Is Your 3 Year old a Bundle of Energy? Keep Her Occupied with Fun and Educational Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Is Your 3 Year old a Bundle of Energy? Keep Her Occupied with Fun and Educational Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls

Coming up with great gift ideas for 3 year old girls can be a challenge especially if 2,3,4 and 5 year girls all look somewhat similar to you. Even parents who are constantly buying presents for their little tots can run out of ideas. Fret not for we have put together some wonderful and creative gifts for 3 year old baby girls in India, from educational toys and dolls to fun games she will love playing with.

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What Kinds of Gifts Must You Get for a 3 Year old Girl?

Learning and Educational Games

Choosing a gift can be quite difficult with so many options available. You feel like buying the best gift for a 3 year old girl while she is growing up. It is known that games and toys that are educative in nature tend to be the ideal gifts for kids of that age. At the tender age of three, kids develop their cognitive and learning and so gifts that augment learning are the best. Toys play a significant role in how kids perceive things. Therefore, you should go for gifts that are educative.

Gifts that Can Delight Your Little Princess

Who doesn’t love gifts? Kids are known to be fond of gifts. One the little one’s birthday, you should give her an amazing gift. Whether it is for your niece, daughter, or a friend’s child, a gift can always bring a smile on her face. Surprise her and bring her joy by giving her this gift. The next time you are looking for a gift for a kid make sure that you choose one that will make her happy. Toys and games, pretty dresses, dolls, hair accessories, anything she is starting to show an inclination towards can be a good idea.

Express Your Love and Care Through Suitable Gifts

Gifts can be a great way of expressing your love toward the little one. Buy something that will be fun and enjoyable like miniature dinosaur kit that she can play with. You can also get her Barbie dolls that are a girl’s favorite! Gifts help you express your care to the young one and so you should choose something that will be relevant for her growing age. For example, you can go with gifts that are educative and fun at the same time. Like an alphabet game.

The Selection Process and Things to Keep in Mind

Try Choosing Gifts That are Safe for the Growing Child

Kids are really delicate and sensitive and are easily prone to injuries and the like. They are at a tender age wherein they are too naive to be taking care of themselves. This is why you have to be extra careful while choosing a gift for your toddler. So, before buying any gift, you should check if they pose any threat. You should avoid buying objects that shoot in the air. This is because they can hit and hurt the kid. Avoid toys with sharp edges as it may cause injury to your child. Go for stuffed toys and toys that are made of plastic so that they do not pose any harm to the little one. Outdoor toys like bikes should not have rust on them.

Buy Colorful Gifts for Your Baby Girl

If you are looking for ideas to buy a great gift for a 3 year old girl then you can go for colorful toys. Colors are known to help connect the neuro-pathways of the brain. They also bring about a vascular reflex action that affects the eye blinking rate. Colorful toys are fun to play with and are very attractive to look at. Moreover, you can use these colorful toys to teach your daughter to recognize colors. Thus, buying colorful toys is a good idea while gifting your kid.

Customisation Can Add a Touch of Uniqueness to Your Gifts

If you wish to make your gifts even more special for your little one, then consider customising them. Kids are very innocent and it is very easy to make them feel special. Imagine your little girl sees a toy that has her name written on it! It will definitely be her favorite gift. She will flaunt it in front of her friends. Next time you want to buy a gift for your toddler, you should customise them and get your baby girl’s name written on it. Present it to her on her birthday and see a bright smile strike her face!

10 Cute, Fun and Educational Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

Dancing Dolls


Gift your 3-year-old daughter this Glance Best Princess Dancing Doll. It is a battery operated dancing doll that has 3D lights. This gorgeous pink and purple doll has a bump and go action. It is an engaging toy for your little girl that she can play with all day long. The 3D lighting effect makes the child very happy and it is an ideal gift for her birthday. The dancing doll has white feathers and an amazing purple dress for the doll. It has a pink body and the smiling face of the doll makes it an attractive gift. Buy it from Amazon for Rs.440.

Alphabet Learning Tray


Gift the little princess this Skillofun Wooden Capital Alphabet Tray with Picture with Knobs, Multi Color. It has pictures of the object associated with the alphabet next to it. Each alphabet comes with a knob. It is an education toy and is made of non-toxic and eco-friendly substances. The tray comes in the form of a puzzle and has multiple colors. This gift is perfect for the age of your child as it helps in the development of motor skills. The eco-friendly materials used in the toy are really safe for your baby girl. It helps in identifying the alphabets with the corresponding object. You can shop this from Amazon for Rs.340.

Lego Creative Builder Box


Lego creative boxes are one of the best gifts of all times. This Lego Creative Builder Box, Multi Color has over 500 pieces of Lego that come in a variety of bright colors. The amazing Lego building set has a blend of Lego bricks. It consists of doors and windows as well as shapes and elements that are helpful in creating all sorts of buildings. It helps in taking the imagination to another level as it has several options that one can choose from. This is a gift that promotes creativity in the child. It also has three different levels of building complexities. The complete set makes for an awesome gift for your toddler. You can buy this from Amazon for Rs.3,375.

A Soft and Cosy Blanket


Let the little girl snuggle into the dreamy land by gifting her this soft and cosy Florida Disney Signature Microfiber Kids Mickey Friends Super Soft Single A/C Blanket. It is a gorgeous single bed blanket that is also reversible. Made with microfiber, it is very comfortable to sleep in and is a Florida product with premium quality. It has mickey mouse, goofy and Donald duck printed on it. The blanket is really soft and you can keep it in your daughter’s bedroom. This will help her doze off in peace and she would love the cartoon print that it has. You can buy this amazing blanket from Amazon for Rs.1,111.

Mega Push Car

Buy the sweet girl a push toy she can ride on, like this Toyhouse 3 in 1 Deluxe Mega Push Car Car Non Battery Operated Ride On. Blue and red in color, she only has to sit on it and push it. It also has a safety guard in it that will help her stay nestled in it while riding it. You can use the handle and give the car a push. It is very easy to play with and your kid can use it inside your home and outdoors as well for playing. It is made of high quality plastic that ensures the durability of the product. It also plays music while steering the wheel and has a horn as well. You can buy this amazing car from Amazon for Rs.2,999.

Small Learning Guitar


This Tickles 4-String Acoustic Guitar Learning Kids Toy is light-weight, easy to hold and has a very nice appearance. It is brown in color and makes for an amazing birthday gift for a 3-year-old girl. It is a great learning toy for kids of young age. She can play around by stroking the strings of the guitar and listening to the sound. It is a fun toy that she can use to casually play and is also very engaging. The guitar does not have any sharp edges and is very light weight. She can enjoy playing with it herself or even with her group of friends. You can buy this from Amazon for Rs.700.

Drum Keyboard


If you are looking for a musical gift for your 3 year old daughter then this Smile Creations Drum Keyboard with Light and Music Toy could be a perfect gift. The electronic drums play amazing and melodious songs while flashing lights. It has an organ keyboard that can be used to play musical notes, animal sounds, and different songs. This drum keyboard has a baby design along with bright and attractive colors. This is a gift that will motivate the creativity and imagination of your kid. It is made from non-toxic as well as safe material. Your little princess can spend hours playing with this toy. Shop this from Amazon for Rs.400.



This is the perfect gift for kids of growing age. With this Funskool Playdoh Breakfast Buffet, she can make breakfast with the play doh that can be moulded with a modelling compound. All she has to do is to use the play doh and cut and mould it into the shape of a waffle, bread and noodles. It unleashes the creativity of the kid and is made of safe and non-toxic material. Kids can play it with their friends and it is indeed a fun and engaging game. It makes for an ideal gift for a 3-year-old baby girl. You can shop the same from Amazon for Rs.272.

Doctor's Kit


Kids simply love playing games like Doctor-doctor with their pals. Zephyr Medi Kid is a fun dummy doctor’s kit that helps the young one to play this game. It has all the doctor's tools like stethoscope, injection, thermometer and pair of scissors. It is best to be played with a group of friends. The complete doctor’s kit can be very well used to play at home. Let the little one dress up like a doctor and flaunt all the tools that she has in her doctor’s kit. Gift this to the little one and see her smile. You can shop the same from Amazon for Rs.397.

Puzzle Game


Creative Educational Aids P. Ltd. Let's Find Out- Where? is an educational game in the form of a puzzle. It is the classic ]find out where' game. It comes in the form of question and answers and improves the question asking ability of your kid. It is also very helpful in practicing the expressive and receptive language. This puzzle game will help your kid in developing comprehension and verbal skills. It also helps in visual discrimination and in learning concepts. You can buy this awesome gift from Amazon for Rs.225.

How to Choose the Right Gifts for Little Ones

Go for Toys That Foster Creativity


Toys that require assembling or building encourage creativity in the kids. They help the children in using their imagination and the kids can play with it for hours. For example, Lego blocks remains one of the best gifts for kids because of how creative it is. Go for toys that are engaging such as play dough, sketchbooks, crayons, dolls, and the like. The little ones can keep playing with these gifts for a long time and will also be very fascinated with these. Not to mention the joy they will get while playing.

Choose Gifts That Can Be Played in a Group

The fun multiplies when kids can play with the toys along with their friends. Look for gifts that the little one can very well enjoy with other toddlers. Many board games are made for kids to be played together and they can really have a great playtime. Moreover, playing with toys with friends also encourages social interaction which is a very important attribute. The kids will learn how to make friends and play fair. A toy set of block games, car set, and sports gifts are a few examples.

Avoid Toys That Pose Any Physical Hazard

Needless to say, gifts that can be harmful to kids should be avoided at all costs. There are toys that are shot in the air and can harm someone. Also, there are toys that have sharp edges and so you should avoid them. Check the material of the toy and ensure that it is made of non-toxic substances. This way you can buy a safe gift for the toddler without posing any hazard to their health. Go for safe toys and gift safe.

Keep it Simple

There are so many options in the market with features like flashing lights, gadgets, fancy features and the like. Although they look impressive, it is always a good idea to go with gifts that are simple. Moreover, while buying a gift for kids, you should also buy within your budget. If you are planning an expensive gift then make sure that you buy something that is useful and fun apart from being only expensive. Kids are hardly impressed by the cost of the gift and all they want is a nice gift that they can enjoy.

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Check with the parents first

Come birthdays and any child is flooded with gifts, many of which will be the trendy or most popular picks in any given toy store. If you are buying a present for a child's birthday, or even any other occasion for that matter, a good idea is to check with the parents so you avoid giving her things she already has. They can also tell you what she is more inclined towards, her size - if you're buying clothes or shoes, and other helpful details that can help you pick out a nice present.