come with a more expensive price tag of Rs.1,761 for a paperback copy. However, the simple explanations and the variety of gift ideas make this book something worth having for all occasions. Buy it from Amazon.

Wood, Ideal for Stylish Handmade Gifts


From the ideas shown above, it is clear to say that wood is a great material to make handmade gifts with. This because there are so many different woods that create different shades, textures and have different strength. Different woods also have different meanings in certain cultures or religions, like Ebony wood connecting the physical with the spiritual realm. These quirks and differences are what make wood ideal for gifts. It is versatile and easy enough to work with if you have the right skill set. The beauty that can be achieved with just using something so simple as wood is outstanding, and most importantly, it is eco-friendly and by buying wooden gifts you are supporting a local craftsman and appreciating his art. In a way, by buying a handmade gift you are not only making you boyfriend smile, but the craftsman too.

From our editorial team

Add a Personal Touch

Did you start out wanting to make him something yourself but realised you're better off buying him a handmade gift instead? All is not lost. You can add a handwritten note, a DIY birthday card or cake, even pretty origami figures to go with your store bought gift. What matters is you know your boyfriend is too valuable to give a less than perfect gift to, and now that you have such a gift, add a personal touch with another, simpler handmade gift that you can execute confidently.