A Gift for a Newborn Baby Girl: Over 11 Unique Gifting Ideas that the New Parents Will Welcome

A Gift for a Newborn Baby Girl: Over 11 Unique Gifting Ideas that the New Parents Will Welcome

So someone you know has just had a baby and you're planning to drop in for a visit. Do you intend to stop at a kid's store on the way and pick the first cute toy of baby gift hamper? Tsk, tsk. If you're browsing the internet for cute pink gifts for baby girls, then too you need not feel proud of yourself. Be a little more thoughtful and considerate, there's so much more you can give new parents! If some hand holding is what you need, Best Present Guide tells you exactly what to do and what to buy for a newborn baby girl. Read on.

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6 Tips to Pick Out the Right Gift for the Newborn Baby Girl

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion for the parents and all those around her. Whether you are a friend, a family member or an acquaintance, giving a gift for a newborn baby is the tradition. The gift is a way to express your happiness on the occasion and acts as a gesture of support to the new parents.

But it can be a challenge to find the right gift to give a newborn especially if you are not a parent. Your gift needs to not only show your delight but also be thoughtful and budget-friendly. We have gathered 6 top tips that can help you spot the perfect gift - one that will not only strengthen the bond with the new parents but also communicate your good wishes.

Keep in Mind Your Relationship with the Parents

The kind of gift you pick out for the newborn baby often depends on the relationship you share with the new parents. If you are family or a close friend, your gift needs to be a little more special than what you may get the child of an acquaintance or a colleague. In the latter case, impersonal gifts like a baby care gift hamper, a blanket set, or toys can work. But in the former case, your gift needs to be something more personal and carefully selected.

Pick Something Auspicious

In Indian culture, a birth is normally celebrated in families by gifting gold or silver items as they are seem to be auspicious and also signify good fortune.

So if you are a family member or a close friend of the parents, consider gold or silver items. Typical gifting options in gold jewellery are chains, bracelets, anklets, while in silver it can be keepsakes like rattles, utensils like bowls and coins as well as jewellery like pendants with the child’s birthstone, chains etc. Keep an eye on the budget if you choose to go with this option.

A Helpful Gift for the New Parents

Yes, usually gifts are something that the recipient will like to receive. But in this case, different rules apply. Your gift need not be necessarily something for the newborn. Instead you can pick something that will be useful for the parents. Indeed, as parents start adjusting to their new life, they will welcome thoughtful gestures from well-wishers. Spend some time to find a gift that makes their life easier – it come be as simple as a soothing toy to a handy diaper bag.

Some Items are Best Left for the Parents to Buy

In your wish to help the parents, you may be tempted to buy them essential items like a stroller, a crib or a baby carrier. But we would recommend you keep away from such major purchases. These items are important to the baby’s well-being, and therefore most parents are very particular about the product they choose. So unless you are really close to the parents and you know that they would welcome your gift, it is better to leave it to them to buy such items. If you really want to help, give them a gift card or a cash gift for the baby which they can use to buy things they need for the baby.

Personalise the Gift to Make it Special

There are ton of gifting choices for new born babies. An easy way to make a gift extra special is to customise it. This shows affection and caring on your part, and makes the gift more personal. you can add the child's name to your gift of choice, along with its birth day or put in any available photograph of the baby.

It Can Be Something for Later Use as Well

While choosing a gift, do not restrict yourself to items that the newborn baby girl requires right now. Babies grow up incredibly fast. Instead of being stuck with duplicates of items that become useless in a few months' time, parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness in picking out something that they can put to use as the child grows. However if you choose to do this, make sure the gift is something that the child will need for sure such as bibs, or toys.

11 Gifts for the Newborn Baby Girl in Your Life

If you are stumped wondering what would be a great gift for a newborn baby girl, then our list is a great starting point. It gives you several options that can help you figure out a meaningful gift that acknowledges the momentous occasion.

Personalised Premium Baby Blanket

Fleece blankets are a useful gift for newborn babies as they have multipurpose use. Buy the child the colourful Rainbow Elephant Blanket from thepipal.com. Prices start at Rs.2,199 and the blankets can be personalised with the child’s name at additional cost.

If you are looking for something classy and elegant , then the pure muslin blanket from littleweststreet.in is a great choice. The blanket is made up of four layers of light-weight breathable muslin, which keeps the baby warm and comfortable. Available for Rs. 3,199, this too can be personalised with the baby’s name.

Starlet Gold Anklet

If you are related to the newborn baby girl, you can get her a lovely piece of jewellery that'll celebrate her birth in a grand way. The Star Gold Anklets from Malabar Gold And Diamonds are made of 22K gold and makes for a memorable gift for the child. It is available for Rs.14,168 from malabargoldandiamonds.com.

If you looking for a simpler gift, then consider a beautiful gold pendant bearing her name or even a simple gold chain.

Hello Baby! First Year Record Book

A baby first year book is a lovely way to capture all the important milestones of the child’s journey. Gift the parents this adorable animal themed book that they can use to write down memorable moments they experience as their baby grows up.

The book has separate sections to chronicle the various baby’s firsts, important festivals and occasions like namakaran, making it easy for the parents to record precious memories and relive them even years later. Available for Rs.1,800 at mybabybabbles.com. For a little extra cost you can personalise the book with the child’s name.

Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather (Pink)

A highly useful gift is the Mee Mee Anti-Skid Compact Baby Bather. Made of high grade materials this bather comes with an antiskid base that makes it safe to bathe the baby in bathrooms. The bather features a comfortable seating design , which keeps the baby snug all through the bathing time and also comes with a cushion to support the baby's head. Many babies fuss during bathing, - this gift can make the activity a little easier for the parents. This is available at amazon.in for Rs.1,050.

Circus Circus Diaper Clutch

Parents typically have to carry a whole lot of necessities when they step out with their infant. Make it easier for them by gifting them a handy bag that organises all the baby essentials neatly.

The Circus Circus Diaper Clutch offers an innovative solution to carry the things needed for changing the baby's diapers. It is designed to unfold into a clean changing area, and comes with several compartments to hold several diapers and other items like wipes, baby powder etc. Compact and cute, the clutch can easily fit into a stroller or a diaper bag. A definitely useful gift for the new parents, this clutch can be purchased from littleweststreet.in for Rs.2,299.

If it's a working mom you're shopping for or someone who is very conscious of style, consider buying her a chic Women Stylish Diaper Bag in Beige. It looks like a big shoulder bag but is roomy enough to contain all the baby's requirements. It is available for Rs.1,950 on babyoodles.com.

Johnsons Baby Care Essentials with Childcare Gift Set

Babycare gift hampers are a standard gift that can be given on the birth of a baby. This particular gift pack is filled with all baby care essentials from the trusted brand Johnsons & Johnsons. Priced at Rs.2,310, the gift set available from igp.com contains baby soap, hair oil, feeding bottle, shampoo, powder and baby lotion.

There are several options in such baby care gifts packs, available both on online stores as well as in retails stores. The packs have different combinations of products and come at different price points, so you can pick according to your preferences and budget.

Battery - A Funny Message Onesie

Make the parents laugh with a funny onesie that features a tongue-in-cheek message. The Battery onesie from Blue Bus Store is made from pure cotton and pokes fun at the hectic life of the parents after a baby’s birth. It can be purchased from amazon.in for Rs.599. Another option is the organic cotton romper from silverrattle.in, which carries the message 'I Cry in Both Hindi and English' and is priced at Rs.590.

Chicco - Moon Musical Box

Newborn babies have little use for toys. They literally just eat, sleep and pee or poop! The Chicco classic musical box is however a great idea as it helps the baby to sleep. The musical box has a ring which can be pulled to activate a sweet melody that helps to soothe and relax the new born baby. The toy has been designed to be safe with rounded corners, and comes in attractive colours. It can be purchased at First Cry for Rs.699

Set of 4 Bamboo Bowls

Natural bamboo bowls are an offbeat gift idea. These bowls are a great alternative to plastic bowls that parents often end up using for convenience while feeding the infant when she reaches the stage to eat solids. Available for Rs.1,495 from silverrattle.in, these bowls are non-toxic, FDA approved and BPA-free. The bowls do not need any special care – just hand wash them with a soft scrub.

Sterling Silver Gift Set with Heart Ring Rattle & Pacifier

Silver items are a traditional gift for newborns. Utensils in particular are often preferred. If you are wondering why that is because, silver is considered beneficial for babies - silver is non-toxic, it is said to boost their immunity, and remains bacteria-free on use.

A gift that is sure to make an impact on the parents is this elegant gift set that’s comes with a Sterling Silver heart shape ring rattle and pacifier. Packed in a beautiful satin-lined box, they can be made more special by engraving a message, which however costs extra. Available for Rs.5,047 from mybabybabbles.com.

If you looking for something more practical, then why not consider a set of feeding spoons. Available for Rs.2,919 from babiesbloomstore.com, the sterling silver spoons set can be used for feeding the little one.

SkipHop Zoo Infant and Toddler Tuck-Away Bib

Simple yet useful, bibs are a low key gifting option. This cute bib featuring an owl print is made of high quality fabric. Lightweight and water-resistant, the bib comes with a handy pocket that can be used for storing small essentials during meal times which makes it perfect for travel. The bib will remain useful for the child until age 3. Available for Rs.699 from silverrattle.in.

Bonus Tip: Consider the Parents

  • Ask them what gifts may be useful
    New parents are usually inundated with gifts immediately after the birth of their child. If you are somewhat close to the parents, ask them what gift they would like to receive. This way you can help out by buying them something they actually need rather than handing them the umpteenth romper or baby care pack.

  • Offer help (only if needed)
    For new parents, the birth of a child brings a lot of joy. But it is also a stressful time as they adjust to new responsibilities. The best thing you can do at this time is to be there for them. You can help them out by simply listening to them and respecting their desires. Ask them what you can do to help, it may be as simple as coming over to spend a little time with them and helping them relax by giving them some fun company!

  • Don't give unsolicited advice
    First time parents are typically bombarded with baby advice from their elders, friends with kids and even strangers. While such advice is welcome in small doses, it can get a little too much at times. Even if you are an experienced parent, try not to give them advice on managing their baby unless they ask for it. They will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.
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