Auspicious Gifts or a Healthy Addition to Your Dining Table, These 10 Best Silver Plates Make for a Great Choice (2020)

Auspicious Gifts or a Healthy Addition to Your Dining Table, These 10 Best Silver Plates Make for a Great Choice (2020)

Looking for silver plates? Find here great options and also learn of its amazing health benefits for the body. Silver is mostly cherished by people in the form of jewelry but there is more to this precious metal. Read this comprehensive guide that gives you all details for your purchase.

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Eating in Silver Plates is Packed with Great Health Benefits

Antibiotic in Nature

Did you even know that you can get so many advantages of eating in silver plates. So, if you are planning to buy silver plates online, go for it. Because, apparently silver plates are antibiotic in nature. This natural antibiotic metal fights with microbes, which ultimately boosts your immune system. So, this plate is great for everyone especially babies.

Boosts Immunity

Well, this is in support of the 1st benefit which is the antibiotic property of the silver metal. Because of the capability of fighting with the bad bacteria, silver is able to affect your immune system in a really good way. It boosts your immunity and makes you safe from diseases. Good immunity helps in keeping your kids far away from deadly diseases.

Has a Cooling Effect on the Body

Silver is said to have a cooling effect on the body when compared to other metals. In fact, silver is very good for the digestive system too as it increases the functioning of digestive system, resulting in amazing gut health and hence, it naturally cools down the body from within. Apparently, this can increase your metabolism too, so switch to silver plates right away.

Keeps the Food Fresh


Before buying silver plates online, you should get to know about its key health benefit, which is to keep the food fresh. In fact, silver has been used since ancient times to store the food, as it has the capability to keep the food fresh for a longer duration. Apparently, this is also related to keeping the bad bacteria at bay which results in stopping the rotting process of food.

Keeps Your Food Toxin Free


Silver plates are way better option to consider as compared to steel or plastic plates. In fact, plastic plates are more likely to bring toxins along with them which can create bad impact on your overall health. On the contrary, silver is not easily oxidized and hence it doesn’t produce harmful toxins for the body.

10 Pretty Silver Plates to Buy Online

Silver Smiley Plate Set for Babies

Are you looking for a silver plate for a new baby in the family or in your friend circle? Then you are going to love what we have picked for you. This is a silver plate which comes in the shape of a smiley and looks absolutely adorable for the kids.

This plate even comes with a matching spoon and both these items are crafted with 92.5% purity. There are so many details in this set that you would love to take a look at it.

Even the spoon has smiley engraving on its end which looks quite cute. While the molds in the plate have small detailing and engraving, the upper parts are kept simple instead. The net weight of this plate is 276.65 grams which is easy enough to carry. You can buy this smiley plate and spoon set on for Rs. 16,146

Clear Cut Silver Plate (Thali)


Our next recommendation is a rather simple silver plate. This one is in form of a thali which is great for gifting adults. This thali looks quite beautiful and it has clear cut finish which looks quite fantastic and magnificent. Although the thali looks quite heavy in terms of look and appearance but it weighs only 248gms which makes it easier to carry around.

Despite having a clear finish, you can spot some really beautiful engravings on the thali in form of flower motifs. This thali has a diameter of 21cm and you can use it for either serving food or for Pooja. You would be glad to know that this thali is made out of 99.9% pure silver. You can buy this silver thali on for Rs. 13,300

Pure Silver Dinner Set

Looking for some gorgeous silver plates online? You would be pleased to buy this complete set of silver utensils that we have brought for you. Made out of 99.9% pure silver, these items are quite stunning in appearance and this is why they are a bit expensive too.

This is called silver dinner set and consists of 1 Thali, 2 bowls, 1 halwa plate, 1 glass and 1 spoon. The thali alone weighs 800gms which is quite heavy as compared to other options available here.

Talking about other items then the bowls weigh 80gms each, halwa plate weighs 100gms, glass weighs 100gms and spoon weighs 40gms. It makes the total of 1200gms in this set which has minimal designing on it and it is perfect for your kitchen. Grab this beautiful dinner set now on for Rs. 63,192

Fancy Silver Plate

A fancy silver plate is always multipurpose as you can use it in your Puja ghar, as a dinner plate or even as a fancy tray. This one here fits all the categories very amazingly. This is an oval shaped silver plate which is BIS Hallmarked ensuring perfect quality to you.

This plate is crafted out of 83.5% pure silver and has 120gms of weight. We would recommend you to use this plate for more casual occasions because of being lightweight.

The plate has clear cut finishing from the central area but surely has some exquisite detailing on its periphery/handle. If you wish to buy this pretty silver plate then it is available for purchase on for Rs. 7,560

Silver Plate (500 Grams)

No matter what, antique silver items always have a special place in our hearts and we just can’t help but gaze at their beauty. If you want to add one such silver item in your collection, then you would be glad to buy this unique silver plate here.

It also fits into the category of silver plates 500 grams in weight and made out of 92.5% pure silver. This plate has a diameter of 27cm and height of 6.1cm.

The plate rather looks like a blooming lotus flower and this is what sets it apart from other items included in this list. The stunning bowl shaped plate even has a stand and you can also spot some stunning engraving and detailing all over it. If you wish to buy this silver plate then it is available for purchase on for Rs. 27,465.

Silver Pan Leaf Plate

Talking about unique silver plates, we have got one more for you. We really don’t know what it is suitable for but this Paan shaped silver plate has surely got something unique to it. You can either use it in your antique collection or in your Puja Ghar.

This silver plate completely resembles the shape of a leaf which is actually quite unique for anyone who will see it for the first time.

It is made out of 93% pure silver and has a weight of 300 gms only. What really took us by surprise is the fact that it has even got delicate enamel detailing done on it, which can make anyone awestruck. This stunning plate is available for purchase on for Rs. 27,657

Silver Ashta Lakshmi Pooja Plate

This is a special addition to this list of silver plates you can buy online and it is indeed one of the most beautiful plates in this list. This is called silver Ashta Lakshmi Pooja Plate whose design speaks for itself.

The plate has got this flower like design with 8 petals on it, which justifies its name of Ashta Lakshmi plate. Not only that, it has got a unique shape and design but this plate also weighs too much, which is about 950gms. It is more like an antique item suitable as a showpiece or for temple in your home.
It is made out of pure silver and has some really stunning engraving done on it. You can buy this unique Ashta Lakshmi silver plate on for Rs. 46,370

Sterling Silver Plate (Plain)

Are you tired of all the engraved and antique options we have provided till now? Then you are definitely looking for such silver plates online which are extremely simple. For this, we have the perfect recommendation of this silver thali for you.

This is a 92.5 sterling silver thali which is rather simple in appearance and has clear cut finishing. This plate is ideal to be used as a plate in your Pooja ghar for day to day basis.

In fact, in order to give more stability and sturdiness to the plate, the manufacturers even provided three stands below it. It is about 300gms in weight and belongs to the Joyalukkas Divino collection, especially made for Pooja purposes. This simple Pooja Silver Thali is available for purchase on for Rs. 17,432

Flower Shaped Silver Plate

We have come up with one more antique silver item in this list. This is a flower shaped unique silver plate for someone who has a thing for silver items. This is an inquiry based site where you can find more such antique silverware, so you would have to inquire about the quality, price and weight of this plate.

We can only tell you about the details and design of this plate, which is definitely quite unique and beautiful. The flower shaped plate not only looks stunning but even has gorgeous engraving on it. The designs are mainly floral and leafy motifs which makes it look no less than a part of a treasure. You can also spot some intricate work on its periphery. You can inquire about this item on

Pure Silver Pooja Plate

If you do not want to buy silver plates which have no mixed metals whatsoever then we have brought you a real plate to offer. These real silver plates are made out of pure silver with no other metals mixed at all.

These types of pure silver plates are considered ideal for Puja purpose and hence you can also buy this one for your temple at home.

This is also quite lightweight and has 90gms of weight only. It has 6 inch of diameter and approx. 1 inch of height. It has fine finishing with slight designing on it. You can easily put all the important Puja items on it as it has enough space for them all. You can buy this Puja plate on for Rs. 11,000

How to Buy Silver Online: Quick Guide

Before you buy any type of silver items for gifting online or even from offline stores, there are some things which you should know about. Just like gold, silver is also a precious metal and despite the fact that it is not as expensive as gold, you would not want to get fooled for fake silver items for sure. So, here are some tips to save yourself from getting bluffed.

Do Not Buy Silver from Chinese Sellers on Ebay


One thing you should totally keep in mind that Chinese sellers aren’t the best source to buy items from, especially precious metals like gold and silver. You might come across too good to be true prices on eBay but you should better sit back and think that is it even possible? If you spot something too good then you should know that it would be fake silver and not the real one.

Silver Items and Silver Plated Items are different


Now, one thing which you should get done with for once and for all is that silver items and silver plated items are completely different from one another. Silver items are entirely made of silver and silver plated items can be made out of any random metal and have only polish of silver on it which can be scraped off very easily. So, don’t get lured by a low price as it's unlikely to be the real deal.

Look for the BIS Hallmark


While buying silver plates online or any other item too, you should check for the BIS Hallmark. Yes, you read that right, because BIS Hallmark is used for hallmarking not only gold, but silver too and it is a certifying purity of the metal by the Indian government. So, make sure to check for it before buying silver as well as gold items.

Buy from Reputed Sellers Only

While buying silver items online, you should always consider reputed sellers only. They may have higher making charges but their products are always true to their statement. If they are offering pure silver items, then they would surely be pure and not fake like Chinese sellers.

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