The 10 Sweetest 'I Love You' Gifts for Boyfriend, Because You Cannot Say it Often Enough

The 10 Sweetest 'I Love You' Gifts for Boyfriend, Because You Cannot Say it Often Enough

I love you. Three little words that hold so much power and meaning. Do you say them to your boyfriend everyday, several times a day, or just once in a while? How about saying it with a gift this time? Best Present Guide brings you cute I love you ideas for him, birthday gifts for boyfriend, and unique gifts for men; pick one that says I love you in the best possible way.

Significance of Saying 'I Love You' Regularly to Your Boyfriend & 7 Reasons Why You Should

It Makes People Feel Good

“I love you’’ may be just three words, but the value it holds to another person is immense! We treat these words with respect and we know how much it means to another person when you utter these words. We don’t say ‘I love you’ to just any random person, we reserve these words to family, friends and to a special someone. We know who is worthy of these words when we say it, and they also know that they’re being loved for who they are, their essence and their being.

The feeling of being loved is way better than any high you can get from alcohol, quite literally. Being in love feels like you’re high because your brain releases neurotransmitters called dopamine, phenylethylamine (PEA) and oxytocin. Dopamine gives you a feeling of euphoria or erotic high while PEA is an endorphin that makes people feel joyful and close, as well as sexually stimulated. So remember that by saying ‘I love you’ to your boyfriend will just make him euphoric and just happy.

It Will Make YOU Feel Good

You know you’ve fallen head over heels in love with your boyfriend but you’ve not told him how you feel? Keeping your feelings, especially if it’s love, is not healthy for anyone. Do yourself a favour and tell your boyfriend how much you love him immediately. Moreover, you’ll realise that telling him those three words will make you feel good too, you’ll also feel euphoric and happy after telling him how you feel.

Saying it Will Make You Face Reality

Expressing yourself to the person you love and letting them know that you love them will make you face reality. Once you convey your feelings to the person you love, and they reciprocate the feelings – wonderful! We’re sure you’ll be in cloud nine. However, if they don’t feel the same way can be devastating, but at the same time it’s necessary. Being in denial will hold you back, so put yourself out there and if they don’t feel the same way then you can start getting over it sooner rather than later.

You May Regret Not Saying it

Never be afraid to tell someone that you love them. Rather than regretting not telling someone that you love them, face reality and be brave. When you keep doubting yourself and waiting for the right moment to declare your love, you may just miss your chance. You might just lose the love of your life if you can’t be open about how you feel. Try to muster the courage and strength to let them know how you feel about the other person and just take the chance.

It Will Help You Sort Through Your Own Emotions

Sometimes you might just not know that you’re in love with someone! You wouldn’t have realised it yourself how you feel about someone, because love has this weird habit of sneaking up on you when you least expect it, and you might not realise it until you say it out loud. Obviously it doesn’t make any sense if you say it to someone until you’re absolutely sure about your feelings, but if you’ve started thinking about it then that’s a good first step.

It Will Put Other Things in Context

Generally, we all know that actions speak louder than words. So if you find yourself treating someone better than you usually would, then that’s a definite indication of how you feel about them. If you’re starting to feel something special about someone else, voice your feelings and express how to you feel about them. And especially if both are unsure about how the other feels, conveying your feelings to him will definitely confirm things and put things in context – that you’re definitely in love.

It Probably Means You're in it for the Long Haul

Most people do not say ‘I love you’ unless they are not in it for the long haul. If they don’t plan on sticking around, they’re not going to utter those meaningful, three magical words! If you’re willing to be vulnerable enough to say it to someone special, it only means that you trust that person that he won’t hurt you with that knowledge. And that’s a huge part of any relationship.

Perfect 'I Love You' Gifts for Your Boyfriend

52 Reason I Love You Deck of Cards

Can you think of anything better than a deck of playing cards that lists 52 reasons why you love that person? Yep, that’s what we thought. It’s a unique way to let your special someone know that you love him – because you’re giving him 52 reasons to love him. He’ll be thrilled and lucky to receive such a quirky gift from you. You can buy this gift from Giftcart for Rs.699.

Snugly Love Gift Hamper

A Snugly Love Gift Hamper is a cute, feminine way of saying ‘I love you’ to the special someone you’ve fallen in love with. Celebrate your love by putting your feelings out there through the gift hamper that includes 1 ceramic mug with the words ‘I Love You’, a teddy bear, a heart prop decoration, and a bulb jar with a scroll in it. It’s truly a special gift for the lucky man. You can get this gift on Giftcart for Rs.749.

To My Love Easle Gift Combo

Is there a romantic way to express your love to your gentleman, you ask? Yes, of course – To My Love Easle Gift Combo. There’s nothing more romantic than saying ‘I love you’ through a mini easel with the words “To My Love” painted on it. This gift hamper also comes with a love themed table top decorative piece. It’s a very cute way of saying how special that someone is. You can get this gift on for Rs.649.

Lovely Message on Ribbon Bottle

Let you special someone know how much he means to you in the sweetest way possible? Through words, of course. There’s no better to express yourself than writing it down in words. And it’s even better if you do it in a sweet manner – on a ribbon inside a message bottle. The message bottle is 7 cm in height and comes with a ribbon that you can use to write the message with text up to 200 characters. All you need to do is to enter the text when you add the product to your cart and voila, the manufacturer will add the text to the ribbon and it’s sent to you. This cute product is available on Gift Cart for Rs.399.

Love You 365 Days Signature Chocolate


Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than chocolates. What’s more, the Rage Love you 365 days Signature Chocolate comes with the cutest message and the yummiest form. So start your love journey on a sweet note, tell your special friend how much love him with this chocolate. You can get this chocolate on Amazon for Rs.200.

Credit Card Shaped I Love You Printed 8 GB Pen Drive


A Credit Card Shape I Love You Printed 8GB Fancy Pen Drive is a useful item, but at the same time it allows you to declare your love for your boyfriend. Present your boyfriend with this credit card shaped pen drive which scream ‘I love you’ and let everyone know how much he means to you. It’s not just another way to convey your feelings, but it also comes in handy when you need to transfer data, pictures, audio files etc. You can buy this on for Rs.648.

I Love You Sipper


Sport bottle is a great gift for any occasion, but this Tied Ribbons I love you Printed Sipper is a wonderful gift for your special friend if you want him to know how much he means to you. It’s useful, handy and romantic all at the same time. It makes a great gift that you can give your boyfriend for any occasion, be it as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, or because you felt like it. You can purchase this product on Amazon for Rs.499.

Pop-Up Heart Box with Music


Do you want a small, sweet gift that your boyfriend can carry with him wherever he goes? We’ve got just the thing for you – Atnep Surprise Box Pop-Up Heart With Music - I Love You. When you open the box a little heart-shaped pillow pops out and says ‘I love you’. This gift also can be given for any occasion, valentine’s day, birthday, anniversary or because just felt like it. But this for your boyfriend from Amazon for Rs.499.

I Love You Heart-Arrow Keychain Set


Couple gift are the rage these days, and the I Love You Heart Arrow Couple' Rhodium Finish Keychain Set is just that. The Keychain set comes in a pairs, one keychain with a heart, and the other a key. The imprint of the key is present on the heart, depicting a wholesome picture with an indirect message: you have the key to my heart. So give the key shaped keychain to you boyfriend while you have the heart-shaped keychain if you want you boyfriend to know that he holds the key to your heart, or vice versa. You can buy this cute and simple gift on Amazon for Rs.219.

I love You Forever Couples' Cushion Cover


With the “I Love Your Forever” Cushion, your boyfriend will feel the romance. It makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s day or even your anniversary. If you feel like letting your boyfriend know how much you love him, this cushion will do the job for you. The front part of the cushion is made out of satin, the back cotton and it measures 16" x 16". As an additional throw-in, it also comes with a heart-shaped card filled with romantic statements, for e.g. love me, hug me, hold me and kiss me. You can buy this Indigifts Poly Satin I Love You Forever Quote With Couples Picture Cushion Cover on Amazon for Rs.329.

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Say it when you mean it

Expressing yourself is important, but expressing yourself honestly is more so. There are plenty of reasons you may feel pressurised to say those words to someone you aren't sure you love - he has said it to you already, the feeling that if you're in a relationship you must say it, or worse, when you think it's just an expression and it's alright to say it casually. Think about what it means to love someone, and say it to your boyfriend only if you do love him.