Delight Loved Ones with 14 Exquisite German Silver Gifts: Your Guide to the Top German Silver Gifting Options for All Occasions and Everything You Need to Know About the Metal (2019)

Delight Loved Ones with 14 Exquisite German Silver Gifts: Your Guide to the Top German Silver Gifting Options for All Occasions and Everything You Need to Know About the Metal (2019)

German silver, an alloy of copper, nickle and zinc, does not tarnish like elemental silver and costs much less. It is known for its high metallic lustre is therefore used for crafting exquisite gift items. It was discovered by a German industrial chemist in the 19th century. This BP Guide will take you through the top German silver gifting options which you can consider for gifting on any occasion.

What is German Silver

German silver and sterling silver might look the same as they have the same shine and look. However, sterling silver has 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% of copper; whereas German silver doesn’t have any actual silver metal present in it and is purely an alloy of zinc, nickel and copper. Thus, German silver as a metal has negligible monetary value. German silver items are priced on the basis of the quality and perfection of the object itself and not particularly on the basis of the weight of the item. It is also used in heating coils because of its high electrical resistance.

German Silver Gift Items

German silver gifts are often chosen over sterling silver as they are comparatively cheaper and look almost like silver items. Moreover, they are more sturdy and corrosion resistant; hence they make for good tableware and decorative items.

German Silver Floral Border Tray with Stonework


This Floral Border Tray with Stonework made from German silver looks elegant and royal. The intrinsic carving on the tray looks attractive and the small studded stones increase the overall appearance of the tray. There are four legs on the corners of the tray which not only increase the height of the tray, but also enhance the beauty of this shiny object. The tray can be used to serve ice-cream, soft drinks, sweets in small bowls or even dry fruits. Surprise your guests by serving them in this traditional looking floral border tray which comes packed in a carton box, weighs 635 gm. and is available on for Rs. 995.00.

German Silver Elephant Leg Bowl Kumkum Pooja Article


This German Silver Elephant Leg Bowl Kumkum Pooja Article makes for a perfect gift item on festivals and various occasions such as home-warming, janeu, mundan, birthday, etc. It comes in a standard size of 10 x 6 x 8 cm and weighs 127 gm. The bowl can be used for keeping kumkum, roli or other pooja related ingredients and also makes for a great showpiece item. The beautiful design on the bowl and the intricate handwork on the elephants, which act as legs of this bowl is also worth noticing. This splendid gift item is available on Amazon for Rs. 790.00.

12 Inch Sarovar German Silver Plated Pooja Thali Set

One of the best gifts which can be considered as a present for festival or housewarming gift is this silver-plated pooja set. It consists of a Plate (12 Inch), Chandan Vati (No. 4 of different sizes), Kankavati, Achman Loti, Spoon, 2 Divi’s, Katori, Traditional Bell, Glass and Agarbatti Stand and makes for a premium gift item. The plate has the auspicious words – “Shubh Labh” engraved on the upper side. This pooja set can be used for a long time if used with care, cleaned properly and put back in the box after every use as it demands the same care as a pure silver item. This silver plated pooja set can be purchased from Gold Gift Ideas for Rs. 988.00.

Silver Plated Six Italian Ice Cream Bowl Serving Set

Leave the boring plastic or glass bowls and serve ice-cream or desserts to your guests in this shiny Italian design ice-cream bowl serving set. The set contains 6 Italian ice-cream bowls, 6 spoons and a shiny smooth serving tray. This ice-cream bowl serving set is a perfect gift for weddings and other auspicious occasions and can be used for daily usage as well as for a small get-together. The bowl set has a shiny coating which lasts for a longtime and the aesthetic design makes the tray and bowls easy to hold and serve. The beautiful flower shaped bowls with the matching spoons showcase your classy taste in gifting. This elegant ice-cream bowl set can be purchased from Gold Gift Ideas for Rs. 989.00.

Silver Coated Paan Box Moradabad Handcrafted


Though betel leaf or “Paan” as popularly known in India, is one of the most ancient and favourite mouth fresheners for centuries, but other options available in the market have declined its popularity in the last few years. However, there are many people who like eating “Paan” after a full meal as it cleans the throat and aids digestion. Moreover, this handmade silver coated Paan box has intricate carvings and a forged design which lets the air pass through the box and thus helps in keeping the betel leaves fresh. This ‘Paan box” can be a beautiful and useful gift for people who like antique things and would also make for an attractive showpiece. You can buy it for Rs. 939 from Nutristar.

German Silver Return Gifts

Return gifts are a nice way to show your gratitude towards your guests and make them feel special. The return gift should be long lasting and act as a reminder for the event in which it was gifted as they strengthen your ties and relations with the receiver. German silver gifts make for a good return gift option as they are quite sturdy and there shine lasts for a long time. Moreover, there are various gift options available which are useful in everyday life and also enhance the beauty of the house.

German Silver Coated Pooja Plate

This German silver coated pooja plate looks as good as a silver plate and the artistic design of the plate adds to the beauty of this utensil. This plate can be used as a pooja plate in the home temple and kumkum, agarbatti, turmeric, camphor and small bowls, etc. can be kept on it. Also, fruits and other offerings for the Gods can be placed on this shiny German silver plate. The diameter of this plate is 6.5 inches and weighs around 78 gm. Priced very economically at only Rs. 214.00 for a minimum order of 20 plates, this German silver coated pooja plate can be purchased from and can also be gifted as a post Kanya Pujan present during Navratras.

German Silver Plate with 2 Cups Large

This German silver plate with a set of 2 large cups can be used in various ways and for various occasions. Either you can use it for keeping kumkum and turmeric in the home temple or you can use it to serve delicious dishes to your guests; the set along with the serving tray looks elegant and shows your great aesthetic sense. The tray can also be used separately as a serving tray for tea and other beverages or simply keep dry fruits or snacks in the tray and enjoy with your guests. The lotus shaped cups and the intricate design on the plate adds to the beauty of the set and it is available on for Rs. 114.00 on a minimum order of 20 pieces.

German Silver Plate / Fancy Plate - 5 Inch in Diameter

Magnificent is the word for this amazing German silver plate which comes with glossy mirror polish finish. The plate has beautiful designs which give a royal and elegant look to the plate. This plate has a diameter of 5 inches making it spacious enough for keeping small items like bowls, cups, glasses, etc. It can be used as a pooja thali or even as a serving tray for small items. Simply keep it in your glass cabinet and it will act as a showpiece. This beautiful German silver plate can be purchased from Nutristar for Rs. 399.

German Silver Necklace with Earrings for Women and Girls


This exquisitely crafted and stylish necklace comes along with a pair of matching earrings. The set is made of oxidised German silver and is easy to wear, lightweight and gives you a rich look. It is perfectly suited for women and girls alike and they will be delighted to receive this gift from you. You can purchase it from Amazon for Rs. 314.

German Silver Wedding Gifts

Choosing a wedding gift is a bit challenging at times, especially if you are looking for something bright and unique in a set budget. The German silver wedding gifts picked by us may ease your dilemma and would be helpful in picking up a gift item which wouldn’t be heavy on your pocket. Ensure to know a little bit about the likes, dislikes and interests of the recipient before choosing the right gift.

Silver Plated Musical Set

The oxidised silver finish of this silver plated musical set gives it an antique look and the small musical set is not only a beautiful showpiece, but also has small boxes inside it and you can use them for keeping mouth fresheners for your guests. The decorative silver plated musical set has 4 separate pieces which include a sitar and three tabla shaped small boxes. All the pieces are beautifully crafted and the total weight is 420 gm. The Silver Plated musical set makes for an amazing and unique wedding gift and can be purchased from Bharat Handicrafts for Rs. 925.

Pure German Silver Tea Kettle | Antique Tea Pot

This pure German silver tea kettle will remind you of the tea pots being used during the 80’s. The beautifully crafted teapot has four legs and is made of heavy gauge metal with glossy mirror finish on the outside. This antique looking kettle can be used to serve tea and can be also used as an attractive showpiece. However, tea stored in this teapot should be consumed within sometime, as it doesn’t have a thermostat layering inside the kettle. Buy this German silver tea kettle at Nutristar for Rs. 2,999.00.

White Metal Jewellery Box with Handle

Different types of jewellery boxes in different materials are available in the market, but this German silver coated white metal jewellery box will stand apart in the crowd with its antique look and intricate handwork. The box is corrosion resistant and sturdy and one can easily keep bangles, jewellery, make-up items and even precious jewellery in this box. Surprise the couple by gifting them this white metal jewellery box with handle which is available at Bharat Handicrafts for Rs. 1,250.

Small Textured Silver Tabletop Frame

What better gift than a stunning frame in which the newly married can keep their photograph and cherish the memories of the special moments. This silver tabletop photo frame makes for a great wedding gift and the textures on the lining makes it all the more attractive. The front has a transparent glass which can be cleaned with a standard glass cleaner and cloth. The frame can easily stand on a table with the help of a stand mounted at the backside of the frame. This attractive frame can be bought from for Rs. 1,200.00.

German Silver Wine Glass/Goblet (Set of 2 Pieces) with Beautiful Velvet Box Packing


This German silver wine glass set can be an amazing gift for the party lovers and will enhance the beauty of the dining table or the glass cabinet as it looks mesmerising as a showpiece as well. The base is made of brass and the upper part has a shiny silver polish with artistic designs engraved on the glass. The manufacturer is also providing a 2-year warranty for the silver polish and the wine glass set comes packed in a beautiful red/blue colour velvet box. The product looks elegant, is durable and can be easily cleaned with water and a soft cloth. The German silver wine glass set is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,654.00.

Tips for Caring for Your German Silver Items

Though German silver is a sturdy and corrosion free metal, yet to keep the polish and shine intact, there are a few important points to be considered while using and cleaning them. Firstly, always wash the items in warm water and with a mild dishwasher soap to remove dirt, oil, etc. Rinse the water and don’t swipe, instead blot with a soft lint-free cloth. For polishing the item, use a selvyt polishing cloth until you can see it sparkle. Never use hard chemicals on these items and always keep them in a moisture-free place.

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German Silver Items Make for Wonderful Gifts on All Occasions

German silver items by virtue of their greater lustre, lesser tarnishing and more economical pricing than silver, make for a wonderful gifting option. We hope you would have liked the German silver gifts we have showcased in this article. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.