10 Elegant Sterling Silver Necklaces and Everything You Need to Know About Buying This Precious Metal (2019)

10 Elegant Sterling Silver Necklaces and Everything You Need to Know About Buying This Precious Metal (2019)

If you're looking for that metal which you can flaunt on every occasion, we've just the right kind for you - sterling silver! It can last a lifetime, and the types of jewellery which are made from sterling silver is mindblowing. One elegant piece of jewellery made from this metallic alloy is a necklace, and in this piece, we're going to bring you ten beautiful pendants that can be used for all kinds of occasions with some useful tips and tricks on how to take care of sterling silver jewellery.

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What is Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Sterling Silver is an alloy which is formed with the combination of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper. This is why it is also sometimes referred to as 925 Silver. The reason that sterling silver is more popular than pure silver when it comes to items of use like jewellery is that pure silver as a metal is soft, malleable and prone to damage, making it a less durable metal for products of everyday use. The addition of copper, adds to the strength of the metal, adding to its hardness and hence making it much more durable.

By the look of it, sterling silver cannot be easily distinguished from pure silver, and it showcases the same shine and detailing as pure silver.

Sterling silver jewellery is trendy because of how it looks, feels, and intricate designing. In today’s time, silver jewellery is seen with all kinds of fabrics and garments, and a piece of silver jewellery is all you need to add that rustic look to your attire.

Now that you know what sterling silver is, we have listed down everything you need to know about buying and maintaining your sterling jewellery along with 10 of our favourite designs of sterling silver necklaces to get you started!

10 Unique Designs for Sterling Silver Necklaces

Source amazon.com

Now that you know of all the reasons why you should have a collection of Sterling Silver jewelry, here are 10 of our favourite sterling silver necklace designs to get you started.

1. Antique Finish Necklace

Source taraash.com

This Hanging necklace by Taraash showcases an elegant floral design which comes with a pair of matching earrings. This piece finishes off with some Kundan stones on the flower petals, and a touch of antique finishing on the metal.

It comes with a three months warranty against all defects, and you can get it for Rs. 3,278 from taraash.com.

2. Sterling Silver Pendant Chain

Source amazon.in

This classy yet quirky pendant chain by Jewel Cartel blends the details of 925 silver with semi-precious stone topaz - giving it a minimal look. You can pair it with a heavy saree, or an everyday casual attire to add that final touch of glam.

It is available in two options, blue and green. The blue one is priced at Rs. 1,100 and the green one at Rs. 1,200 on amazon.in.

3. Sterling Silver Single Strand Dholki Necklace

Source tatacliq.com

A very stylish necklace by Ahilya Jewels with an artsy look, it is an excellent piece of investment which would add that touch of elegance to any attire. It is made up of small dholki shaped beads which are tied together using a black adjustable cord, creating a contrast with the silver of the beads.

It is an incredibly quirky necklace which would elevate your look while you keep it minimal and would complement any color, and would suit both ethnic as well as western attires.

You can get it for Rs. 2,720 from tatacliq.com.

4. Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Valeska Necklace

Source pipabella.com

A pendant necklace, this one is made up of cubic zirconia stones which is a perfect office wear, making you ever ready for that post work shenanigans. If you are going for an extravagant occasion, you can add more pieces of jewellery to this necklace chain, and glam up your dressing game.

It is available on pipabella.com for Rs. 2,999 and comes with a 15 days exchange policy.

5. Kumaoni Sandhya Choker Necklace

Another one from Ahilya Jewels is this choker necklace which is inspired by the beautiful mountain ranges of Uttarakhand. Ahilya Jewels take inspiration for its design from the rich heritage which exists in different parts of the country, and they present it through their jewellery, but with a modern twist.

This one is made up of various silver square pieces tied together with intricate flower engravings on each of them, and a layer of ghungroos dangling from it, giving it a traditional look.

It is a piece you must invest in and wear with any solid saree to create a rustic look while you tie your hair or with a tube top or dress, to create that indie fusion look.

It is tied together with a black adjustable cord, and you can get it from ahilyajewels.com for Rs. 8,925.

6. Sterling Silver Statement Bead Chain

Source fourseven.com

Even though there are so many necklace options out there with intricate and complex designing, we feel that a statement piece is a must for every collection.

We picked this Statement Bead Chain which is made up of large glimmering dots of sterling silver. You can also add a pendant to it, depending upon the occasion, or layer it with other necklaces, making it a versatile piece of jewellery.

If opting for a pendant to go with it, make sure that you find the right fit since the beads of the chain are a bit big.

This one is also hypoallergenic, which means you do not have to worry about getting any allergic reactions or discomfort even if you have sensitive skin.

It is priced at Rs. 2,500 and you can get it from fourseven.com.

7. Taraash 925 Sterling Silver Round Shape Necklace Set

For an extravagant occasion, like a wedding, you can opt for this exquisite round shaped necklace. It pairs a thin necklace chain with black beads, with three white and red striped round shaped hangings in the bottom, made up of zirconia stones. You can pair it with a simple saree, to balance out the look, or a solid tube dress.

You can get it for Rs. 5,800 from taraash.com and it comes with a three months warranty against any manufacturing defects.

8. Sterling Silver Pendant with Beaded Earrings

Source zilverine.com

This simple beaded necklace in sterling silver comes with matching beaded earrings and would complement ethnic as well as western looks. You can also opt for just the necklace, or the earrings depending upon what attire you’re wearing, and the occasion.

You can buy this from zilverine.com where they offer easy returns and cancellations, avoiding any online shopping hassles. It is priced at Rs. 1,834.

9. Taraash Sterling Silver Vintage Inspired Heart Necklace

Source taraash.com

If you are inclined towards semi-traditional designs, then you can pick this Heart Shaped Necklace which comes with matching earrings. Even though it is modern and elegant, the overall texture of the necklace gives it a very vintage look.

It is also a great gifting option for your better half, for anniversary or birthday or other occasions. You can get it from taraash.com for Rs. 3,240 with a three months warranty.

10. Grey Sterling Silver Certified Fresh Water Pearls Necklace

Source myntra.com

One of our favourites in this list is this modern and contemporary Pearl Necklace from Sepia. It is made up of grey sterling silver and would catch anyone’s eye in an instance.

The overall look of the necklace is very edgy, which would make you stand out on any occasion.

You can pair this with high or low necklines, with western as well as traditional attires. Moreover, it is extremely colour neutral and would complement all shades. Get yours for Rs. 2,199 from myntra.com.

Why Should You Get Some Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Even though, when it comes to jewellery, especially for occasions, we always end up buying gold items. But it’s time that you take the plunge and mix up your jewellery collection with Sterling Silver Jewellery. Here are some reasons why:

  • Much More Affordable Compared to Other Precious Metals: As compared to other metals like gold and platinum, jewellery items made of sterling silver are much less expensive, and yet it offers the same level of craftsmanship and details. So, you can easily wear your sterling silver jewellery without worrying about any wear or tear, as it is not that hard on your pocket.

  • An Investment of a Lifetime: Sterling Silver is an extremely durable metal, which would last a lifetime when correctly taken care of. This is again because 925 Silver is not that cheap a metal. Instead, it's a fine metal which would stay bright and sparkling.

  • Vast Variety of Designs: There are so many options available in Sterling Silver Jewellery these days. You’d find all kinds of jewellery from necklaces, chains, rings, anklets, earrings and more. You’d find all these items in various designs, shapes, and sizes as it's a relatively soft metal, and it is easy for designers to create jewellery pieces of Sterling Silver with intricate designing in a short period of time.

    Since it is not as expensive as gold or platinum, designers are open to experimentation when it comes to designing.

  • Goes with Everything: Sterling Silver jewellery looks stunning due to its intricate designing, or its shine. No matter what the occasion is, or what you are wearing, you can always add a piece of sterling silver jewellery, and it would elevate your overall look.

  • Doesn't Cause Irritation: We all know how sometimes when we wear jewellery made up of metals like brass, nickel others, could cause irritation or redness on the skin, which is not the most comfortable experience. Sterling silver jewellery will most likely not cause you any allergy, because it is made with an addition of copper which does not result in allergic reactions.

    So, even if you’re allergic to gold, platinum or any other metals, it’s time to give sterling silver jewellery a chance.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Sterling Silver Jewellery

Source moonmagic.com

Even though you have all the reasons to get yourself collectibles of sterling silver jewelry, one must keep certain things in mind while buying jewellery because after all, it is an investment which will be put into use more than once.

We’ve listed down some tips for things to keep in mind while you are buying silver sterling jewellery - whether at a store or online.

  • Look for Quality Mark: When buying sterling silver jewellery, make sure you ensure that it’s of the best quality and buy it from a reputed jeweller. While buying any sterling silver item, no matter where you are buying it from, do not hesitate to check for ‘Hallmark’. In case of 925 Sterling Silver, you can check for any of these imprints on your jewellery: 925, Sterling Silver, Ster or Sterling.

  • Warranty and Exchange: Whether you’re buying a jewellery item from a store or online, make sure you check the exchange policy and ensure the place or brand you’re buying it from offers warranty. Otherwise, later in any case, if there's issue with the product, you will be stuck if there is no warranty, making it a waste of money. But if a product is on warranty, it also acts as an assurance that it is of better quality or brand.

    The same is with an exchange or return policy, especially when buying online. Products, when received, could show slight variance from what you saw on the screen, and it might change your mind about the product. So make sure you buy the item which offers some exchange or return policy, to avoid any last minute problems.

Easy Maintenance Tips

    Every piece of Jewellery requires some care to make sure it doesn't tarnish over time. Here some quick maintenance tips for your sterling silver jewellery.

  • Store it in a separate cloth pouch or a specific compartment to avoid scratches.
  • Sterling Silver can reflect some tarnishing over time especially in humid conditions. Regular cleaning ensures that tarnish doesn't build up, and it stays as shiny as it was when new.
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