12 Wonderful Surprises for the 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Husband and 7 Ideas to Mark the Day (2020)

12 Wonderful Surprises for the 3 Year Anniversary Gift for Husband and 7 Ideas to Mark the Day (2020)

This 3rd wedding anniversary, how about giving your husband the perfect traditional third anniversary gift? Pick from our list of sweet, romantic and unique anniversary gift for husband. We have here gifts of leather, crystal and also quaint antique clocks, gift hampers, cool watches and engraved plaques, all perfect for a third anniversary gift for your man.

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Surprise Your Husband on Anniversary to Make it a Day to Remember

  • Traditional with a Twist
    Your third anniversary is coming up and you’re frantically searching online for the perfect gift that says ‘I love you’ with a traditional and modern twist? You’re in the right place, we’ll help you find a gift that has a mix of both, traditional at the same time a modern element to it. Leather is the traditional gift associated with the third year of marriage, though crystal and pearls have been established as the modern gifts. You can personalise the gift by getting him something he’ll enjoy for sure. For example if he’s a big beer fan, you can order authentic beer steins and then surprise him with tickets to a beer festival.

  • Give Him an Experience He’ll Never Forget
    If you want to give your husband a gift that he’ll remember for the rest of his life – send your husband on a trip or experience that will blow his mind. Does he love all things fast? Cars, racing, driving? If you’ve got spare change to spend, arrange for your husband to drive on a NASCAR course. Or does he love off-roading? Pay for a trip that will allow him to experience off-roading in one of the most beautiful places in India – Ladakh. Based on what his likes and dislikes are plan a trip for him, if it’s an experience you can enjoy too, then there’s nothing better than that. So plan something and he’ll definitely thank you for it.

  • Enroll Him in a Class to Learn Something New
    Has your husband always been interested in learning something particular? Like cooking or carpentry? Give your husband the gift of knowledge on your third anniversary by signing him for classes he’ll enjoy. If you don’t know what he’s interested, ply him with wine and get the information out of him. It’s a good opportunity not only to learn something new, but also develop a new hobby to destress during the weekend.

  • Nothing Beats a Surprise Getaway
    Nothing can be more surprising than a quick getaway, especially if the destination is someplace he’s always wanted to go. Plan the entire trip in secret, from booking the tickets to arranging the accommodation. Use your work computer if you must to ensure he doesn’t have any idea of what you’re doing. If you must tell him you’re planning a “fake” celebratory dinner so that he isn’t suspicious of something you’re NOT doing. Pack his bags, and have everything ready before you surprise him and once you do, just drive him to the airport or whisk him away in the car!

  • A Secret Message on the Wedding Band
    If you haven’t already got a secret message engraved on your wedding ring, why don’t you surprise him with a secret message on his wedding band as a third anniversary gift? Get his wedding ring on the pretext of having it cleaned, and have a sentimental and meaningful message engraved on the inside of his wedding ring. Once completed, re-gift the ring to him and let him read the inscription. He’ll be delighted to read it, and every time he sees the ring he’ll be reminded of your love for him. Husband doesn't wear his wedding band? This idea will work on his favourite accessory, or something he wears on a daily basis. A message can also be etched onto a watch, kada or bracelet. If he isn't one who wears accessories on a regular basis or wouldn't be pleased with a message being etched on his expensive and precious watch, get him a wallet card with a message and slip that into a card slot.

  • Boudoir Photo Shoot
    Even though it may sound risqué, your husband will definitely appreciate it. Hire a photographer you’re comfortable with to do a boudoir photo shoot, wrap up the prints for you husband and surprise him with it. It’s up to how you want it to be, wild or tame, but either ways it will definitely blow his minds when he sees the photos.

  • Turn it into a Week Long Event
    Arrange for a week full of events! Surprise him every day with a gift the entire week leading up to the big day. It need not be big gifts, it could be something simple like handwritten love letters, or cooking his favourite meal for lunch. He’ll feel like a king all week long, trust us all his colleagues and friends will be green with envy.

10 Unique and Romantic Gifts to Surprise Your Hubby with on 3rd Anniversary

Hidden Message Wooden Bracelet

Contemporary and sophisticated, this Hidden Message Wood & Leather Bracelet will make a perfect third anniversary gift for any young man. What’s more, this gift comes with an additional feature apart from being a beautiful accessory that can be worn with any outfit – a secret message that can be engraved on the inside of the bracelet where only he can enjoy it. You can get this wonderfully stylish gift on Amazon for about Rs.2,668.

Wood Charging Station

Source www.gifts.com

If your husband is the kind who keeps losing his personal items, like his phone, watch or wallet, this Wood Charging Station will make a good third anniversary gift for him. It’s important that everyone starts their day in an organized manner, and this will definitely help. Your husband can leave all his belongings in one place now and will never have to search for anything ever again. With this superb charging station his morning routine will be effortless. You can even personalise this wooden station with your husband's initials. Order this online today on Gifts for approximately Rs.7.106..

Pamper Him with Love

Source www.fnp.com

Treat your husband to a little bit of TLC – a care package that pampers him. A grooming package will help him look his best every time he steps out of his house. The gift hampers has everything he’ll need to look sophisticated and chic, it has 50 ml. Park Avenue's Good Morning shaving cream, 50 ml after shave lotion, Swift Triblade razor, sliver shaving brush, 125 grams double deo bathing soap, 100 grams double deo talcum powder, 1 loofah and 2 hand towels beautifully packaged in a wooden tray filled with crystal. You can purchase this from fnp.com for Rs.2,249.

Personalised Cushions

Source www.fnp.com

Most people display photographs in photo frames, but why not turn your favourite couple's pictures into home decor? Gift a personalised cushion with a picture of the both of you printed on the cushion! This pretty Personalised Cushion will definitely make your husband feel loved and cherished. This is a way to tell your special someone that he resides in your heart. Moreover, these personalised cushions will enhance the décor of your room. You can buy this romantic gift from fnp.com for Rs.349.

Bar Box

Source www.amazon.in

You can never go wrong with a bar set as a third anniversary gift for your husband. Surprise him with a bar set encased in a chic green military box. At first glance your husband will think it’s just a regulargreen colored box, but he’ll be surprised to find what’s inside it. It holds all the accessories you’ll need in a bar – Cocktail Shaker Jigger, Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones, Whiskey Sphere , Whiskey Crystal Glass, Peg Measurer, Muddler and etc. You can purchase this from Amazon for Rs.7,999.

Antique Table Clock

Source www.amazon.in

Look to your husband's niche interests to get him interesting things. For instance, if he is a very sporty person then he will already have all the equipment for the sports he plays or more than enough gym wear. But if he is also interested in antiques but doesn't often get the chance to go hunting down interesting pieces, you an do that for him. An antique-looking table clock will definitely exceed whatever expectations your husband had from you. Your third anniversary is a momentous occasion, celebrate the occasion with this special gift. You can purchase this from Amazon for approximately Rs 1,899.

Stylish Watch

Does your husband love watches? Does his hobby include collecting stylish watches? Then we’ve got just the thing as a third anniversary gift for your husband. If your husband loves buying lovely, branded watches, we’ve got just the gift for him – Titan Men's Analog Watch. This smart analog watch will add class to his look with its attractive dial and nylon strap. You can purchase this watch on Gift Ease for Rs.2,996.

Engraved Photo Plaque

Source www.amazon.in

For your third anniversary be different and get a personalised decorative piece to commemorate such a momentous occasion – Engraved Photo Plaque. Your husband will cherish this amazing keepsake forever, because not just any photo is engraved on the wooden plaque, but your memories are engraved on it. The photo is engraved using laser engraving, which makes the burnt look blend perfectly well against the wooden backdrop. You can purchase this on Amazon for Rs.680.

Tortoise Crystal Plate

Source www.amazon.in

Did you know that gifting crystal tortoise bring long life and good luck? You didn’t? Now you do! According to vastu shastra and feng shui, crystal tortoises gives long life. Crystal also happens to be associated with the third of marriage so this gift is perfect. Gift your husband a Crystal Tortoise to bring good health, peace, and happiness to your husband. This Crystal Tortoise set comes with a little crystal plate as well, to place the tortoise. You can buy this on Amazon for Rs.366.

Photo Wall Mural

Source www.amazon.in

Surprise your husband with a personalised Photo Wall Mural! Complement the wall colour with a modern digital print pattern effect. What’s more, with this photo you can also have a personalised message to make the gift more special. You can choose the colour from the 6 colours that are available to complement your wall colour. It comes in different sizes too, 13.5 x 24 inches, 18 x 32 inches, 27 x 48 inches, and 36 x 64 inches. It’ll make your bedroom more unique and personalised with this photo wall mural. The 13.5 x 24 inches mural is priced at Rs.629, and you can purchase this on Amazon.

Traditional 3rd Anniversary Gifts with a Modern Twist

Leather Jacket

Source www.zara.com

Traditional gift options for third anniversary is leather. If you want to keep with the theme, you can get your husband a gift made out of leather, like a leather jacket, leather bag or leather wallet.

A gift option we have for you is leather jackets from Zara. The men’s faux leather jacket have been reinvented with the latest trends. Classic black or brown pieces continue to be a favourite in every guy’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a new fashionable print or comfortable casual fit, choose a perfect jacket for your husband based on his personality and style. The price ranges from Rs.4,500 to Rs.6,500.

Desi Shot Glasses

If your husband is the life of the party – colourful Desi Shot Glasses are just the thing for him. Allow him to live big in small shots. The shot glasses not only serve a purpose of getting everyone happy and high, but they are adorably cute and quirky that it could just be the highlight of the party. Whether you want cunning moustache shot glasses or Elephant Motifs Long Shot Glasses, you name it and it’s available. The price for a pair of shot glasses ranges between Rs.299 to Rs.1,199. Get them right away on Archies online.

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Choose gifts which stand the test of time

The latest gadgets, the latest fad products and seasonal items are all fun in their own way but they have a use by date. Anniversaries on the other hand, are landmarks of your relationship and are better marked with gifts that stay with your husband for years. Which is not to say you shouldn't give him fun things, only that you add an element or an additional gift that he can look at and remember your third anniversary many years down the line.