Celebrate the Birth of the Little One: 10 Heartwarming Silver Baby Gifts That Show Your Joy (2020)

Celebrate the Birth of the Little One: 10 Heartwarming Silver Baby Gifts That Show Your Joy (2020)

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Whether it is silver-plated or sterling silver, gifting silver is the best way to go when you want a silver baby gift. The parents who receive gifts like these will also always cherish them. Make Your next baby gift one of heirloom quality, with our timeless collection of silver baby gifts.

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Silver Gift for Baby Girl

The birth of a baby girl is an auspicious sign as she is considered to be Goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Lakshmi is synonymous to wealth and prosperity and the birth of a baby girl signifies the same. When selecting a gift for a baby girl, gold and silver are considered to be auspicious. However, when compared to gold, silver is the most preferred metal for gifting as it is cost-effective and easy to maintain when compared to gold making it the perfect gift for baby girls. One can choose from silver anklets to silverware sets as a gift.

Significance of Silver in Cultures

Across the centuries, silver has been considered as an auspicious metal that was used for a variety of reasons. Compared to gold, silver is a malleable and a strong metal making it an ideal choice for making decorative pieces and jewelry. The people in the olden ages associated the metal silver with the moon due to its greyish-white colour. Like gold, silver is a metal that is treasured by many cultures ranging from medicinal use to making jewelry. Silver was considered as a status symbol and used for currency exchange from time immemorial. Before its introduction in the periodic table, silver was considered to be one of the seven sacred metals used in alchemy. Thus, gifting silver is considered to be sacred and a status symbol.

Why Gifting Silver Is a Good Idea & How to Buy Right

Pieces made from silver are versatile, safe to use and easy to maintain. These gifts never go out of style and can be sold when not required. We have listed a few reasons why gifting silver is a good idea.

  • They are unique – silver gifts are unique and is considered to be a symbol of wealth. Silver can be only be obtained from bullions or jewelry shops that certify their purity making it a one of a kind gift for the baby girl.
  • Never go out of style – silver coins were used for currency exchange from time immemorial. These antique even now fetch higher prices and displayed in museums. Gifting a loved one silver items stand the test of time and can be refurbished or sold back.
  • Increase in value – from a financial perspective, silver has the capacity to grow by adding to one’s substantial wealth. The silver items are made from a precious metal that acts as appreciating assets for people you love.
  • Precious commodity – silver and other precious metals are evaluated based on rarity and preservation. Moreover, the prices of these commodities vary each day and go high based on the price of bullion coins.
  • Better than cash or gift cards – money is usually synonymous with being spent whereas silver is considered as a commodity to be saved. Moreover, gift cards have an expiry date whereas silver has no expiry date.

Check for Grade and Hallmark Specifications to Find the Right Quality

Hallmarks are stamped on the silver to indicate the purity of the silver commodity. Unlike gold, karat is not used to represent the various silver standards. Silver standards are used for referring to the fineness of silver that is used for crafting the silver objects. The following are the various silver standards available for use in the market.

  • Fine silver – also called as pure silver, it contains 99.9% silver with 1% of impurities. They are traditionally used for making bullion bars .
  • Britannia silver – comprises of 95.84% pure silver and remaining constitutes of copper and other metals. This standard is used for making silver coins.
  • Sterling silver – the usual standard used in the world market, it is made of 92.5% silver and the remaining out of copper and other materials. The metal is bright and shiny, hard but can easily get tarnished.
  • Coin silver – It is made of 90% silver and 10% copper. Coins made out of this silver comes with a quality stamp with a certificate of authenticity.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Following is a checklist that you should keep in mind before buying silver gifts in person or ordering your gift online.

  • Check the expertise and reputation of the seller.
  • Check for the day’s silver rate and also other miscellaneous costs such as making cost, wastage.
  • Analyze the quality of the silver and check for authenticity certificates.
  • Exercise caution while buying silver gifts online.

10 Top Silver Gift Items for Baby Girl

1. Baby Set

According to age traditions, it is common for elders to feed babies food using silver utensils. It is believed that feeding food from silverware makes the food healthier and does not cause any harm, unlike plastics. When compared to gold, silver utensils are easier to clean and maintain as they require less maintenance when compared to gold. The baby silverware set comprises of a small bowl for storing solid food, a normal-sized glass for drinking water and milk. A silver spoon for feeding the baby and a large silver tray for storing all the items in a single place. The silverware baby set is embellished with a Hello Kitty design on the surface of the glass, feeding bowl and also on the spoon’s handle. The tray has the words “Hello Kitty” etched on its handle. The silver baby set weighs approximately 495 grams and is available for Rs.27,557 from Vummidi Silverware.

2. Silver Rattle

Kids tend to chew on toys and other items while teething. These toys made for babies are usually made from plastic. Chewing on plastic toys ups the risk of babies ingesting toxic plastic substances. Moreover, these plastic toys also pose a choking hazard for babies. A silver rattle crafted especially for baby girls is the perfect gift. Rattles made of silver are usually preferred by parents as they safe for babies to chew on. The silver rattle comprises of a sturdy silver handle that enables the baby to grip it tightly. It has three hollow projections on the top of the silver handle. On either side of the projections are two danglers that make noises when it is rattled. The beautiful and elegantly crafted silver rattle can be purchased for Rs.1,312 from Vummidi Silverware.

3. Silver Coin

Silver coins are a great investment when it comes to building your wealth. The silver coins also known as bullions are great options for gifting. Each and every coin is minted to ensure that the design and unique and free from flaws. These silver coins have a Kalpataru tree embedded on its surface. On the front surface, the word “Kundan” meaning purest form is inscribed using Swiss technology. The silver coin weighs 10 grams and is of 999 purity (99.9%). The silver coin comes packed in a full tamper-proof pack with an authenticity certificate to verify its claim. The silver coins can be a perfect investment for a baby girl. The pure 999 purity silver coin can be purchased for a price of Rs.797 from Kundan Precious Metals Refinery.

4. Silver Flower Basket

Flower baskets made of silver are considered to be the perfect gift for baby girls. These intricately designed baskets can be used for storing Pooja items such as flowers and much more. The elegant and beautifully crafted silver basket weighs 975.600 grams and is intricately designed. The basket consists of curved edges with embossed images of Ashta Lakshmi, goddess of eight sources of wealth - prosperity, good health, knowledge, strength, progeny, and power, etc. The upper surface of the basket consists of an elegantly designed handle that can be used for carrying items placed inside the silver basket. The lower surface of the basket consists of three placeholders elegantly carved out of silver for supporting the basket. This auspicious perfect Ashta Lakshmi silver basket is the perfect auspicious gift for a baby girl to signify the blessings of the goddess. The silver flower basket can be purchased for Rs.48,284 from Vummidi Silverware.

5. Silver Photo Frame

Photo frames are used for storing pictures of precious memories together. The silver photo frame features a fusion style with carved. You can frame moments with your baby girl using this classy silver finish photo frame. The frame consists of patchwork mosaic pieces intertwined with silver strands. This elegant silver photo frame is perfect for preserving your special moments. The dimensions of silver photo frame are 14.5 height and 5.5 cm. Surely, this antique finish silver photo frame will occupy a place of pride at your home. The attractive silver frame can be purchased for Rs.2,173 from episodesilver.com.

6. Silver Idol

Religious idols are a great gift for celebrating auspicious occasions in a household. A religious idol can be the perfect gift to celebrate and signify the birth of a baby girl. The silver religious idol of goddess Lakshmi is made from 92.5% pure silver and weighs 101.95 grams. The idol of goddess Lakshmi is intricately carved and is exclusively available from the Divino Collection. The goddess sits elegantly on top of a silver lotus at the bottom with intricately carved headpiece, the goddess possesses a pair of flower on both her hands while a pair of hands are carved in a mudra position. The idol measures 3.5 centimetres in width and 5.8 centimetres in height. The silver religious idol can be purchased for Rs.6,868 from Joyalukkas.

7. Silver Bangles

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It is always a tradition in Indian culture to make kids wear silver and is being used since the Vedic era. It is usually worn by babies to enhance their beauty and to improve health benefits. It is believed that silver poses oligodynamic property and has the capacity to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms. It is believed that babies wear silver bangles to ward off negative energy. Moreover, wearing silver ornaments is said to regulate internal heat and improve blood circulation. The pair of silver bangles are smoothly designed for a babies hand and consists of a circle with black markings on either side of the bangles. The pair of silver bangles are perfect for 1-month-old baby to 3-year-old toddlers. The bangles are made of sterling silver can be purchased for Rs.1,400 from Amazon Fashion.

8. Silver Anklets

A pair of silver anklets are the perfect gift for a baby girl. Anklets made of silver are apt for baby girls as they regulate body temperature and improve blood circulation. The silver anklet consists of a thin silver strip adorned by mango design intermediately intermingled with small silver beads. The silver anklet also consists of enamel designs with a clip-on design. The pair of silver anklets weight 29.180 grams and can be purchased for Rs.3,211 from Karizma Jewels.

9. Silver Kalash

A Kalash is a silver pot with a large base and a small mouth that is large enough to hold a coconut. Moreover, Kalash consists of water and topped with an array of mango leaves followed by a coconut. The Kalash is considered as a religious or ceremonial object that can also be used as a decorative motif. However, in religious texts, it is considered as a symbol of abundance or source of life. The Kalash with the face of the goddess symbolizes the manifestation of the goddess herself and can be used in auspicious events such as naming ceremony, house warming, and also for daily worship. The silver Kalash consists of line patterns along with the body of the glass and space to add elegance to your worship room. The Kalash weighing 55 grams can be purchased for Rs.3,999 from Amazon.

10. Silver Figurine

A beautiful silver figurine that features a cow with its calf is a sweet gift for the new parents, Elegantly crafted and designed, the figurine also has a divine vibe. The figurine weighs 29.65 grams . The figurine is made of 92.5% purity and can be purchased for Rs. 1,994 from svtmjewels.com.

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It Is the Thought That Counts while Gifting

There are many things that a newborn requires, and parents will definitely be grateful to people who gift them something that they can actually use. This helps them cut costs and saves multiple trips to the store. Parents can never have too many diapers, feeding bottles, or toys, so these could be great ideas. You could consider a scrapbook or personalised clothing, etc. Something that helps store memories or is personalised to the baby can be kept in the future, and remind them of these months of nervousness, excitement, and happiness. Choosing a gift for a new-born baby may not be an easy task. Keep in mind that whatever gift you may pick, it is the thought and gesture that counts, in the end!